Feb 122020

Yes, Next to Kirk Uhler is Tami Uhler – Supervising Attorney (without the title) in the TOP RATED Child Support Service Agency in California

In behavior that can be considered nothing less than harassment, Scott Vaughan/Tom Hudson/Suzanne Jones have filed four FPPC complaints against Supervisor Kirk Uhler in just four months. It resembles a two year old throwing spaghetti at the wall, they are praying that something sticks.  Just as the first three complaints were thrown out (see Rejection Letter 1, Rejection Letter 2, and Rejection Letter 3), I have no doubt that Vaughan/Hudson/Jones will be wearing the “Golden Sombrero” soon. (That is a Baseball term for striking out 4 times in the same game)

Since three of the four FPPC Complaints filed by the deranged threesome have been flushed, it is time to speak directly to the small coven of Uhler-Haters. (Most all of whom are suffering from gremlins, imaginary ghosts and other trauma brought on by something being built near their homes)

This is the Uhler-Hater Claim #1 (Team #UDS): The Uhler-haters claim that Kirk “got” his wife an “unadvertised” job with the County. The truth is that Tami Uhler had been a Placer County Deputy District Attorney for five years before taking time off to raise her two children. When Tami Uhler was in the DA’s office, she was a felony prosecutor, she ran the DUI prosecutions and was given the Prosecutor of the Year award twice by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. During that time, she worked side-by-side with fellow prosecutors Scott Owens and Troy Held.  Scott would go on to become the Placer County District Attorney, and Troy would become the Director of Placer County Child Support Services.

In 2009, with both her kids in school full-time, Tami Uhler was ready to go back to work. She met with then-District Attorney Brad Fennochio who encouraged her to apply since Tami had worked for his office previously.  As the letter from Placer County Personnel shows, Tami applied to the DA’s office and was ranked number one on the list to be hired. Since Thomas N Hudson is a tenured civil servant – he of all people would understand the meaning of this letter from Placer County Personnel. It is bullet-proof in court.

During this time, Troy Held had been promoted from Assistant Director of Placer County Child Support Services to Director, and was interviewing for both an Assistant Director and a Supervising Attorney for his department.  Scott Owens, then the Assistant District Attorney, told his friend Troy that Tami had applied to come back to the DA’s office. Troy Held had to fill two open positions and having worked closely with Tami before, reached out to Tami to talk to her about joining his team.

After several meetings, Tami agreed to take the position of Assistant Director. Since Tami was an attorney (even though there was no requirement that the Assistant be an attorney) Troy also put Tami in charge of supervising the attorneys in the office, and never filled the Supervising Attorney position.  By combining the positions, and putting Tami in charge of supervising the attorneys, they saved taxpayers over $2 million in the ten years that Tami has assumed both roles. Read that again – BECAUSE TAMI UHLER WAS HIRED, TAXPAYERS SAVED OVER $2 MILLION!!!

I wish every imaginary gremlin saved the Taxpayers $2Million!!! $2million worth of #UDS.

Recently, the Uhler-haters went full #UDS (not to be confused with #TDS) when, after ten years of supervising the attorneys in her office, Tami Uhler’s position received an equity adjustment to recognize the fact that she was serving two roles in the office.  At the time that Tami got the raise, every attorney that she supervised was making more money than she was… and they reported to her!  Then, when Director Troy Held unexpectedly resigned in July, Tami Uhler assumed his duties while the County has opened a search for a new Director. Unlike her current position, which is not a conflict of interest for the county, should Tami Uhler be promoted to a department head (aka Director) you would not be able to fix the conflict. Thus, the most experienced employee who has supervised all the staff is ineligible for the position until Kirk Uhler has finished serving as a Supervisor.

So, what has the leadership of Tami Uhler meant to the Department, other than saving taxpayers over $2 million?  For the first time EVER, the Placer County Department of Child Support Services IS RANKED #1 IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!  The Department was ranked 38th in the state when Tami joined ten years ago.  Now it is the best in the state.

Having had my own wife attacked repeatedly by political cowards who call her work, cyber stalk her, or Church Leaders retaliating against her to get to me – I am 100% in tune with what it is like having a spouse used as a punching bag. You’d think that Suzanne Jones would have exercised more discretion before taking what she was fed by Scott Vaughn, Thomas N Hudson and others. They are all cowards for going after Kirk Uhler’s wife.

