Mar 302020

Are you a candidate for office? Have you ever been talking to your consultant or just going through life wondering, is the Right On Daily Blog going to kick my Tail?

In order to qualify for the Right On Daily Blog, you, yes you have to screw up. So let us list some of that stuff in a manner even a candidate for office can understand.

  1. Register as a Republican specifically to run for or hold office.
  2. Raise taxes as part of a “deal” or raising taxes as anything other than a last resort
  3. Use your office to advance the careers of donors or loyalists over more qualified competitors
  4. Become vested in your office – as in deriving part (or all) of your identity from your campaign(s) for or office(s) held.
  5. Fail to pay your bills – (screwing campaign staff, tax liens, lawsuits, judgments, etc)
  6. Have Sex with Staff, Donors, Supporters that you are not in a committed (preferably married) relationship with.
  7. Campaigning as a Conservative with a personal history of porn, alcohol or drug abuse (ongoing, versus sober 5+ years)
  8. Abusing your position to cover up malfeasance and/or criminal activity
  9. Supporting two or more of the following: Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Soft on Crime Legislation (or initiatives), “Rights” Bills/Initiatives at the expense of Religious Freedom,  which includes Open Borders
  10. Engage in Emotional Manipulation / Cult Leader Type behavior as a campaign or governing practice
  11. Lying about your qualifications for office or accomplishments while in office – including attempting to take credit for other people’s successes
  12. (Bonus): You’re a democrat – in which case you deserve to have your tail kicked by the RightonDaily Blog.

IF you do any thing in the above list, you, yes you could get your tail kicked by the Right on Daily Blog.

This helpful primer of pitfalls will help any candidate understand why the Right On Daily Blog is whaling the tar out of them – because we care.

Mar 032020

Your Intrepid Blogger Outside Brian Dahle’s Senate Office (SD-01)

Placer County D3 Supervisor, how close to Jim Holmes does Mike Murray Get?

Placer County D4 Supervisor, Kirk Uhler faces a tough re-election against serial candidate Suzanne Jones. This has been one of the nastiest local election races I have ever seen. I will be going in to graphic detail about it later.

Congressional Races: (I have written extensively about CA-03, 08, 10, 12, 50)

CA-01: I endorsed Doug LaMalfa. After some reports of chicanery by some of his staff against other Republican candidates, I decided to do nothing beyond endorse him. His opponent is a Nancy Pelosi lab experiment with $1,000,000 in the bank.

CA-03: Tamika Hamilton – she is the prototypical Republican Recruit who is facing off against one of the most bizarre opponents I have seen in a long time. (Sean Feucht)

CA-04: Tom McClintock – I have intel that indicates Brynne Kennedy has been organizing for democrats at all levels. Despite my disdain for McClintock, similar to LaMalfa the alternatives are un-viable Republicans or Brynne Kennedy and her nearly $1 Million in rage donations against Trump in her account.

CA-08: Jay Obernolte – Best Resume of any candidate I am supporting. Full Portfolio Republican. Free of personal baggage. Similar to so many other races, fringe Republicans could not help themselves, so a couple filed against him. (Note: Obernolte is a paid advertiser)

CA-09: William Martinek – Another prototypical Republican recruit with a great story. Similar to CA-10, the local political bosses recruited an opponent for him.

CA-10: Ted Howze. He has committed $750K of his own money and raised $250K more. Why the local political bosses put candidates up against him in the primary is befuddling. (Note: Howze is a paid advertiser)

CA-11: Nisha Sharma. She is Hindu and like a lot of people in that community, they are newer Republicans, brought over by President Trump. What a great story for the GOP

CA-12: John Dennis. He is the Chairman of the SFGOP who found himself with a primary challenger. The primary challenger is one of the more vexatious disasters I have seen this side of Tim Donnelly. (Note: John Dennis is a paid advertiser)

CA-45: I took up the cause of hammering Deborah Pauly because she has decided to go on a rampage jihad against Greg Raths. Despite what Don Sedgwick may think, I really don’t care who wins in CA-45, Deborah Pauly just needed to have political therapy.

CA-50: Darrell Issa. Darrell Issa is running in a heavyweight slugfest against Carl DeMaio. DeMaio is a liberal pro-choice, pro-open borders version of Tim Donnelly. I have always liked Issa from the days when his money fueled the recall of Gray Davis, I have never really been a fan of DeMaio especially once I found out how he mistreated Republican Volunteers.

Legislative Races – AD-XX = Assembly District XX and SD-XX = Senate District XX

AD-01: Vote Megan Dahle. She drew a NPP opponent who spent about $500K of his own money on his campaign. It is alleged that some Republican Staff/Operatives were helping the NPP candidate. Dahle, is aggressive and is a tireless worker who has a future in the GOP when not being challenged for no apparent reason.

