Oct 212020

If you’re a Republican, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you.

If you’re a democrat, Michelle Sutherland wants to sound like you too.

In what can only be described as a blatant attempt to appeal to everyone, while exposing one’s own moral Bankruptcy, this is it. The two emails could not sound more opposite and it is impossible for one person to simultaneously hold these values. Michelle Sutherland has demonstrated by her actions she can not be trusted by anyone of any stripes. I hope the teacher’s union is happy with their investment! WOW.

Check out Michelle’s Democrat Email – notice the platform: Class Warfare, Racial Division, Covid Demagoguery

Note the specific emphasis on the 1619 Project and other extreme left wing re-written dogma in her “Representation” plank.

I wonder what Republicans would say if they got this email from Michelle? I think someone needs to send it to the Republicans in Rocklin – and the Independents too. This is wackjob stuff.

Now, for the Coup D’Etat. At the same time as she sent the communist manifesto email, she also sent this to Republicans:

Note how the family photo goes to Republicans. I guess even Michelle understands which political party is pro-family and which is pro-riot and alternative lifestyle

Note the message – speaking in generalities to avoid the detailed discussion of social justice and orwellian history as her democrat email enumerated. She also talks about opposing higher taxes – but she supports Proposition 15. (I wonder why that is not in the Republican email)

Well – ladies and gentlemen, this is very common with unprincipled and undisciplined candidates for office. One piece of feedback I have gotten on Sutherland is that she does not have the knowledge base of the other 4 candidates for Rocklin School Board. It is also clear that she has no compass either by virtue of this stunt.

If you care about Rocklin Schools – pull this post down and send it to your friends. Michelle Sutherland and Camille Maben need to be stopped.

P.S. Maben (circa 2016, she is now running for term #8)

Oct 082020

With tip supporters like Millie Yan, it sure looks like Michelle Sutherland does not need Antifa or BLM showing up on her behalf anymore.

Millie Yan looks like a bully and my friends in the local GOP tell me she is an attorney (shocker) and that she is a loudmouth at local events and school board meetings. It appears that Yan likes living in the clean, well-run City of Rocklin with good police and fire protection and wants to bring her extreme left-wing views to Rocklin. If Millie had her way, Rocklin would have no churches, police and would be full of riots and homeless camps. It appears she is too stupid to understand it is the leftist democrats she supported for office that wrecked her former home in the Bay Area. This is quite typical, people leave the Bay with zero self-awareness that the communists they supported are the ones that wrecked it.



You can see Millie at work here. Allow your intrepid blogger who is also an insurance agent for a living (meaning I protect people from attorneys) take Millie apart piece by piece.

Note – Destiny Church ended up not being a target of leftist protestors recently as law enforcement had picked up on comments by a few extremists and were prepared. That said, it appears that Millie hates Christians and attacks Destiny Church directly. Does Michelle Sutherland agree with this? Do these women think the Church should be exterminated from the debate?

I have known of Millie Yan for a long time. She has been a huge booster of Camille Maben, SB48, AB1672 and the whole raft of family-destroying values-shredding psychosis being handed down from Sacramento.

Yan also attacks the informed parents of Rocklin – another indicator of her vitriol and extreme leftist leanings. A key tenant of communism and socialism is separating Children from their parents and indoctrinating them in schools. It appears Millie’s emphatic support of Michelle is because this is Michelle Sutherland’s vision for Rocklin as well.

Like the arrogant attorney bully she is, she accuses Tiffany Saathoff of committing a crime when her Candidate Statement and Ballot title were vetted and approved by the County Elections Office. This is typical bluster from attorneys, having been threatened by people like Millie Yan so many times I have lost count – I simply mock the stupidity of them. This would include posting the legal threats from the idiot Placer County Counsel.

Perhaps Millie Yan should call Placer County Counsel and confirm that she has as much of a case against Tiffany as the County of Placer does against your intrepid blogger – as in none.

It also appears that the unholy leftist-athiest alliance between Michelle Sutherland, Millie Yan and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are as much about taking on local churches as they are about brainwashing our children and keeping the schools shut down.

If you run in to Millie on social media – don’t let her bully you. I think she is a moron and calling her a moron is not even libel. She would have to prove that you knew she wasn’t a moron when you called her a moron. Good luck on that. I also laid out a case for why I think she is a psychotic communist – cut and past this blog and troll her with this post.

P.S. Look at Michelle Sutherland’s campaign finance reports. Millie Yan is on there for $1500 and Camille Maben for $1000. I am waiting for the Chinese Government to show up next.

Oct 012020

First off, take a look at this photo from a classroom. This is essentially the teacher’s union throwing a temper tantrum because the Rocklin Unified School District voted for a Hybrid re-opening.