The #UDS crowd are left with a Storage Unit full of political mess when the actual facts are looked at. #1 Tami Uhler had pre-existing experience and successful experience prosecuting felonies at that. #2 Because Tami Uhler worked for the county, a position worth $2Million over 10 years was unneeded. #3 Because Tami Uhler has been in a position of responsibility in Placer County’s Child Support Unit – Placer County has gone from #38 to #1 in the 58 Counties of the State of California in that metric.

The vote on the recent equity adjustment (the first one her position has received since she started in 2009) was 4-0, I will leave you to guess which of the five supervisors did not vote on that raise. (Hint, the last name starts with U)

In the 4th and final complaint Scott Vaughn, who clearly had help by an attorney in the 4th claim accused the entire board of corruption. The text of the complaint sounded like something being read in the halls of congress. It appears that the deranged Uhler Haters – team #UDS can’t see past the storage facility to understand that their county is a safer place because both Uhlers know how to put bad guys in Jail. Felons, Drunk Drivers, Deadbeat Dads, and Kirk getting more Law Enforcement on the streets.

When the facts are laid out, it is the brutal reality against the worn-out recycled arguments of team #UDS that ring absurd.

Overqualified for the position.

Saved the County $2Million.

#1 Child Support Agency in California.


Jan 222020

Full disclosure – I am Kirk’s Campaign Manager.

Lousy place for a postal smudge – should read 27% rate hike.

The intention is to be simple and straightforward. The Placer GOP endorsed Kirk Uhler and here’s why. If you live in Center-East Roseville and Granite Bay – please join me in voting for Kirk Uhler.

Dec 232019

Here’s the recap on the Tour-de-Uhler vs Suzanne Jones.

Kirk Uhler’s record:

Stopped numerous proposed county fee increases
Pro-Growth Vote
Pro-Law Enforcement Vote
Helped get CA-65 Improvements Funded
Has been addressing homelessness for a decade or more
Has dealt with shortages during the recession and maintained solvency for the county
Opposed runaway spending, built strong reserve
Lone vote against Sanctuary State at board of supervisors
Recruited Bonnie Gore to run for Supervisor against Jack Duran
Led Fight Against 27% Pioneer Energy Rate Increase
Provided material aid and support to the Informed Parents of Rocklin

Kirk Uhler also raised money used to take out Rene Aguilera, David Larson and Jack Duran from local office – three activist liberal democrats

Apparently, Suzanne Jones does not like this sort of leadership from Kirk Uhler

Here’s the Tour-De-Suzanne:

2008 – Ran for Congress (Then CA-01) Against McClintock and Ose, finishing 3rd ahead of only Theodore Terbolizard in the GOP Primary (Lost)
2010 – Ran for Assembly (AD-05) Against Andy Pugno in the GOP Primary. (Lost)
2010 – Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2012 – only regular election in last 12 years Suzanne Jones was not on the ballot
2014 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education (briefly ran for US Senate earlier in the year)
2016 – Ran for AD-06 against Kevin Kiley and Bill Halldin (Lost)
2018 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2020 – Running against Kirk Uhler for Supervisor

Bonus: 2017 – applied for vacancy on San Juan Water Board.

While Suzanne Jones has spent over a decade shopping various offices, Kirk Uhler has been making a difference in Placer County.

Everyone in Local Government will verify that Kirk Uhler was the prime mover behind Bonnie Gore challenging Jack Duran. He helped her raise a ton of money as well.

It seems nonsensical that Suzanne Jones would challenge Kirk Uhler unless she wants to usher in a dem majority on the board of supervisors.

During the 2016 Assembly campaign I observed that Suzanne Jones would change her stripes to suit her audience if she believed it would help her get votes. Perhaps this is why her in lieu petitions for her current effort were circulated by some of the most notorious anti-growth democrats in Granite Bay. Perhaps this is also why she was happy to do an event with Viktor Behket and several local democrat activists.

Note: all four donors showing publicly are democrats

Just note – Suzanne Jones told Dennis Revell she was going to resign as First Vice Chair of the Placer GOP if he was ousted as Chairman, yet here she still is. Can you rely on her to be true to anything she says? It is a fair question and one I have asked watching her run for damn near anything she can file for in the 12 years she has been politically active.

Some people I know are upset that Kirk Uhler endorsed Jim Holmes – who also endorsed Kirk. The record of Uhler is unassailable. So, let’s tell a Kirk and Jim Story.

Did you know that when the final, fateful vote was to occur on Pioneer Energy’s proposed massive rate hike came down the pipe – Jim Holmes called Kirk Uhler to ask him how he was supposed to vote on the issue. With Holmes opposing the 27% rate hike, that ended the debate forever. It is because of Uhler’s relationship with his colleague that this happened. Would Suzanne Jones be able to pull this off?

