Oct 112016

I support Measure M because the average person will add 4 hours a week back in to their life in the form of time not lost stuck in traffic.

I support Measure M because businesses will either stay or locate in Placer County because it will be much less difficult to navigate the freeways.

I support Measure M because the projects built will benefit our area long after I have gone. The Placer Parkway has been a 30 year dream and getting I-80 the rest of the way out of the 50’s are a big deal, but pale in comparison to fixing the Jerry-Brown NIMBY/BANANA inspired 65/I-80 Interchange which was designed to thwart the extension of 65 down the Sierra College / Hazel Corridor.

I support Measure M because while I have no Children of my own, other people do and their Children will get safer routes to school in the form of trails, paths, sidewalks and wider roads diverting traffic away from smaller streets that schools are commonly on.

I support Measure M because it will actually bring cleaner air – idling cars stuck in traffic are toxic and worse waste a lot of gas.

I support Measure M because at an average cost of $63 a year a HOUSEHOLD (not a person), it saves an estimated $370 a year in vehicle maintenance and at least $800 a year in wasted gas. (at $2.50 a gallon)

How much is 4 more hours a week worth?

Who wouldn’t spend $63 to save $1000+?

Let me answer that. A collection of short-sighted nimbys engaging in dog whistle politics.

Kevin Hanley lied in his recent column and the ballot argument against (written by a man proven to be ethically challenged, Thomas N Hudson) is equally as deceptive.

The money can’t be stolen by the State Government. It is written in to the constitution. They claim otherwise.

The Money has to be spent on what is specifically written in to the measure. This is clearly delineated. This is also a provision in the California State Constitution. Only 1% can be spent on administration, they claim otherwise with hyperbolic claims of fraud and corruption.

After Measure M passes, perhaps they should volunteer to serve on the citizen’s oversight committee that Measure M calls for.

Hanley’s column suggested that the County could jack up developer fees to pay for the projects in Measure M. This is a Lie, and Mr. Hanley knows it. If he does not, then Auburn was wise to depose him as a council-member and the Chamber should terminate him post-haste. The developer fees are at their Constitutionally allowed maximum, meaning raising them is illegal.

Is Mr. Hanley proposing local government waste millions of limited funds defending lawsuits they will certainly lose? Or, is Mr. Hanley proposing a constitutional amendment to raise developer fees?

Hanley infested the state government for years as has Thomas N Hudson (who still does) – both have participated in writing legislation and they should know what the state Constitution says. Hudson works for the taxing authority, how his public stance on a tax measure is not a conflict of interest is only something ethically challenged lawyers could machinate.

For a pair of so-called Conservatives, they sure have selective constitutional memory loss when it suits them. (Not to mention Hanley’s support of serial tax-raiser John “Obamacare” Kasich for President)

The issue for Hudson and Ken Campbell is their long standing history of Nimby-ism combined with pseudo conservative party-of-no politics. The issue for Kevin Hanley is a desperate need for relevance even though he was rejected soundly by the voters of an assembly district he does not live in.

While these people hide behind their veneer of so-called conservative values – this Conservative and many others are trying to fix a long-term problem that will save average people 15-20 times their personal cost of doing so. Measure M will remove a major barrier to economic development, enhance personal safety, and improve quality of life by slashing commute times.

That sounds like one heck of a conservative agenda. Acknowledging as such would mean that Mr Hanley, Campbell and Hudson would have to be team players and drop their ideological narcissism. This would shake their very existence to its’ core.

Kevin Hanley had years to fix the system. Instead, he was a part of it and lived so well off of it that he was able to spend $130K+ of his own money on an assembly race. Tom Hudson had years to fix the system and he makes $166k a year off of it, with benefits no average Californian will ever see and cries poor to anyone who will listen. Now they are both on a vainglorious personal rampage for relevance at the expense of all of us.

Kevin Hanley and Thomas N Hudson are going to receive six-figure pensions for life at all of our expense. While they are living large retiring in their early 60’s, they prefer so see the rest of us who still have to work stuck in traffic.

Sep 202016

What a headline you may exclaim.

5711841For those of you with short memories, allow your intrepid blogger to remind you about Kevin “Tropical Depression” Hanley. (“Hurricane” Hanley is what he called himself in the AD06 campaign.) Kevin Hanley was deign to tell people that the Chamber of Commerce he was the CEO of was in fact, Auburn.

Auburn is not in AD06. Kevin Hanley had to pull a Gaines and move to run in AD06.

During the ill-fated campaign that saw Mr. Hanley blow through $130k+ of his own money despite having the fundraising machine of Congressman Tom McClintock behind him, he was the glorious crusader for truth and justice against funding much-needed transportation improvements.

This great evil is now known as Measure M. Measure M has been necessitated by the inaction of so many in partisan office as well as the priorities of Sacramento which are welfare payoffs to voters. Don’t bother the Tropical Depression with the facts of life in California.

Enter the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson. Hudson apparently does not want Baseline Road widened in front of his lair. As I have written before, the information minister likely has a shrine to money in his living room and anything that takes a dime (in this case about $60 a year) from his shrine is apostasy.

In order to save said $60 a year, Hudson fired up the crane and hoisted himself in to his car to attend the 7:30 AM meeting of the Auburn Chamber’s Government Relations Committee. On or about 9/8/2016 Hudson and Hanley argued in vain against the truth of the need in Placer County.

