Apr 022022

Is this the start of another Amazon best-seller?

This was sent to me from the South Placer Republican Women meeting today. This is the BIO of one Paul Joiner as put forth at the meeting.

From Mr. Joiner’s website:

He holds an undergrad degree in Business Administration from National University and took his graduate studies in Fine Arts at the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco.

I took a lot of chemistry in college, that does not mean I graduated with a degree in chemistry!

So, whodunnit? Who made up the BIO about having a master’s degree?

Your intrepid blogger is on the case…

P.S. Get your copy of the runaway best seller from Amazon? (I know Amber Beckler got hers, autographed, too…)

Feb 222022

Former Lincoln Councilmember Spencer “Spender” Short.

Many moons ago before your intrepid blogger met #muhhotwife, I lived in Lincoln for a brief period. I delivered pizzas out of the Lincoln Round Table.

What struck me about Lincoln is that it looked like the development was piecemeal. At the time, CA65 was still aligned on the main street in Lincoln. That part was frozen in time when US-99E went up to Washington Blvd in Roseville to Industrial Blvd and into Lincoln.

The south part of Lincoln Crossing was just being started to build. Lincoln got hammered worse than other towns by the 2007-2009 real estate bubble. Based on the dysfunction I saw in 2006 before I got married, it is safe to say that Lincoln, CA didn’t plan to fail, they failed to plan.

All throughout the late 2000s and into the mid-2010s Lincoln was rumored to be headed to municipal bankruptcy. For many years, Spender Short, the Late Tom Cosgrove, and Paul Joiner formed the ruling majority in Lincoln. This is going to be a story we are going to talk about as it relates to the Placer County Sup D2 race.

Spender Short was someone, similar to Gary Miller, Rene Aggielairuh, Camille Maben, David Larson, and others that I proudly have hanging on my wall of scalps. He epitomized the word RINO – but it appears that Paul Joiner who called himself the most conservative elected in Placer County voted along with him in spades.

The following are images of Lincoln that are burned into my conscience. Fire Station 3 sat idle for years and a $1.4 Million Ladder truck sat inside it. This happened on Paul Joiner’s watch.

Dial 911 they said – but who the hell was going to respond?

Fasten your seat belts… the maladies of the City of Lincoln should be thoroughly vetted as we march down to election day.

Feb 072022

As stated previously, the Placer County Sheriff’s Union has made itself the key issue of the Placer County District 2 Supervisor Race. It is really sad, I love law enforcement and I am 100% behind their 3% at 50 pension system because of the short life expectancy of law enforcement.

Kirk Uhler shot a video that dismantled their arguments related to everything they are demanding.

The video shows clearly raises of 11% or more. In addition, despite flat revenues and inflation, it also shows 4-5% year-over-year growth in the last 5 years.

2009 – Budget 79 Million / 465 Employees

2020 – Budget 154 Million / 567 Employees

He also shows that their pay and benefits outstripped the CPI by 30.3% from 1999-to 2021. He also showed other classes of employees with a 33% gap.

Kirk also points out that He, Robert Weygant, and Jim Holmes voted for every single increase in the budget.

On top of every other number – the cost of salaries and benefits went from 27M to $103M from 1999-to 2021. This is an average annual increase of 7.2%.

Note that when the Placer Sheriff’s Union was claiming a defund the police effort – their pay still went up 5.1 to 5.5% depending on classification.

The fight occurred when the board of supervisors said they could not afford a 7.2% year-over-year increase.

At the end of the day, the union went berserk over a request for them to take on an additional 2% of their pension costs.

This is the problem Paul Joiner has – he has taken the side of the union and is claiming Measure F is some sort of moral issue. (More on Measure F later) Literally, Joiner has abdicated his mantle as a fiscal conservative.

Literally, a 2% contribution to their pension set off the entire fight. 

Feb 042022

Blogger’s note: The below is a post from August 2020 and is re-posted in its’ entirety. While Paul Joiner had nothing to do with this behavior – he has aligned himself with it. 

Only in the mind of the Sheriff’s Union is cutting a future increase “defunding the police.” The Placer DSA does not care that business owners are bankrupt and people are unemployed (causing revenues to plummet) due to COVID and the stupidity of California. They are angry because they are going to have to forego some raises.

