Nov 152018

Every time the GOP Loses an election in California, the recriminations from the liberals are swift and predictable.

“We need a third Party”, “Abortion is a losing issue”, “People think we are racists”, “We need to moderate our tone”… I heard this in 1998 when Dan Lungren got hammered by Goobernor Dufus. I heard this in 2002 when Bill Simon Lost to a scandal plagued goobernor dufus. I heard this in 2003, while being lectured over supporting McClintock for Governor.

Save for the crazed Tim Donnelly who everyone should have opposed, the refrain was the same… a Conservative Can’t Win. Yet, we had our liberal Republicans like Meg and $150 Million who got hammered. Neel Kashkari almost got the same number 4 years later with a fraction of the money.

Why, then did John Cox (easily as conservative as Travis Allen) outperform in every Assembly and/or Congressional district Republicans lost? Why did John Cox beat the other GOP Statewide candidates by 3-5% depending on the race? He got attacked for being pro-life? Take a look at Orange County – where it was a bloodbath for the GOP, yet Cox’s number should get everyone’s attention.

Cox ran 8% ahead of Trump, 3,5% ahead of Kashkari and 4% ahead of Whitman. And John Cox is to the right of all three of them.

Kristen Olsen also made a base, personal attack against President Trump. She also declared the CAGOP Dead and the need for a 3rd party. (You know, one that she and her ex-boyfriend Chad Mayes can control and shape in their image)

Unfortunately, for Kristen Olsen and others like her with unclear minds, it is always someone else’s fault. Apparently, blaming others for your losses at the ballot box or defects of character is better than putting the work in.

For those of you just tuning in, Kristen Olsen is a current Stanislaus County Supervisor. She was a former member of the Assembly (who was also GOP leader at some point) whose tenure in the Assembly was marred by electoral defeats and a Stalinist purge of some of the best staffers that the GOP had.

The brain-drain continued under Chad Mayes as did the jolting to the left by the party leadership. Apparently, the jolt left was not far enough in her mind. Apparently the 11% GOP in Massachusetts is the goal here?

Olsen and Mayes had a long-running affair while both still married while both were in the Assembly. A little known former legislative staffer turned activist blew the lid off of the scandal. It triggered a series of events that resulted in Mayes’ ouster as GOP Minority leader after his ill-fated and ill-conceived “Cap and Trade” Debacle. Mayes and Olson’s legacy was sealed with the loss of at least 5 seats in the Assembly in 2018. This completed a run where the Assembly GOP Caucus shrunk from 30-20 members. (maybe 19) A New Way CA, I guess.

Mayes’ tenure as Assembly GOP leader ended with a narcissistic rage allowing him to retaliate against political adversaries because the Assembly GOP Caucus did not want to be seen as caving to outside pressure. (The Impact Republicans and Several County Parties called for Mayes’ ouster)

A lot of good the caucus’ grand strategy did. Mayes and Olsen joined with other “Republicans” nursing a grudge against President Trump to form the latest “New Republican” Group. Yawn.

You’d think they would get a clue that “their way ca” failed as they are standing in the middle of the smoldering embers of their leadership.

Olsen recently was arrested on suspicion of DUI. You’d also think after their public meltdown with the affair, retaliation, embarrassment and all that they would realize they have no moral authority.

It appears that Olsen will have to fall a lot further (as will Mayes) before they come to their senses and return to the faith they abandoned on their ego-fueled rampage. Neither should be taken seriously as a moral authority on anything.

I will conclude with this tidbit – I worked for Dr. Ben Carson in Nevada. Part of the reason I took the job was because I believed Dr. Carson was the one Presidential Candidate that could defeat President Trump in the Primary. Now President Trump ran his mouth on Carson a lot, like he does on everyone. If Dr. Carson could make peace with President Trump, than so could I. This leaves any still “Never-Trumper” Republicans out in the cold. The Never-Trumpers are the ones that need to change (either their attitude or their party affiliation), not the GOP. President Trump won fair and square.

The post-mortem on the election, if done correctly will tell us all that the Democrats, Outspent us, Outworked us, Outsmarted us and we were stuck in our tracks. It is clear to me that most within the GOP did not see the late onslaught of people on the ground dragging voters to the polls coming. Yes, the problems with minorities continue, white democrats returned home and suburban voters defected in spots. Everything in this list is fixable.

The good news is that it does not require an abandonment of our identity to fix. The bad news for Kristen Olsen (beyond her court dates) is that the real solutions to the 2018 drubbing will render her and her kind irrelevant.

Oct 032017

Christian Republicans in Name Only. We see them all the time. The media is quick, light lightning to pick up on a Republican Scandal, while covering up for Democrats as long as they can. Witness the scant coverage of the Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) trial going on right now as I type this.

You’d think Republicans would react to this and not be as brazen as Democrats in their corruption. Nope.

Worse, since Republicans campaign on Values.. such as family, life, etc. When they are hypocrites, the damage is far worse as it is seized upon in order to advance the democrat’s agenda of societal decay.

