May 092024

By now, you’ve been treated to emails calling Tim O’Reilly and everything under the sun. I stand behind my criticism of his by-law amendments. That said, those criticizing him are lying about the Keith Cascio situation.

Steve Frank has had a copy of the three-page letter sent to him by Tim O’Reilly when the extremely dense Cascio demanded to know why he was facing removal as Treasurer. Suffice to say, the list is damming and 100% true.

Steve Frank owes us all an apology for turning Cascio into a victim and for lying by omission about the state of affairs in Los Angeles County.

When you read the letter, posted in its’ entirety – remind yourself that Steve Frank has had this at least a week longer than your intrepid blogger and did NOTHING with it even though it would have provided much-needed context surrounding the bizarre actions of a man who appears to be disturbed (in this case I am referring to Keith Cascio and not Mr. Frank). This breach of journalistic ethics is what you expect from CNN, not a respected conservative leader. But when have ethics ever gotten between Steve Frank and a good smear?

Now, ask yourself why Steve Frank refused to publish this?

Ask yourself who the actual victim is here?

In the words of Tim O’Reilly: “Your decisions have been confusing to myself and your colleagues on the board…”, in the case of Steve Frank his decision in not confusing at all. His decision to not post this stuff shows you what he is willing to abrogate to win a political fight.

May 012024

Steve Frank posted some more stuff about the LAGOP. Some of it is deceptive and false. Given that Mr. Frank is attempting to lead the conservative opposition out of the morass in the CAGOP, objectivity and accuracy are paramount. Allow your intrepid blogger to help.

LAGOP Chair Tim O’Reilly Allows NON Republican to VOTE on Central Committee

As far as I can tell only one California GOP organization allows a NON REPUBLICAN a vote in its Committee.  LAGOP Chair Tim O’Reilly told folks that Nathan Hochman, an NPP, is STILL an Ex Officio of the LA Committee.  His reasoning is that Hochman was the GOP nominee for AG in 2022, hence is an ex officio, regardless of his current status.

Yet, on Monday night Hochman proudly stated he was voting for Biden against Trump.  He never answered the question if he was also voting for Schiff against Garvey.  He did not mention a single Republican he was supporting for office.

O’Reilly would not allow the LAGOP members to ask questions of Hochman.  Instead he had one member ask pre-determined questions.  Folks had to shout out questions to Hochman or demand he answer questions one on one—but not during the meeting.  Oh, again the LAGOP did not have a quorum to do all its business.  Of course, under these circumstances, why waste the time?

Rounding off the numbers, O’Reilly finally admitted the Committee had $18,000 in the bank—and still owed one person $16,000.  It is so bad that at the end of June the LAGOP is closing its San Fernando Valley HQ and moving into a joint center in Long Beach—the very south end of a county that is bordered on the north by Lancaster—80 miles away.  He did announce how much two of the recent fund raisers made—but REFUSED to tell how much two others lost.

Remember it was O’Reilly that tried to pass a Democrat Lite Platform for the CAGOP.  He also stopped the LAGOP from endorsing a Republican for DA—since he was supporting a Non Republican, Nathan Hochman.  Now he is working hard to close the CAGOP by CUTTING 16% of the delegates to the CAGOP—while the Democrats continue to increase their numbers (currently the CAGP has 1440 members and the Democrats State Party has over 3200).  At every turn O’Reilly is working hard to demolish the California GOP, its credibility and its volunteers.

#1. Hochman, his Ex-Officio spot became vacant when he left the GOP. I have checked and Hochman has not voted on anything. IF Tim O’Reilly actually said Hochman is still an ex-officio, he was wrong, but the hyperbole about Hochman still voting on the LAGOP is untrue.

#2. Lack of Quorum, was this because of a boycott led by Steve Frank and David Hernandez? There is always more to a story.

#3. Why is Steve Frank protecting Keith Cascio. No one knows the real financial numbers because Cascio refused to do his job and went berserk when people asked him simple questions. That should have been the story. Instead, Frank spun this as O’Reilly being dishonest. This is a terrible abortion of journalism and a complete cheap shot.

#3A. Moving the HQ, the part Steve deliberately omitted is that the LAGOP had donated (or heavily subsidized) office space for years by Andy Garakhani and others, this is well-known all over. With Andy withdrawing from the CAGOP political scene it makes sense that this arrangement goes by the boards. This was spun as some sort of failure by Tim O’Reilly, that is a deceptive lie.

