Jul 282016

ElemtsI have to guess that Doug Elmets at 58 years of age is suffering a late mid-life crisis. Sometimes, you see aging men do really bizarre things when they feel like they are losing relevance.

Doug Elmets has always been a go-to person for the local leftist media to get negative comments about Republicans from. For strange reasons, many in the local political establishment think he is relevant only making his ego get even worse than it was when I met him 10 years ago.

Elmets, (who worked for Ronald Reagan, he’ll tell you unsolicited, btw) must have thought he had the horsepower to make himself in to someone really important by betraying dozens of friends and associates within the GOP. If you listened to the fawning coverage from 1530 KFBK and other leftist local media outlets, you could see the short-term gain for Elmets (for himself) by what he did.

Now that Elmets has actually gone to the DNC and endorsed Hillary Clinton, I just want to say that Richard Rocucci and Tracy Mendonsa just got screwed. They are now tied to a union-backed movement (which is a problem itself, but not so much as people love Cops and Firefighters), that is led by a self-serving Republican of Convenience Doug Elmets.

Politico also says that Doug Elmets will rip the RNC platform, too. This is confirmation that Doug Elmets is also a fraud. Elmets is one of those Republicans that would rather see democrats elected than accept things like the sanctity of life, gun rights or anything resembling legal immigration policy – choosing instead to go for the easy attention grabbing.

I have always believed Elmets to be a democrat and now that his disdain for Conservative Republicans has gone national, what does that mean in Roseville?

Elmets is the Campaign Manager / Consultant for Roseville First 2016, a public-employee union backed effort to influence Roseville City Council elections. Because of his selfish, self-serving move to bring attention to himself, he has now smeared Roseville First 2016 with all of his anti-conservative vitreol because he personally was made to feel irrelevant when the little people of the GOP rose up and nominated Donald Trump.

Do not minimize Elmets attack of the RNC Platform – as created by those same little people that nominated Donald Trump – Elmets has always had a visceral disdain for Conservatives.

Now Richard Rocucci who re-registered Republican in order to try to hide how liberal he is, has been outed by Doug Elmets.

Conservative Republican Tracy Mendonsa may well have been tossed under a Roseville Ladder Truck as people will think he is a Clinton Supporting, Conservative-Hating liberal like Elmets.

It is the natural response to such a public action. I can guarantee you that Elmets did not think about the Police, Firefighters, Rocucci or Mendonsa before he did this.

Mancini and Peppin deserved better than this. Their Unions just got marginalized by a man they have overpaid to advise them. I have spoken to both Mancini and Peppin at Tracy Mendonsa’s campaign kickoff, they are both good dudes who appear to be pretty well adjusted. There is no way they had any input in Doug Elmets’ decision.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that Mr. Elmets pulled this stunt because at Age 58, he still feels that he needs more money and may well believe that he has not gotten as famous as his ego tells him he should be. It would not surprise me that if America decides to commit suicide and elects Hillary Clinton that Mr. Elmets is front in line for a cushy 500k a year job helping cover up Hillary Clinton’s corruption. (that is a basic requirement to work in the Clinton camp)

Ask yourself if it is that far fetched? Doug Elmets like a few others I have met from the GOP political establishment hates conservatives. He hates grassroots, I’ve seen it firsthand. So why not make a final play for the job in the system you’ve always wanted? Elmets will be 66 in 8 years, probably too old for another shot at that, so it makes sense to me.

In the meantime? RosevilleFirst? You guys just got screwed, Doug Elmets style – ego first, clients last.