It is not the same as when a democrat commits an act of mass murder, leading other democrats to call for gun control. When a CRINO, does what CRINOs do, it tells people that having faith is meaningless.

I am pretty honest and forthright about my sobriety. As I type this post, by the grace of God, I’ve strung together 5,451 days of sobriety. Sometimes, I think about that and the awesome power of God and it gets me to put down the rhetorical flame-thrower to reflect.

It is not a sarcastic endeavor to despair for the future of a nation when it is clear one party is about sex with anything, anywhere at anytime and then enacting policies to add drugs and getting rid of the consequences of said sex from the equation and the party that is supposed to be for chaste, family and values is living their lives in a similar manner. It is actually quite serious, and a matter of life and death.

Remember Mark Foley? lewd texts to underage boys, that caused him to tell the truth about his double-life once they were exposed.

Remember Larry Craig? he of the tapping heels in the bathroom. (I’ll stop there)

Remember John Ensign? The paragon of values who had a long-running lurid affair.

Remember Scott DesJarlais? The congressman was revealed to have encouraged his then girlfriend to have two abortions, and then had 6 affairs on her once they were married.

Remember Roy Ashburn? Another closeted homosexual who went from values champion to political ruin after a DUI on his way home from a Sacramento Gay Bar with a male staffer in the car.

Bob Livingston, Bob Packwood, Ed Shrock, David Vitter, Mark Sanford – all claimed to be “Religious/Christian Conservatives” and all ended up out of office once their double lives were exposed. (Sanford was able to reinvent himself and get back in to Congress after actually showing real contrition)

Meantime the tone-deaf establishment can’t figure out why Christian Conservatives supported the foul mouthed President for office. You can only betray people for so long before they cut bait and vote to burn you down.

I’ve only listed a sampling of the politicians that masqueraded as Christian Republicans in the period of my own political consciousness. Most were completely unrepentant, only showing remorse when caught.

Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen can’t even say that. If I met them in an AA meeting, I’d tell them both to back their car up to a liquor store and stock up. There is no hope for either one of them given their head space. The key to overcoming any sort of major life issue is to admit you did something wrong, then admit that only a power greater than yourself can save you from yourself. Neither of them are close to that point and as such, they are ticking time bombs.

Kristen’s bombastic arrogance was on display in her resignation. Chad Mayes behavior has been well-chronicled as well. Both have a ton of enablers that helped them believe they were above it all and would make it through with minimal consequence. (see also donors and party insiders) Worse, similar to enablers of an addict/alcoholic, the enabling made them both feel entitled to do what they were doing.

It is clear that the will of God was subordinated to their own self-interests at some point and the insanity grew from there.

Meantime, CRINO’s make real Christian Conservatives look like fools. The public at large look at the situation and say, why should I bother being a Christian or a Republican? I can be a democrat, screw anything I want, smoke dope, rip people off, lie at will and it is all in the party platform! Even if I get caught, we’ll just pass prop 47 and 57 and get out of jail after the fact!

From a spiritual level, the behavior of CRINO’s like Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen who were out there publicly touting their heritage as Christians for political advantage also tell the public at large that God does not mean anything. How many people will turn their backs on Christ because of the behavior of Chad Mayes and Kristen Olsen?

Now, it makes both of their refusal to show ANY contrition over what they did that much worse. They will both reap the rewards of their action – life is a great equalizer.

As someone whose faith saved my life and as someone who has to fight for my faith sometimes daily it is infuriating when my political leaders betray that faith after claiming it. I was lucky enough that I was 31 years old when I finally decided I didn’t have all my own answers. I was also able to recover myself far from the spotlight. I talk openly about my sobriety, because I am not claiming moral superiority over anyone.

You see, for most on the left, their politics IS their religion. This is why so many of them are freaked out and violent with rage after PRESIDENT Trump won the election. See also ANTIFA and the slew of terrorist acts by extreme leftists.

On the right, as I’ve laid out in this blog, many use faith as a political prop and don’t really mean it. I can’t make either Chad or Kristen acknowledge their own bombastic selfishness. What I can do is ask for other Christian activists to pray for them and for all the people affected by them.  I’ve heard it put, don’t let Christians keep you away from Christ. Those of us that claim Christ have something real to come back no matter the circumstance.

I do believe at some point that Chad and Kristen both had real faith. I know I did when I was a young boy. When my life nearly shattered, the God of my youth became the God of my adulthood. God is as real 5,451 days later, as he was on day 1 and as he was when I was young.

I hope, eventually they find God again and that God breaks through their walls. Until then, I hope they both go somewhere far far away where they can’t hurt anyone else. I hope other Christians in office take careful notes from the litany of political and spiritual wreckage that comes from publicly exposed hypocrisy.

