Jan 152024

Ken – don’t do Suzanne any favors man.

Please note that two of the three emails were links to blogs your intrepid blogger wrote about Suzanne’s history of appointing liberals to key positions in Placer County. One should not let facts get in the way of personal animus, right?

Check it out for yourself!

Here’s the other one!

I am sure the democrats and greenies Suzanne Jones appointed appreciate the passionate defense Ed and Ken have provided them.

This, ladies and gentlemen is what Ken and others have done to re-marginalize the Placer GOP. That is really sad. Here it is in black and white – would you want or trust the endorsement of a group governed by this?

P.S. I have actually gotten more positive feedback than negative from Cent Com Members – suggesting that the alleged 2/3 vote to endorse may not have been there after all. Things that make you go hmmm…

Jan 142024

Update – see at the very end an important update…

“Aaron is part of the swamp” – Ken Campbell.

Your intrepid blogger received a lot of response to three emails I sent to the Placer GOP in advance of their expected ram-down of an endorsement of Suzanne Jones. The responses from some Placer GOP members resembles the string of “f— Y–” responses my people have been getting from Trump supporters in the Presidential Primary.

Other responses were actually acknowledging the damming results of Suzanne Jones’ decisions to appoint a slew of democrats and greenies to important positions in Placer County.

Interestingly, based on accounts, the Placer GOP may well have violated their by-laws with the way the endorsement was done. Nothing new there either, Tom Hudson has always been a selective parliamentarian in the 25+ years I have known him too.

But, then there is the crazed Ken Campbell. I had more than one person ask me what his problem is and why he hates your intrepid blogger and Kirk Uhler so much. Tom Hudson hates your intrepid blogger for far more legitimate reasons, as I took the guy apart for the rampage he went on against his now ex-wife (see also abusing his law license to stretch the divorce to take over 5 years to go final).

With Ken Campbell, you need to go back nearly 30(!) years for perspective.

In 1996, Campbell supported Rico Oller for Assembly over Kirk Uhler, the late Kathy Lund, former Major Leaguer Steve Sax and a few others. Rico Oller burnt Kirk’s house down to the ground in that tilt. To this day, Rico Oller, Tom Hudson and anyone else (not named Bonnie Gore) that worked for Rico Oller hate Kirk Uhler with a purple passion. Please note that the disgraced Steve Davey also got his start with Oller. (Davey was later fired by the Assembly Rules committee for his abhorrent behavior)

1996 was 28(!) years ago. Let that sink in.

I came in to the political scene in 1997. I met both Kirk Uhler and Rico Oller after the hostilities of that campaign were long since resolved. I met Supervisor Ted Gaines (who just beat Pam Tobin, that’s right Suzanne Jones’ buddy ran against both Ted Gaines and Kirk Uhler), Rico Oller, Tim Leslie, Bonnie Mertus (now Gore) and others. At the same time, I met Campbell, Hudson, Jeff Atteberry and others in the local party. Atteberry would register me Republican and sign me up for the CRA. I met Dave Butler and John Allard back then when they worked for Tim Leslie.

In 1998, Conservatives took over the Placer GOP led by Ken Campbell. Prior to that Tom Jones and the Placer CCR had the reins of power in Placer County.

The Central Committee Meetings were antagonistic and drama-filled. There were new fights every month.

In 2000, I was elected CRA SGT at Arms, a position I would hold 13 years. At the same time, I was elected President of the Placer CRA. I held that position for 10 years.

During my tenure as Placer CRA President Ken Campbell saw the Placer CRA as a threat and would schedule County Party events to compete with Placer CRA events. When I attempted to run for Placer GOP office (I think it was Secretary), Ken threatened to resign if I got elected.

To this day, the only reason I can put my finger on for Ken’s hatred of me is that he served on the Board of the Capitol Resource Institute in the late 1990’s with David Stafford Reade. Yes, THAT David Stafford Reade. Ken never liked me from the first time I met him – mind you, I am going back 27(!) years with this.

