Apr 152023

Since we broke the news that Gene James is selling his house, Information has Poured in. Gene James is apparently Cryin like a B—-.

I had been wondering if there was actually truth to Gene James’ claim he was too broke to pay a $504 traffic ticket. Official court records show that James said he needed a financial hardship payment plan to pay the ticket in $50 installments. Perhaps this is why the living reality show needed a break from the court – a $12,000 mortgage payment is a lot. Wait, that is his wife’s money… how quickly I forget.

Here on the Right on Daily Blog, we have been tracking Gene James’ life since defeating an 18 year old communist for San Clemente City Council. James, for his part was a key supporter of Chris Duncan who is a flaming leftist. (The Irony is thick)

You have to ask, Did Democrats Oust Gene James?

San Clemente was a solid Republican city until Gene James blew into San Clemente.  Now it appears that his adversary, then drinking buddy and now enemy Mayor Chris Duncan made good on his threat to force James to resign over his engaging in Stolen Valor.  During Duncan’s last campaign for council, he saw an opportunity to advance himself at Gene James’ expense, cutting a video calling on James to resign over his stolen valor.
James was Democrat Duncan’s chief booster and confidant, who regularly drank and held court at a local saloon, the Red Fox, after Chamber meetings. Like a good flaming liberal, everyone is expendible in the course of attempting to acquire power. In this regard, James and Duncan were made for each other and their relationship would never survive their mutual lack of character and ambition.

James nominated Duncan to be  Mayor Pro Tem, which is an automatic elevation to Mayor.  During the last vote for the position, James did a switcheroo and nominated himself to serve an unprecedented second term, rather than nominate and vote for fellow Republican, Steve Knoblock to keep a Democrat from holding the Mayor’s position.
Recently things soured between Duncan and James. Duncan supported spending over $47,000 of taxpayer money in a failed attempt to get the city’s insurance carrier the JPOA to cover Gene James’ legal fees.
Gene wasn’t keen to return the favor of helping himself to public funds, and last month he finally joined a contingent of citizens, who were asking Duncan to return the taxpayer money he spend for a campaign trip to DC.
What we know here at Right on Daily is that Attorney Chris Duncan once worked for Homeland Security. You wonder if he finally got a hold of Gene James’ military discharge papers (DD-214), which shows a different story of James supposedly having received three  Meritorious Service Medals, a Legion of Merit, being an Army Airborne fighter, and receiving an honorable discharge. It is the belief of Right on Daily that James got a General Discharge, was in a more ordinary MOS and neither medal was ever awarded to him.
It is the cavalcade of lies that has finally caught up to Gene James.
So like the Malignant Narcissist I believe him to be, he is now Gaslighting the City of San Clemente saying he no longer feels safe there. He has no one to blame but himself, including inflaming a kid in to assaulting him with a skateboard. In addition, he is using his current wife (he has been married 3-4 times based on what I know) as a strawman claiming she lays awake at night, blah blah blah.  (Please note that this paragraph is based on hearsay from people in San Clemente that have reached out to me claiming to have heard this from James himself) So it is San Clemente, the Skateboarder and his Wife’s Fault he is cutting and running… see how that works?
I thought Gene James was a security consultant? This would suggest that he can take care of himself, right? Well, it turns out that was another lie that was exposed in the same deposition that exposed the stolen valor. It got worse, Gene James was also forced to admit that he never started or opened the company Genesis Security.
Here is the conclusion I can draw. (Conclusions I believe to be true based on what I know)
Gene James has lived a lie since getting kicked out of the Military. He has used exagerated claims about his military service and personal skills to get through the last 30+ years of his life. A summary put out by a local rag is linked here.
James lives like a gigolo. He Love-Bombs women, gets them in to a committed relationship then bleeds them dry. He uses them to pay his debts that he racks up from the results of the cons / scams that he has run his entire life.
James is driven by fear and shame, which as you age begins to manifest more and more as rage. (See also bullying episodes, lashing out at police, the skateboard incident, assaulting the homeless, etc…)
As the walls are closing in on James’ life which has been dotted with lawsuits, legal issues, violence, divorce, cons and scams, James is facing the horrifying prospect of dealing with his real self that he his ashamed of versus the false self that is falling apart in a public and spectacular way.
The next and only move to save face and reinstall the false self is to gaslight your faults on to current circumstances, hide behind strawmen and retreat to somewhere else where no one knows you.
Hopefully, wherever Gene James lands next, those people know how to use Google as this stuff will be here on Right on Daily forever.
James is reputed to be resigning his council seat this week (Week starting 4-16-2023) and moving out of the area shortly thereafter. 
More background on James follows:
Apr 142023

I have wondered when the toxicity of Gene James’ lies and insane behavior was finally going to aggregate so bad that he’d have to do something drastic. While I am not a licensed therapist, I have dealt with the archetypes of people in politics for years.

One of the hallmarks of a bully/narcissist type personality is that when they get challenged and have no wiggle room, they run.