Apparently, Rick Miller did not support staying shut down. The feckless lawyer coward (that is what I think of him and I am glad he is retiring) Eric Stevens is so afraid of COVID he was shaking at the most recent RUSD board meeting. Good riddance, if you are that weak Mr. Stevens, get help now for your fears. Joining Eric in the Shutdown psychosis is the human mushroom herself Camille Maben. After 28 years of polluting the minds of our children, it is really time for her to retire to a hippie commune.

My hope is that when the good candidates for Rocklin School Board win, that our children will no longer be subject to the abuse of the 3 member ruling junta and the teacher’s union. This is dehumanizing and stupid. These kids will have scars from being purposefully robbed of part of their childhood by a bunch of so-called teachers that wanted to get paid for not working and people in all levels of government dedicated to wrecking people’s lives to win an election.

If you are not convinced that the Rocklin Teacher’s Union is in need of an exorcism and the leaders should all have their teaching credentials yanked – look at this:

Read this as many times as needed. The Teacher’s Union President was asking the members to lie. Don’t give specifics he says, just ID yourself as high risk.

This sounds similar to the union abusing the grievance system in a last minute desperate attempt to stop the RUSD from re-opening.

You can also see the clear contempt that the Rocklin Teacher’s Unions has for the Rocklin Unified School District Board because they are not pillaging the treasury to get even more overpaid than they already are.

I’ve been told by a few people that visit RUSD Board Meetings that the conduct of Travis Mougeotte and others that show up on behalf of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has been abhorrent. This includes Travis lecturing the board as if he is a kindergarten teacher castigating unruly students.

Why am I not surprised? Soliciting people to identify themselves as High Risk and using the greivance process to keep the school district shut down so they can get paid for not working? Yes, this is the Rocklin Teacher’s Union.

I am told there are a group of teachers disgusted by this behavior. Given the way the union has rigged the voting process and the endorsement process – it is going to be difficult to the extreme to unseat the dishonest, corrupt leadership with more ethical and reasonable people.

… and these people are “educating” our children. Good Lord.

P.S. ICYMI Below are screenshots of emails soliciting people to oppose re-opening before they filed their bogus greivances and ran a media drill.

Sep 302020

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is having a coming out party.

The Rocklin Teacher’s Union endorsed the crazed Far-Left Michelle Sutherland (whose Biden Flag Flies outside her house), Camille Maben and amazingly, Julie Leavens-Hupp for Rocklin School Board.

So, they sent out some social media:

It looks like the far left leadership on the Rocklin Teacher’s Association forgot one of their endorsees. I guess Republicans are not allowed in their minds – only extreme lefties that support AB 1672, SB777, SB48 and the like make the cut. (Look em up, transgender sports and bathrooms, anti-religious history, anti-family brainwashing and the like)

The other thing the arrogant condescending leadership of the Rocklin Teacher’s Union has done is declare war on the parents of Rocklin that want to restore sanity to the Rick Miller feuled rampage in Rocklin.

I’ve been told by people with inside knowledge that the president of the Rocklin Teacher’s union gets extremely hostile when parents question the agenda of the wacked out element of teachers that control the union. He also is known for condescending lectures at board meetings in response to questions or agenda items.

I was told specifically that the process for endorsing within this splinter union resembles the old soviet union. People meet in local groups and then a representative goes to the presidium where the leaders allegedly get the input from the local members. The process is tightly controlled and is far from transparent. The union apparently does not hold open voting or much of an open forum.

Now – let’s note that the information on this meme from the union is also misleading. Sutherland’s “career” in education started recently. Maben has no kids in the district. Hell, given that the leadership of the union probably all read the New York Times, I am sure their idea of facts and accuracy is as warped as AB1672 and Rick Miller.

Note that the equally as crazed Theresa Landon has been on a neurotic rampage to avenge her perceived offense (I guess it has not occurred to her that she is a jerk and people did not want to appoint her to the Rocklin USD? At least I think she is a jerk and crazy and have presented evidence to back it up) by rampaging publicly for Michelle Sutherland. If I was Sutherland I’d ask her to stop as having Theresa Landon supporting me is like encouraging riots to win public support for your cause.

Oh wait, Sutherland is all about that stuff.

P.S. Michelle – I have a nice screenshot where you admit you don’t display the signs of other stealth democrat candidates for office for fear of identifying them.  Whoops. Try being honest for a change, it is revolutionary.

Sep 242020

You’d think after all these years that political people in Placer County would realize that your intrepid blogger will figure out their games after a while. Sometimes we get tipped off in real time.

