Nov 282018
My day job is selling insurance. I received an alert from an industry publication that the National Flood Insurance Program still has not been renewed. Please tear through the partisan gridlock and renew this program. Millions of people would be in serious financial jeopardy without it!
(Pictured Lassen National Park outside of the famous “Bumpass Hell” area)
Add to the above Flood Insurance Program Expiration, last month, an important conservation program expired because Congress failed to act to reauthorize continued funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a 56-year-old conservation program established by Congress in 1964.
In the Inland Empire area, local governments have used a ton of grant money to work on many local outdoor recreation projects. Out in the Inland Empire, the LWCF has funded projects to benefit the Inyo National Forest, Morongo Canyons, the East Mojave NSA, and the San Bernardino National Forest to name just a few.
In the LWCF 2019 priority funding list, the Sand to Snow National Monument is a priority item, valued at $1 million. The loss of this type of funding will severely hamper any area that is dependent on recreation to continue to preserve our natural resources while providing recreational opportunities for everyone. It is critical to support these efforts as eight years of over-the-top environmental extremism by the Obama Administration sought to cut people off from using their own land! The LWCF is actually “good government”.
In California alone, outdoor recreation provides $92 billion in consumer spending. This when coupled with $30.4 million in wages and salaries, means that not only are we protecting our natural resources, but also providing a secure living for those who spearhead our important conservation.
With California’s stubborn refusal to use any sort of balance on its’ land-management practices precipitating all the wildfires that rapidly rage in to city-destroying infernos, this funding becomes even more critical to save federal wild-lands from being overrun by wildfire until sanity can be restored to Forest Management.
Congress has failed to renew this program before its expiration on Sept 30th. Dear Congressman Cook and Calvert, please help. I’ve been to almost 100 National Park / Monument Locations and they are awesome places to visit in part because of LWCF.
Congressmen – Please be a part of Congress acting to permanently renew the LWCF so that this funding source can be maintained to continue its crucial funding work without any impact to taxpayers.
Join with me in urging Representatives Paul Cook and Ken Calvert to support the permanent reinstatement of the LWCF to protect and preserve our great natural resources.