Feb 202023

Never Forget, I am watching you…

In case you missed it, Former Eureka USD Board Member Eric J Bose passed tragically of cancer. While 2 seats on that board changed hands recently, there is a lot more work to do in order to break the democrat-Eureka Schools Foundation stranglehold on that district.

Also in Granite Bay, many of you will remember the democrat-nimby coalition that rallied against Kirk Uhler to elect the disturbed Suzanne Jones supervisor in Sup D4. One of the things they did was to file 10 FPPC complaints against Uhler. (One of which affected your intrepid blogger as well) 7 of the complaints were dismissed without follow up because they were frivolous. The other 3 were closed without any fine or action.

IN addition, the same Democrats and Nimbys complained to the attorney general about Mr. Uhler’s wife getting a pay raise (for the first time in 10 years, mind you). The leftist coalition had convinced themselves that Uhler had engineered this raise for himself. The correct answer is that Uhler never discussed it with anyone and did not participate in closed sessions, open sessions or any other meetings of any sort. The AG’s office interviewed a ton of people and subpoenaed documents.

While Suzanne Jones lied about this fact (and later hired a family member herself after savaging Kirk over his Wife’s job in a different part of Placer Government)… the vindication came years later but only after the crazed Nimby-democrat coalition had successfully lied about Uhler enough to elect the crazed Suzanne Jones.

You can count on Suzanne Jones and her Nimby-democrat coalition to scream cover up as their cognitive dissonance and inherent dishonesty prevents them from acknowledging reality. (Note that the AG, was Xavier Becerra who is now a piece of the Biden Administration, what Irony)

Crazy Suzy is going to feel like a political piñata soon. No one I know likes her. Everyone I know wants her gone… well maybe Thomas N Hudson still likes her. Like I said no one likes her.

Given that Suzanne’s campaign was built on a foundation of lies and her behavior since election has been as corrupt as anything you’d see in Placer County, there should be a five-alarm fire in the Swan Lake area for quite a while.

Right now, before some star-struck also rans decide to jump in, Jones has a single opponent. Bruce Houdesheldt opted not to pursue the run. I will have more to say about Sup D4 for sure.

In Sup D3, there is clarity coming as well.

I have met with Mike Murray and laid out for him what I believe his benchmarks should be. If Murray can not produce the endorsements and fundraising, he will not be a viable candidate. If he does, Dave Butler will have a race.

Your intrepid blogger prefers Dave Butler out of the field as it is currently, for a myriad of reasons I will lay out at a later time.

The race has become clearer now that Mr. Rocklin, Ken Broadway has decided to stay on the Rocklin City Council. Broadway is loved and popular in Rocklin. I met with him recently and we had a pretty frank conversation about his life and circumstances. Broadway asked the right questions and I believe made the right decision. It is exceedingly rare for someone that would have been as viable as Broadway would have been to withdraw.

Please note that your Intrepid Blogger is endorsing Ken Broadway for Rocklin City Council should he decide to run for a third term. This is not negotiable.

I have been told by several that Greg Janda is retiring, this will create an open seat. David Bass who is still not a Republican and Ken Broadway are the two incumbents that are likely to run for re-election.

To be continued…

Sep 152020

That’s correct, Placer voted 5-0 (including Holmes) to lift the State of Emergency that has been strangling Placer Businesses and re-opens our schools. (Note: Placer County Superintendent of Public Instruction Gayle Garbolino-Mojica is an activist liberal democrat who was one of the first to order a shut down of schools, before the state mandate)

Placer County was the first county and it is expected that other Northern Counties would follow suit – this is the significance of Jim Holmes talking to liberal Republican former Police Union Chief Leonard Moty to sabotage efforts in Shasta. Only Les Baugh voted to end the State of Emergency in Shasta. Leonard Moty’s attack was apparently pivotal in keeping Shasta strangled and under Newsom’s thumb.

Exclusive to Right on Daily Blog – check out the embedded video and listen for yourself to Supervisor Leonard Moty setting fire to Jim Holmes as his source. The sound quality is poor so turn up your volume a bit.

