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The Sacramento Bee was marginally credible for the last 20 years. Its’ credibility is now completely gone. Hillsdale responded to the vicious and lie-infested smear by Marcos Breton and Hannah Holzer. (Breton celebrated the smear that Holzer wrote). For a long time, people used to roll their eyes at the likes of Breton and Morain – but both would return to civility and check themselves at times. Holzer has demonstrated that she is a Gen Z communist straight out of UC Davis. Similar to people of that ilk, they print and write what they want and create their own truth to suit their agenda. 

At least people in local government can take solace in knowing that the Bee has gone full Beijing on everyone they don’t like, not just them. Your Intrepid Blogger added emphasis in the words of Larry Arnn. 

Here is Hillsdale College’s Main Administrator, Dr. Larry Arnn, Responding to The Vicious, Lying Sacramento Bee’s Wholly-Untruthful Attack “Op-Ed” Written by The Wholesale Ignorant: Hannah Holzer~!
Hillsdale College
Central Hall Sunrise
In response to an inaccurate opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee, Dr. Arnn wrote. Today, a very edited version of his response ran as a “Letter to the Editor”. Below, you will find the full response that is not constrained by word limit or editorial prerogative.
In her op-ed attacking Hillsdale College (“A conspiracy-peddling college is coming to Placer County,” 1/23), Hannah Holzer gets a lot of facts wrong. She claims to quote from Hillsdale’s mission statement, but the quote is not from Hillsdale’s mission statement. She says Hillsdale became a private college in the 1970s, by which time Hillsdale had been a private college for 130 years. She describes a list of speech titles from a monthly speech digest Hillsdale publishes as a list of courses in Hillsdale’s curriculum. If the Sac Bee no longer employs fact-checkers, it should demand more care from its’ writers.
Also less smugness. Holzer accuses Hillsdale College of being racist. Her evidence? The fact that Hillsdale “values the merit of each unique individual” and defends “the principle of equality on which America was founded” rather than subscribing to critical race theory, which categorizes people as members of competing racial groups.
Holzer is unaware that Hillsdale College has a long tradition of opposing race-based ideologies like critical race theory. Founded by abolitionist preachers in 1844, Hillsdale’s founding charter prohibited discrimination based on race, sex, or nationality.
Former slave and abolition leader Frederick Douglass gave a speech at Hillsdale in 1863, amid the Civil War, in which he argued that there is “no such thing as new truth. The error might be old or new, but the truth [is] as old as the universe.” Chief among the eternal truths for Douglass was America’s founding principles – that “all men are created equal” and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,” among which are “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Douglass called these principles “saving principles,” urging Americans of his time to acknowledge that “the Constitution knows no distinction between citizens on account of color.” In rejecting these principles out of hand, as if their foolishness is simply self-evident—indeed, in condemning Hillsdale’s support for these principles as racist!—Holzer’s op-ed is an embarrassment to your newspaper.
Larry P. Arnn
President of Hillsdale College
Hillsdale College, 33 East College Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242, USA
Nov 182021

IN Placer County in 2020 – Three School Boards turned from Dem/Squish R majorities to solid R majorities. It appears that the Sacramento Bee is enraged by this. 2021 has seen a “columnist” from the Sacramento Bee who is fresh out of the People’s Republic of Davis on the dope rhyme. She has unloaded her vitriol on several local electeds in Placer County and has been seen at board meetings trolling for people to attack.

These are the sorts of things the misguided people on the right should be focused on. The Communists in Sacramento and their whores in the Sacramento Bee know 100% who the enemy is.

The Sacramento Bee penned an article recently that tied the Proud Boys and Militias to parents protesting at school board meetings. 30 years ago when my wife was a journalism student, this practice was called juxtaposition and was regarded as an unethical practice.

Ryan Sabalow – one of the Bee reporters is from Shasta County and I first met him when he worked for the Redding Record Searchlight. I do not know this leftist cheap shot artist, the Sabalow I knew was a good reporter, but that is not allowed in today’s media. Further, anyone that calls Shasta Supervisor Leonard Moty a conservative must be a blithering idiot or a product of China.

In case you have any doubt as to the Bee’s agenda – take a look at this section of the article:

From Modesto to Placerville, Sacramento to Oroville to Redding, the dangerous, conspiracy theory-driven spirit behind the deadly Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots has spread across California as far-right extremists and anti-government activists mobilize to disrupt the work of local elected officials. Local government and school board meetings have turned into tedious and contentious slogs filled with hours of public comment as extremists shout and ramble on, spewing misinformation and sometimes threatening public officials.

Got it? Anyone speaking out is now part of January 6th.

