Aug 202021

… and insider political BS. My disdain for Kevin Faulconer is 100% because of the dishonest tactics executed by a small, shrinking coven of political consultants and so-called party leaders to whore out what was left of the CAGOP to Faulconer. This is an all-too-common practice and fortunately, the little people were able to stop it this time. I may have been open to considering Faulconer had the insider crap not been happening, despite how liberal the mask-loving, race-pandering, baby-killing Faulconer is.

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When you are in the public eye for years, you say stuff. (Read more here)

So the solution is yet another celebrity. In this case, it is the admitted Libertarian Larry Elder. I had refrained from talking about his ex-girlfriend Alexandra Datig, who he was engaged to. Datig, for her part is the libertarian’s dream, a former prostitute (libertarians love them some narcotics and “victimless” vice) who blew the whistle on Heidi Fleiss.

I had been warned that Elder’s opposition research file was like three-mile-island. I have not been disappointed.

I am not being paid by Kiley or anyone else. IF you read this blog, you will know that Kiley and I are not close and we really don’t like each other that much. Doug Ose had a heart attack, John Cox does not pay his vendors, (but he did pay me) so this leaves Kiley as the best option not named establishment Kevin or Celebrity Johnny-Come-Lately.

What we know about Elder is that he did nothing to aid the recall and like Arnold years ago, swooped in on the backs of other people’s efforts to run in the recall election. That’s strike one.

What I know FIRSTHAND is that Elder DEMANDED the OCGOP, San Diego Recall Group (and a couple of other groups whose identities I will protect to keep them out of the field of fire) un-invited Kiley, Cox, Ose and the others. This means two things, Elder’s Campaign team are overcome with arrogance and cowardice. Elder is not ready for prime-time and his campaign think they would be elevating the others by having their celebrity on the same stage. That’s Strike Two.

We all know there have been a series of debates and Elder has ducked them all. That’s Strike Three.

Elder has not done a thing to help the Republican Party, register voters and the like. Worse, he’s paraded himself as a libertarian. Strike Four.

Welcome to Right on Daily Larry Elder.

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana.

Datig’s claim, which she regards as the culmination of a series of humiliating disputes that made her fearful for her safety and her ability to maintain her sobriety, comes as Elder has gained momentum in the recall to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, with many observers counting him as the likeliest GOP alternative should voters decide to replace the incumbent.

Read more here on this.

I am not surprised one bit. Typically, Celebrities are train-wrecks when you look below the surface.

In a strategy sparking growing concern among grassroots Republican activists, California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder has not only rejected debates with his fellow GOP candidates, but also refuses to be on stage with them at Republican party events.

Elder didn’t appear at a Tuesday debate sponsored by the Sacramento Press Club, and plans to skip another debate Thursday sponsored by KRON and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Elder was a no-show to a Riverside County GOP recall event in July, a move that miffed many local Republican activists, party sources told POLITICO. After agreeing to attend, the talk show host demanded that Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, another candidate, be disinvited — a request denied by Riverside County Republicans.

The following month, Elder was invited to an Aug. 9 San Diego County grassroots recall event, and a separate Aug. 16 Orange County Republican party gathering. He accepted both invites, but again demanded that Assemblyman Kiley be taken off the program, officials said. In both cases, local party representatives granted his request.

With less than one month before the recall election of Gov. Gavin Newsom, Elder’s insistence to put himself at arm’s length from his fellow Republicans — both on the debate stage and on local stages — appears to be a first by a major candidate in state politics.

Read the cited article here

I am not surprised that the weak, spineless Fred Whitaker in Orange County would comply with the demands of Larry Elder. I am also not surprised that Don Dix in Riverside would stand up to Elder’s demand. Elder has distinguished himself as a coward, that despite his alleged stature within the conservative community that he is too much of a coward to mix it up with Kevin Kiley. I’d take the stage with Kiley any day of the week.

Real Republican activists that have not drank the celebrity kool-aid or allowed their geography to disregard Kevin Kiley are off-put by Elder. I’ve talked to a lot of them.

Then there is this video that some hard-headed Elder supporters with Cognitive Dissonance are attempting to downplay. He appears to be as high as a U2 and is talking about Snoop Dogg and smoking weed. You’d think that Elder’s crew would embrace and promote his libertarian values (screw anything, smoke anything, drink anything) to appeal to Gen Z voters and the marijuana generation?

