Sep 052021

Good Lord. I have been getting intel that Larry Elder is going down in flames. I am wondering if this guy was some sort of plant. (((Please note the url has changed to – please change your bookmarks.)))

Kevin Kiley has a whole bunch of Chinese supporters from all over California and they all think Elder is owned by the CCP. Elder has a ton of Chinese in his operation. He lauded Betty Chu, who seems to be one heck of an American, but some think she is compromised.

One person that has survived Elder’s campaign purges is Ying Ma. It appears from her social media that she is some sort of anti-communist, but sources have been reading her stuff (I have to take their word for this as I don’t read Chinese) and they believe that she is identifying with vassals of the CCP.

And then of course there is one of my favorite all time commies – Peter Kuo Kuo. My favorite photo is the photo of him in the empty aircraft factory or the other one where he is signing some sort of contract in China. But the all-time great is the JDX Coin, Jade backed bitcoin thing. Why am I not surprised to see anything come of these?

Quick note about the alleged conservative Peter Kuo. He re-appointed the deposed Chair of the Yuba GOP, Stephen Heter. Heter was found to have installed himself as the only signer on the Yuba GOP bank account and was alleged to have drained the Yuba GOP’s money in to his own campaign for supervisor in 2020. IT appears that Scott Winn or David Stafford Reade gave Kuo Kuo the order and he did his duty.

Normally, Kuo would follow Winn and Reade in to Faulconer land. Whilst Reade and Winn hope the Recall fails so they can run Fookner up the flagpole for a 15th bite at the apple – Kuo Kuo fell off the wagon and followed the China Crew on to the Elder Train. Curious.

And I can’t get past all the Chinese people that think Elder is in the bag for the CCP. There have been separate and independent efforts all over California on behalf of Kiley by that community including the billboards in Kiley’s old stomping grounds in the Bay Area.

Of further note is that it is a not so secret secret that someone within the Salem Media Group has put the word out that the Salem Crew are not supposed to bag on Larry Elder. While I passed on a chance to interview Alexandra Datig, I’d guess my wife who worked for Salem until June of 2020 would have gotten fired because I don’t like Larry Elder that much. The Salem Media group rumor has been widely circulated and has not been dispelled

Nothing coming out about Elder surprises me except the CCP stuff.

I got some info from Riverside County – so let’s clear something up. Larry Elder’s crew demanded San Diego and Orange un-invite Kiley which they both did. (Repeat: Fred Whitaker, the OC GOP Chair is as weak as they come) I believe the event in San Diego was a group independent of the Cent Com.

However, in Riverside County – someone from Elder’s campaign called AFTER Elder No-Call-no-showed to the Riverside GOP event that Elder was to attend. They claimed Elder had food poisoning. Yet, 36 hours later, Elder was out in the desert with a bunch of wealthy GOP Donors for a luncheon event. (The desert refers to eastern riverside county aka the Palm Springs area)

It was put to me that Don Dix (Riverside’s GOP Chair) has told several people that had he been called by Elder, he’d have told him he’d never uninvite any Republican Candidate for Governor from an event.

The recall is going to fail badly. The CAGOP and their consultant suitors will blame conservatives. The conservative base is supporting Kiley. Elder in this case is a celebrity epic fail. The national media will hail the recall’s failure as some sort of referendum… on what?

California is 44% Dem and 23% Rep. The dem incumbent has $100 Million on his side. The “best” Republican is a disaster. I hope Kevin Kiley runs against Faulconer in the 2022 primary. It would force the consultant class to go after a member of the club and would wreck their credibility.

Meantime – Californians will get treated like Australians once Gavin goes on a post recall revenge rampage.

Thanks, Larry. Or perhaps, Thanks China.

P.S. I will continue attacking Faulconer and his crew until they are buried. Cox took a s–t in the woods and does not need me to help him off the cliff. (But Fred Davis made a fortune)

Aug 202021

… and insider political BS. My disdain for Kevin Faulconer is 100% because of the dishonest tactics executed by a small, shrinking coven of political consultants and so-called party leaders to whore out what was left of the CAGOP to Faulconer. This is an all-too-common practice and fortunately, the little people were able to stop it this time. I may have been open to considering Faulconer had the insider crap not been happening, despite how liberal the mask-loving, race-pandering, baby-killing Faulconer is.

