Press Tribune Article on the Roseville City Council Drama!

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Oct 272010

The recent article on the Roseville City Council Race has some interesting By-Lines to it:

Who is that masked e-mailer?

At least eight of these e-mails have gone out to recipients obtained by voter-registration lists. The domain server for the e-mails, “” was purchased from through the domain name That domain name is registered to Loomis resident Joseph Scharrer.

Scharrer isn’t new to local political controversy. In 2008, news stories reported that he bought dozens of website domains in the names of politicians he opposed to use the sites against the candidates.

Ooooooh, could it be?

They quote the “Non-Partisan” former employee of Charlie Brown for Congress (a liberal democrat) Lee Reed:

Roseville resident Lee Reed is upset by the partisanship of the e-mail messages. In 1960, at 21 years old, Reed tried to vote for the first time, but was turned away at the polling place, he said, because he “appeared to be a Republican” by his three-piece suit and shiny shoes in the Democratic-dominated city of Chicago — he actually planned to vote for John F. Kennedy Jr.

“I’ll never forget that,” Reed said. “I came from (a place) with some of the dirtiest politics in the nation. I moved out here to California. I want nonpartisan to be nonpartisan.”

Really? Then why Mr. Reed you file a complaint with the City Attorney’s office in an attempt to shut this blog down? Democrats. Free speech only works in one direction for them – you know, like the military ballots that several states deliberately did not send out in time?


More quotes:

Cannon, chief of staff for California Assemblyman Paul Cook, said he’ll focus on restoring jobs, improving the local economy and promoting public safety. The Roseville Planning Commissioner recently earned the endorsement of the Roseville Police Officers Association, Councilman John Allard and Councilman Jim Gray.

And now Tim Herman:

“I’m looking forward to being done with the (campaign) and going on to the next stage,” Herman said. “I’ve enjoyed knocking on doors and talking to people. I’m feeling very positive. It’s a long experience — I started walking precincts in 105 degree weather and (walked) this past weekend in the rain.”

Sounds like Mr. Herman thinks he has it won already.

(Pople) He has raised $2,866 for his campaign, mainly from the Placer County Democratic Central Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento and several individuals.

No surprise there. (The Stonewall Democrats are a lifestyle group of Democrats)

“(The campaign) has been very exciting and a lot of fun,” Rohan said. “I’m anxious to see the end of it. I’m just plugging away until it’s done. You do everything you can think of, and it’s best to just be settled.”

Amen, Susan. Just be settled – If I had a vote, I’d have voted for Sam and Susan already.

Roseville Chamber Candidate Forum Exposes Contestants for Roseville City Council

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Sep 222010

It’s very simple.

Dave Brown – Tea Party

Sam Cannon – Conservative

Susan Rohan – Republican

Tim Herman – Liberal

David Lasron – Very Liberal

How did I draw the above conclusion?

There was a question about how do you Stimulate the Roseville Economy?

Dave Brown – Back Government off, Keep Fees Low.

Sam Cannon – Eliminate unnecessary Fees, cut red tape, create jobs task force of business-owners to market city

Susan Rohan – Cut Red Tape, Reduce Fees, Market Roseville as a Region

Tim Herman – Build Drexel University to bring in more taxes, extend the periods to pay fees.

David Larson – Streamline Permitting Process, “Sustainable Growth”.

Neither Larson nor Tim Herman talked about eliminating or cutting fees – and this is key.

It was also telling when the contestants were asked about Project Labor Agreements – that is when Unions are given an exclusive contract to build and staff a public project.

Only Sam Cannon was able to describe in any detail what the effect of the PLA on the Roseville power plant was. (Basically, cost overruns and higher electric rates)

Dave Brown and Susan Rohan spoke about how PLA’s are anti-competitive and reduce choice to municipalities.

Tim Herman spoke in opposition to PLA’s as well.

David Larson avoided the question as his major donors are Liberal Democrats and Union Members. (The same as Jack Duran’s)

What did the contestants have to say about Roseville’s business environment, a “Shop Local Ordinance” and their priorities for Roseville?

To Be Continued…

Aug 312010

Neil Pople: Age 30. Former candidate for Placer County Democrat Central Committee – who railed against the war in Iraq etc. (like any moonbat of the left did back when Bush was President)

Now, it is time to run for City Council, and next Congress? Frankly, I think Mall Cop might have been a batter occupation – but I digress…

Occupation: Legal Clerk
Education and Qualifications: I have lived in Roseville for nearly 22 years and love the city I call home. I’m running for City Council because I believe a 21st century city needs 21st century leadership. We are facing a critical time in Roseville, and success or failure depends on the next generation of leaders. We cannot afford to simply look to old ways to solve new problems. It’s going to take innovation, courage and transparency to make Roseville the city it deserves to be.

If elected, I will be a willing ear to listen and a strong voice to represent you. I want to serve this community and help repair our faltering economy, support our men & women in uniform, help improve the state of our schools and keep the high quality of life we all enjoy. If elected, I can promise that I will do my best to represent the community that helped raise me. I want to help lead real, positive change, but I need your vote to do it.
Please visit for more information.

CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!! He said absolutely nothing. What a waste of money.