Elder is rightly getting his teeth kicked in for this whole list of stuff and I am sure there is more coming. Oh, and how is Elder qualified to serve as governor? Anyone?

Should Elder win, he will be a black eye on the California Republican Brand and will likely be a 15-month wonder. I am not alone in this opinion, I know some Republicans voting against the recall because they believe that Elder is the prohibitive favorite should the Recall make it. Sad. Another Celebrity interloper.

Kiley? The LA Times gave him the best endorsement EVER:

Aug 052021

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Well it appears that Kevin Faulconer’s coronation is not going smoothly. Faulconer is languishing in Single Digits on the Replacement Question despite having the entire CAGOP establishment completely in the bag for him.

David Stafford Reade, Scott Winn, Andy Gimmecandy (of rage on a older hispanic woman fame), Corey Uhden and the cast of flying monkeys are twisting proxy votes as I type this. They very well could overturn the will of the rank and file CAGOP member who want the party to stay neutral. How many people have Faulconer’s crew bullied or lied to, in order to get their votes?

Enter Suzette Martinez-Valladares and her assistant Brian Shroyer.

So, it has been put to me by more than one person that a lot of people are involved in Suzette’s operation to help her buddy Jessica Patterson and Kevin Faulconer. Jessica Patterson is allegedly neutral in the governor race even as all of her friends are working for him, she has manipulated the CAGOP rules to help him and one could conclude that there is a direct connection between her $250,000 salary and the promised flow of money post Faulconer endorsement.

Suzette Martinez-Valladares is the Assemblymember in AD38. She was elected by a fluke of the top two, drawing Lucie Volotzky also a Republican in the runoff. It appears that her election to the assembly has gone to her head, which is also absent the fact that AD38 is a plurality Democrat district and one needs friends in that circumstance.

Perhaps the dollar signs from the Faulconer cesspool was the tie-breaker.

Your intepid blogger has learned that Suzette and Bryan have threatened the entire staff with termination if they do not vote for Kevin Faulconer on Saturday.

It gets better, several staff (something like 4-5 of them) have been dispatched DURING BUSINESS HOURS to gather proxies for Andy Gimmecandy / Scott Winn in order to be able to rig the endorsement vote for Kevin Faulconer.

Proxy Voting is inherently corrupt. This is one of the reasons. It is rife with abuse and if the allegations are true – and note a lot of people know about this Staffer-Uber routine that was run out of Valladares’ office – this proxy drill has attracted some illegal activity. Item one is absuing taxpayer funds to gather Faulconer proxies and two is a potential labor law violation from threatening staff to take a course of action against their will.

With regard to Bryan Shroyer, he should know better than to participate in this. He has been in the building a long time. I have been told a lot of stories about Shroyer, most of them bad and this is the latest in that string.

IT is my opinion that this needs to be investigated by the appropriate body and Mr. Shroyer should probably consider retiring if indeed he participated in this. Suzette? She already has one foot out the door of the Assembly given the way she has been behaving since her election. Just wow.

Please also note: Votes will be made public, just another way the CAGOP Staff and Kevin Faulconer’s goons can ensure compliance.

Jul 302021

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The following piece is provided by Right on Daily as a public service. It is full of facts with my opinions interspersed within. If you are offended, please email to register your complaint.

Here is the bottom line – Kevin Faulconer has to have the CAGOP endorsement. He needs the bulk mail permit, the multiple accounts the CAGOP has in order for his small donor list to be able to max out multiple times and he needs the special rates a political party get on advertisements. Since he is not Meg Whitman, he has to have control of the party apparatus (as in what’s left of it) in order to maximize his resources. It is also my belief that a lot of the same insider consultants we’ve been writing about for years have tens of thousands of dollars riding on this campaign as well.

Faulconer’s campaign manager Stephen Puetz who I have known to be a platform destroying liberal for the 20 years I’ve seen him around politics, claimed in a public statement that Faulconer thinks a CAGOP endorsement would be divisive. Obviously his comment was parsed consultant speak as Faulconer had a coordinated drill ready to go with the CAGOP Executive committee (7 of the 56 members present are paid by faulconer’s campaign) and had the 200 signatures to qualify for said divisive endorsement quickly.

#1 Kevin Faulconer is chemically dependent upon proxies. The proxies and credentials committee has been loaded with consultants – including several of Faulconer’s paid staff. There were 7 paid staff on the Executive Committee that helped jam down the by-law change and four on the rules committee as well.

IF you are not gathering proxies, you are going to lose.