(((Please note the url has changed to – please change your bookmarks.)))

When you are in the public eye for years, you say stuff. (Read more here)

So the solution is yet another celebrity. In this case, it is the admitted Libertarian Larry Elder. I had refrained from talking about his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig, who he was engaged to. Datig, for her part is the libertarian’s dream, a former prostitute (libertarians love them some narcotics and “victimless” vice) who blew the whistle on Heidi Fleiss.

I had been warned that Elder’s opposition research file was like three-mile-island. I have not been disappointed.

I am not being paid by Kiley or anyone else. IF you read this blog, you will know that Kiley and I are not close and we really don’t like each other that much. Doug Ose had a heart attack, John Cox does not pay his vendors, (but he did pay me) so this leaves Kiley as the best option not named establishment Kevin or Celebrity Johnny-Come-Lately.

What we know about Elder is that he did nothing to aid the recall and like Arnold years ago, swooped in on the backs of other people’s efforts to run in the recall election. That’s strike one.

What I know FIRSTHAND is that Elder DEMANDED the OCGOP, San Diego Recall Group (and a couple of other groups whose identities I will protect to keep them out of the field of fire) un-invited Kiley, Cox, Ose and the others. This means two things, Elder’s Campaign team are overcome with arrogance and cowardice. Elder is not ready for prime-time and his campaign think they would be elevating the others by having their celebrity on the same stage. That’s Strike Two.

We all know there have been a series of debates and Elder has ducked them all. That’s Strike Three.

Elder has not done a thing to help the Republican Party, register voters and the like. Worse, he’s paraded himself as a libertarian. Strike Four.

Welcome to Right on Daily Larry Elder.

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana.

Datig’s claim, which she regards as the culmination of a series of humiliating disputes that made her fearful for her safety and her ability to maintain her sobriety, comes as Elder has gained momentum in the recall to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, with many observers counting him as the likeliest GOP alternative should voters decide to replace the incumbent.

Read more here on this.

I am not surprised one bit. Typically, Celebrities are train-wrecks when you look below the surface.

In a strategy sparking growing concern among grassroots Republican activists, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has not only rejected debates with his fellow GOP candidates, but also refuses to be on stage with them at Republican party events.

Elder didn’t appear at a Tuesday debate sponsored by the Sacramento Press Club, and plans to skip another debate Thursday sponsored by KRON and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Elder was a no-show to a Riverside County GOP recall event in July, a move that miffed many local Republican activists, party sources told POLITICO. After agreeing to attend, the talk show host demanded that Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, another candidate, be disinvited — a request denied by Riverside County Republicans.

The following month, Elder was invited to an Aug. 9 San Diego County grassroots recall event, and a separate Aug. 16 Orange County Republican party gathering. He accepted both invites, but again demanded that Assemblyman Kiley be taken off the program, officials said. In both cases, local party representatives granted his request.

With less than one month before the recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom, Elder’s insistence to put himself at arm’s length from his fellow Republicans — both on the debate stage and on local stages — appears to be a first by a major candidate in state politics.

Read the cited article here

I am not surprised that the weak, spineless Fred Whitaker in Orange County would comply with the demands of Larry Elder. I am also not surprised that Don Dix in Riverside would stand up to Elder’s demand. Elder has distinguished himself as a coward, that despite his alleged stature within the conservative community that he is too much of a coward to mix it up with Kevin Kiley. I’d take the stage with Kiley any day of the week.

Real Republican activists that have not drank the celebrity kool-aid or allowed their geography to disregard Kevin Kiley are off-put by Elder. I’ve talked to a lot of them.

Then there is this video that some hard-headed Elder supporters with Cognitive Dissonance are attempting to downplay. He appears to be as high as a U2 and is talking about Snoop Dogg and smoking weed. You’d think that Elder’s crew would embrace and promote his libertarian values (screw anything, smoke anything, drink anything) to appeal to Gen Z voters and the marijuana generation?

Elder is rightly getting his teeth kicked in for this whole list of stuff and I am sure there is more coming. Oh, and how is Elder qualified to serve as governor? Anyone?

