Jul 132021

Larry Elder, a conservative commentator launched his campaign for governor. He attempted to re-create what Arnold did at the LA County Registrar of Voters Office in Norwalk.

Larry Elder is pictured with Erin Cruz who is a conservative only when it suits her. AS someone who worked for both Steve Frank and Travis Allen I have know that in both cases she voted for Jessica Patterson over those two. IN 2019, she had endorsed Travis Allen and similar to Antonio Sabato rolled over and supported Jessica Patterson thinking it would get her something for a future run. What she thinks is in it for her supporting Elder is beyond me.

Elder had 120 people at his announcement, my source was physically present at the event. The source went on to indicate that half of the people attending appeared to be from the same organization. Arnold had 3,000.

By contrast – let’s take a look at Kevin Kiley:

Kiley had about 400 people at his announcement. My guess is the temperature was around 98 degrees at the time. I based this on looking at the historical weather in Sacramento CA 95814 around the time of the event. It is possible that it was as high as 102. At Elder’s event it was much more temperate.

I have heard various and sundry accounts of the Kiley event including dismissive comments from so-cal people seduced by Elder that Kiley can’t win because he is from the north. Perhaps it is more to do with the alleged star-power of Elder.

Elder has two folks running his campaign Ginny Sands and Lou Barnett. Both were said to have dressed poorly and acted unprofessionally at the event. I was told that only an Orange County politician that showed up and Elder himself were in Suits. The rest of the people campaign people looked like they were at a county fair.

P.S. I’ve been told by several operatives and political insiders that Larry Elder’s Opposition Research File is like Three Mile Island. We shall see what comes out.