May 162022

Newspapers all across America have abandoned all pretense of objectivity. I have long known that the Nevada County Union Newspaper is a joke. When Greg Diaz, the registrar in Nevada County was allegedly screwing with Tom McClintock’s first election in 2008, they were defending Diaz. Diaz has picked a successor and as you’d expect she is a communist and appears to be a complete partisan socialist.

It also appears that Natalie Adona is being funded by George Soros. Soros only funds corrupt extreme left-wing ideologues.

There is a website with the proof for everything in this mailer against Adona. However, the journalistic prostitutes at the Nevada County Union Newsrag are deleting comments critical of Adona off of their website. They are also alleged to have censored a co-worker of Adona’s with firsthand knowledge of her corruption and psychotic personal behavior.

The second side of the mailer features a deleted tweet from Adona. This shows that she will be an extreme partisan leftist if elected. Perhaps this is also why the Nevada Union has whored out journalism to protect her?

On the linked website you can see the comments the Nevada Union deleted, you can see Adona raging on people over Masks and a bunch of other neat stuff.

Thank God someone had enough money to whizz on Soros’ attempt to buy a County Clerk.