Nov 032018

Tax Hikes, State Money, Closing Down Local Businesses, and High Speed Rail… you’d be shocked to learn she does not like doing paperwork.

Gas Tax Karen is a bookeeper by trade. This makes these two incidents even more curious in the grand scheme of things.

She was fined five times by the Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to do her paperwork properly. While the fine was $500 total, it could have been far worse.

Apparently, she did not report her husband’s source of income correctly. Whoops. Was this done to conceal the fact that he runs the local Chamber of Commerce?

While an administrative fine may not be a big deal by itself, when combined with other actions, it does indeed matter. It is part of a long-term pattern of her conduct suggesting that the rules are for everyone else, not her.

In addition, Spiegel got a lien for an equally small amount. $334. Why? She didn’t pay her bills.

The lien may still be active for all I know.

The issue here is that with Riverside County in serious financial condition despite the uptick in the economy, we need someone who is consistent.

When Eric Linder was in the Assembly, he had consistent marks from taxpayer groups.

Gas Tax Karen Spiegel supported the Gas Tax Hike, stuck her hand out for the money from the tax hike, supported High Speed Rail and has a pattern of personal irresponsibility.

On fiscal issues, it sure looks like Karen Spiegel is missing in action. If I had a vote in this race, I’d take Eric Linder.


Nov 022018

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported Cap and Trade

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported SB1 Gas Tax/Car Tax Increase.

So, we’ve documented that Karen Spiegel supported High Speed Rail.

The GOP forced Chad Mayes out as Assembly Minority Leader because of his role in passing Cap and Trade.

The GOP platform is expressly against higher taxes

The GOP is campaigning against High Speed Rail in 2018.

Then there is this: $1,000 from the Community Engagement Manager
Planned Parenthood of the Pacific South?

Donald Dix refused to shake my hand at the Riverside GOP Dinner – it has been put to me that he is a hard-right talk radio host on a low-power station somewhere in the Inland Empire. I’d be curious to know why he likes Karen Spiegel So Much…Dix is working with several candidates in Corona. (One of whom I actually like by the way, he probably should have asked me)

Frankly, beyond Dix, the rest of the folks on the RivCO GOP are a pretty conservative bunch. Did they do their homework? It has not been very difficult to turn up this information related to Spiegel.

Nov 012018

1. March 13, 2017 – Karen signed letter supporting SB 1 on behalf of the Corona City Council. This is the very tax she claims to oppose now. Did her connection to Donald Dix get her a free pass to participate in this event? Did the Riverside GOP know about this?

2. Southern CA Association of Governments (SCAG) RTP/SCS – Karen Spiegel voted for final report on April 7, 2016.

These sources include adjustments to existing state and federal gas tax rates. Value capture strategies, potential national freight program funds, tolls for specific facilities and private equity participation. Pg. 131

Revenue Source – State and Federal Gas Excise Tax Adjustment to Maintain Historical Purchasing Power

Description – Additional $.10 per gallon gasoline tax imposed at the state and federal levels starting in 2020 to 2024 to maintain purchasing power.

(She is supporting an additional Federal Gas Tax increase in addition to the one at the state level)

Revenue Source: Mileage Based user Fee (or equivalent fuel tax adjustment)

Description – Mileage-based user fees would be implemented to replace gas taxes – estimated at about $0.04 (in 2015 dollars) per mile starting in 2025 and indexed to maintain purchasing power.

Actions to ensure availability: (automatically increase)

3. Riverside County Transportation Commission Vote – January 26, 2018

Karen Spiegel left the room before a vote to oppose the Repeal the Gas Tax effort rather than standing up and taking a position.

4. Signed letter supporting Cap and Trade on behalf of Corona City Council.


5. Voted for $350 Ambulance fee

6. Voted for a 1% cable tv tax

7. Property Tax Bond Authorization

So what will Carl DiMaio do when he finds out the TRUTH about Karen Spiegel? Will she still be allowed to speak? Will someone have the guts to stand up to Donald Dix and his crew related to their financial interest in Spiegel? (I am sure Dix won’t shake my hand at any future events now, but at least he will have a legit excuse now)

Someone has to hold the Riverside GOP accountable for ignoring their own platform. Will you?

Oct 312018

Oh Karen, we hardly knew ye…

Chad Mayes, Arnold Squishenegger, John “Triggered” Kasich and their Ilk would be proud. (Maybe not so much over SB1 and High Speed Rail Support but I digress).

Gax Tax / Cap N’Karen Spiegel is starting to look at lot like Sabrina Cervantes these days. Maybe Spiegel has always been a flaming liberal and has been lying about that too?

Did Karen Spiegel forget what she sent her opponent, then Assemblyman Eric Linder???


Is there a tax hike Spiegel didn’t like??? (Hey that rhymes)

All this and Spiegel is a warm and cuddly councilmember that was subject to a recall! Perhaps this is why she wants to build a bridge in to downtown and close down a bunch of businesses while thwarting the process?

OR – you can support Eric Linder whose record in the Assembly is solidly pro-taxpayer and pro-business (even when people aren’t looking).

Oct 302018

Remember Jerry Brown’s Ego-Legacy Train that is now projected to cost over $100 Billion?

Well, when Karen Spiegel thought there was a chance it would come to Corona, she signed up for it!

Note that the Corona Chamber of Commerce (where here Husband served as President recently) is on the bottom of the letter. Still Cozy.

Soooo, we have SB1 the Gas Tax and Car Tax… now we have the High Speed Rail Boondoggle.

The California bullet train project has cost state taxpayers an average $3.1 million a day over the last year — a construction spending rate higher than that for the Bay Bridge, Boston’s Big Dig or any U.S. transportation project in recent history

But still it’s not enough, planners say.

In order to hit its 2033 deadline and $77-billion budget, the California High Speed Rail Authority will have to increase daily spending by up to nine times over the next four years or risk putting the already-delayed system further behind.

Russell Fong, the authority’s chief financial officer, acknowledges the goals will be difficult to achieve.

Whoops. Will she support wasting the money of the Riverside County Taxpayers like this too???

Read the rest of the LA Times article HERE.

It was supposed to cost $33 billion and eventually reach from Sacramento to San Diego. Now, the route connects only San Francisco to Los Angeles, with the completion date pushed back 13 years.

It was perfectly fine to waste billions of tax dollars when the project was coming to Corona, right?