Kirk Uhler has been making viral videos over the flawed data that is being used to shut California down for 6 months (most of them after losing re-election mind you). Most of the time, “Lame Duck” electeds go away quietly. Uhler has millions of Facebook views on his page since losing re-election.

Note – the woman Kirk lost to is an 8 time candidate who will say anything to get votes. She was elected by the democrats in her district that voted overwhelmingly for her (I know, I was Uhler’s Campaign manager) and at the Placer GOP meeting following the 5-0 vote she trashed the vote to lift the state of Emergency. The Placer GOP should take a 2/3 vote and expel her from the committee.

Back to the video: the key takeaways are Moty calls Uhler angry, a lame duck and a disruptive force on the Placer County Board of Supervisors and identifies Jim Holmes as the source of his info.

Here is the significance of this map. I have circled where Jim Holmes Lives. His property line at Bell and Joeger Rd is literally part of the District Boundary! Back in 2010, Placer County Staff had to rig the map to keep Jim Holmes in Supervisor District 3. They had to bring District 5 – which goes all the way to the Nevada border clear down to Newcastle. They also had to disenfranchise the Second Largest City in Placer County – Rocklin, by splitting it between two supervisor districts in order to Keep Jim Holmes out of Supervisor District 5. (Note: the 2020 maps are not out yet)

In 2022, Jim Holmes will be in Supervisor District 5 which would force him to have to run against Cindy Gustafson. He would not beat her, because most in the area are well aware of Holmes duplicity. Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln have all grown, while the rest of the county has not. It is likely that Supervisor District 5 will include all of North Auburn, Auburn, Newcastle, Penryn and maybe Loomis.

In 2006, when Kirk Uhler (whom Jim Holmes and Leonard Moty trashed in the Shasta BOS Meeting) was appointed to the board, Jim Holmes was the lone holdout vote 2 times. With only one vote left before the vacancy would have been filled by Arnold Schwarzenegger due to lack of unanimity, Ron Bakin from the Granite Bay Community Association (an anti-growth NIMBY group that helped Suzanne Jones in 2020) stood up and told Holmes to vote for Uhler as they did not want Arnold appointing some loser to the position.

Only then did Jim Holmes relent. However, as you can tell – 14 years later Holmes still hates Uhler.

People interested in re-opening California need to share this blog as people need to let Jim Holmes and Leonard Moty know how you feel about their backroom deal to screw over the hard working people of Northern California.

If you have any tips about Jim Holmes talking to people in your county – let me know at aaron@rightondaily.com

Please note: Right on Daily endorsed Mike Murray against Jim Holmes in 2020. Holmes won with 54% of the vote despite winning in 2016 with 76% of the vote.

Mar 022020

📝 From the Desk of Ray Johnston

Dear Kirk,

I just got back in town and had to write to let you know of my love and support for you. I know that politics can be a contact sport. But that should be focused on issues and performance and I’ve been surprised by some of the personal attacks on you and your character. That’s why I am writing.

We have been friends for a long time. I have great memories including marrying you to the love of your life – and just like me you married way out of your league!

You and your parents meant more to me than you would know when you all jumped in early to help us launch Bayside Church. Without your Family and especially your mom Cindy I don’t think this church exists.

All of that to say I was saddened after witnessing the recent personal attacks against you. I’ve read the reports and heard the claims. There are plenty of people with whom I disagree on policy, but I would never assail their character. Our country is getting very tired of the personal attacks during elections rather than intelligent conversations about issues.

Not only am I sorry that you are experiencing this I want you to know that you have my support! For 30 years I have watched you serve our community and live with integrity.

And by the way you have my permission share this with whoever you want.