Kirk? In 2002, the Placer CCR Club was attempting to run a slate of Central Committee candidates along with the late Auburn Councilmember Bill Kirby who primary challenged John Doolittle for Congress. Doolittle, Tim Leslie, Rico Oller, Ted Gaines and others rallied to the side of Ken Campbell with a slate of their own. There were many names you would recognize in that effort, including Kirk Uhler, Bonnie Gore, Kathy Lund and others that were recruited to help keep the Placer GOP out of the hands of the moderates.

Suzanne Jones’ MAC board member Sandy Harris was on the slate of moderates. Harris has consistently been opposed to conservative Republicans like Ted Gaines and Tom McClintock for the 20+ years I have known her.

During the tenure of Ken Campbell, voter registration in Placer County hit 52% Republican. The Placer GOP was raking in thousands of bounty dollars at the time.

However, when treasurer reports would come out, the numbers did not match. Kirk Uhler, who ran the high school outreach for the Placer GOP for many years, started asking questions. This led to an audit where it was discovered that Ken Campbell had unilaterally run the Placer GOP’s bounty through another county to get a higher payout. Okay, why didn’t Ken just get the committee to sign off on the arrangement? The audit would not have been needed. Ken never forgave Kirk for asking those questions leading to the audit.

Campbell would spiral, later being asked to resign by John Doolittle. When Doolittle was caught up in the Jack Abramoff scandal, Ken led the charge against him in retaliation despite having been closely tied to him for years. In 2008, McClintock was elected to replace Doolittle who had to retire. Doolittle would literally almost have to sue the government to finally get them to admit their investigation of him turned up nothing – Doolittle was exonerated finally in 2012. But Campbell had him tried and convicted, as he publicly attacked him without evidence for years.

Also contemporaneous with that was Campbell writing a column for the Auburn Journal where he was using his title to attack the Placer GOP and its’ CRA-Aligned leadership, Campbell accused the committee and individual members of embezzlement and other felonies (How quickly Tom Hudson forgets he was targeted like the rest of us). Jeff Atteberry was the chair at the time. Atteberry lasted from about 2006 to 2012, read on…

Captured in Time and Space, a snippet of 2010 Central Committee Elections Results

When the moderates, aided and abetted by Ted Gaines, Tom McClintock, David Stafford Reade, Doug LaMalfa, Jim Nielsen, Frank Bigelow and others came calling in 2012 to oust Jeff Atteberry and the CRA-Aligned leadership… Ken Campbell aligned with them.

During those years, the Placer GOP was completely neutered. From 2006-2018, the committee was able to accomplish little except making endorsements. During that time, working with Kirk Uhler, the Placer CRA PAC and other PAC’s we created ran efforts to unseat bad local officeholders. We had some successes, but less than we could have because it was basically Kirk and I with not many others involved. Two of our biggest scalps were Jack Duran and Rene Aggielairuh.

In 2012, a coalition of Tea Party activists who were aligned with Doug LaMalfa and the establishment ousted the Placer CRA’s leadership. This led to Dennis Revell being elected Chair of the Placer GOP. While Dennis and I have become friends in the intervening years – people need to understand that Ken Campbell played a role in making that happen.

Over the years Ken Campbell has used a variety of pejoratives to refer to your intrepid blogger, Slimebag, loser, etc. Swamp Monster is just the latest. Your intrepid blogger just referred to him as “Chairman Psycho” during the same period of time as his actions and rampages based on what I thought were his medication levels at the time governed the assignment of that moniker.

Just to layer on a another level of absurdity to the occurrences of Wednesday – When your intrepid blogger worked for Steve Frank’s chair campaign in 2021 against the Swamp, Ken Campbell was the person that wrote me the retainer checks I earned for working on Steve Frank’s behalf. I guess Ken forgot to take his medication again before Wednesday’s Cent Com meeting, because he also forgot about the FBI visit I got while fighting said swamp. I guess that was soooooo 2021.

Let me put in a last note. In the early 2000’s, your intrepid blogger was known as a bomb-thrower and people across the political spectrum were reticent to engage with me. I did not have the platform or the influence I have now as a result. It was Kirk Uhler in the mid-2000’s that recognized that I had potential as a political operative and he took me under his wing. Others like Bonnie Gore had some influence on me during my formative years as well.