Information came in to your intrepid blogger that the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce rendered their endorsements and they have been reported out to the candidates already. (Perhaps this explains why the information came in hard and fast)

The Chamber of Commerce endorsed Joe Patterson, Greg Janda and Ken Broadway for Rocklin City Council. Zero surprise. A well-run city with few problems (other than massive budget cuts coming due to the State’s Management and COVID).  I’ve received good reports about Josh Rolph, but he is not making a compelling enough case for change at this time. I keep hearing it time and again. I have also been told that Ken Broadway has been busting his tail on his effort.

This gets me to the School Board Races.

In the four-year race, the Chamber set fire to the crazed leftist Michelle Sutherland. The Chamber joined everyone not named Camille Maben, Rick Miller and Jill Gayaldo (all three are trump-hating liberal democrats by the way, get to work Rocklin) and endorsed Julie Leavens-Hupp and Rachelle Price for the 4 year seats on the Rocklin Unified School District.

Then there is the two-year race. After endorsing Five Candidates who really represent Rocklin, the Chamber of Commerce endorsed Camille Maben over Tiffany Saathoff. A 28 year incumbent who has supported every anti-family garbage bill that has come down from the Sacramento Mafia. The Rocklin Chamber endorsed a sworn enemy of Charter Schools. (An issue that polls nearly 70% even in California)

Oh, and then there is the fact that the Rocklin Chamber did NOT endorse Camille Maben in 2016. What changed?

Let’s introduce the new Rocklin Chamber of Commerce President: Jay Lang. Jay is married to Wendy Lang. Lang is also a democrat (who may be registered otherwise at the moment) who is very close to Camille Maben.

Make sense? The President of the Chamber imposed his will and told members of the PAC Board what he expected of them. (So I have been told, an so I believe and can easily ascertain as I know most of the players involved)

Let’s give a little more background on Lang/Maben. One of my first forays in to local politics was in the early-mid 2000’s when the Rocklin Academy was in a knock-down drag-out fight with the Rocklin USD. As the then President of the Placer CRA Chapter, I helped with an effort that unseated two incumbent board members of the Placer Office of Education. That election broke the stranglehold that the Rocklin USD had over the disposition of charters. The Western Sierra Collegate Academy was chartered shortly thereafter and the threat to the Rocklin Academy was mitigated as a 5-2 pro charter majority on the PCOE was ushered in.

The charters were able to appeal the denials of the Rocklin USD to the Placer County Office of Education, game over.

Lang and Maben remained staunchly anti-charter. Other members of that board were involved in the personality fight between the Crazed Mark Klang, the Late Joe Scharrer, Kevin Cooper and myself. I have since become friends, allies and a campaign operative for Bill Halldin and consider Todd Lowell a friend as well amongst others who were then on the wrong side of the Charter Issue.

Anyone that knows Bill Halldin now would never believe he was once on the same side of an issue as Camille Maben.

It was with that background in 2016, that the Placer County Impact Republicans PAC nailed Camille Maben:

I was told via third parties that Wendy Lang became enraged over this mailer. She is alleged to have filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer Impact Republicans PAC. (I have no direct proof because cowards can file anonymous complaints, I have never filed an anonymous complaint and never will) It was related to me via Hearsay that Lang talked openly about filing the complaint.

Three years, tons of phone calls and emails later – the Placer CIR PAC got a technical violation for the disclaimers on all 16 mailers being incorrect. Note – the fine was not related to Lang’s complaint but was due to something else. It is also well-known that anyone that took money from the Charter Schools Association were targeted at the behest of Gavin Newsom (remember, the CCSA foolishly poured 15 million in to Antiono Villariagosa ) As a result of Lang’s complaint the Placer CIR PAC was fined $500 a mailer times 16 mailers for a total of $8,000.

Kirk Uhler raised the money to cover the fines while people like Ken Campbell, Tom Hudson and bay area liberals like Viktor Bekhet among others were emailing each other congratulations over the fines.

These are the kinds of people that the Lang’s are. I pass that judgement by watching them over a decade+ it is what it is.

Note: I am using a professional treasurer for all current efforts so when the Wendy Langs of the world file revenge complaints, we will be ready to deal with all the FPPC technicalities.

Jay Lang needs to hear from the people of Rocklin as does the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce. This sort of insider game is the exact opposite of what the overwhelming majority of citizens want and especially not in Rockin.

Worse, a Pro-Business group endorsed a woman who supports Split Roll gutting of Prop 13? She supports AB5 which put tens of thousands of independent contractors out of work (the Uber Lyft thing)? If you look beyond Jay/Wendy Lang rigging an endorsement for Camille Maben – just on the base issues of the day the Chamber can’t justify what they did.

Why the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce sell out the business community? Ask the questions and let em have it.

P.S. Update: This screenshot was just sent in to your intrepid blogger: (Note 2 days ago at the time I got this would be 9-22-2020 before the tipoffs we received)

Nothing to see here, move along now.