AD-42: Vote Andrew Kotyuk – this is the classic David vs Goliath race. Chad Mayes in his narcissitic rage to prove how right he was with Cap and Trade bolted the GOP before filing for re-election. The Swamp has been pouring money in to Mayes while the GOP Leadership apparently afraid to cross their donors have done a fraction for Kotyuk what has been done for Mayes. Should Mayes beat Kotyuk – watch AD-35 Jordan Cunningham and AD-72 Tyler Diep at a minimum bolt the GOP.

AD-67: Vote Kelly Seyarto or Jeremy Smith. I have been hammering the Legislative leadership for refusing to honor the endorsement of the CAGOP. Steve Manos, who I have written about a lot was the recipient of $150K from the swamp at the behest of his father while Legislative Leadership has done absolutely nothing at all.

AD-72: Vote Janet Nguyen. It is time to take out the trash. Tyler Diep is corrupt (In My Opinion) and has a voting record Chad Mayes would love. If Tyler survives his primary he will bolt the GOP.

AD-73: This is the William “Bill” Brough seat. Vote for Laurie Davies. The behavior of GOP leadership in the face of the scandals will live in infamy. (Though the OCGOP did indeed draw the right conclusion in November after months of hammering)

AD-74: Vote Diane Dixon. She is the Mayor of Newport Beach. Kelly Ernby is not yet ready for prime-time. Diane is now, Ernby could be tomorrow with more seasoning.

SD-15: This is the race where elites are trying to push Johnny Khamis, the trump-hating NPP over the line. The establishment is alleged to have filed a second Republican to split the vote in order to facilitate Khamis making the runoff. Vote for Robert Howell

SD-23: Vote Lloyd White. I normally would not have cared so much, but with 4 vulnerable Republicans in the State Senate, the party / legislative leadership is pouring their limited resources in to a candidate here. The alleged reason is because they feared a D vs D runoff. Lloyd White is a strong well-known candidate and there has been about $1,000,000 spent against him. This absurdity and stupidity on the part of party bosses needs to be rooted out and eliminated.

SD-28: Vote Melissa Melendez. This is a special election and the result is far from assured.

Dec 312019

It looks like we have a disease in the body politic in 2020. It is the backside of Make America Great Again. Unqualified candidates with stars in their eyes are coming out of the woodwork like laboratory rats. Because, MAGA.

The King of the Grifters – Grifter of the Decade Tim Donnelly is running for Congress for a 3rd time. He’s also run for State Senate and Governor too. He can’t even get a majority of the local tea party anymore. This is CA-08. If you value sanity, Pick Jay Obernolte. (Note: Jay Obernolte is a Paid Advertiser on Right on Daily)

Congrats Tim Donnelly, you are the Right on Daily Grifter of the Decade 2010-2019

In CA-43 we have the runner up for Grifter of the Decade, Omar Navarro. The crazed Omar Navarro was recently sitting in Jail in San Francisco and has an arraignment on 12-23-2019 for stalking another Grifter Candidate for Congress. Navarro was second only to Donnelly because Donnelly has a longer and more thorough history of being a disaster. Unlike Donnelly, Omar raised a ton of money. (Like $1,000,000!)

Damn, Omar.

In CA-43 the alternatives are Joe Collins (an aspiring Grifter who is living large off of his campaign cash) and Mad Maxine Watters. Ouch. If I lived there, I would conscientiously object to voting.

In CA-12, Ms. “Make Love Great Again” Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is running for Congress. Her campaign was likely launched via her 8 month long relationship with the Crazed Omar Navarro. We’ve been lambasting her for being a complete fraud and a charlatan. She campaigns on God by Day and goes to nightclubs partying like a rockstar by night. Add in her active financial issues and you can draw the conclusion she is running to pay bills. She also lives some 350 miles from San Francisco.

That’s Deanna (not the Woman with the flower) looking higher than a U-2

Your Choice in CA-12 (Pelosi) is John Dennis.

In CA-03, a different kind of Grifter is running. He is a musician that appears to be trying to channel the PTL Club. He is part of a well-known Church in Redding, which is easily 140 Miles from the population center of CA-03 and at least 50 from the extreme northern border of CA-03.

Who said the PTL Club is dead… Sean Feucht ladies and gentlemen

More will be written about Feucht later as he has a nice long trail of stuff too. But, he is giving Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero a run for the title of Grifter of the Year 2020.

Your Choice in CA-03 is Tamika Hamilton. (CA-03 is John Garamendi) Note: Tamika has the endorsement of The Lake, Solano, Yolo, Sacramento and Glenn GOP – Feucht has none, a sign that people in the district are on to his game.

In CA-28 (Schiff), another one of Omar’s Girls is running. Jennifer Barbosa could not even figure out how to register Republican. She is all over Omar Navarro’s FEC Filings as a payee for services rendered. Yikes.

Your choice in CA-28 is Eric Early.