So, This is Gene James’ House. Actually, it is his current wife’s house… not sure if Mr. James is on title or not. All that said, this thing is on the market and in escrow. 

We have written about the myriad of issues James is having. He seems to be unable to stay out of any drama or trouble for more than a few weeks at a time. Most recently, some kid got arrested for assaulting him with a skateboard, but as facts came out we now know that Mr and Mrs James inflamed the situation.

James is famous for abusing homeless people

James is famous for being a bully

James got in to an altercation over a simple traffic stop

James got caught lying under oath in a deposition

James is still under investigation for Stolen Valor – the subject of the deposition – and something that is still a felony even in California.

Is Gene James running away from San Clemente like a little coward?

I have been told by locals that James has been on a recent losing streak on City Policy and that the new City Manager is not buying his BS. It is another hallmark of the archetype to cut and run when not getting their own way.

It all seems to make sense…

James is losing

People don’t like him anymore (the dress is off the fat pig so to speak)

Perhaps he is facing indictment over some of his stunts

The next question is where is Gene James cutting and running to?

Feb 052023

Gene James seems to be cancer that is metastasizing. I have been told by people in Orange County that he has been bragging that he “Won” his defamation lawsuit over the false mailers sent on his behalf in the 2020 election.

Gene James lied. (I know you are shocked to learn this given his pattern) In fact, your intrepid blogger has learned that the lawsuit was dropped, and I believe it was dropped because Gene James is broke (as he always is – see also BK’s, Judgements, etc… that we wrote about previously).

Gene James lied in his deposition in said lawsuit. He also looks miserable, and he deserves to be given his conduct.

Gene James was trapped by effective lawyering and was forced to admit that he wore medals he never earned after lying about them. He also lied about where his DD-214 is and whether or not he has one. (The DD-214 would show that James was regular army and not airborne. It would also show what medals if any, he had earned).

Your intrepid blogger hopes Gene James will finally get prosecuted for Stolen Valor, given that this Deposition has been released post-lawsuit dismissal.

Now, back to the lawsuit. Your intrepid blogger has obtained yet more public records about Gene James. Gene James got a traffic ticket (I am sure you are shocked), and was he driving the late model pickup with custom plates? (Remember the pickup he backed up to the homeless tents to blow exhaust into them?)

You can fill out an app to get your bail (aka fine) paid in installments. Mr. James did precisely that; apparently, the traffic court just takes his word.

That’s an awfully nice truck for someone that can’t pay a $501 traffic ticket!

Please look at the actual form that Gene James filed with the court. Did James lie? Or is he broke? My guess is that the lawsuit against him was dropped because the person suing him would have never been able to collect a judgment against James, regardless of either possibility.

This gets me to the plot against Fred Whitaker, the sitting Chairman of the OCGOP. Naturally, Bill Brough has been enabled by people in the Orange County establishment to have some sort of return. I am not 100% sure what Brough’s actual job is now, but he was hired by some outfit to do government stuff. Gene James believes that he is as innocent as the wind-driven snow (like Brough) and that every bad thing that has beset him comes from the OCGOP. (Absurd as it is) Of course, Bill Brough wants revenge too.

It has been put to me that someone else, who may or may not be Bryan Maryott, has joined with the above two. This three-headed hydra of Republican debris is attempting to rise up from the morass of ethical and moral failure to take out Fred Whitaker. They have help, and as I get solid evidence, I will begin publishing the names of others involved.

I have written many times about the fealty to the status quo and the lack of political courage in Orange County… anyone morally bankrupt enough or consumed by a personal desire to retaliate against Fred Whitaker with or on behalf of Gene James and Bill Brough may as well be as bad as your intrepid blogger has proven they (Bill and Gene) are.

I have no doubt why the once Red Titan is now a bluish-purple mess.

Fred Whitaker did the right thing with Bill Brough and deserves to be defended for it. It also appears that he and the leadership of the OCGOP have taken a similar stance against Gene James. Good for them.

So, some nutjob (that’s what I think of James) and a proven liar (make a list) who can’t pay a $501 traffic ticket is on a rampage to take out the sitting Chairman of the OCGOP aided and abetted by a disgraced former Assemblyman and a jilted loser for Congress.

But wait, there’s more…

Dec 242022

Drama and legal issues seem to follow Gene James everywhere.

At around 6:54 p.m. on Monday, deputies responded to the 500 block of Avenida del Verdor, where the teen allegedly struck James in the head and facial area multiple times with a skateboard, Steinle said.

The incident began after James and his wife heard a noise outside of their home and went to investigate. They saw the teen skateboarding a few houses down, recognizing the individual as a neighbor of theirs, according to Steinle.

The teen reportedly became upset after noticing James’ wife using her cell phone to record the teen skateboarding. The teen then began to yell profanities before approaching James’ wife, who feared for her safety, Steinle said.

