RNC Appoints Moderate Attack Dog as California Grassroots Chair?

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Jul 252013

The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that Clinton Soffer will become its first California state director. Credit San Luis Obispo Newspaper.

Who is Clinton Soffer? He was an outspoken supporter of the Jim Nielsen-Abram Wilson – Charles Munger Financed – effort to annhiliate the California Republican Party Platform.

He signed every letter and email in support of the so-called 21st Century Platform.

Clinton Soffer appears to be heavily connected to the Kevin McCarthy squish machine in California. He was a past President of the CR’s – a young Republican group with a socially liberal bent they control.

Soffer also worked for Moderate Turncoat Nathan Fletcher when Fletcher infested the Assembly. Fletcher left the GOP and became an independent when he thought it could help him gain an advantage over fellow Liberal Republican Carl DiMaio in the 2012 San Diego Mayor’s race. (Embattled current San Diego Mayor Bob Filner won that election)

Soffer is only 23.

While we could care less how young he is, the problem for Mr. Soffer is experience dealing with a state as enormous and diverse as California.

The second issue we have with the RNC’s choice is why they chose someone with a history of aggressively fighting against the Conservative base of the California GOP.

We have to conclude that Kevin McCarthy and likely Charles Munger had something to do with this choice by the RNC. The RNC has long preferred Moderate Republicans to their more Conservative Counterparts. Soffer fits that mold.

Soffer has also served McCarthy and Munger well in his short tenure of “service” to the GOP.

Count us as skeptical about Mr. Soffer’s ability to unite and organize – especially once the Conservative base finds out about his pedigree.

Feb 222010

I am not suprised by this, but still upset.

I called in to the Eric Hogue show today when he was talking about the impact of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association.

I thank Jon Coupal for coming on the air and confirming that no money changed hands before the endorsement. The inference I am seeing around the blogospehere is that I am not the only one that had the Whitman-Bought-It-Endorsement.

Check out the comments on the FlashReport.

My issue – Jarvis is endorsing Arnold all over again. They are judging Meg Whitman on her intentions and Steve Poizner on past actions. BTW – when Steve Poizner ran as a liberal Republican in 2004… Whitman was a DTS voter who skipped that primary, and endorsed Barbara Boxer in writing in that General election! (Whitman also skipped the 2003 recall election as well.

Steve Poizner was first out of the gate with a plan to cut spending and cut taxes. Not Whitman.

Whitman finally agreed to two debates – but only after the HJTA endorsement was made public. However, she continues to script public appearances.

I will support Whitman if she is the nominee – but it looks like starvation rations for Conservatives again.

We’ve been down the Arnold road before and it looks as if the HJTA is leading us there again…

Jan 142010

Sam Aanestad for Lt. Governor

Damon Dunn for Secretary of State

Ted Gaines for Assembly

Dan Logue for Assembly

Tom McClintock for Congress

The vote was 21-2 with only a procedural objection from one member and Roger Niello through his Ex-Officio objecting to Central Committees endorsing period.

Recently, the Yolo County Republican Central Committee suspended its’ by-laws to Endorse Assemblyman Jim Nielsen for re-election. Recently, the Yuba County Republican Central Committee ammended their by-laws and then endorsed Sam Aanestad for Lt. Governor as well.

The Press Releases will be going out today!

In a side note – the Placer County Republican Central Committee meeting was heavily attended by members of the local Tea Party Movement.

Jan 122010

The Proposition 8 trial is almost Orwellian. Take a look at this except of comments from Andy Pugno, Chief Counsel for Yes on 8:

Several times Judge Walker interrupted the plaintiffs to question whether the state should be “in the marriage business” at all, asking if the plaintiffs would be happy with eliminating marriage altogether-and allowing only domestic partnerships for both man/woman and same-sex couples. Amazingly the plaintiffs testified that would be acceptable to them.  They actually said: if same-sex couples can’t have marriage, then no one should. Obviously, the elimination of marriage for everybody is certainly not what the people of California , or the nation, have in mind as an appropriate solution to this debate.

Both from the opening arguments delivered by plaintiffs’ attorney Ted Olson, and the witness testimony, it is clear that our opponents are trying to re-characterize Prop 8-which simply restored the age-old meaning of marriage-as part of a agenda of hate and discrimination against gays and lesbians.  One attorney said as much, claiming that Prop 8 promotes hate crimes against gays and lesbians, depression, homelessness, etc. These claims are preposterous, and we hope that they will be seen as such as the trial progresses.

As I blogged previously, the agenda comes out quickly.

Rick Keene is pushing out ahead, making several appearances to grass-roots clubs and countering the Team Ose endorsement list. Recent campaign emails detail appearances in Tehama and Shasta Counties.

Lastly, a Paper in Fresno reports that both Devin Nunes and Tom McClintock will be endorsing Richard Pombo.

Guess what? Now Kevin McCarthy has flipped on Jeff Denham and has endorsed Richard Pombo

It would not surprise me to see Tom McClintock endorse Pombo. The Devin Nunes endorsement is a complete slap in Denham’s face, coupled with the flip of McCarthy and shows that Devin knows that Pombo will be the true ally to getting the water back on to the Central Valley.

Note that alleged Blue Dogs, Jim Costa and Dennis Cardoza have voted with Pelosi 97% of the time – including joining George Miller in favoring the Bay Area over the farmers of the Central Valley.

Judgement Day is coming – Dennis Cardoza had better be nervous.

Update: Dan Logue’s AB-32 Repeal Bill died a partisan death – paving the way for the California Jobs Initiative to continue rolling forward with signature gathering…

California Republican Party: Defecit Spending to Victory 2010?

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Jan 042010

That’s right. The Party of Fiscal Responsibility and smaller Government is going in to debt for (the California Republican Party) Victory 2010.

Actually, it never got out of debt after following Arnold Schwarzenegger off a cliff in 2006 to throw the down ticket races under the bus in favor of convincing Californians to vote to put themselves deeper in debt… (remember Arnold’s bonds?)

On December 28th an email was sent with a plan called “Victory 2010”. This is the Bi-Annual CRP (California Republican Party) plan that attempts to retake California for the GOP – it is a financial framework and is supposed to be a collaborative of political operations in California.

You’d think that a document this important would have been prepared weeks before the CRP Board of Directors was supposed to review and vote on it. The CRP Board of Directors is a small group of representatives elected by the delegates to the CRP conventions.

When the conference call occurred on December 29th – several key leaders were absent from the call due to the short notice and the issues having families during the holiday season brings… yet a vote occurred to ratify the plan anyway. Several of the most recognizable names in the CRP were not on the conference call.

The CRP is still over $400K in debt, before “Victory 2010” takes effect.

The details of the plan are as of yet unknown except that it is supposed to be funded through the “One Ask Program” – the deal where major donors are contacted once by a pre-designated person. That never got us out of the debt left over from Arnold, btw…

There is a rumor that  an executive director  for “Victory” has been hired – but no one seems to know who. Is that person a Californian?

… and most significantly, none of the campaigns of the potential nominees appear to have been involved in the creation of Victory 2010.

Could this be the GOP attempting to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?