You’d also think given the public assault on law enforcement that police union operatives would be more careful. I guess not:

I am unsure of Garret Byers rank – but he should be brought up on a PERS for a hyperbolic lie that is beneath his uniform. In a county that supports law enforcement, he is abusing that support in a disingenuous attempt to help the union gain leverage in a contract negotiation. It appears that Byers is not alone as other union members have been pushing the same lie. The Placer DSA has been running a full-on media assault and it has deceived several people as to the real issue. No cuts in staff no cuts in service – just a cut to future pay raises.

The bottom line is that the Placer DSA has been getting more and more left-leaning in the last decade as they become almost myopically focused on their compensation package.

This is from Supervisor Weygant. Shanti is his district director.

Launching a screed like this will certainly NOT help them get the contract they want and looks more like stepping on a rake. Dear Placer DSA, stop lying and stop being stupid. Don’t abuse a pro-law enforcement county like this.

Here’s the irony – I am very public in my support for strong pay and benefits for Law Enforcement including a 3% at 50 pensions. I know the board of supes are too. If they are having to throttle back, there is a very good reason. Running a social media drill with an outright lie is counterproductive. See Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler:

Now – the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s are threatening my wife. Why? Because I stood up to several of them on social media and called them out on their lie. My wife used to work for 103.9 the FISH in Sacramento before moving to Reno with me. You will see that this bully did not do her homework:

Placer County DSA to citizens: ‘You can have an opinion, just keep it to yourself”

Then the bully doubles down – telling my wife that she called the radio station to try and get her fired: (Note that Mrs. Park is plenty capable of defending herself)

Note that the coward shut off her messenger when the conversation was not going the way she wanted.

Great Job Placer County Sheriff’s Union! You just pissed away all of your goodwill by both lying and then doubling down on the lie with bully tactics.

The bottom line: Placer County’s Budget has been shredded by COVID 19, loss of property tax, loss of sales tax, foreclosures, business failures, people being laid off, businesses being throttled by Gavin Newsom and the DSA decides to launch a deceptive attack because they think they should be exempt from budget cuts.

What are the cuts you ask? Not jobs. Not services. Nope. Just cuts to future scheduled increases in pay and benefits. Only in the minds of a union (or other government workers) is a cut to a future increase defunding.

Terrible optics. The DSA Lied. The union reps that I jousted with online don’t care about all the people that lost jobs/businesses. Then, because I stood up to their social media blitz they sent a bully to try and intimidate my wife. What a bunch of fools, they are going to end up with nothing and a PR nightmare.

Update: The President of the union reached out to me and then backed out of having a chat. He did indicate that they called the woman that went after my wife and denied that they had anything to do with what she did. Given the near-hysterical nature of the claims they are making on social media, it is easy to see how people would be motivated to resort to these tactics. These are the times we live in now.

Feb 222014

This picture will have to be updated.

It appears that Robert Weygant is not going to run for re-election to the Placer County  Board of Supervisors.

Today – Democrat Reginald Bronner – who ran for AD06 and failed to make the runoff in  2012 pulled papers along with liberal Republican Spencer Short.

Spencer Short is a Lincoln City Councilmember who was part of the fiscal train-wreck that  nearly bankrupt the city. Short is also socially liberal as during the four years I served  with him on the Placer GOP, he never took a stand on a social issue, ever. He also  studiously avoided endorsement votes – except when it was taking a stand against the  conservatives led by the Placer CRA.

Sources indicated that Short once again was disparaging the Placer GOP Central Committee and used his dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the Placer GOP Cent Com as part of the reason he is taking papers. The Cent Com’s current leadership consist of Socially Liberal Republicans Mike Holmes and Dennis Revell.

Perhaps Spencer Short should reconsider whether he is a republican since he is criticizing the current leadership saying that the current recruiting process by the Placer GOP will net some “Poor Choices”.

The chair of the candidate recruitment committee is Bonnie McAdams, a Placer Tea Party member who is aligned with the moderate leadership of the Placer GOP. (She recently voted against the President of the Placer CRA for a vacancy on the Cent Com as did Spencer Short)

Regular readers of this blog will remember Spencer Short’s arrogant letter resigning from the Central Committee in the last term.

Short will almost certainly draw Paul Joiner as his primary opponent and here’s to Joiner wiping up the floor with him.