Ray Johnston – Senior Pastor, Bayside Church

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing, suit, night and indoor
Kirk Uhler led efforts to fix the I80-CA65 Interchange.
Only Placer Supervisor to oppose Sanctuary State (2018 action)
Led efforts to stop commercial marijuana grows in Placer County
Stopped proposed 27% rate increase for pioneer energy
Feb 262020

Here’s the recap on the Tour-de-Uhler:

Kirk Uhler’s record:

Stopped numerous proposed county fee increases
Pro-Growth Vote
Pro-Law Enforcement Vote
Helped get CA-65 Improvements Funded
Has been addressing homelessness for a decade or more
Has dealt with shortages during the recession and maintained solvency for the county
Opposed runaway spending, built strong reserve
Lone vote against Sanctuary State at board of supervisors
Recruited Bonnie Gore to run for Supervisor against Jack Duran
Led Fight Against 27% Pioneer Energy Rate Increase
Provided material aid and support to the Informed Parents of Rocklin

Kirk Uhler also raised money used to take out Rene Aguilera, David Larson and Jack Duran from local office – three activist liberal democrats

Everyone in Local Government will verify that Kirk Uhler was the prime mover behind Bonnie Gore challenging Jack Duran. He helped her raise a ton of money as well.

It seems nonsensical that Suzanne Jones would challenge Kirk Uhler unless she wants to usher in a dem majority on the board of supervisors.

The record of Uhler is unassailable. So, let’s tell a Kirk Uhler and Jim Holmes Story.

Did you know that when the final, fateful vote was to occur on Pioneer Energy’s proposed massive rate hike came down the pipe – Jim Holmes called Kirk Uhler to ask him how he was supposed to vote on the issue. With Holmes opposing the 27% rate hike, that ended the debate forever. It is because of Uhler’s relationship with his colleague that this happened.

Placer County has seen far less of a homeless problem than surrounding counties – Kirk Uhler’s leadership on the issue, empowering law enforcement and making sure there is extra homeless shelter space are in part the reasons why.

Placer County has lower crime than most surrounding counties – It is because of a well-managed County budget enabling solid numbers of Sheriff Deputies this has happened.

Placer County is one of few counties in California that would not be in fiscal jeopardy if there was a recession. Why? Kirk Uhler’s leadership on matters of budget and spending.

If you’re a resident of Placer County’s 4th Supervisory District and you like where you live and your quality of life, you value integrity in leadership and you value leadership period your choice is Kirk Uhler.

To be continued…

Feb 262020

First note – Kirk Uhler’s re-election has been very interesting. A small group of supporters of his opponent have been quite nasty using social media. In contrast, we (Team Uhler) have not attacked nor even mentioned the name of his opponent in any official campaign material. The only mentions have been on this blog before the campaign started. I have screenshots and email forwards that are going to paint the full picture.

This campaign has featured Uhler-Haters attacking the man’s family, making it a center-piece of their opposition. It has also featured the First Vice-Chair of the Placer GOP talking like a democrat to certain groups of people. The Placer GOP endorsed Kirk despite her position within the party. I will be following up soon as I am focused on completing the re-election of Kirk and at a time of my choosing I will be laying out the sordid details for all to see.

I am re-posting this photo so you can see Kirk’s family who have been dragged in to the middle of this campaign. Jaden, Tami, Kirk and Jacy.

As I had written about a few weeks in the past, the DA of Placer County Resigned. There will be an appointment to replace him.

I filed a public records request with the County of Placer related to several known instances of Jeff Wilson being the volatile, temperamental bully I have been told he is. It is always interesting dealing with attorneys in politics as the truth gets shredded, manipulated and fabricated with inpugnity.

Jeff Wilson’s abusive behavior is known to have cost Placer County at least $3 Million. If you know of more cases than those below, please email me at aaronfpark71@yahoo.com, you can remain anonymous.