#4. Platform, O’Reilly was wrong to support the garbage platform. The Republican DA candidate was a complete disaster and would have gotten steamrolled by Gascon! It was correct to stay silent when your candidate is a disaster, but the implication of Steve’s post is that O’Reilly was in the bag for Hochman and made sure the Republican candidate got screwed over. That idiot did not need Tim’s help.  Lastly, regarding the by-law amendments, O’Reilly deserves all the criticism over those.

Time and time again, the legitimate criticisms that Steve Frank makes against Establishment people get lost and muted in a hail of half-truths, cherry-picked facts and/or outright lies. If Frank and crew want to have a legitimate chance of ousting the establishment at next March’s convention there needs to be a strict adherence to facts and not the grifter-style clickbait.

Apr 302024

I hate the top two elections, but they are the law and were the law long before Prop14 in local elections.

In LA, George Gascon, who is being exposed for corruption, wrote Prop 47 and has been on a society-destroying rampage. He has drawn Nathan Hochman as his runoff opponent in the fall of 2024. Gascon is in the crosshairs because it appears he abused his office to dig up dirt on legitimate law enforcement officers and political opponents.

Hochman is a former Republican who left the party over Trump, amongst other things. What he is not is Gascon. In this circumstance, I can see no problem with Tim O’Reilly inviting him to speak to the LAGOP. Hochman is registered as a DTS. I might feel differently if he was a dem. Further, there has been no mention of an endorsement or an attempt at such.

I have gotten several emails about Keith Cascio’s situation. I blasted Cascio weeks ago for being a complete freak. The erstwhile Assemblyman loves him some Earth Day and Black Lives Matter. He may well be to the left of Hochman.

LAGOP Members:

I want to update everyone on some items that we will address at the LAGOP meeting on Monday, April 29, 2024.

1.       Our Treasurer, Keith Casio, has stepped down* from his office on the Executive Board. Notice was previously given that we will elect a new Assistant Treasurer on Monday night. According to our bylaws and given the vacancy that now exists in the office of Treasurer, whoever is elected as Assistant Treasurer will automatically become the new LAGOP Treasurer. We will then hold a second election for a new Assistant Treasurer to fill that vacancy.

2.       A pending bylaws change remains as to whether to count Ex-Officio members in determining quorum for meetings. This does not affect any one’s right to vote as members of LAGOP. Assuming we get the required 50% quorum, we will vote on this rule change.

3.       Last, I will offer a motion to ask for a decision on whether we immediately seat the Ex-Officio nominees-elect (now certified from the March Primary) or wait until December. There is a conflict in our bylaws. If LAGOP immediately recognizes the new nominees elected as LAGOP members, that action terminates membership for all existing (2-year term) Ex-Officio members. The conflict is that our bylaws state that we will follow Elections Code 7404 in determining Ex-Officio membership (those with a Certificate of Nominations immediately become members—prior Ex-Officio members immediately expire). At another point, the bylaws show that all new members (including Ex-Officio) are sworn in together at the Organizational meeting (in December or January). This is the way it has traditionally been done up until last term. I previously believed that state law pronouncements overrode County Party Bylaws. I recently learned that was incorrect. County Party Bylaws supersede state law in terms of political party organization. Current regular members and Ex-Officio members will get to decide what we do as a body.

Mr. Casio and I agreed that as Chairman, I would release the following statement regarding his stepping down as Treasurer:

“Earlier this month, I advised our Treasurer, Keith Cascio, that I had lost confidence in his ability to continue in his duties as the LAGOP Treasurer. I asked that he step down from his office. After due consideration, Keith has now reluctantly agreed to resign as LAGOP Treasurer, effective immediately. He remains as a valuable member of our Central Committee and will now be able to reallocate his time and efforts to his Assembly District campaign and his chairmanship of ADC55. We are fortunate that he will continue as one of our most brilliant minds in technology and as a CAGOP regional Data Captain. Keith leaves the Executive Board as a class act on good and amicable terms.”

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting,

Timothy L. O’Reilly
Chairman – LAGOP
Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Keith Cascio is widely loathed by people in the LAGOP political scene and the last paragraph in the above is absurd. In addition, Cascio has been circulating a 3 page letter to him from O’Reilly that is an indictment of an immature brat who got mad over something petty and attempted to shut down the LAGOP by abrogating his job duties. O’Reilly demolished Cascio’s behavior and if Cascio had any self-awareness would have taken measures to see that the letter never made it anywhere.

I sure hope David Hernandez and Steve Frank are not going to try to hold this guy up as a martyr. Cascio is 2200 degrees and is in the same class as Fennell and Grcar in the opinion of your intrepid blogger.