Should Elder win, he will be a black eye on the California Republican Brand and will likely be a 15-month wonder. I am not alone in this opinion, I know some Republicans voting against the recall because they believe that Elder is the prohibitive favorite should the Recall make it. Sad. Another Celebrity interloper.

Kiley? The LA Times gave him the best endorsement EVER:

Aug 162021

There is always a certain reticence to support a celebrity candidate. Jesse Ventura and Arnold were unmitigated disasters as Governors. Frankly, since Ronald Reagan there has not been a celebrity Governor that has been worth a damn.

(((Please note the url has changed to – please change your bookmarks.)))

You’ve had people like Heath Shuler and Fred Thompson who were in the federal government that were effective. However, being a legislator is very different than being an executive politician.

I’m a Libertarian, Dammit.

What does Larry Elder believe? We’ve heard his celebrity show for years – but even in the very short time he has been a candidate for governor, we’ve seen some Arnold-esque flip flops.

So does Larry Elder think Boys should use Girl’s restrooms or not?

What does being a libertarian actually mean to Larry Elder?

So did President Trump lose the election fair and square or not?

Elder has had to “clarify” several things he has said – a clear sign of a candidate who is in serious need of finishing and seasoning.

Elder has also been systematically demanding Republican Groups toss other candidates and give him sole billing. It worked on the SDGOP who kicked the other top GOP candidates out of a recent event in favor of Elder. This was also something that Arnold did.

I know Kevin Kiley. I know Doug Ose. This is why I endorsed them both. I know they both have experience and consistent records. I think I know Larry Elder – but the behavior of his campaign is giving me serious pause.

If Larry Elder serves only one purpose – killing off Kevin Faulconer that the establishment that attempted to shove him down our throats, I will give him due credit for that.

However, the price of killing Faulconer may be extreme to California. The legislature is going to close ranks and override his vetoes. None of his appointees will see the right time of day and my guess is he will be a 16 month disaster if elected.

One of the reasons for the California morass is indeed its’ culture, a culture that values appearances more than substance. (This is something I don’t miss now that I live in Nevada) In most states, Larry Elder would not be viable nor taken seriously. Even the ultra-conservative CRA, dominated by members from Southern California endorsed Larry Elder on the 5th ballot 105-51 (the 51 is the combined total of alternatives).

Watch his interviews, see how he struggles to answer basic questions about policy. It will remind you of Arnold in 2003. Let the buyer beware.

Some people see a savior. I see Arnold.

Jul 132021

Larry Elder, a conservative commentator launched his campaign for governor. He attempted to re-create what Arnold did at the LA County Registrar of Voters Office in Norwalk.

Larry Elder is pictured with Erin Cruz who is a conservative only when it suits her. AS someone who worked for both Steve Frank and Travis Allen I have know that in both cases she voted for Jessica Patterson over those two. IN 2019, she had endorsed Travis Allen and similar to Antonio Sabato rolled over and supported Jessica Patterson thinking it would get her something for a future run. What she thinks is in it for her supporting Elder is beyond me.

Elder had 120 people at his announcement, my source was physically present at the event. The source went on to indicate that half of the people attending appeared to be from the same organization. Arnold had 3,000.

By contrast – let’s take a look at Kevin Kiley:

Kiley had about 400 people at his announcement. My guess is the temperature was around 98 degrees at the time. I based this on looking at the historical weather in Sacramento CA 95814 around the time of the event. It is possible that it was as high as 102. At Elder’s event it was much more temperate.

I have heard various and sundry accounts of the Kiley event including dismissive comments from so-cal people seduced by Elder that Kiley can’t win because he is from the north. Perhaps it is more to do with the alleged star-power of Elder.

Elder has two folks running his campaign Ginny Sands and Lou Barnett. Both were said to have dressed poorly and acted unprofessionally at the event. I was told that only an Orange County politician that showed up and Elder himself were in Suits. The rest of the people campaign people looked like they were at a county fair.

P.S. I’ve been told by several operatives and political insiders that Larry Elder’s Opposition Research File is like Three Mile Island. We shall see what comes out.