Jul 072024

Pictured, Heather Hadwick in Dorris, CA parade on 7-4-2024. Two Days Later She was in Alturas, CA (7-6-2024). The prior week featured events in Central Siskiyou and Shasta County.

Tenessa Audette was at at least two events outside of AD-01 in the same timeframe, including the fireworks show in Rocklin.

The battle lines are drawn in AD-01. It is going to get uber nasty in the fall, make bank on it. Dave Gilliard who is Tenessa’s Campaign Consultant is ruthless and has a history of over the top attacks, especially when he sees momentum shifting. Gilliard also has a ton of clients in the North State as well, because he is one of the better at this game on the R side in California.

There has already been a whisper campaign being promoted among the ranks of a prominent Northern California Politician, by his staff and other acolytes. The rumor is false, but originated with a deranged officeholder long affiliated with said politician. At the end of the day these people are doing it because of long standing resentments over Brian Dahle defeating the political establishment over a decade ago to gain his first election to AD-01. At a time of my choosing, I will name names and provide specific details if necessary. These sorts of things are common in local politics and the North State with all the small towns (except for the crime riddled City of Redding) may as well be a giant local election arena.

Heather has met with and secured the endorsements of several in the logging/timber industry, while Tenessa Audette has been fighting one drama-filled Redding Council Meeting (while the city burns with crime) after another.

The best most recent endorsement Tenessa secured was a group controlled by long time friends and people associated with Dave Gilliard.

The bulk of Tenessa’s endorsements have been from Republican Groups whose memberships are peppered with people who hate Brian and Megan Dahle. Several never bothered to interview Hadwick. As I track the public appearances of both candidates I note that most of Tenessa’s announced events are with those or similar groups.

Another common thread is beyond the irrational hatred of Brian and Megan Dahle, is the “Heather is not showing up to anything”. That sentence should be re-stated as follows, “Groups who have endorsed Tenessa are complaining that Heather is not going to their events”.

So while Tenessa was at some Patriot Group in Yreka, Heather had a meetings with stakeholders inside AD-01 and was in Alturas for a parade. (see the above comments about Loggers)

These are two radically different approaches from two Radically different candidates.

Heather is a Rancher that lives in Alturas. Heather grew up in Siskiyou County. Tenessa grew up outside of AD01 (think bigger city California), and her carefully crafted biography omits that fact. Heather’s Son is a skilled marksman and Heather has been part of the NRA for years. It is debatable if Audette even owns a gun.

In the coming week, Heather will be at more events inside AD01 and meeting with more stakeholders inside AD01 and Tenessa Audette will be at the RNC Convention off the campaign trail. Tenessa promotes her delegate status to the CAGOP on her website. Welcome to the party Tenessa, I was a CAGOP delegate for 20 years and never once used it to promote myself.

This fall, you will find out which strategy works better – meeting with stakeholders inside of AD01, meeting with disparate groups inside of AD01 or spending the bulk of your time with Republican Party types sometimes relying on them spreading rumors to advance you. Having been a Republican Party Type for years, (see also 20 years around Cent Coms, 15 years as an officer in the CRA, etc.) I can tell you that I agree with Heather’s approach more.

There will be more endorsements coming soon for Heather. These will be beyond the Ag Commissioners, Loggers and Mark Mezzano endorsements of the recent weeks.