Nov 082010

With Ted Gaines blowing out Roger Niello in the SD-01 Primary, it will touch off a chain-reaction.

Ken Cooley the Democrat is a huge underdog in the district which is tilted 18 points in the GOP’s favor.

This means barring something utterly amazing – Gaines wins. This vacates the AD04 seat which will touch off a feeding frenzy. Here are the prospective suitors:

1. John Allard – has been preparing to run for Assembly for a couple years. He is a City Council Member in Roseville, the largest city in the district. Allard would likely be supported by Tom McClintock, Dan Logue and a host of local electeds. Allard is termed out of Roseville City Council in 2012.

2. Scott Yuill – recently re-elected in Rocklin to City Council. He has been heavily recruited by Doug LaMalfa who needs friends after the win by Ted Gaines – given that LaMalfa’s staff have been on a revenge mission against anyone that supported LaMalfa’s primary opponent, the need for a friend is acute. Biggest question is why would Yuill run after recently getting re-elected just days ago?

Yuill and Allard would be the front-runners – Yuill would be regarded as the more moderate of the two.

3. El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting. Nutting represents only about 15,000 people. He is a conservative with a reputation for being an aggressive campaigner.

4. El Dorado County Supervisor Ron Briggs. Briggs and Nutting hate each other and the El Dorado County Sheriff’s race – won by Nutting’s candidate was a small county knock down drag out for the ages. Briggs will run if Nutting runs, specifically to deny him ElDorado County’s base, and setting up a re-match of the Sheriff’s race by proxy.

5. Auburn City Councilmember Mike Holmes. He would easily be the most moderate candidate in the field – recently supporting the Auburn Unified School District Parcel Tax Measure that failed.

6. Auburn City Councilmember Kevin Hanley – endorsed Tom McClintock over Doug Ose, distinguishing himself from almost every local elected in Placer County. Could compete with Allard for McClintock endorsement if he ran.

7. Auburn City Councilmember Keith Nesbitt. Another “Auburn Moderate”.

8. Michael Babich – ran against Tom McClintock in the 2010 Primary. Conservative University Professor with a small, yet loyal following.

9. Spencer Short – Lincoln City Councilmember whose name always pops up in higher office discussions. Regarded as a moderate – just lost a battle to institute a utility tax in Lincoln, his two endorsed candidates lost to two Tea Party Members and could be subject of a recall by said Tea Party.

10. Suzanne Jones. Ran for Congress in 2008, getting 5% of Vote in the Ose v McClintock epic battle. Ran for AD-05 in 2010, got around 11% of the vote. Ran for Placer County Board of Education fall 2010, won with 38% of the vote. (4,600 votes total)

11. Donald Wilson – head consultant for Senate Veteran’s Affairs Committee. We recently re-elected to Center Unified School District board with about 700 votes. (where’s his base?)

Jun 072010

I tried to hold back on Michael Babich – because he is a nice guy and while misguided – didn’t think he deserved ridicule for running for office.

I just wish it would have been School Board or City Council…

Babich wrote a column in the Auburn Journal – no suprise there, the Auburn Journal never supported John Doolittle and will never support Tom McClintock.

His entire article said little about policy – but was a constitutional lesson about Career Politicians. Babich’ Facebook message follows:

An article that I wrote that is being picked up by the local media online. They used my cruddy photo, but oh, well.  The article is rather a-political, but goes well with the following survey results:

There is little name recognition (not surprising), but potential voters are coming over by a 2-to-1 margin once they meet this candidate and/or learn more.  So no matter the results tomorrow, this strongly supports my convictions and reasons to run for CA-04th District…2010 and 2012!

Please feel free to forward the link below to all voters who are serious about our choices for representation:

I find it difficult to believe that voters are coming over to another candidate by a 2-1 margin VS a Congressman with approval numbers in the 70% range.

Secondly – why write something A-Political two days before the election? A-political writing does not motivate people to vote for you.

What do I know? I am just a blogger…

Mar 162010

This blogger was told by and informed source that Michael Babich was served with an FEC complaint.

The Complaint was apparently about Babich running a campaign without following McCain-Feingold and related FEC regulations.

A while back, I noticed when I looked at Babich’ Website that it lacked the required disclosures. (You know those annoying little “Paid for by” things you’re required to do) When I looked at it just now – it looks like it has been modified to include them…

Say what you want about campaign finance laws (I can’t stand them), but breaking them is a federal offense and anytime a complaint is filed, apparently the FEC is directed to respond in a certain number of days. This is apparently why Michael Babich got served notice.

Will this go anywhere – who knows. In the 2008 primary, McClintock and Ose traded FEC Complaints, and they were rightly discharged – even as Ose probably did violate the law by re-using a characture from Dean Andal’s previous campaign without paying him for the copywright. (so what?)

I did not ask my source exactly when Babich got served notice or the details of it – as my source was adamant that Babich did nothing wrong and did not have a campaign at the time the complaint was filed.

He also asserted that Babich was raising money for a 501(C)4 cause that he believes in – using the website.

If there is a Media Circus – you heard it here first.