Uhler, showed me that I could be a pro-life, pro-family conservative, be aggressive, but how to focus and hit the right targets to advance the Conservative Republican cause. Without the influence and friendship of Kirk Uhler I would not still be an effective force for Conservative Republican causes today in both Nevada and California. As such, most of my political enemies today are people with personal picadilloes against me, but my friends list has grown exponentially.

Which gets me to the conclusion. What happened at the Placer GOP 1-10-2024 was as much a referendum on the personal hatred of Kirk Uhler and your intrepid blogger by a few influential people and less about Suzanne Jones. This is not unprecedented, look at the endorsement of David Fennell and why that happened. That was hate of Brian and Megan Dahle. When an organization makes important decisions based on personal picadilloes, they lose effectiveness and influence almost immediately. I fear for Placer County in the 2024 general election as the committee rendered itself ineffective like it was back in 2002 all over again.

UPDATE – Across the transom, a screed from a former Placer GOP Committee-member is included below. If any of you have any doubt about the personal hatred angle, read it and weep…

Is this what the Republican Party has become?

May 172016

Since Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Ken Campbell, just outed himself by defending liberal Democrat Kris Johnson (http://www.thepresstribune.com/article/5/12/16/letters-money-talks-and-uhler-walks) , the same Kris Johnson that has consistently tried to take out McClintock, I thought it was time to finally peel back the mask of Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Campbell’s decade-long rage against Uhler. I can’t keep track of Campbell’s titles so I have to use a one-size-fits all approach.

The year was 2002, and things were a mess on the GOP Cent Com (sound familiar?).  Our dearly beloved Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Kenny Campbell, was Chairman of the Placer County Central Committee.  Our Congressman, John Doolittle (the last Congressman who actually gave a damn about Placer County) was worried about the direction of the GOP Cent Com under the leadership of Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Ken Campbell.  Doolittle wanted a Committee that would actually get things done, not just argue over titles and procedures (again, sound familiar?).  He funded a slate of candidates in all five districts, and he wanted Kirk Uhler on it.

Doolittle’s Chief of Staff, Dave Lopez, personally called Uhler to ask him to run.  Uhler, understandably was reluctant.  You see Uhler had already served eight years on the committee, including two terms as Vice Chairman to Bruce Kranz.  However, Kirk Uhler was a team player, and back then when your Congressman called, you answered.

Here is where it got awkward for me.  I was also part of the Doolittle team trying to restore order to the Cent Com, even though I had been left off of the slates they bought.

That said, I was the guy asked to work with Uhler to make the election of Team Doolittle happen. The problem was the last time I had interactions with Uhler, I was working against him in the 1996 race for Assembly.  I was working for Rico Oller against Uhler, and Uhler knew it.

The first time I knocked on Uhler’s door for a meeting, I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect what I got.  I got a warm welcome.  I got a person who was focused on the mission ahead, with no animosity from the past.  I got a professional.

The Doolittle slate succeeded.  We took control of the Central Committee, thanks in large part to Uhler helping us raise the funds for the campaign.

That’s when it got interesting.  You see, Uhler was the guy making the presentations for the Republicans at the High School Voter Outreach Program that Jim McCauley had started.  At the time, Uhler was making almost all of the appearances for the Republicans, from Roseville to Tahoe.  Uhler was literally registering hundreds of high school students every month on behalf of the Republican Party, even though he had no title and wasn’t a part of the “Republican Machine”.  Now, the same Central Committee is trying to unseat him as supervisor.

When he got back on the Committee, Uhler was given access to the “Bounty reports”.  Back then, we actually had elected officials who cared about registering Republicans.  John Doolittle and Tim Leslie would actually give the Committee money for each GOP registration we got.

Ted Gaines used to chip in for bounty until ironically the Committee endorsed McClintock in 2008 over Ose. At that time Roger Niello and Ted Gaines discontinued paying registration bounty. Gaines was upset that the party would dare take sides in a contested primary.

Well, Uhler was personally registering hundreds of high school students every month, but the “bounty report” issued by Mr/Dr/JD/Pope Campbell out didn’t match Uhler’s efforts, so he Uhler asked why.

After an internal investigation, Campbell had to stand before the Committee, put his arm around Uhler, and confess that he was running an unapproved and unauthorized drill with another County to try to milk more money for the voter registrations.  He apologized to Uhler for all of the very bad things he had emailed out about him (sound familiar?), and thanked Uhler for setting the record straight. I was there, I saw it all.