“In 2018, the parties settled the case. The website of https://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/search/?a=placer-county&q=bjork&y=2018  shows that Placer County paid Ms. Bjork $528,000.00  in 2018 though her employment had been terminated in 2014.”
I have learned through a public records act request that the actual amount paid to settle Karin Bjork’s lawsuit against Placer County for the actions of current acting D.A. Jeff Wilson was $2,000,000.00, not $528,000.00.  Do not leave out the fact that it cost Placer County $896,053.00 to defend the civil service case and the lawsuits. That is $2.9 Million on just one case.
Remember, this is the woman that Wilson referred to as a b—h and a c–t among other things.
Additionally, the cost to Placer County regarding former D.A. employee Carl Mayhew was $45,000.00 to settle his case against the County, plus $28,332.75 in defense costs.
I am told that Mayhew took a severance and decided not to pursue his case further despite the records showing clearly that Jeff Wilson violated county policy.
The cost to Placer County regarding the investigation into Jeff Wilson’s violation of the county policy against sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation was $40,500.00.  The former employee in that case was Todd Kuhnen.
Jeff Wilson is reputed to be an image conscious bully with a hair-trigger temper. It sure looks like Public Records Prove it.
NOTE: Anyone that wants to tell their story please contact me at aaronfpark71@yahoo.com. You can remain anonymous. Also, I will be happy to send the 120 pages of public records I obtained to anyone that requests them. The records prove the above amounts that Jeff Wilson’s behavior cost the County of Placer.
In our next installment we are going to follow up on Jeff Wilson going full Eric Holder / Barack Hussein Obama. Wilson tried to lynch a cop in Rocklin. For anyone that is not a rabid social justice warrior or a soft-on-crime anti-police activist, this case is disturbing. It illustrates that a Jeff Wilson DA office will hang a target on law enforcement whenever there is an opportunity for self-promotion available.

In addition, according to PORAC (A police officer’s union type group, that actually endorses a lot of Republicans too), Jeff Wilson may well have attempted to lynch a Rocklin Police Officer.

Usually overzealous prosecutions of Cops are typically done by leftist social justice warriors or people looking to make a name for themselves. Quoting an article from PORAC:

Any police officer who wants to know how the power of video evidence in a use-of-force case can potentially derail a career and throw a police family into despair should talk to Rocklin Police Officer Brad Alford. Due in large part to his thoughtful, forthright and powerful testimony at his own trial, a Placer County jury recently acquitted Alford of felony criminal charges of assault with a deadly weapon and assault under color of authority, as well as a lesser misdemeanor charge of battery. The jury deliberated for slightly more than two hours.

This is not a pretty story on a lot of levels, but it’s one that should be told.

If there was a video, why did Jeff Wilson prosecute this case? An acquittal in around two hours is rare and the Jury apparently asked no additional questions.

It gets better, the PORAC attorney goes in to this diatribe before laying out the actions of Jeff Wilson:

Although I have represented cops in criminal cases in many counties in this state, this was my first police criminal case in Placer County, and I do not intend to downplay my criticism of the way the Placer County District Attorney’s Office initially charged this case, the way it prosecuted the case and the way it conducted itself in the immediate aftermath of the not guilty verdicts against Brad Alford.

Please see our first post about Jeff Wilson here.

Please note that I am following up on several rumors. I’ve been told as many as 6 current complaints may or may not exist against Jeff Wilson. I have no proof other than heresay – HOWEVER, the other documented actions of Wilson indicate that it is 100% plausible there are investigations going on. It took the county 4 weeks to respond to my PRA and I was told by several that the County Counsel’s Office is not very happy right now.

The Placer County Board of Supervisors could dispense with this by encouraging Jeff Wilson to retire and/or withdraw his candidacy for DA.

On the subject of pending investigations – I asked for records surrounding time cards and vacation time related to the 1-14-2020 dog and pony show it appears Jeff Wilson and some of his sycophants staged at the 1-14-2020 Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting. The County cut the request to shreds citing several codes. If anyone reading this has any information or proof of coercion related to the 1-14-2020 Board of Supervisors meeting where 20+ employees of the Placer County DA’s office (appear to have been coerced in to) attended/ing, singing Jeff Wilson’s praises – I’d be grateful. Again, you can remain anonymous.

As long as Jeff Wilson is continuing to seek the DA’s position, your intrepid blogger will continue.

P.S. Please note that the Placer County GOP Central Committee has endorsed Morgan Gire. I am an appointed member of that Committee and thus and pointing this out to honor the endorsement rendered and to make clear where I stand on the issue at hand. I was not present at the meeting where the endorsement was made.