Placer County has seen far less of a homeless problem than surrounding counties – Kirk Uhler’s leadership on the issue, empowering law enforcement and making sure there is extra homeless shelter space are in part the reasons why.

Placer County has lower crime than most surrounding counties – It is because of a well-managed County budget enabling solid numbers of Sheriff Deputies this has happened.

Placer County is one of few counties in California that would not be in fiscal jeopardy if there was a recession. Why? Kirk Uhler’s leadership on matters of budget and spending.

Suzanne Jones has run for major office 3 times and lost. Yet for some reason she is taking issue with Mr. Uhler’s record as a supervisor and his leadership in dealing with democrats in local office.

She has been making base personal attacks against Mr. Uhler and against his wife. Between her repeated failure, cavorting with liberal democrats and her lack of character demonstrated by bringing a candidate’s family in to the field of fire, she has proven she does not deserve serious consideration.

If you’re a resident of Placer County’s 4th Supervisory District and you like where you live and your quality of life, you value integrity in leadership and you value leadership period your choice is Kirk Uhler.

To be continued…

Dec 172019

I’ve been called crazy. I’ve been called a squish. But in 2016, I got called a racist on Fox 40 by Viktor Bekhet who went berserk over a website I made about him. I was helping Kirk Uhler get re-elected (Kirk smashed Bekhet by 20% in 2016). The TV story, if it is still up, is hysterically funny as the soundbites that Fox 40 used from me just made Bekhet sound like a moron.

When Viktor – a democrat turned DTS when he moved from the Bay Area to Granite Bay just three years earlier – was running for Supervisor against Kirk Uhler, Suzanne Jones (running for Assembly… again) and Viktor were walking each other’s stuff. I saw it with my own eyes as I was working for Bill Halldin’s Assembly campaign and keeping a watchful eye on Kirk’s re-election.

I’ve still never figured out what her assembly campaign slogan meant.

Mik Mikaluco – one of the most bizarre and entertaining candidates ever

Some people on the Placer GOP Cent Com were trying to defeat Kirk Uhler, even though Kirk was the endorsed candidate of the Placer Cent Com.  I think several of them did not know Kirk and may well have been following Tom Hudson and Suzanne Jones’ lead. Deborah Jackson and Ken Campbell, both former officers in the Placer GOP, actually showed up as a donor to Viktor Bekhet against the Republican Kirk Uhler, writing checks to Bekhet while sitting members of the Placer GOP.

I worked for pay for Bill Halldin in 2016 and again in 2018 when I helped elect him to Rocklin Council. Halldin in 2010 was an opponent to the Placer CRA, siding with the electeds and the moderates in Cent Com disagreements. Over time, however after getting to know the players and situations, he changed his positions on a lot of the internal party stuff. We also became good friends as well. When he told me he was going to run for Assembly, I did not care who else was running. I also donated $1000 of the pay I was getting from his Assembly campaign back to his campaign. Uhler also gave Halldin a large check despite, having opposition from his own party for his re-election.

Suzanne was part of the chorus of candidates attacking Mr. Halldin because it was believed that Halldin was performing well despite the presence of Kiley, Pugno, Hanley, Jones, Cristi Nelson (where the hell is she now?), Mik, Nutty Bo and two Democrats in the race. It is my opinion that in her desperation to gain traction, Suzanne Jones aligned herself with all of the Granite Bay NIMBY Uhler-haters supporting Viktor Bekhet. I saw little presence from Jones outside of Granite Bay.

Similar to 2012, Charles Munger and Crew poured $2 Million in to attacking Andy Pugno 9(!) times in the mail. Even so, Pugno barely missed the runoff against Kevin Kiley. All totaled, based on my research, Luis Buhler directed over $3 Million of Charles Munger’s money in to attacking the author of Proposition 8. While $250K of Munger’s money went towards Bill Halldin, Bay Area liberals poured over $1Million in to Kevin Kiley, including a furious $400K rampage in the last 10 days of the election.

That fall, Kirk Uhler and I would work on a major project in Placer County using separate PACS. We were not coordinated as we had separate PACs, but Kirk sent the Placer CIR (that I had become President of) $40K+ and we used the money to target 4 Democrats for elimination:

RJUHSD Trustee Rene Aggielairuh
RCSD Trustee Gary Miller
RUSD Trustee Camille Maben
RCSD Candidate and Planning Commissioner David Larson

We smoked Rene Aggielairuh, running him off the RJUHSD Board. Gary Johnson, Julie Hirota and Paige Stauss won. Andrew Tagg, who got endorsed by the Placer CRA and GOP, would ultimately get appointed to fill my mother’s vacancy months later as my family moved back to Reno, where my brother and I had been born.