Use that link and download the form. THE DEADLINE IS 8-7 YOU MAY NEED TO OVERNIGHT THE FORM TO YOUR PREFERRED CANDIDATE. THEY REQUIRE A WET INK SIGNATURE – MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO CROSS OUTS AND THE FORM IS COMPLETE. Scott Winn, Corey Uhden and others professionally paid to gather proxies are on the committee. Also, the chairs of two counties proven to have organized in violation of the CAGOP By-Laws are on that committee. They will be hunting for any excuse to deny proxies they believe are for Elder and Kiley.

Scott Winn, Corey Uhden, David Stafford Reade and others gathered over 300 proxies for Jessica Patterson in February. They will do the same for Faulconer. GET TO WORK.

#2 GO NOMINATE EVERY SINGLE GOP CANDIDATE. The corrupt leadership of the CAGOP are using the same voting system and software that yielded a ton of issues and complaints. The more candidates that qualify for the endorsement, the worse the system will perform and the more it will expose the methods and motivations of the staff. (Note, several of the CAGOP staff are connected to or alumni of Kevin Faulconer)

Please use this link to track the nomination. Please get your personalized email from the CAGOP with the PIN Number to nominate every candidate you know and/or are comfortable with:

As of the typing of this blog, we have Faulconer, Kiley and Elder qualified. Doug Ose is at 158 nominations and needs 200. John Cox is at 83. The more candidates that qualify for the endorsement, the better.

#3 If I was advising the candidates – I’d tell them to spend 8 minutes on themselves and 2 minutes attacking the insider game and corruption on behalf of Kevin Faulconer. Faulconer is in deep trouble over the Ash Street Debacle and the insider machinations that the consultants and the CAGOP insiders have been pulling are absurd. The staffers and consultants that will be on the sham convention meeting on 8-7 need to be humiliated for what they have done. The CAGOP used to mean something, it is now a whore of political insiders and we deserve better.

#4 CAMPAIGNS – THAT MEANS YOU KILEY AND ELDER (and PERHAPS OSE AND COX) PAY PEOPLE’S $50 TO ATTEND THE CONVENTION. When Steve Frank lost in Feb, I know of dozens of his supporters that did not attend the convention because they did not want to pay their $75 just to vote for officers. Many of the over 150 votes I had identified that did not register to vote for Steve are Larry Elder supporters. My fear is that the lack of coordination between Elder and Kiley will leave dozens of votes on the table. This also dovetails with Proxies – the people that bailed on Steve Frank need to get their proxies in to the hands of Elder or Kiley asap and those campaigns need to pay many of their way onto the meeting.

The consultants that control the CAGOP know what they are doing and instituted registration fees as a deterrent to non staffers and non consultants from attending. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER IF YOU ARE A DELEGATE:


#5 RECORD THE MEETING. SCREENSHOT EVERY ISSUE WITH THE PROCESS. The only way the consultants and control agents can be held accountable is constant exposure – this is why I talk about these people by name. Andy Garakhani, David Stafford Reade and others thrive off of living in the shadows controlling outcomes.

#6 NO ENDORSEMENT WILL NOT BE AN OPTION UNITL THERE ARE ONLY TWO CANDIDATES LEFT. If you are supporting anyone not named Kevin Faulconer pay attention to this. If your guy drops off YOU MUST STAY ON UNTIL THE END SO YOU CAN VOTE FOR NO ENDORSEMENT. The CAGOP’s staff will attempt to drag the process out in hopes that non faulconer supporters leave the call.

The Kiley and Elder Campaign need to make sure their delegates (and Ose / Cox should they make it over the line) are informed that they need to stay and vote in opposition to faulconer until the process is complete.

Here is the example of the collapsing ballot so you understand:

OSE, COX, KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER are on the first ballot. There is a vote.

Cox finishes fifth, he’s gone

OSE, KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER advance. Then there is another vote. COX DELEGATES NEED TO STAY AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE (not named Faulconer) AT THIS ROUND.

Ose finishes fourth, he’s gone

KILEY, ELDER and FAULCONER advance, then there is another vote. COX AND OSE DELEGATES NEED TO STAY AND VOTE FOR SOMEONE ELSE (not named Faulconer) AT THIS ROUND.

Kiley finishes third, he’s gone.


The non faulconer candidates need to make sure their people STAY ON THE CALL. They need to pay people in to the convention. They need to gather as many proxies as they can. Then they need to coordinate and make their delegates understand the collapsing ballot per my above example.