Special Bonus – Before Moving to TX-32, CA-28 was graced with the presence of John Hollis.

One of my favorite opposition research finds of all time (Hollis is in the Blue)

IN CA-09 and CA-10 we have been graced with some marginal players who are within the standard of a Grifter. Marla “Trump Hater” Livengood is a candidate that ran for CA-09 in 2018 and is running for CA-10 in 2020. Her campaign is managed by a Trump-Hating political boss in San Joaquin County. In CA-10 we also have a sad sack, San Joaquin County Supervisor Bob Elliott. Note that CA-10 Candidate Ted Howze is an advertiser on Right On Daily and has nearly raised $1,000,000 for his campaign.

Bob Elliott folks.

CA-09 features a 70-something 4 time retread who was recruited by the same political boss as retribution for William Martinek and campaign not kissing his ring. Tony Amador has the multiple failed runs covered, but lacks the criminal record or financial issues usually associated with Grifter Status.

Your Choices are William Martinek for CA-09 and Ted Howze for CA-10.

The San Joaquin political bosses have spoken, so has Right on Daily. Choose well

One thing is certain, Right On Daily will identify more grifters as time goes on and 2020 is the year of the Grifter. Consider yourselves warned…

Dec 162019

The original mascot of the Right on Daily Blog

It was December of 2009, the Red County Blog had taken $25,000 from the Meg Whitman for Governor Campaign. Then, 4 days later they expelled me from the Red County Blog. A week later, the Right on Daily Blog was born. This was done so I would have independence from anyone else’s system. That was 12-16-2009

Mrs. Park gets the credit for the name Right on Daily Blog – it was her idea.

I had actually started blogging in 2003 I used the Blogger/Blogspot Platform and had a blog called the Roseville Conservative. A variety of things happened and in 2006 I was invited onto the Red County System.

(Note, Red County went defunct as its’ founder ended up with some major legal trouble)

Those of you that read this blog read it because of the subject matter and my unique writing style. I like to think it was my memes.

Some people tried to throw me off the Placer GOP Cent Com for this one. (This was in response to the Bee Article in 7-11-2011 that quoted Gaines and LaMalfa attacking my brother, then the treasurer of the Placer GOP)

I’ve been kicked off more than one blog platform because the owners can’t handle the fire. But no one can ban the Right on Daily Blog.

Here are some of my Greatest Hits as a Blogger (all but Item #1 were on the Right on Daily Blog):

  1. Helped Tom McClintock defeat Doug Ose in what was then the 2nd most expensive Congressional Race in History. 2008
  2. Almost Single-Handedly took down a Judge Candidate in Amador County 2012 (Jeff Seaton vs now Judge Hermanson)
  3. Broke the news of deranged legislative staffer Steve Davey’s Termination 2 years before the Assembly Rules Committee’s #METOO Report Came out. 2017
  4. Blew up Assemblyman Tim Donnelly exposing him as one of the biggest frauds in California Republican Politics. 2014 – Present
  5. Played a Major Role in unseating a corrupt incumbent Sheriff in Riverside County (Stan Sniff) 2018
  6. Played a Major Role in the John Cox for Governor Primary, then ended up helping the CAGOP Chair Campaign of Travis Allen who I opposed on behalf of Cox. 2018-2019. How I pulled that off I will never know… but hey, I have both their numbers in my cell phone!
  7. Should Bill Brough lose in March of 2020, he’d be the second major take-down of an incumbent by the Right on Daily Blog. We broke story after story about William “Bill” Brough and got statewide media mentions of Right on Daily and coverage in our efforts to unseat a corrupt incumbent. Brough has been abandoned by the OCGOP and the CAGOP due in no small part to his exposure on Right on Daily.
  8. Blasted Karen England so bad that she cut and ran to Nevada after spending years trying to destroy your intrepid blogger. 2011-2015
  9. Wrote detailed posts about an array of fraudulent ballot measures. Stop SB48, SB277, SB777, and others, Sometimes the Right on Daily Blog was the only source of the truth about these fraudulent efforts. 2010-current
  10. Participated in running a dozen democrats out of local office over the last decade. See below for a sample of some mail we helped write in addition to the blogs!

We helped unseat a democrat supervisor in Placer County in 2018!

This dates back to a 2010 US Senate Race Republican Primary. I will never forget Orly Taitz

Then of course your intrepid blogger gets fan mail. Lots of it. Sometimes, we get paper mail like this:

Sent to my insurance agency HQ, a hand written note.

Well, unless God calls my number, I will be here for another decade! I can’t wait for all the fun…

P.S. The very first story on Right On Daily? We blasted former Rocklin Mayor Peter Hill for leaving the GOP. His reason? The Placer GOP opposed a park tax measure he was pushing and opposed a $500 Million Sierra College Bond Measure. The more things change, the more they stay the same.