We smoked David Larson so bad that he left the County.

Maben, who was used to being the top vote-getter, was re-elected only because the third place finisher was a first time candidate with no help. Someone (I suspect Wendy Lang) filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer CIR PAC over the mailer, and almost four years later it is still ongoing.  Rumor has it Newsom has ordered the FPPC to retaliate against anyone that took money from the charter schools (the Placer CIR took $4400 from them in 2016).

Gary Miller was re-elected because our friend Doyle Radford put “Labor Organizer” (or something similar) as his ballot title. DOH! Radford is a Construction Worker and Supervisor whose shop is Unionized.

Put that in perspective – while several GOP Cent Comm members, led by Suzanne Jones,  were helping a non-Republican attempt to unseat Kirk Uhler, Uhler was laying the foundation to take out several bad Democrats from local office, as I had no idea he’d give the Placer CIR PAC $40K+ to use.

The result? The RCSD is a 3-2 Republican Board, the RJUHSD is a 4-1 Republican Board which just voted along those same party lines to renew the charter of the John Adams Academy. I also believe 100% that the money that the Placer CIR spent is why Andrew Tagg was appointed and then re-elected without opposition in 2018.

Those of you that are part of the Informed Parents of Rocklin take a look at this: The money that Kirk raised and then gave to the Placer CIR PAC was used to produce this mailer as well:

When you think of the informed parents of Rocklin – remember that Kirk Uhler gave the Placer CIR the money that we used to nuke Camille Maben. Without Kirk Uhler donating to the Placer CIR PAC, we would have not taken out the two dems and shone light on Camille Maben.

P.S. Kirk Uhler supported Ted Cruz before honoring the will of the GOP Primary voters and supporting candidate Trump.

Then there is the small matter of 2018, as Kirk Uhler would continue to assert himself as a political leader in Placer County.

Dec 122019

It was 2015. The California Republican Assembly was in the midst of another internal leadership war. Between 2012 and 2014, we had been stripping away fraudulent CRA Chapters that were being used to control and manipulate endorsements. It would be when that effort got close to the CRA Units in Ventura, Santa Clarita and other parts of Northern LA that we triggered a fierce response. None of the chapters we flagged in 2014 exist anymore, but in 2015 the people that controlled them executed a successful Coup.

Tom Hudson was the State President of the CRA when at a May 2015 Board Meeting, the CRA voted 30-13 to expel George and me from the CRA with a lifetime banTom Hudson appointed 17 of the board members who voted that day. I’ve had a few members of the CRA’s Board apologize to me privately later over that incident, I’ve even reconciled with Steve Frank, but not Tom Hudson, despite years of fighting political battles on the same side as him.

One of the main reasons used to expel me from CRA was this blog and that I was too liberal for CRA. I kid you not. I read the manifesto they put together.  It was like Alice in Wonderland, and not dissimilar to the impeachment effort by the Dems in its’ absurdity.

At the time, Kirk Uhler was President of the Placer CRA and I was immediate past President. We had started a PAC for the Placer CRA when I was President, but under Uhler’s watch we were using it regularly. Knowing that the outcome of the CRA’s coup was preordained (just three months after George and I were re-elected to our state board positions, speaking of nullifying an election), Uhler joined with us in the effort to launch the California Impact Republicans.

The CIR was started by a group of 5 CRA Officers. The Coup had also claimed the State President of the CRA John Briscoe, who had defeated Celeste Greig and Steve Frank some years earlier. The CIR has grown to 12 Chapters in 11 counties organically as we have recruited few, if any members from CRA.

Kirk, George and I shut the Placer CRA down and Tom Hudson re-started it with Ed Rowen. It is that simple.

But, the genesis of the issues between Tom Hudson and Kirk Uhler started in 2015 with the Placer CRA shutdown and the founding of the CIR, which Hudson attempted to thwart.

My expulsion from the CRA for being a moderate, amongst other things, was like being liberated from a leper colony, and I’ve had no shortage of paid political work since. I still call abortion murder.  I still look at the Bible and compare it to what is socially acceptable.  I still resent my tax bills.  But, I created a second Facebook account for politics full of RINO memes in honor of those that called me a RINO or a “moderate” during the insanity of 2010-2015.

Then, we have the small matter of the 2016 election. This is where we welcome Suzanne Jones back to the series when we continue with Part 8