Rick Bosetti Disavows “No New Tax Pledge”?

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Sep 252012

I think the No New Taxes Pledge is unnecessary. When Les Baugh was running for State Senate – we agreed almost simultaneously in a conversation it was unnecessary.

However, when you decide to accept such a pledge (aka signing the damn thing) – then you reneg because you think Democrats will suddenly vote for you in a Prop 14 runoff – then you’re Jim Nielsen er. Rick Bosetti.

Rick Bosetti is being supported by the Jim Nielsen / Doug LaMalfa team and now we know why:

Breaking News:  Rick Bosetti Abandons No Tax Pledge.

In Candidate Forum, Bosetti Runs to The Left; Announces Support For Higher Taxes & Government Taking of Private Property

(Redding, CA) – After coming in a distant second in the recent June Primary, Rick Bosetti is apparently abandoning his “no-new-tax” pledge and instead seeking new votes among the left-leaning higher tax, bigger government crowd.

That explains the flip flops that were on full display at last night’s candidate forum in Redding CA, where Bosetti announced his support for the newly enacted timber tax – even though he had campaigned in the primary on a no-new-tax platform.  Bosetti also gave a vigorous defense of government taking of private property through eminent domain, again a full reversal from his stance in the primary.

“Rick Bosetti put in an amazing gymnastics show last night, flip flopping all over the stage,” said Dahle spokesman Tim Clark.  “A lesser candidate would have given himself whiplash from changing positions so quickly and completely.”

Bosetti began the evening complaining bitterly that his opponent would use the forum to highlight Bosetti’s bankruptcy and associated tax liens.  Then Bosetti announced his timber tax support and launched a defense of his multiple eminent domain votes which took private property away from land owners and handed it over to developers.

Bosetti also struggled to explain why he voted to block the local TEA Party from handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution at the Redding Library. The North State TEA Party Alliance has filed a lawsuit against the City for breach of First Amendment Rights, and the case is currently in the courts.

Front-runner Brian Dahle used his time to highlight his own successful history as a farmer, business owner and rural county leader who has fought for private property rights, more water storage, and reduced regulations and taxes on businesses and families.

Sep 142012

Quick Update –

The California Association of Realtors Pac has decided that 2012 is a year where they are going to make a major move to start attacking conservatives in favor of tax-raising moderates.

They donated $7800 to Rick Bossetti. – Bossetti is pretty conservative, but is regarded as the more moderate of the two candidates in the AD01 race. Brian Dahle is the favorite to win up there… this may be signaling that the Realtors are going to attack Brian Dahle.

They donated $7800 to Frank Bigelow in AD05 today – after dumping about $100k in to him in the spring.

The Dentists donated $7800 to Jim Nielsen in SD04 today – signaling that they are going to attack Dan Logue! (I saw the donation on a report but failed to save the link.)

I have been told by captiol insiders that the concern for the Realtors PAC is some issue over threatened real estate transfer taxes and that if they get Republicans who are more amenable to raising taxes that they can fight of the transfer tax in favor of taxing something somewhere else.

amazing, huh.

Team LaMalfa Update: Nevada CO GOP Endorses Brian Dahle / Rich Ullery Comes Unhinged

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Aug 232012

Politics is a full contact sport. Rich Ulery is the Current Chairman of the Nevada County GOP.

I used to know Rich Ulery professionally through one of his former employers. Rich Ulery has sold his soul to team LaMalfa and has become a tool.

Ulery does whatever his masters in team LaMalfa tell him to and several on the Nevada GOP Central Committee, while slow to recognize it at first, now understand fully who Rich Ulery is.

Start with the fact that the delegates appointed to the CRP 100% of the time have ceded their proxies to team Munger. (In the most recent convention, once again, Nevada County Proxies were in the hands of known, hardened liberal GOP activists)

Ulery was responsible for strong-arming an endorsement of Ted Gaines after telling me on the phone that he did not think the Cent Com should endorse anyone. This sort of lying is typical in politics, yet I give everyone one chance before branding them.

Acording to sources, Ulery was also responsible for intimidating people in to not endorsing Sam Aanestad for Congress over Doug LaMalfa resulting in the Nevada GOP not reaching the 2/3 threshold.

Last night, the Nevada GOP Cent Com held a meeting where they endorsed candidates in local races and also took up the issue of AD-01.

It is common knowledge that Team LaMalfa is supporting Rick Bossetti over Brian Dahle in AD-01.

Last night, the Nevada GOP voted 17-4 to endorse Brian Dahle.

Rich Ulery came unhinged. He bellowed that the Nevada GOP risked, “becoming like Placer”! I think Mr. Ulery forgot that the same Cent Com endorsed Ted Gaines… but, I digress.

Ulery had his coming out party last night as a Team LaMalfa moonbat.

So the ring of backstabbing has come full circle! Soon, Rich Ulery will soon join the ranks of Team LaMalfa’s exposed cadre’ of frauds.