I am sure Thomas N. Hudson spent an extra $15 on gas getting to the chamber meeting as the Prius was won by his soon-to-be ex-wife at the Casino is with her. So I am sure he drove one of his bought-at-auction 20 year old clunkers. (But, I am sure he is trying to steal the Prius from her in his divorce) One should also wonder if Mr. Hudson was able to make it to his taxpayer funded $166,000 a year job in time after the Auburn Chamber set fire to he and the Tropical Depression. (The Capitol Building is an easy hour from Auburn)

For those of you separating the humorous satire of stupidity from the sad reality, you are probably asking yourself why the CEO of a Chamber of Commerce turned himself in to an advocate on a local issue before the Chamber itself acted?

There was a campaign to win and a vainglorious crusade. During the AD06 campaign, a lot of people had their blinders on as did Hanley. The Tropical Depression hired a pro-gay marriage, pro-marijuana legalization, anti capital punishment, soft-on-abortion recently registered Republican as a campaign operative while campaigning as a hard-right Conservative. I’ve also yet to hear about Mr. Hanley offering his support to our nominees Kevin Kiley or Donald Trump for that matter. (ironically, the “hard-right” Hanley supported John Kasich)

Man on FireWill Kevin Hanley resign his position as CEO of the Auburn Chamber? Did he really mean it when he was attacking people for supporting (what is now known as) Measure M? How can he advocate the position of the Auburn Chamber when he took a hostile action and lost unanimously against?

The Tropical Depression can take solace in the fact that the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister is going to spend his every waking hour (sober or otherwise) trying to keeeeeeeel Measure M. One must avenge the infamy of Measure B.

That is the question everyone should be asking – will Kevin Hanley do the honorable thing and resign his position as CEO of the Auburn Chamber? There is no way anyone can trust him to do his job now that his signature issue has been unanimously endorsed by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.

Jun 102016

Congrats to Mik who almost beat Kevin Hanley despite spending 1/20 of what Hanley did.

148Kevin Hanley was out sign-waiving on Sierra College and Douglas on Election Day. SMH.

I know that Pugno, Kiley and our camp were calling and walking precincts on Election Day, you know to try and scoop up a few last minute votes? Hanley was instead wasting a day on a street corner.

Unfortunately, Hanley is out at least $132,000 of his own money on this effort and also earns another dubious award from the Right on Daily Blog… worst sign ever.



Mr. Hanley’s campaign had posted large 4×8 Signs within City Limits of South Placer Cities, they disappeared and were never replaced elsewhere.

146This lonely, little yard sign on a stick was what Mr. Hanley’s campaign was reduced to in the waning weeks of the campaign.

There is no question that Kevin Hanley was qualified for the job of Assemblymember. However, he was a complete failure as a candidate.

The #AD06 race in 2016 will be talked about for years, but not for reasons that most of the participants want to remember…





131Not to be outdone, Cristi Beckstead-Nelson – which IS her name – wins the worst candidate photo in a mailer ever award. Beckstead-Nelson is my age and is a reasonably attractive woman.

There was a photo on her “Endorsement Envy” Mailer that was horrible. It is not the kind of photo any serious female candidate should ever have on her own advertisements as it was very unflattering.

Beckstead-Nelson is also out at least $138,500 of her (or her Husband’s) money. I shuddered when I realized that some of it was used to pay for distributing this photo in her own mail.

Nelson will likely finish just ahead or of just behind my guy Bill Halldin due in large part to her having the slate cards in an extremely crowded field, being one of two female candidates and having nearly a year head start on her opponents. She had the chance to force Bill Halldin out of the race and she could not convince local leaders to support her.


People searching for reasons why Kevin Kiley won should remember the concept of standing out in a good way. More on that soon…

May 052016

IMG_3776Perhaps because Tropical Depression Hanley lived in Auburn until moving to Roseville (renting a condo) in May of 2015, he is unaware of where private property is.

Undaunted by his multiple violations of private property rights of people in Granite Bay, he decided to have large 4×8 signs installed on the campus of a large tech firm in North Roseville and in several right-of-ways of local HOA’s.


Pictured is an employee of said firm wasting valuable time when he could have been elsewhere on the grounds doing his regular job removing Hanley’s litter on their property. That was a waste of $50 + stakes.

At last night’s candidate debate, Kevin Hanley was quite agitated and aggressive. This video clip will show you that Mr. Hanley looked like he had some sort of neurological condition in his lower abdomen that was causing him discomfort. Don’t take my word for it, watch the clip. The tropical depression was in rare form all night.

Perhaps the tropical depression was simply being disdainful of Bill Halldin, who has out raised him 10-1 and who has all the endorsements he thought he was entitled to?

By the way – we still have a month left. What’s next?

May 042016

IMG_3755My head hurts.

Either Kevin Hanley is ignorant of local sign ordinances or he does not care.

I am wondering why he is not out engaging in activities that will actually get him votes. I am wondering why he has staked the future of his campaign on deploying litter within the city limits of several cities around here.

I won’t bother posting the info on the three city ordinances this sign violates or the private property rights of the HOA whose grass this was staked in violates. I will simply point out that the tropical depression #EPICFAILED in Roseville. (Let me give you one hint – note the fire hydrant that is blocked by the sign.)