Jun 192022

Captured forever by your intrepid blogger.

Someone came forward this weekend with info from 6-13-2022. The source is known to your intrepid blogger but is concealed because of very real fears of retaliation. 

Hello, I’ve been reading your past couple of blog posts about the sheriff’s race and Bean’s stubbornness when it comes to a concession. While Bean has been refusing to concede, he has been out partying in his brother’s honor, let me explain. I was at the golf tournament for Bean’s brother who was sadly killed in the line of duty. (syntax deleted to protect source) and the purpose of it is to honor Bill Bean and raise money for his foundation. This year’s annual tournament occurred last Monday 6/13 and boy was it a show. Brandon Bean came screeching up to the tee box nearly crashing his golf cart. After exiting, it was obvious he was pretty intoxicated as he was stumbling and slurring his words. He was definitely too intoxicate(d) to be driving a golf cart, as he was putting others safety at risk. He then began to walk up to one of the sponsors of that hole, grabbed a bottle of liquor, and chugged it. Throughout this whole fiasco he had somehow lost his shoes. After chugging the liquor, and while shouting expletives, he hopped the fence and began to walk barefoot on the side of New Airport Rd. It was definitely an experience witnessing this. All I was thinking while watching this go down was that just a week prior this man was vying to be the sheriff. Regardless of the fact that the day was meant to honor Bill Bean, a candidate, or anybody for that matter, should never act like that in public. I found the behavior to be inappropriate and downright offensive given the circumstances.

In the end, I figured I’d write to you just to explain the continual “professionalism” that has come from the Bean Campaign. If you happen to write a blog, I’d just request that my name and email remain anonymous. The Bean mob is extremely loud and will harass non-supporters and I would like to avoid that harassment moving forward.

It certainly makes these incredible words from the court filing in the harassment lawsuit against Brandon Bean appear to be even more credible.

Great Job Sheriff’s Union.

Current as of 6-17-2022. Placer dodged a bullet, big time.

Jun 082022

The inaugural meeting of the Scott Alvord Fan Club

The Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s union now has a major problem. They went on tilt trying to stop Sheriff-Elect Wayne Woo. Some psycho nutbag (what I think of him) rehashed some 20+ year old allegations against Woo that were dispensed with due to their absurdity and the union crew even got project veritas to do some sort of sting. The Veritas people followed Woo for two months and their primary source was union goon Brandon Bean’s campaign manager. The following is an example of the anonymous coward commenters on the blog:

When are you going to come clean about the pedophile within the PCSO?


Only a government employee would use the acronym PSCO. The video is a link to the lie infested rampage by Brandon Bean’s campaign manager.

Obviously, Project Veritas missed some good evidence in their poorly vetted and researched video. I lay all of this corruption and slimy tactics at the feet of the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Union and the bay area consultants they hired.

Obviously, the voters saw through the whole union charade. Bean was also quoted as saying he wanted to burn down the board of supervisors – consistent with his rape comments from the STILL ACTIVE LAWSUIT above. (Take notes union goons, Bean’s issue is active, your fake issue against Woo was from 20+ years ago)

The Union now has a Sheriff that is going to be hostile to them and to think when Wayne Woo was first running, it was said that he was TOO CLOSE TO THE UNION! I guess that has been cured.

Speaking of hostile local electeds, the Union now has a Supervisor that will be as well. Shanti Landon is going to draw Scott Alvord as an opponent. Alvord is going to wish he had never attempted to run for office by the time the campaign is over in November. The Union is now in a jam as well because Alvord is a kool-aid drinking Brandon supporter. (Both Brandons, actually)

Does the union try to help the defund the police and $6 a gallon gas candidate, Scott Alvord?

The Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Union got their asses handed to them tonight. They went on tilt and refused to be adults in their last contract negotiation and thought they could impose their will on Placer County. They just got put in their places by the voters. Will they learn a thing from what happened or will they continue to listen to the outside thug consultants they hired?

The Sheriff’s race is done. Shanti Landon does have to go to a runoff, but most of Paul Joiner’s support will migrate to Shanti.

May 292022

The New Logo for the Placer Good Government PAC Made in Honor of Placer County Counsel

I have written about Placer County Counsel before. I think she is an idiot and when you are done reading this post, you will also.

When I founded the Placer Good Government PAC and www.placerelections.com – Placer County Counsel went berserk because we used an altered logo for the County of Placer that she thought looked too much like the original. So she sent one of her junior assistants to send me a legal demand letter threatening all sorts of heinous stuff unless I bowed to her eminence. So, the logo was changed to the above.