Shortly thereafter, Ken Campbell resigned his position as Chairman of the Placer County Central Committee, because he continued to attack several local electeds publicly. Then his jihad against Uhler began.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Campbell hates Kirk Uhler to this day.

You should also note that Campbell was one of the leaders in the movement to oust John Doolittle a few years later, publicly railing on him for corruption. Congressman Doolittle was exonerated, just like we all knew he would be. Does that sound familiar? It should, because Mr. Campbell has accused Bruce Kranz, Ted Gaines, Tom Hudson, the late Kathy Lund and several others (beyond Mr. Uhler) of corruption.

The moral of the story? For those of you on the Cent Com and others that want to be on it, just remember, you will accomplish nothing but making enemies for life. It isn’t worth it.

The second moral of the story? Never, ever take someone else’s word for the misdeeds of someone unless there is conclusive proof to back it up – this is why I post links to news items and official documents on this blog and on www.victorbekhet.com. Forcing people to deny the truth backed up with real evidence is the best defense to insanity.

Apr 112016

Well, it looks like Ken Campbell has joined Victor Bekhet screaming. Victor Bekhet sent out a press release (with a 650 area code number on it), decrying all the horrible mean things your intrepid blogger has been doing to him.

Apparently, Mr. Campbell lacks creativity… or perhaps it is just a burning rage. It is indeed difficult to be creative when you are psychotically enraged over a 14 year old grudge. Campbell does indeed like to write inaccurate letters to the editor in local papers to vent his flames.

I do appreciate that Ken Campbell counts himself amongst the thousands of loyal readers of this blog. Because of the support of he, Bekhet and so many others our readership outnumbers most local papers. (Including the Lincoln and Auburn Papers – both of whom have housed his screeds for years)

Ken sent the following email to the Placer GOP Central Committee in an effort to get them to endorse the non-Republican Victor Bekhet. Since the Placer GOP has allowed its’ members to advocate against the nominees of the Republican Party in the past without consequence, why should any of us be surprised by this?

Dear Central Committee,

Supervisor Kirk Uhler’s dishonest, unethical behavior and potentially criminal campaign activity.

I received a phone call on Friday, 3/18 from Victor Bekhet.  Bekhet wanted to introduce himself since we had never met.  Apparently he had read Aaron F. Park’s blog (I did not know anyone read that trash), and Park claimed I was supporting Bekhet…and Bekhet  wanted to meet me.  The second time I talked to Bekhet was at the 3/29 Republican function at Sun City.

Admittedly, I had very little interest in the Placer County District 4 Supervisor’s race—until the events of last week.

Uhler produced phony campaign fliers for Bekhet directing people to a phony website Uhler manufactured containing false and slanderous information about Bekhet.  Uhler had his identical political twin and paid campaign worker ($3,500), Aaron F. Park, blanket cars in the parking lot at a MAC meeting with the fliers. Uhler was so proud of his handy-work that he personally walked up to Bekhet to hand him a flier.

All this is detailed in Bekhet’s press release (pasted below) along with the attachments proving the press release.

Please read this.  Do you support this?  Debate the issues but don’t assassinate and slander the character of the opponent.  Where does Bekhet go to get his reputation back?

I know not what course others may take, but as for me I can not defend, support or stand silent as Uhler uses these campaign tactics.  Please read the following and chose for yourself.

Allow me to remind Mr. Campbell that Rage is covered under the first amendment, just like nuking lousy candidates for office.

Dennis Revell has a problem. He has not led and is trying to avoid this problem all together and now it is a five alarm fire.

Feb 252016

At a recent Placer GOP Central Committee meeting, Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell was absent and basically handed the floor of the meeting to Ken Campbell to trash Kirk Uhler while Vice-Chairman and deposed former Auburn Council-member Mike Holmes was holding the gavel. It should be noted that Holmes and other allegedly unbiased Cent Com leadership members huddled with the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister Thomas N Hudson before said roasting.