Meantime – the Placer GOP held the first ever local elected endorsing convention that will be copied by several other committees. I’d lay odds that more committees than Nevada County “Want to be like Placer”.

Apr 292012

First off – the North State Farm and Business PAC is unloading $115,000 against CRA-endorsed Brian Dahle in AD-01. Instead of spending money to take target seats, they are attacking a Conservative in favor of an apparent Moderate in AD-01.

The North State Farm and Business PAC is controlled by – Curt Josiassen who is (drumroll) Doug LaMalfa’s cousin! (Cozy)

My sources have told me that seed the money for this IE came from LaMalfa / Jim Nielsen with the major part coming from the California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee and the Dental PAC. The driving force behind this is Stan Statham that many regard as a moderate in the Dick Dickerson mold.

The Realtors and the Dental PAC are the main fighting arms of the Cal Trailblazers. Cal Trailblazers was and is the brainchild of Kevin McCarthy modeled after the NRCC’s young guns program. It is an operation engineered to recruit Republican who will be loyal to leadership, no more, no less. Charles Munger’s money goes in there and the IE’s get funded.

I had wondered about the interesting insider activity – including renewed attacks against me personally and now I know. The standard Liberal Republican tactic of personal destruction is at play again they need to clear the battlefield.

In AD-05 – another safe Republican District, again – instead of trying to clip a Democrat, McCarthy and Munger are attempting to boost Frank Bigelow. Bigelow appears to be much more moderate than Rico Oller. Bigelow opposed the initiative that made fees a 2/3 vote, supported high-speed rail and apparently has made several statements in public about supporting open borders.

Have a look at the $200,000 that Kevin McCarthy, Charles Munger, et. al. are spending against CRA-Endorsed Rico Oller.

Let’s stop for a second and say that maybe there isn’t some sort of RINO conspiracy – logic would dictate the obvious question, Why is over $300k geting spent in safe Republican districts?

I do believe that the answer is that it is all about power and control which is why the Republican establishment would rather spend its’ meager resources defending indefensible incumbents and why the RINO’s want to take out Conservatives in safe districts. While Bigelow and Bossetti are not necessarily RINO’s – they were selected over Prototypical CRA Conservatives like Dahle and Oller.

I certainly appears that “They” are all re-arranging the deck chairs on the titanic while some king-maker somewhere is preparing himself to have a stable of electeds that all owe him political favors.

The bizarre insider activity is making much more sense now that I am seeing where the money is going. They are fighting for control of large parts of the Republican Party and similar to when they ran the drill against the Placer GOP Cent Com – they are at it again. Who cares about the California Republican Party, we just need “flexible” Republicans in office so we can cut the deals to keep the donors happy.

Bend over California.

P.S. IF you have forgotten who Charles Munger is – his money gave us Prop 14. He was also the money behind the attempt to decimate the California Republican Party platform.

Feb 122012

Best short speech: Kirk Uhler rocked the crowd with his short address.

Pam Tobin took suddenly ill and did not make the dinner. (Perhaps her liberal democrat activist consultant and campaign manager did not want to come to the dinner?)

Biggest Surprise: Robert Grigas is running against Jim Holmes in Sup District 3. Holmes left the GOP a few years ago because of our “divisive” stands against local tax measures. His Brother Mike ran against John Doolittle twice in the Primary. Grigas picked up support by virtue of being a Republican willing to file.

Best Long Speech: Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh connected with the crowd bringing some North State Values down to Placer County. His speech was so good in fact that it caused…

The Worst Speech: Ted Gains. Obviously rattled by the connection his opponent for State Senate made, Ted attempted to envoke Tim Tebow to gain traction. Ultimately, it was the failure to string thoughts together that doomed Ted’s presentation.

Hello Again: Sam Aanestad is taking on the biggest fraud in the North State – Doug LaMalfa. LaMalfa’s popularity will be tested by Aanestad. That congressional district has a choice now.

Welcome to the Race: Linda Park – was the only candidate who got interrupted by applause mid speech. This was her first major address as a candidate for AD-06. (Beth Gains was ill and did not attend the Lincoln Dinner.)

Welcome to the Race part 2: Mark Wright also came in a suit and tie and made an impression on the crowd.

Honorable Mention – Rick Bosetti. Running for AD-01 which includes 1/2 of Placer Sup D5 – Bossetti decided to visit the Placer County faithful to introduce himself. I think he made  a good first impression.

Red Meat Award: I want some of what Dan Logue had before coming to the Placer Lincoln Day dinner – he was on fire. Les Baugh was charming and warm, Dan was on a tear.

Wally Herger gave his first and last address to Placer County as a Congressman. He was charming and gracious – Assemblyman Dan Logue presented Wally with an Assembly Resolution when he introduced him.

Notable Absences: Pam Tobin D-Granite Bay, Beth Gains R-Roseville/Rocklin, Doug LaMalfa R-Subsidy