The same moron is still Placer County Counsel today.

Recently, Placer CEO Todd Leopold was in an accident that involved a fatality. Black Lives Matter has been all over this alleging some sort of cover up. I used one of the local leftist TV stations because the communist rag printed in the basement of the Russian consulate has a paywall.

Placer County Executive Todd Leopold has been placed on paid administrative leave effective immediately, the Board of Supervisors confirmed to KCRA 3 on Friday.

The decision comes over a week after Leopold came forward as the driver who hit and killed Inderkum High School basketball player Anthony Williams in March. It’s unclear if he was placed on administrative leave due to the deadly crash.

The Rocklin Police Department said Leopold was not at fault and that he would not be charged.

The crash happened on March 19 on Lonetree Boulevard and Adams Drive. The Natomas Unified School District identified Williams as a student and basketball player at the school. Police said Williams was walking on the road when he was hit and killed that night. Police at the time of the crash said the driver was cooperating with the investigation.

I have been aware of this issue for about a month and did not write about it because the local electeds I spoke to asked me not to.

What happened is that Anthony Williams appears to have committed suicide by car. Leopold was driving home from the Gym. The kid was in the middle of the street, another car was stopped, Leopold moved to go around that car and saw Williams too late to react. Leopold, who is a Christian Man has been devastated by the incident.

Enter the idiot.

She advised everyone not to talk about the situation and keep it quiet. What a complete fool.

I was first alerted to this because the Rocklin PD was investigating a fatality accident but was not releasing the names of the subjects involved. I found the Black Lives Matter conspiracy theories and began to piece together what was happening.

Thanks to Placer County Counsel, Leopold has been living with this nightmare with no outlet. If BLM and their butt-monkeys in the Sacramento Pravda want a boogie man – it should be Placer County Counsel.

As it is, the Sacramento Pravda are smearing Leopold and gleefully railing Placer County because it feeds their seething rage towards the conservative government of Placer County. The Pravda is publishing Leopold’s past driving maladies to create a false narrative surrounding the accident. This kind of slime fits right in with the thinly researched, slothful reporting that Hannah Holzer, Marcos Breton and others represent.

I understand more details about the accident and about the young man that was killed. It is my belief that the Sacramento Pravda is refusing to print those, similar to the national media when they try to create race wars. The kid had quite a history and that was indeed a factor. Look at the report from the Rocklin PD when it is available, the situation is tragic all the way around.

What should the idiot Placer County Counsel have done instead? Every experienced crisis manager has a 72 hour rule. Wait 72 hours and release a statement then turn it over to law enforcement.

While the Placer DA’s office has the file and is reviewing it, it is unlikely that Leopold will get prosecuted. But, because the idiot Placer County Counsel told everyone to shut up about the incident, people like BLM and the Sacramento Pravda get to scream “cover up” and Mr. Leopold’s agony is magnified.

I’d tell the Placer Board of Supervisors to fire Placer County Counsel, but there appears to be a disease across all levels of Placer County Government. Few if any can stomach crossing swords with staff.

Mar 242022

The Placer County Sheriff’s Union (Aka Placer DSA) is on a rampage. Ever since they attempted a dishonest smear campaign to raid the treasury of Placer County (remember the Defund the Police attacks?), they have been on a rampage jihad against anyone in Government. They are looking for patsies that will give them everything they demand without regard for negotiation.

They have endorsed Paul Joiner and have attacked Shanti Landon in Placer SUP D2. The only reason they did not endorse Scott All-Fraud Alvord is that Alvord is so far left he may well be a defund the police type of guy. Why Joiner aligned himself with this crew under the current circumstances is beyond me. All Mr. Joiner has done is alienate a large group of people with whom he has worked for years and chose a group blinded by rage to align himself with.

How low will the Placer DSA Go to win an argument?

The Placer County Sheriff’s Union has endorsed Sgt. Brandon Bean for Sheriff. He has said publicly that he wants to burn down the Placer County Board of Supervisors. It is clear that Bean has a mouth and his reputation is one of being a bully in the department. Bean is also a correctional deputy and does not work patrol. In past work with Sheriff’s Unions, I know that Correctional Deputies are not regarded well among the rank and file on the streets.

It is clear that the Placer DSA needed to go pretty deep in to their list of patsies to find someone willing to oppose Sitting undersheriff Wayne Woo. The amazing irony is that Woo is reputed to have been too close to the union. I guess Woo would not cut himself and do the secret handshake to appease the crazed leadership of the Placer DSA.