If the GOP team works together, we can save the recall from a divisive endorsement and stop the CAGOP insiders and consultants from forcing Arnold/Whitman 3.0 down our throats. It is going to be hard enough to get the recall over the line… (unless the idiot governor issues a lockdown) and we do not need to commit political suicide by endorsing ANY candidate.

Remember, I type this having endorsed both Kevin Kiley and Doug Ose for Governor.

Jul 292021

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Remember Gray Davis? We used to joke about the toll booth at the door of his office. Looks the same for Gavin Newsom and Kevin Faulconer

From 2011 through 2018, the nonprofit has paid Siebel Newsom more than $290,000 per year — $2.3 million in all — for her leadership work and for creating three documentary films on social justice themes, according to the nonprofit’s tax returns.

That’s more than 20% of the $10.4 million it received from contributors. The Newsoms’ tax returns and financial disclosure forms show she has continued to draw a salary since her husband became governor.

Many donations came from California philanthropists, venture capitalists and people who inherited great wealth.

But in recent years, as Newsom’s political star ascended, records show his wife’s nonprofit received more than $800,000 from a dozen corporations that regularly lobby state government on matters affecting their financial bottom lines. In 2015, the year Newsom announced he would run for governor, The Representation Project’s contributions increased by 30% to almost $1.6 million.

Did you know that Kevin Faulconer’s wife has an event planning business? How much you want to bet a bunch of his major donors have used her services?

Pacific Gas & Electric, then facing multiple state investigations for its role in sparking a series of devastating wildfires, was acknowledged as a “champion donor,” indicating a $25,000 donation, according to the program.

AT&T and Comcast, heavily-regulated telecoms that hoped to retain their market dominance in California, each gave $10,000.

Another donor was the Kaiser Permanente health care system, an opponent of a proposal to create a “single-payer” health plan for the state, which the new governor campaigned on. Kaiser’s president at the time, the late Bernard Tyson, was on the event’s host committee.

So was John Fisher, heir to the Gap clothing fortune and owner of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, which wanted state permits for a new stadium.

The flow of corporate donations to Newsom’s wife’s nonprofit that night are part of a pattern, a Sacramento Bee investigation found.


Apparently if you wanted to throw a big bash in Downtown San Diego, Katherine Faulconer was the person to call.

Stuart, who navigated the wingding through the city’s often daunting bureaucracy, runs the couple’s lucrative Restaurant Events business.

The firm arranges with city officials for hard-to-get block closings, police protection, and other city services to accommodate downtown parties whose corporate sponsors are well heeled enough to be able to afford Stuart’s sizable fees.
Katherine Stuart (Faulconer) is Kevin Faulconer’s wife. Perhaps I need to take a look at Faulconer’s donors and see how many have business with the City and Mrs. Faulconer. No rational person could conclude that Faulconer did not influence decisions of city staff with regard to some of these events.
Information I have shows that Mrs. Faulconer’s business has grown in a similar manner to Mz Newsolini’s since their respective husbands have been in office. The details will follow more soon…
He also barred top administration officials, including his wife, from accepting gifts from lobbyists. The moves were intended to reflect Newsom’s “commitment to an administration that exceeds California’s already strong legal standards,” his top aides wrote in a letter to staff announcing the rules.
Newsom hasn’t addressed his wife’s nonprofit.
The Newsoms refused multiple requests to be interviewed for this story through The Representation Project and through spokespeople for the governor’s office and campaign.
I am shocked, I tell you shocked to find out a couple of democrats appear to be abusing their office to make money. Replacing Newsolini with Faulconer is like treating Cancer With Botulsim. The California Republican Party is about to endorse this guy through a rigged process, they must be truly suicidal.
Jul 242021

Please note: The URL is changing to soon. will still point here for a while longer.

UPDATE: Stephen Puetz, quoted in the media saying endorsing one candidate would be divisive, is also a member of the CAGOP Executive Committee. That means 8 of the 93 members of that committee work for Kevin Faulconer. NOT ONE PAID STAFFER FOR ANY OTHER CANDIDATE IS ON THAT COMMITTEE. How this is not self-dealing and corrupt I will never know. Puetz and 6 of his fellow Faulconer paid consultants voted yes on the Endorsement Jam Down amendment. 

