Nov 292022

Wait Wait Wait, I will make a glorious comeback.

Smoked as we call it in Baseball.

According to Placer County, there are 13,900 ballots left COUNTYWIDE.

Let’s say for fantasy’s sake that all 13,000 are here. Shanti leads by 3898. Scott Alvord needs to win those by 28%. That is a 64-36 Margin Scott needs.

The problem however is this… Of the 23,407 ballots dropped today, only 3470 had a vote for Placer SUP D2. (15%)

So, let’s assume then that 25% (as opposed to 20% which is what a sup district is) of the remaining 13,900 have a vote for SUP D2. That’s 3,475. Again, Shanti leads by 3898. Unless you are a government actuary this means you are toast.

Nov 232022

Today’s Update featured about 12,400 Ballots being counted by Placer County, bringing the total to 145,657 Votes. There are now about 49,500-50,000 ballots left.

Of the update, 2,757 votes were added in SUP D2. Shanti Landon gained 675 Votes. This is a 62.24% – 37.76% win for Landon on this batch.

If there are 9,000 ballots left in Sup D2, Scott Alvord needs a 38.86% Margin of Victory in order to pull even. Basically 69.43% of those ballots. If there are 12,000 ballots left in Placer SUP D2, Alvord needs a 29.15% margin of victory or 64.58% of those ballots to pull even. That would require a Miracle never before seen in Placer County Politics to happen.

Given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving, in the spirit of the Holiday will Alvord call Landon and concede?


Nov 222022

Placer County Reported 82,000 outstanding ballots on Monday. Today’s update was 56,412 of those ballots. The Placer County 2nd District Supervisor will be Shanti Landon.

UPDATE: We are now being told that there are 62,000 ballots left in Placer County. Based on this, Alvord would need to win 58-64% of the outstanding ballots in Sup D2, aka a 16-28 point win over Shanti to overtake her. (The range is because we do not know how many of the 62K are in Sup D2) The odds of that are extreme.

Jun 092022

In the Wake of the extremely strong showing by Shanti Landon on election night, several local political leaders are stepping up and sending a clear message of unity.

This is the election night final.

There is a slim chance Paul Joiner overtakes Scott Alvord on the final count, yet at the same time, Shanti Landon has less ground to catch 50%+1 than Paul Joiner has to catch Scott Alvord. Let that sink in for anyone thinking Paul could overtake Scott. Should Shanti make it to 50.01%, the race is over without a runoff.

The Placer County Republican Party – previously Neutral has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Congressman-Elect Kevin Kiley – previously Joiner has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Assemblyman-Elect Joe Patterson – previously Neutral has now endorsed Shanti Landon.

Former Congressman John Doolittle (Neutral) and Sitting State Senator Jim Nielsen (Joiner) have also joined Team Landon.

I am expecting more powerful local leaders to begin to fill out Shanti Landon’s team.

Meantime, Scott Alvord boasts the support of Bill Lauritsen who physically assaulted Matthew Oliver and got stripped of his titles, committees, funding and got censured.

Your intrepid blogger with one of Shanti’s Children, and the soon to be supervisor.

P.S. as an exclusive to Right on Daily, we have been leaked a secret video of Scott Alvord’s Campaign Theme Song.