Feb 042022

Blogger’s note: The below is a post from August 2020 and is re-posted in its’ entirety. While Paul Joiner had nothing to do with this behavior – he has aligned himself with it. 

Only in the mind of the Sheriff’s Union is cutting a future increase “defunding the police.” The Placer DSA does not care that business owners are bankrupt and people are unemployed (causing revenues to plummet) due to COVID and the stupidity of California. They are angry because they are going to have to forego some raises.

You’d also think given the public assault on law enforcement that police union operatives would be more careful. I guess not:

I am unsure of Garret Byers rank – but he should be brought up on a PERS for a hyperbolic lie that is beneath his uniform. In a county that supports law enforcement, he is abusing that support in a disingenuous attempt to help the union gain leverage in a contract negotiation. It appears that Byers is not alone as other union members have been pushing the same lie. The Placer DSA has been running a full-on media assault and it has deceived several people as to the real issue. No cuts in staff no cuts in service – just a cut to future pay raises.

The bottom line is that the Placer DSA has been getting more and more left-leaning in the last decade as they become almost myopically focused on their compensation package.

This is from Supervisor Weygant. Shanti is his district director.

Launching a screed like this will certainly NOT help them get the contract they want and looks more like stepping on a rake. Dear Placer DSA, stop lying and stop being stupid. Don’t abuse a pro-law enforcement county like this.

Here’s the irony – I am very public in my support for strong pay and benefits for Law Enforcement including a 3% at 50 pensions. I know the board of supes are too. If they are having to throttle back, there is a very good reason. Running a social media drill with an outright lie is counterproductive. See Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler:

Now – the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s are threatening my wife. Why? Because I stood up to several of them on social media and called them out on their lie. My wife used to work for 103.9 the FISH in Sacramento before moving to Reno with me. You will see that this bully did not do her homework:

Placer County DSA to citizens: ‘You can have an opinion, just keep it to yourself”

Then the bully doubles down – telling my wife that she called the radio station to try and get her fired: (Note that Mrs. Park is plenty capable of defending herself)

Note that the coward shut off her messenger when the conversation was not going the way she wanted.

Great Job Placer County Sheriff’s Union! You just pissed away all of your goodwill by both lying and then doubling down on the lie with bully tactics.

The bottom line: Placer County’s Budget has been shredded by COVID 19, loss of property tax, loss of sales tax, foreclosures, business failures, people being laid off, businesses being throttled by Gavin Newsom and the DSA decides to launch a deceptive attack because they think they should be exempt from budget cuts.

What are the cuts you ask? Not jobs. Not services. Nope. Just cuts to future scheduled increases in pay and benefits. Only in the minds of a union (or other government workers) is a cut to a future increase defunding.

Terrible optics. The DSA Lied. The union reps that I jousted with online don’t care about all the people that lost jobs/businesses. Then, because I stood up to their social media blitz they sent a bully to try and intimidate my wife. What a bunch of fools, they are going to end up with nothing and a PR nightmare.

Update: The President of the union reached out to me and then backed out of having a chat. He did indicate that they called the woman that went after my wife and denied that they had anything to do with what she did. Given the near-hysterical nature of the claims they are making on social media, it is easy to see how people would be motivated to resort to these tactics. These are the times we live in now.