Cascio had a chance to leave well and has not because his internal self-destruct mechanism runs faster than an Olympic sprinter. This email was hardly hours old and Cascio was emailing people claiming to be a victim.

On one hand, I am highly irritated at O’Reilly’s by-law proposals. But, on the other hand feel for him having to deal with Cascio. No one deserves that. Lastly, I agree with his decision to give Hochman a forum to convince Republicans who can’t endorse him to at least vote for him.

Aug 052023

Introducing LA County GOP Treasurer Keith Cascio.

The Right on Daily Blog occasionally comes across an absolute dumpster fire, and we break out the meme reserved for a select few.

In the case of LAGOP (aka RPLAC) Treasurer Keith Cascio, several people have contacted your intrepid blogger. It is common for me to field a call from someone wanting to torch someone in the political world that annoys them (using your intrepid blogger as the delivery vehicle), but it is rare to receive a string of calls about the same person.

Keith Cascio is a declared candidate for AD-55 and ran last time. On the surface, given that Cascio is an officer in the LAGOP, does he have the time to be both a candidate and treasurer? Also, isn’t this a glaring conflict of interest?

In addition, Cascio is a member of the CAGOP Platform Committee – so his Twitter account, which is a dumpster fire in its’ own right, should alarm every mainstream Republican:

How dare they get rid of race-based admissions at universities!

Cascio is aggressively Pro-Choice as well.

He got crushed 84-16 in 2022. Even given that district, this is a gross underperformance. All that pandering to the left got him nothing. (Make notes CAGOP leadership, this is a great test case for left-wing messaging as a Republican)

Recently Joseph Grcar was expelled from the CAGOP in a rare show of unity. Joseph had figured out how to alienate himself from every sub-group within the CAGOP. It appears that in the LAGOP, Keith Cascio is trying to emulate Grcar. Many examples show how Keith Cascio has something in his life to offend everyone.

Emails obtained by your intrepid blogger indicate that Cascio likes to pick fights with people and responds with hostility and defensiveness to the extreme, even when asked simple, straightforward questions.

The portrait of Cascio that was put to your intrepid blogger is of someone with deep-seated emotional issues, a background with large parts that appear to be falsified and personal habits that cause alarm bells in neutral, dispassionate observers.

He is treasurer of the LAGOP, yet people can’t get a treasurer’s report out of him. People ask basic questions, like, “What’s the bank balance,” and they are met with a hail of verbal gunfire.

What is the bank balance? What is the money being spent on? These are fundamental questions members of an organization deserve to have answered.

Meantime, New Majority of LA County is paying the bills, and with that comes severe limits on the autonomy of the LAGOP. Is Keith’s behavior as an agent of chaos because he is insane, or is it part of a deliberate plan to destabilize the LAGOP?

Keith is alleged to be close to Julie Haff, the former Executive Director of the LAGOP. Haff has to know what a disaster this guy is, but similar to the dynamic of Steve Frank and Joseph Grcar, it appears Haff is saddled with a dumpster fire. The pool of political allies can’t be that thin???

Is Haff the reason why Cascio lashes out at current LAGOP members? Is she the reason why he makes it difficult or impossible to donate to the LAGOP? The LAGOP owed her around $40,000 when the new regime took over, it makes perfect sense to have the new Treasurer in your corner…

The same emails I obtained indicated that many within the LAGOP have grown weary of Cascio’s behavior. The dynamic is very similar to Joseph Grcar and what he did to earn expulsion from the CAGOP.

There’s more:

Cascio claims to have been “a software engineer for a major tech company in Silicon Beach” for the last 13 years but lives in a modest apartment in a nondescript building in Mar Vista. Why would someone with a high six-figure income live in a 70+-year-old apartment that may be a Section 8 building? Sources also say that he hasn’t owned a car for approximately three years and gets rides to LAGOP meetings and events with other central committee members. Is Keith misrepresenting his employment?

Your intrepid blogger has found that Cascio graduated from Duke in 2001, and his social media accounts are filled with likes from what seems to be a long-time lady friend – her account features current pictures and videos of her with Cascio. She appears to have gone to college with him, and they appear to be romantically involved to this day, but his accounts do not mention her. At the same time, Cascio is said to have frequented establishments in “WeHoVille.” West Hollywood is a well-known playground of the alphabet soup crowd. Further, sources indicate that Cascio has been known to flirt with local female YR members without letting them know about the other woman.

Do you need help keeping up? Yeah, me too…

Who cares what side of the plate Cascio swings from (or both), but similar to his employment, no one really knows a damn thing about the guy.