Ken Campbell has a seething, firey rage for Kirk Uhler that dates back to 2004 when he was forced out as Chairman of the Placer GOP for torching several local officeholders over a dispute related to the finances of the committee. (Sound familiar?) Thomas N Hudson, once a target of Ken’s psychosis is now on the same side as Ken (for now) as Hudson’s ego is bruised over the dissolution of the Placer County RA Chapter.

At the aforementioned recent Placer GOP meeting, Ken Campbell extolled the virtues of commie-lib hippie Jennifer Montgomery, stating that “She can be worked with”. Jennifer Montgomery is an act-blue democrat who has been open about her democratic socialist views. Apparently, Ken Campbell has gotten more liberal with (r)age. At the same time, he talked about what a sell out Kirk Uhler was and how bad he is for the taxpayers of Placer County. Thomas N Hudson added his snide remarks for emphasis at the same meeting.

It was reported to me that some at the meeting were bemoaning that Kirk Uhler did not have an opponent. Why? Do they want another reasonable communist like Jennifer Montgomery? Do they want to make Placer County Great Again?

About a year ago, Ken Campbell’s buddies in Beth Gaines’ office attempted a smear campaign against Supervisor Uhler that was later exposed and debunked. Remember it? Then Beth Gaines Chief of Staff Dave Titus and her then district director and now Chief of Staff Jeff Short planted a lie in the local tea party basically asserting that Kirk Uhler was single-handedly attempting to raise our taxes via the Placer County Transportation Agency.

Fast-Forward to yesterday.

The PCTPA adoped a legislative agenda for 2016. For the benefit of Mr. Campbell and others that may still listen to him – let’s have a look at a key bullet on page one, “Support the establishment of a 55% majority threshold for the passage of a local option transportation sales tax…”

That would be gutting Prop 13.

And, on page 2 of the document is a reference to supporting AB 1591 (Frazier).

Yes – this is raising gas taxes $.22 a gallon and raising the car tax $38 a car. Frazier calls these moderate on his website.

So – If you believe Ken Campbell, then you could make bank that Kirk Uhler supported both of these items in the PCTPA legislative agenda.

Once again, the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister and Mr. Campbell flew straight in to a brick wall of truth:


1)      Adopt the State Legislative Program for 2016 as shown in Attachment 1 (see attached State Leg Program)

AYES:                    Berlant, Hesch, Nader, Rohan, Ruslin

NOES:                  Holmes, Trebess, Uhler

ABSTAIN:            Wheeler

2)      Take a position of support for AB 1591 (Frazier):

AYES:                    Berlant, Hesch, Nader, Rohan, Ruslin, Treabess, Wheeler

NOES:                  Holmes, Uhler

ABSTAIN:            None

For those of you reading this that have been conditioned to believe I am a liar – go get the minutes of the most recent PCTPA meting.

For those of you not familiar with all the names on the list:

Daniel Berlant  – Auburn Councilmember

Tony Hesch – Colfax Councilmember

Stan Nader – Lincoln Councilmember

Susan Rohan – Roseville Councilmember

Diana Ruslin – Rocklin Councilmember

Ron Treabess – Member at Large from the Public. Works in Tahoe Resort Association

Dave Wheeler – Loomis Town Councilmember

Jim Holmes – Placer County Supervisor District 3

Kirk Uhler – Placer County Supervisor District 4

Perhaps the move to supporting gutting Prop 13 is due to the fact that the mass mailings and the thousands in consulting fees have not been able to move public opinion on the issue. Ironically, I just got one recently, see here and here for a lousy scanned copy. I was sent a copy of the summary of a recent poll that only shows 63% support for the tax increase – which any seasoned observer knows will collapse once campaigned against. (You need 66.67% to pass it)

I know most all the people on this board. I am absolutely befuddled that they would support gutting Prop 13 and the massive tax hike of Jim #Epicfail Frazier of AD11. There has to be an explanation.

However, Ken Campbell’s psychotic rage against Kirk Uhler is destructive for all of us. He and Thomas N Hudson are so blinded by their rage that they are attempting to raise our taxes in their rampage to unseat one of the apparently few true fiscal conservatives in local government. I wonder what the California Taxpayer Protection committee would say if they knew Thomas N Hudson was trying to run Kirk Uhler out of office? Whoops, it is as fake as the CRA. #facepalm.