James stopped the teen from coming closer toward his wife by putting his arm out. The teen reportedly threatened James and his wife, allegedly stating that “he would kill them both with his skateboard,” according to Steinle.

“He then approached (James’ wife) a second time, and (James) intervened also a second time,” Steinle said, adding, that James “held on to the subject. Then the suspect hit him over the head multiple times.”

According to Steinle, James was able to take the teen to the ground, holding him there while James’ wife took the skateboard away and contacted the authorities. James, Steinle added, maintained control over the teen until deputies arrived at the scene.

IT appears that the 16 year old punk kid is in a lot of trouble – but do not miss the actions of Gene James’ wife recording the kid. I am wondering if this was in the similar vane to James’ harassment of the homeless people (Remember the truck exhaust caper?)…

It seems that Gene James life pattern is continuing well in to his old age. In case you have forgotten the record of Gene James, here is a nice summary from a local rag:

In the exchange, the genejames@cox.net account starts by blaming Dixie for being the cause of James and Parker breaking off their engagement. And it concludes with the emailer disparaging the LGBTQ community outright.

James claimed the email address was not his. LOL

“Several women stayed behind until Gene appeared to settle down, and they were able to escort Dixie out safely,” Parker said in the email. “He later tracked down Dixie Longate, contacting him through emails and phone calls, threatening to physically harm and/or kill him.”

Dixie, who asked to be referred to as his stage name in order to speak candidly on the matter, corroborated the event, telling SC Times that although he didn’t recall James ever saying anything directly to him at the party, it was apparent that James’ alleged tirade was over Dixie’s presence.

“To my recollection, he didn’t say anything to me; it wasn’t until I got home to the emails,” Dixie said, later adding: “There was a definite sense that he didn’t want me there, and for safety, they wanted to get me out of there.”

Yep. Gene James

Seen above, the lawsuit against James by Jim Bieber over false information James allowed Bieber to disseminate in mailers…

Also, pictured are 8 IRS liens – just a portion of the lifelong pattern of litigation and derogatory financial records. Then there is a former employer suing James as well:

According to the complaint filed with Cuyahoga County Court in Ohio, AVI agreed to lend James $49,000 in September 2000. The court filing also states that James had agreed to repay the loan within 30 calendar days of his termination.

By August 2001, James had a remaining balance of $24,400 on the loan, according to the court document. Around that time, James and AVI amended the terms of the agreement, with James allowing his then-employer to garnish $100 from his “remaining payroll checks and through the 13 weeks of certain agreed-upon severance pay.”

Those deductions reduced James’ debt to $22,800. Afterward, the complaint stated, James was to make weekly payments of $100 until the loan was paid off.

James, the defendant, “did not make any of these weekly payments to AVI,” the court filing notes.

We’ve written about Gene James for a while… it just keeps continuing.

Jan 032022

Pictured – Gene James Truck backed up to a homeless man’s tent blowing exhaust in to it. What a peach of a guy James is. Also note the ego plate on the truck too.

Stolen Valor Act of 2013

A revised version of the statute, the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, specifically amends the federal criminal code to make it a crime for someone to claim they have served in the military, embellish their rank or fraudulently claim having received a valor award specific in the Act, with the intention of obtaining money, property, or other tangible benefits by convincing another that he or she received the award. Under this act, fraudulent claims about military service can be subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both for an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefits, fraudulently holds himself or herself to be a recipient of:

  • Medal of Honor
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Navy Cross
  • Air Force Cross
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star
  • Purple Heart
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge
  • Combat Action Badge
  • Combat Medical Badge
  • Combat Action Medal
  • Any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law

Provided above is a summary of the federal law about Stolen Valor. Next up is the actual language:

‘‘(b) FRAUDULENT REPRESENTATIONS ABOUT RECEIPT OF MILITARY DECORATIONS OR MEDALS.—Whoever, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds oneself out to be a recipient of a decoration or medal described in subsection (c)(2) or (d) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than one year, or both.’’.

The referenced part of the Federal Code has far more than the above list in it.

There was a complaint and a lot of controversy about San Clemente Councilman Gene James and his stolen valor. There is now video proof he did it. Gene James never earned the Legion of Merit. His DD214 confirms as such. Yet TWICE he was at events wearing said medal. 2016 and 2019.

Here is the original video featuring a news article with Gene James on broadcast TV with the indicated medal on his lapel.

The second video contains still shots from both USO event appearances in 2016 and 2019.

Your intrepid blogger is aware that the OC DA’s office was alerted to this when Gene James was a candidate. Did they have this proof then? What will they do with the complaint now that it appears to be substantiated?

Please see a previous post about the Stolen Valor Charge here.

See a post from May of 2021 about the Stolen Valor issue and an ongoing lawsuit related to it.

There is an active and ongoing lawsuit from a mail vendor whose reputation was allegedly injured from printing the Stolen Valor lie. Gene James actually asked the City of San Clemente to defend said lawsuit!

To be continued…