Team LaMalfa Update: Nevada CO GOP Endorses Brian Dahle / Rich Ullery Comes Unhinged

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Aug 232012

Politics is a full contact sport. Rich Ulery is the Current Chairman of the Nevada County GOP.

I used to know Rich Ulery professionally through one of his former employers. Rich Ulery has sold his soul to team LaMalfa and has become a tool.

Ulery does whatever his masters in team LaMalfa tell him to and several on the Nevada GOP Central Committee, while slow to recognize it at first, now understand fully who Rich Ulery is.

Start with the fact that the delegates appointed to the CRP 100% of the time have ceded their proxies to team Munger. (In the most recent convention, once again, Nevada County Proxies were in the hands of known, hardened liberal GOP activists)

Ulery was responsible for strong-arming an endorsement of Ted Gaines after telling me on the phone that he did not think the Cent Com should endorse anyone. This sort of lying is typical in politics, yet I give everyone one chance before branding them.

Acording to sources, Ulery was also responsible for intimidating people in to not endorsing Sam Aanestad for Congress over Doug LaMalfa resulting in the Nevada GOP not reaching the 2/3 threshold.

Last night, the Nevada GOP Cent Com held a meeting where they endorsed candidates in local races and also took up the issue of AD-01.

It is common knowledge that Team LaMalfa is supporting Rick Bossetti over Brian Dahle in AD-01.

Last night, the Nevada GOP voted 17-4 to endorse Brian Dahle.

Rich Ulery came unhinged. He bellowed that the Nevada GOP risked, “becoming like Placer”! I think Mr. Ulery forgot that the same Cent Com endorsed Ted Gaines… but, I digress.

Ulery had his coming out party last night as a Team LaMalfa moonbat.

So the ring of backstabbing has come full circle! Soon, Rich Ulery will soon join the ranks of Team LaMalfa’s exposed cadre’ of frauds.

Meantime – the Placer GOP held the first ever local elected endorsing convention that will be copied by several other committees. I’d lay odds that more committees than Nevada County “Want to be like Placer”.

Mark Spannagel Continues to Bleed Doug LaMalfa’s Campaign

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May 242012

We take a break from our regularly scheduled beatings of Arnie Zeiderman and Jeff Seaton to post a press release from the Aanestad for Congress campaign. Please note that Sam Aanestad’s opponent (Doug LaMalfa) was a driving force behind Arnie Zeiderman’s election to California Republican Party Vice Chairman Northern Region.

Did He or Didn’t He?

Doug LaMalfa’s “Evolving” Position on Dirty Campaign Tactics

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?” [KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

Doug LaMalfa and the LaMalfa for Congress campaign have issued a number of false and contradictory statements about the illegal attack website,, which has been traced back to LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer Mark Spannegal.

What has Doug been saying? Well…let’s just say that his position has been “evolving.”

First he said, “It wasn’t me!”

“…it was not authorized by my campaign in any way, it was not condoned by my campaign…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“Neither Doug LaMalfa, nor the LaMalfa campaign, had any knowledge or involvement in the construction or posting of the website in question, which just came to our attention this morning.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“…It certainly wasn’t productive or helpful to what I’m trying to do so I don’t condone it…”–[Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

“…hopefully that chapter’s behind…” [Burney Tea Party Candidates Forum, 5/15/2012]

Then his campaign tried to deflect the controversy by saying “The other side is just whining.”

“Political satire has a long history in American politics, something that thin-skinned candidates, or those trying to hide their record, sometimes have trouble fully appreciating.” [Sacramento Bee, 5/15/2012]

“(The complaint) has no merit and is nothing but a political ploy meant to divert the voter’s attention away from the real issue and his real record.” [Redding Record Searchlight, 5/16/17]

“The campaign did not solicit or in any way put up a website like that there.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…I didn’t solicit it, I didn’t really want it to happen but there it is…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

And now Doug is saying, “I took it down now…what’s the big deal?”

“…the steps have been taken, [to] make it go away.” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…it’s been handled…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…Well, when you look at what would be in there, I mean, I haven’t spent a lot of time looking at that stuff, but basically it was kind of like poking a little bit of fun at things and all that…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

“…there it is and so we’ve taken steps to make it go away…” [Interview with Matt Ray on KPAY radio, 5/17/2012]

LaMalfa: “It’s completely independent…”

Matt Ray: “Independent as in Spannegal [LaMalfa Chief of Staff and paid campaign staffer] put it up…?”

[KPAY-AM, 5/17/12]

As the FEC begins its investigation on the illegal website and details on the civil lawsuit against LaMalfa’s campaign and his chief of staff come to light, it will be interesting to see how Doug LaMalfa’s position on the truth continues to “evolve.”

Check out Video Clips from Sam Aanestad Press Conference Blasting LaMalfa

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May 192012

This clip is Sam Aanestad himself going over the litany of dirty campaigning by Team LaMalfa. Doug LaMalfa is endorsed by Ted Gaines, Beth Gaines, the establishment and uses Dave Gilliard as a consultant.

The significance is that Sam Aanestad held his press conference in front of Doug LaMalfa’s district office and the office was reported to have been dark for at least two days this week.