But wait – there’s more:

Central to many of these efforts: Christian church leaders, including many who have boasted about defying public health orders and made a show of doling out exemptions for people who won’t take the vaccine. In some cases, churches have spearheaded conferences riddled with prominent conspiratorial figures. Some say they are organizing to “take back” the power.

The Bee has always hated the Church and when given a chance to smear the Church with other groups, they could not help themselves.

Also notice the lack of Bee coverage about BLM, ANTIFA and other far-left groups. I don’t recall Act-Up, the Earth Liberation Front, or other violent enviro groups making the pages of the Bee… just angry parents and people angry about the policies of the Bee’s fellow leftists in California Government. This is why I refer to the Sacramento Bee as a whore for the left.

What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction. This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

Please note that the Western States Center is a far-left organization routinely discredited for leftist smears, similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It makes perfect sense that a rag like the Bee would go to them for a quote.

I am going to finish with a large quote from the Sacramento Globe by Katy Grimes:

“MORE EXTREME THAN THE TEA PARTY” the Bee subhead says. How “extreme” was the Tea Party – that “non-partisan grassroots organization of individuals united by core values derived from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights as explained in the Federalist Papers,” fighting excessive government spending and taxation?

“What makes this moment particularly dangerous, experts who study political violence and anti-democracy movements say, is that right-wing activists are using misinformation — about public health, school curriculums and elections — to gain traction,” the Bee said.

This is not just routine conservative organizing, said Lindsay Schubiner, a program director at the Western States Center, an Oregon-based nonprofit that promotes equity and counters white nationalism. It’s a confluence of “bigoted and anti-democracy groups” working to undermine basic institutions.

It’s curious that the Bee chose this non-profit, whose board members include an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, a self-described “social justice agitator, cultural sexologist, and public/sexual health educator,” and a member of the PLAN Action Fund board, which “Organizes people to use our collective leverage for social justice.”

“Oregon has faced political violence and attacks on our democracy throughout its history from bigoted and anti-democratic movements,” the Western States Center says.

But ignore what’s happening in Portland… residents are fearful of going to the “trashed” downtown. A tourism report by Travel Portland found that people don’t want to travel to Portland because they associate the city with homelessness, homicide, and civil unrest. “Because of group cancellations stemming from the pandemic, homeless, and downtown riots, tourism jobs in the metro area have dropped by 10,000 from 36,000 in 2019,” Oregon Catalyst just reported.

This is a perfect storm fomented by media, organized leftists, shadow government NGOs and non-profits, and government: Call parents “terrorists,” while defunding local police. This won’t end well.

The Globe reported on this shift away from fully-funding Sacramento’s police department in October 2020:

The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously to pass a “public safety” resolution, but there is little safety involved. The resolution is intended to officially redefine public safety — Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Teams — to include what the city calls “youth-prevention services” such as arts programs and health food programs, and other “community outreach programs.”

Even with all of the data and statistics of a stunning crime spike in the Capitol City, instead of beefing up the very effective Sacramento Police IMPACT Team and the gang enforcement unit, Mayor Steinberg chose to offer concierge services to “the underserved,” and “unhoused.”

“The community engagement team organizes residents through civic engagement to ensure they have access to resources and opportunities provided by the city of Sacramento. The engagement team is the direct liaison between the community and the mayor’s office, and its focus is on reaching the underserved.”

The City already has mental health and homeless outreach units with the Sacramento Police Department, who are trained to deal with these unique issues – unless they’ve already been defunded.

The source articles follow:

SacBee Calls Parents ‘Angry, Violent, Toxic’ While Touting City’s New Community Organizer Hire


The Bee has lost a ton of subscribers in the last decade. The Paper is a shadow of its’ former self. Instead of following proven principles of marketing, they double down on the very far-leftist ideology that cost them tens of thousands of subscribers. This is the body politic of 2021.

Nov 012021


The Sacramento Bee is famous for being a whore for the left. They used to call Congressman John Doolittle ultra right-wing until he got in trouble (later proven innocent) in the Jack Abramoff scandal. When Doolittle was in trouble, they changed their description of him because they realized that calling Doolittle by that moniker actually helped him in the district.

They refer to Tom McClintock as R-Elk Grove to remind people that he does not live in CA-04.

The disgusting rag attempted to put Courage Worldwide out of business relying on a couple of angry former employees. Courage is one of the premier charities that fights sex trafficking.

This is what the Sacramento Bee is.

Hannah Holzer wrote a hit piece against the re-districting plan that was labeled opinion. This is a good thing as her piece was full of errors, deceptions and sentence abortions and may as well have been written by Scott Alvord as part of his next amazon best-seller.