Yep – within a couple hours of the gavel dropping on the scripted and pre-ordained CAGOP Executive Committee Meeting to codify the Faulconer Endorsement protocol, emails were already hitting the inboxes of delegates.

The Jam Down is the consultant-driven coronation and mortgaging of the CAGOP to Kevin Faulconer. Changing the by-laws was the critical early step. The sham process has been completed.

Blogger’s Note: The CAGOP had hid the bylaws from their website until the jam down was over. They are linked here so you can download them. Similarly, they hid other things that should mysteriously re-appear now that the consultants that control the CAGOP have completed the second phase of the sham process to mortgage the CAGOP to their paycheck.

Just one more step and the CAGOP is all his!

The CAGOP Executive Committee Meeting happened as expected. Billy Essayli – once a top tier puppet of the establishment for his AD60 run, did the heavy lifting so people like David Stafford Reade and Andy Garakhani could hide in the shadows like the career insiders they are. Essayli was tasked with making sure any amendments and suggestions related to the by-laws change were given a partial birth abortion similar to the belief system of the establishment.

You see, the disease that has infested the establishment (beyond their psychotic desire to control people places and things and beyond their financial harlotry) is that they truly believe that those that disagree with liberal democrats like Faulconer are wrong. Even better, when these people drive the CAGOP train in to the abyss, they stand up and blame all the people they shut out of the process and have abused for years. There is a psychological term for this – Narcissistic Abuse.

I am sure David Stafford Reade will be draining a few extra bottles of scotch after this drill. It got media coverage and a lot of scrutiny.

Did you know that 7 paid Faulconer Consultants are on the Executive Committee? Now you know why her Majesty decreed that 59 people would modify the CAGOP’s By-Laws in lieu of the 1400 delegates!

David Stafford Reade, Andy Garakhani (aka Gimmecandy), Charles Moran, Matt Shupe, Frances Barazza, Mitch Zak and Scott Winn are all on the CAGOP Executive Committee. I believe that Moran and Shupe were not present. No one abstained on the vote, which means the 5 others that were present committed an ethical violation of Robert’s rules by not recusing themselves. Essayli (not on the payroll) to his credit, before serving his consultant master, did request/force the 5 of them to disclose their conflict of interest before voting. (In case it was not clear, those 7 people in the first sentence are on Faulconer’s payroll)

The Jam Down passed 53-6. Rick Marshall and Mark Wright (The Chair of Placer County) fought a battle they knew they were going to lose, forcing a roll call vote and forcing a discussion of what was being done.

The real fireworks happened after the meeting when Andy Gimmecandy went berzerk.

Elvira Moreno was talking to Jessica Patterson and asked her what the CAGOP was going to do about the barrage of “its’ a Republican Recall” ads being run by Gavin Newsom especially during the Olympics.

Andy Garakhani butted in telling Moreno the CAGOP would run ads if she had a $30 million check for the CRP.

Then Gimmecandy blew his stack yelling loudly, calling Moreno a waste of humanity, stated nothing about her is a lady, she is just taking up space, etc – while Jessica Patterson and her cowardly Executive Director Bryan Watkins did nothing.

Yep – Jessica Patterson told Elvira before the confrontation that we latina’s had to stick together, but she refused to call out one of her consultant handlers on his boorish bully behavior. Gimmecandy has a terrible reputation, just like David Stafford Reade for his rage and bullying.

Patterson and Watkins had no problem with their staff calling the FBI on me either, and when it came to policing one of their own – they did nothing while he bullied an older woman. This is yet another example of the corruption, both real and moral of the CAGOP’s leadership.

There were two changes the scrutiny of this process brought – the attempt to make it a 50% +1 endorsement ended up being 60%.

The second is that when they sent out a pre-ordained email after the jam down, it had 20 of the 24 GOP Candidates on it. It was missing Jenny Rae La Roux, Nicholas Wildstar, David Bramante and Joe Symmon… the key here is that delegates were told they could nominate as many as they wanted for the CAGOP endorsement. That is a clear response to your intrepid blogger and others pointing out the 200 signature requirement and its’ effect of limiting the field to just 7 candidates maximum.

This will be continued… but if I am Kevin Faulconer, I am not feeling very good about the 8-7-2021 “Virtual” CAGOP Convention with the same dominion voting systems style software that is being used…

… oh and the By-Law amendment allows proxies at the discretion of the Chair. That is kind of like handing a drunk a case of beer… the proxies are due in Sacramento at noon on Friday 8-6-2021. More on that as we follow up.