Mark Spannagel, Doug LaMalfa’s chief of staff was implicated by subpoenaed records for creating an attack website against Sam Aanestad – fraudulently claiming it was done by Micheal Dacquisto, failing to report the independent expenditure and for possible violation of Federal Election coordination rules.

This clip is Aanestad attorney Barry Pruett discussing the legal details of the case. Pruett later filed legal action against Doug LaMalfa.

As of yet, there has been no disciplinary action against Mark Spannagel. Don’t expect any as it has been the pattern of team LaMalfa to engage in character assassination, manipulation of tea parties, creating fake groups to rig endorsements with, destroying campaign signs, creating fake newspapers to attack political opponent’s marriages, alleging FBI investigations of political opponents, tying opponents to Hugh Hefner… and now professionally created attack websites fraudulently pinned to political opponents.

But remember – $4.7million dollars later – “He’s one of us!”

Just wow.

The Apocalypse is Here: the Bee Endorses Sam Aanestad for Congress!

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May 012012

The editorial from the Bee is Linked Here regarding the CD-01 Race.

I am only going to focus on the CD-01 Race, because the CD-01 race editorial really shows that the Bee has been forced to adjust to Prop 14 – and is at least doing some critical analysis of candidates.

Between the two, Aanestad brings a deeper understanding of the issues and can more readily justify his stands. Given his background in health care, Aanestad could help inform the discussion of what likely will be a major issue in Congress in 2013 and beyond.

LaMalfa, by contrast, stumbled in our interview in explaining how the uninsured could gain coverage in a purely free-market system of care, which he endorses. He also needs to better explain how, as a recipient of farm subsidies and an advocate of smaller government, he’d reform the farm bill and trade policies so farmers like himself wouldn’t need taxpayer help.

This is it in a nutshell. LaMalfa shows up with his cowboy hat and says, “Aw Shucks” and people seem to melt. But, the farm welfare issue is torching his campaign like never before. The apparent hypocricy between LaMalfa’s anti-government rhetoric and the $4.7 million in his bank account is astounding and even the Bee recognizes that.

But – the next quote I believe sums up why the Bee chose Sam Aanestad and it is a similar line of logic that appears to be affecting multiple Bee Endorsements:

Aanestad, 65, has the endorsement of Rep. Tom McClintock, the Elk Grove Republican. While we disagree with McClintock on many of his stands, we are pleased he isn’t in lock step with Herger and most other Republicans, who’ve thrown their support behind LaMalfa.

Screw the establishment.

Even a busted clock is right twice a day, good job, Sacramento Bee. (even though they will endorse the Dem over the Republican in the fall.)

Doug LaMalfa Starting to Trail Blood: The Left Starts in!

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Apr 102012

This did not happen in 2010. But, 2012 is a new year… the era of fraudulent arrogance is getting challenged.

Conservative Fraud Doug LaMalfa is getting hit repeatedly for claiming to be a conservative while pocketing millions in taxpayer dollars – and when a communist like Steve Maviglio can accurately attack Doug LaMalfa without lying or spinning – it is bad news:

State Senator Doug LaMalfa, long known as a back bencher of what little there is left of the Senate Republican Caucus, has gotten headlines in the past few months because of his proposal for a re-vote on the high speed rail bond. Never mind that LaMalfa never supported it in the first place. Never mind that his rural northern California district will never see a high speed rail train. Never mind that construction unemployment in his district is hovering around the 20 percent mark. Never mind that LaMalfa, a self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative,” knows that a new election for the project would cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

LaMalfa is attacking high speed rail for one reason: publicity.

LaMalfa is a tough race for the 1st District U.S. Congressional seat with former college Republican Sam Aanestad and several other lesser known candidates in a heavily GOP district. Which means he’s doing cartwheels to do everything he can to portray himself as the uber-conservative in the race. A quick check of this website shows how this plays out: signing a pledge to repeal the President’s Affordable Health Care Act, signing the Grover Norquist no-tax pledge, and railing against all types of government spending.

Attacking high speed rail — one of the President’s signature projects to reduce unemployment and help American compete economically with infrastructure investments — is part and parcel of the right wing playbook. Which is why LaMalfa continues to beat the drum calling for a costly re-vote instead of applauding the cost-reducing changes being advanced in the High Speed Rail Authority’s new business plan.

The irony, of course, is that LaMalfa himself is the recipient of more than $4.7 million in federal farm subsidies. At a debate the other night, one of his opponents called on LaMalfa to return the millions of dollars he’s pocketed. LaMalfa balked. (Hat tip – Michael D’Acquisto / Colonel Pete Stiglich )

He said, with a straight face, that he needed the federal subsidies to be economically competitive.

Meanwhile, LaMalfa’s ballot initiative is going nowhere fast and his bill, scheduled for a hearing in the Legislature, also appears doomed.

But hey, at least he got his name in the paper, right?

It’s interesting – Ted and Beth Gaines are out there grandstanding on ADA Lawsuits with bills that will never see the light of day – is this old-school “earned media” assault a standard page in the Dave Gilliard Playbook? (in addition to attacking other local Republican officeholders / volunteers?)

Return the $4.7 million, Doug LaMalfa – do your part to help the federal deficit.