A little background on Hannah Holzer. (If you read Right On Daily, I’ve been loving and squeezing Scott Alvord for years now)

By descriptions from locals in Placer County – she was a spoiled rotten rich girl from Granite Bay. (Is she a neighbor of Crazy Suzy?) It has been put to me that she got a career in the socialist leftist media right out of her brainwashing at UC Davis.

It appears to be an apt description as googling her “articles” reveals that she is a Mask-Nazi who loves to attack local businesses that don’t abuse their customers. She parrots Joe Biden talking points (which means she can’t complete a sentence) in her articles and demonstrates very little creativity or research in what she writes. She ought to get a job with the Chinese Embassy.

Holzer has also distinguished herself, attacking any school board member that does anything other than fill kids full of chemicals and gag them in masks. She has basically called for boycotting businesses and school districts that don’t adhere to extreme leftist Covid psychosis.

She has attacked William Jessup University – where Alvord is still an adjunct.

She attacked the City of Roseville, The Rocklin School Board, Called for legalizing jaywalking, race-baited, called for gun control related somehow to a murder in Rocklin, and attacked Destiny Church.

Perhaps this is why she felt the need to stick up for Scott Alvord, they are ideologically aligned.

So let’s dive in to Mz. Holzer’s “article”:

Dubious redistricting scheme lets Placer County supervisors handpick their voters. There’s your title. This is the first lie, but indicates that Mz. Holzer listened to someone that does not know how Placer County does districts (ahem, Alvord?) Mz. Willey could have gotten up off of her lazy entitled Millenial ass and looked on line and studied the process and the history of it.

So now, just 10 words in to her article, Holzer looks like a moron. This is what happens when you suck down the commie lib koolaid from a lab in UC Davis. While she mentions the planning commission later in the article as the preparer of the lines, it is 10 paragraphs down from her title. This is an unethical practice in journalism that was perfected by CNN and MSNBC, both outlets I’d guess that Hannah is auditioning for. The headline is as about as fake as Kamala Harris.

Now let’s quote Hannah right here as the Moron-a-thon continues:

Also in contrast to the process in Roseville, the Planning Commission is expected to submit its proposed map to the Board of Supervisors for approval in December. The board doesn’t have to accept the commission’s recommendation. That means the Placer County supervisors, many of whom are running for reelection next year, will effectively be able to draw their own districts.

Let me break the news to Hannah – Not once since I have been aware of Placer County Politics has the Board Drawn their own lines. So, once again Holzer is deceiving her readers with her laziness and deliberate word-smithing. Honest journalism would have pointed out what happened in the past instead of declaring that the Board of Supervisors would take matters in to their own hands. (This is probably what Jim Holmes wants, by the way)

Holzer also implies that the Planning Commission does not know what they are doing. Good Lord. The people on the Planning Commission should sue her.

Here is another deceptive lie by Holzer:

Other members of the public raised concerns about a lack of meaningful community input. From a county of nearly 400,000, officials received only 240 community survey responses.

Note the way the sentence is constructed. Only an attorney trying to get a guilty felon off would construct a sentence like this. The Planning Commission used all kinds of public venues of communication to get the word out and 240 responses is actually more than I have ever seen on this issue. The way Holzer wrote the sentence was a deliberate attack to try to rile people up and imply that the process has been rigged, when the exact opposite is true!

However, the Coup d’etat (note the French word there Mz. Holzer as I know you like the French)  is that Mzzzz. Holzer never mentions that the MAIN controversy is being generated by Jim Holmes. Again, the lazy entitled Millennial UC Davis Graduate must have seen that Holmes is a registered NPP thus disqualifying him from the Holzer advocacy plan.

Allow me to help Mz. Holzer do the research she was too lazy to do. At the bottom of this blog are links to our articles about the process, that are inconvenient for her dishonest and moronic narrative. If she wanted to attack the process, she should have advocated for the most liberal incumbent on the board while trying to attack Bonnie Gore (Holzer implied that Gore had something to do with the three maps that draw Alvord out of D1 – this had to have come from Alvord himself as he appears to be the only one that believes that absurdity.)

According to a blog post by self-described GOP political operative and longtime Placer County resident Aaron Park, strategically drawing a chunk of western Roseville into Lincoln’s district would mean Gore does not have to face supervisorial hopeful Scott Alvord, a Roseville city councilman and one of the few elected Democrats in the county. Park pointed out gleefully that the proposed maps would put Alvord in District 2. “Supervisor Maps Are Out!” he wrote, adding, “All Three Put Scott Alvord in Sup D2 LOL.”

Note the term “Strategically Drawing”. Journalistic Harlotry. I hope everyone in Placer County Government – including the democrat County Staffers busting their collective tails on this re-districting project see how the Bee just railroaded them.