This leads your intrepid blogger to a lawsuit we obtained regarding a former Correctional Deputy. Sgt. Brandon Bean is the focus of the lawsuit.

It appears that the anointed union goon is a piece of work. Bean was accused of messing with the deputy who was placed on light duty for a serious shoulder injury.

It gets way worse. Bean’s boorish and disturbing behavior is on display for all to see.

“I am going to rape you not for the sex but for the power”… Brandon Bean, candidate for Placer County Sheriff.

I was told the Roseville Police Officer’s Union endorsed this loser recently. I hope they are proud of their choice.

You’d think that a group of law enforcement officers, among whose ranks are detectives and investigators, would do a better job of vetting candidates. But, in this case it is all about revenge over a failed contract negotiation.

Your intrepid blogger can’t wait to find out more about this loser Brandon Bean as all in law enforcement supporting this guy need to be humiliated.

Feb 182022

For more than six months, commissioners have talked about FCC Environmental, saying the company is failing to pick up garbage on time from too many households they’re contractually obligated to serve.

There’s been no resolution, and patience has worn thin.

“We can talk all day, but that’s not going to fix the problem,” Polk County Commissioner Rick Wilson said at Tuesday’s meeting. “If we’ve gotta spend more money to take care of this, that’s what we need to do. I’m tired of hearing that nothing is being done.”

So the staff of the Western Placer Waste Management Agency rammed down a contract for the ethically challenged FCC Environmental. FCC was found guilty of corruption in Spain, has had multiple fatalities at facilities and multiple fines for failing to control odors at facilities. They were even debarred by the International Monetary Fund for 2 years due to their issues.

Polk County Florida should be a wake up call. However, it has been the experience that government bureaucrats rarely reverse bad decisions. That is especially true in the WPWMA as it appears there was more than it appeared on the surface.

The commission did more than talk Tuesday — they took action that’s typically reserved for hurricanes and other natural disasters. They declared the matter a “local state of emergency.”

County Attorney Randy Mink said all of the garbage left by the roadside in neighborhoods for days and weeks beyond the scheduled pick-up day has risen to the point where it endangers the public health, safety, and welfare of Polk residents.

With the designation, County Manager Bill Beasley can move toward a solution without needing to renegotiate the contract with the company, avoiding a potentially prolonged process. He can also do whatever he needs to do immediately, without board approval.

It appears that Polk County fears being sued by FCC if they terminate the bad contract early so they declared a state of emergency over the abject failures of FCC to try to get some control over the situation.

Here are some options that have been discussed:

• Strip FCC Environmental of some of its duties, such as recycling, yard waste, or bulk pick-up, so it can concentrate exclusively on household waste.

“Household garbage has to be the only priority for a while,” Commissioner Bill Braswell said Tuesday. “I don’t give a damn about anything except household waste. That’s what people are mad about. Just let them go pick up household waste and get back on schedule. Make the complaints go away.”

• Bring in another company to help cover FCC’s routes.

FCC clearly can not handle the contract it got in Polk County Florida and the article I am citing is from 2-16-2022!

The county sent a news release Tuesday afternoon that provided a general overview of what a “local state of emergency” declaration allows the manager to do. It includes:

• Utilize all available resources of the county government as reasonably necessary to cope with the emergency.

• Acquire merchandise, equipment, vehicles, or property needed to alleviate the emergency.

County leaders have said they have no intention to fire FCC, which is under contract through 2024. That action would likely result in litigation.

So Polk county is going to have to spend a ton of money buying vehicles to do FCC’s job for them!

Here is the clincher – while people complain about labor shortages, FCC went and got another contract in a neighboring county!

But if the problem for FCC is related to a shortage of staff or trucks, Combee wonders how the company was able to bid for a contract in Polk’s larger neighbor, Hillsborough County.

“Things have gone to hell in a hurry since that contract with Hillsborough County was signed,” he said. “It’s gone from bad to worse.”

In an email to Beasley on Wednesday morning, Combee said, “We know that equipment is available for purchase and qualified people can be hired by looking at the new contract FCC started in Hillsborough County 16 days ago. Inability to get trucks and drivers is a bad excuse.”

Meanwhile, many residents of unincorporated Polk County are eager to see their trash picked up on schedule.

Amy Whann, who lives in unincorporated Lakeland, told the commission Tuesday that her trash had not been picked up in more than a week. She pays $206 a year for a service she can’t rely on.

I am still wondering what went on behind closed doors between FCC and the staff of the WPWMA.