When these items are combined with his behavior as Treasurer, we get a complete picture of a man who is unstable at best and appears to be living a lie.

This gets your intrepid blogger back to the LAGOP. As they are struggling to chart a path forward, such as being able to re-do their website, there is the obstacle of an incompetent or possibly subversive treasurer. Robert’s Rules provides a straightforward remedy for a bad member of a body. Referring to question 20:

… If the bylaws just state a fixed term for the officer, such as “two years,” or if they say the officer serves for a specified term “and until [the officer’s] successor is elected” (or words to that effect), then the group must use formal disciplinary proceedings, which involve the appointment of an investigating committee, preferral of charges, and the conduct of a formal trial. The procedure is complex and should be undertaken only after a careful review of Chapter XX of RONR.

On the other hand, if the bylaws state a term for the office but add “or until [the officer’s] successor is elected,” or contain other wording explicitly indicating that the officer may be removed before the term expires, then the officer can be removed from office by a two-thirds vote, by a majority vote when previous notice has been given, or by a vote of the majority of the entire membership—any one of which will suffice. A successor may thereafter be elected for the remainder of the term.

Of course, if the bylaws themselves establish a procedure for removal from office, that procedure must be followed. [RONR (12th ed.) 62:16.]

FYI – these same provisions apply to expelling a member completely, both from the AD55 Cent Com and LAGOP. My guess is that if the LAGOP by-laws have a provision, it is similar to the above.

Tim O’Reilly is the current chair of the LAGOP. I don’t envy his position. He is dealing with the LA New Majority dictating to him how to run the party. He is dealing with Steve Frank and crew accusing him of being a RINO and gumming up the process at every meeting. Now, he is dealing with a Treasurer who is a complete dumpster fire. At least the third issue can be resolved expeditiously.

I’d call on Cascio to Resign, but we all know that won’t happen anytime soon. The LAGOP just needs to expel this guy before he makes headlines.

Jun 062021

Nothing says disconnected elitist and up yours to the grassroots like appointing 22 people to the CAGOP Delegate list in violation of state by-laws.

When I was working for Steve Frank I had flagged all of the districts that had no Republican file. 22 of them were in LA County. The State GOP By-Laws are clear: Notice and Election required.

Similar to the cheating and lying I experienced repeatedly by the staff of the CAGOP (who later called the FBI on me ostensibly to shut me up I guess) the fraud still stands. The 22 slots have never been agendized by the LAGOP. While some morally vacant people may point out that 22 votes would not have helped Steve Frank, the point is the party of law and order breaks its’ own rules to whore out the process to a pre-ordained outcome. And GOP squish, insider and mega-donor Howard Hakes needs those 22 votes to fend off a challenge to his installation as LA Region CAGOP Vice Chair. This is why the establishment has to cheat, gotta keep control at all costs.

Included in the corruption of the CAGOP is the purge that is underway in the LAGOP. I will soon be able to talk about the people getting targeted by people that may or may not include Andy Garakhani and Richard Sherman.

But – did you know that for the LOW PRICE of $4,000 (a $1,000 discount no less) the LAGOP presents a candidate training seminar! (Steve Frank and I could do the exact same thing for free and get better results) Note: when you visit the site, it appears to be $40. If true, then the LAGOP are incompetent and laxadasical when having to do actual work. Just another side of the controlled failure coin…

From an email sent to me:

Candidate Development Workshop!

Dear Republicans,

Are you interested in running for office?

The LAGOP is partnering with Assembly Districts 66 and 70 to host a Candidate Development Workshop on Saturday, June 26, 2021 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at 1025 West 190th Street Suite 222, Gardena, CA 90248.

There is a $1000 Discount for those that register by June 19, 2021. The cost will be $4000 including the Discount. Starting June 20, 2021, the cost will be $50.00

The Candidate Development Workshop is designed to build on the Campaign Management Workshop. The program helps current and prospective candidates identify the steps needed to run a successful campaign.

The workshop focuses on personal and political preparation for future service as an elected official and community leader. Additional on-demand content, which complements this material, is available to program enrollees.

Ideal attendees for the Candidate Development Workshop are individuals who are looking to become more politically active. Candidates, campaign staff, and volunteers involved at any level should attend.

Attendees will learn how to:

• Decide if they are ready to run

• Organize a campaign staff and structure

• Raise funds

• Work with the media

• Communicate with voters

This is the link to register:

Up yours grassroots, team McCarthy is in charge and you’re going to like it.