It is also amazing that Jim Holmes’ Map C also has Alvord in Sup D2. Maybe that is another reason why Holzer left him out of her hit piece.

Finally, again Holzer demonstrates her laziness as my Lexis-Nexis report is 150 pages. No need to self-describe, I’yam what I’yam. Holzer is going to find out what I am all about, welcome to Right on Daily Hannah Holzer, it is time for this operative to operate on you.

P.S. Scott Alvord, if you think a Bee hit piece is going to help you, it is probably time for you to move to San Francisco County they own you and they should feed you (when not tripping over the fruits of social justice)…

Jim Holmes Update: Did he Violate State Law? See Him Admit in Public He Meddled in the Redistricting Process, Why Did Placer County Counsel Go Along With Him?

The Desperate Rampage of Jim Holmes Continues. He Spills His Guts at the Loomis Town Council

Placer County Redistricting Drama – Scott Alvord’s Delusion, The Manipulation of Suzanne Jones and Ringleader Jim Holmes’ Panic

May 172018

Remember the historic moment when the USA moved its’ embassy to Jerusalem?

Hamas planned riots on 5/14 which is Israel’s Independence Day. The Embassy was moved and the predicted riots happened. The US Media took the side of the terrorists, similar to how they are rooting for Iran and North Korea against the USA. Referring to an article about Hamas:

Another Hamas official on Wednesday acknowledged that 50 of the 62 Palestinians reported killed during Gaza border riots on Monday and Tuesday were members of the Islamist terrorist group, bringing the total number of known members of terror groups among the fatalities up to 53.

Al-Zahar also boasted in the interview of Hamas’s weaponry and military capabilities.

“When you are in possession of weapons that were able to withstand the occupation [Israel] in the wars of 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014… When you have weapons that are being wielded by men who were able to prevent the strongest army in the region from entering the Gaza Strip for 51 days, and were able to capture or kill soldiers of that army – is this really ‘peaceful resistance’?” he asked.

In light of this the Sacramento Bee’s should be ashamed of itself for the blood libel cartoon they put in their “Newspaper”.

The American media are so triggered by PRESIDENT Trump that they will do nearly anything in an attempt to make him look bad. Unbelievable.

Want to let the Bee know how you feel about their garbage? Below is the cheap shot artists’ email along with those of his bosses, in addition is his Twitter handle.

Cc: gwortel@sacbee.comshubler@sacbee.comfrhee@sacbee.comesmith@sacbee.com

And PLEASE reference and tag the author Jack Ohman on twitter : “Jack Ohman@JackOhman”

Oct 152012

For years – the Sacramento Bee has hemorrhaged subscribers because it seemed like it was published by the Chinese Embassy it was so far to the left.

A recent headline: “GOP Seizes on Libya Issue” is a great example – the Bee is trying to make the biggest scandal since Watergate look like a GOP-led gotcha game. This is what I mean when I talk about left-wing whores. An Ambassador is dead, getting dragged through the streets and Obama is in Nevada. How dare the GOP be upset about the cover-up.

Recently, the Bee made predictable endorsements:

They backhanded Beth Gaines because both she and Andy Pugno are Conservatives. (Must have been painful for them) The irony is that Dave Gilliard – the professional liar attacked Andy Pugno for having a Bee Endorsement in the primary. I predict that Gilliard will send mail to Democrats promoting the Bee endorsement of Gaines.

The Bee endorsed Munger-Backed Rick Bosetti because he decided to come out in favor of raising taxes.

Garamendhi over Kim Vann, Fraud Doctor Ami Bera over Dan Lungren… you get where I am going.

But, in local races – the Bee’s editorial board put down their left-wing partisan Kool-Aid and actually dug in to three city council races.

In Roseville – they endorsed Pauline Rocucci, Bonnie Gore and Carol Garcia. Their rational was excellent and sound. It was amazing. Two of those three were also endorsed by the Placer GOP!

In Rocklin – they endorsed the same three people that the Placer CRA and Placer GOP endorsed: Dave Butler, Ken Broadway and Greg Janda. In their editorial – they set fire to seven term incumbent George Magnusson. It was a very strange feeling reading that editorial.

In Lincoln – I practically had an out-of-body experience reading the Bee endorse two challengers over an incumbent and another member of the “establishment” in favor of the three people the Placer GOP endorsed: Allen Cuenca, David Kawas and incumbent Paul Joiner.

If you’re keeping score – this means that the Sacramento Bee agreed with the Placer GOP in 8 of 9 instances in the City Council Races in South Placer County!

Maybe one of these years – they will step a little further from the Blue Kool-Aid and give some Republicans running against Democrats in partisan runoffs a fairer shot.

Hope springs eternal.