Sep 182017

UPDATES: Feedback post posting indicate that Kristen Olsen is disputing the account of her actions related to her own Church. And, Seren Taylor was employed by the State Senate and did not move to the Assembly until after Olsen was out as leader (and Chad was in). Sources indicate that Olsen was involved in Taylor’s move to the Assembly side however.

This morning an anon source made me aware of a series of tweets from a political insider, well known in political circles. Ben Adler is the bureau chief of Capital Public Radio and has some credibility.

Adler noted that Jerry Brown gave props to 2 political consultants in the Republican minority. We’ve written about Seren Taylor, who is an extreme left-wing Republican from New York that was brought in by Kristen Olsen when she went on a Stalinistic rampage against the Assembly Caucus Staff.

I was of the opinion then that it mattered more to Ms. Olsen to put her own people in than anything as her ego dictated that she was in charge and it was time to leave her own mark on the building. In the years since, seeing the insanity coming out of the caucus staff with a consistent flow of recommendations to adopt democrat positions on the issues of the day confirms the ideological element.

While no one will know short of asking Jerry Brown himself who he was referring to, the suggestion that Joe Justin and Seren Taylor were the objects of Governor Brown’s affection at the UN climate change jihad meeting is as valid as any. It is also very reasonable to assume that Adler’s assumptions were based on off the record conversations with insiders familiar with the sausage factory. Given Adler’s history of being fairly accurate with his facts, I am inclined to agree with his assessments.

Mr. Justin who I regard highly as a campaign consultant is far more liberal than most Republicans I have ever met and he does drive a Tesla, by the way. Justin is indeed very green in his personal ideology and as Chad Mayes Chief of Staff would have been intimately involved in Cap and Trade.

Seren Taylor, who I recently introduced the readers of this blog to, is also very far left on the Republican Spectrum and would fit in well with Susan Collins, but not the other 90% of the GOP. His job is reading polls and giving advice based on them. One of the things I was told by several folks on the inside is about polling data showing that environmental issues were a must for the GOP to compromise on. The legacy of cap and trade is owned by Kristen Olsen as much as it is Chad Mayes via the staff that Olsen hired (Seren Taylor and others) that her ex-boyfriend retained.

Back to the tweets – Mr. Adler was not done with outing Seren Taylor and Joe Justin as the Cap and Trade Masterminds. He had a bit more to add.

The last tweet is also credible as I have been familiar with the rumor that Chad Mayes, ever the narcissist, was seeking to control everything he could.

Remember, on his way out the door, Mayes blew up the CA GOP fundraising apparatus (or attempted to), called donors to dissuade them from participating, retaliated against Melissa Melendez, Jim Patterson and a couple others, took all the best committee assignments for himself, held fundraisers to do a last-minute cash in on his leadership and of course several of his staff were walking around beating their chest as if they were still in charge. Even in the final week of the legislative session, Mayes was in the middle of some of the worst bills trying to “cut deals” to deliver Republican votes for some complete garbage that passed.

Then, there is this tweet.

Once piece of contrary information – Mike Zimmerman, the strategic director for the Assembly GOP Caucus was ousted. He was replaced by now former Tom Lackey Chief of Staff George Andrews. Lackey was a solid opponent of Mayes. It appears that Brian Dahle’s  (The Leader that replaced Mayes) first move has been to reward an opponent of Chad Mayes.

I am going to reserve judgement as my knowledge of Dahle and his Chief of Staff Josh Cook suggest to me that there will be changes, but it did not stop the malignant narcissist Chad Mayes from trying.

Speaking of Kristen Olsen, I’ve spoken to a few people with knowledge of her divorce situation. She has been demonstrating the same sort of arrogance and hubris as her now former boyfriend Chad Mayes. Once the affair became known, her Church confronted her on it, not only did she refuse to accept responsibility or apologize, she showed up to that church multiple times to show everyone who was boss.

It makes sense, then that she’d be at the next CAGOP board meeting, (Chad’s last as leader where he informed the board they would never raise any money again) acting like she was in charge. It also makes sense that she would be out making public appearances. It is as if the preponderance of evidence, including several photos of her with Chad Mayes even while she denied the affair was happening are fake in her mind. Her lack of conscience and complete inabililty to see her own shortcomings should scare us all as much as the same behavior in Chad Mayes did scare many.

Those that helped get Kristen in to the CAGOP Vice Chair slot apparently want her to ride out this storm and run for CA GOP Chair in 2019. Remember, beyond her arrogance, hubris and lack of integrity are the staff within the Assembly GOP Caucus that aborted the GOP Platform multiple times, culminating with Cap and Trade. We will all be told, there is no one else in the North State that can do the job, so we have to elect Kristen… wait for it, it is coming.

Even if Kristen did not have institutional support, anyone that thinks Kristen Olsen will go away on the natural is a fool. Anyone that tries to find an easier softer way should look no further than Chad Mayes’ Narcissistic Rage on his way out the door as a blueprint for how Kristen will deal with anyone and everyone she thinks is disloyal. The only solution is to make sure she is run out of any position of leadership with extreme prejudice.