Apr 022016

All over the State of California incumbents are running scared.

It is clear from a flurry of insider activity unlike anything I have seen in a long time, that a lot of people are worried. The fealty to the status quo is under assault.

I was told by multiple sources that one such occurrence was at the Nevada County GOP Cent Com this week.

I have been clear in my disdain for both Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines for a long time. David Stafford Reade, Karen England and others ran brainwashing drills on local Tea Parties on their behalf back in the 2009-2012 period. It appears that the Tea Party 5-6 years later have figured out that they were lied to on multiple accounts.

David Stafford Reade has also lost control of several Cent Coms in the North State as well.

The Nevada GOP situation is the latest evidence that the “establishment”, Reade and others are having to triage the hemorrhaging in the North State.

Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines both requested that the Nevada GOP NOT ENDORSE in their challenged races. Now, why is that?

There is no way that Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa request that the Nevada GOP sit out unless it was clear that they both lacked the 2/3 to get endorsed. The talk about “Party Unity” was a fraudulent smokescreen. Neither of them care about the health and welfare GOP and never have, except for token efforts when it is convenient.

If you don’t agree with my take on this – consider also that with the Nevada GOP electing to decline to endorse in SD01 and CA01, it still leaves in tact a potential State Party Endorsement because of the way the State Party rules are written. Cozy.

Incumbents will still be protected at all costs. The leadership is still either missing it completely or they are fighting the will of the little people, or both.

Stop SB48 – The Plot Thickens, Two Legislators Donated, No Records Kept?

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Jan 202014

We detailed how the Stop SB48 Campaign is connected to the CRI and the AB1266 Referendum by common threads, address, Karen England, etc.

Now, we have an additional nexus. Two of the top boosters of the CRI, Then Assemblymember Jim Nielsen and Then State Senator Doug LaMalfa are both on the California Secretary of State’s website with $1000 donations to Stop SB48.

While neither LaMalfa Nor Nielsen did anything wrong by donating to this, it underscores the need for an investigation.

Doug LaMalfa himself attacked the Placer County Republican Party for its’ alleged (never proven) lack of transparency on the front page of the Sacramento Bee.

I would expect both Jim Nielsen (now a State Senator) and Doug LaMalfa (now a Congressman) to demand an accounting for what happened to the money they donated. They need to demand transparency.

Please also note that both Nielsen and LaMalfa signed emails sent by the Stop SB 48 Campaign, doing what else? Fundraising. (many of us remember them, but I am not sure if anyone saved copies of them)

It is now apparent that real money was raised by the Stop SB48 Campaign, and with the nexus of the pending FPPC complaint and the campaign getting forcibly terminated for failure to file… this should send of alarm bells.


Congratulations Republican Partisan Officeholders: Welcome to Irrelevance Part 4

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Nov 142012

As I write this – Chris Norby just conceded defeat. This is the final seat the dems needed for their supermajority in the assembly.

The leadership of the GOP never liked Norby. He beat their hand-picked candidate the last cycle and he certainly was not a vote for Connie Conway. They let him swing and put no resources in to him whatsoever.

Meantime – $700k in to Beth Gaines, because the author of Prop 8 had to be stopped. $400k of it at least was from Charles Munger.

Munger – $250K in to a the Safe SD-04 race for Jim Nielsen. This was Nielsen’s reward for leading Charles Munger’s attempt to gut the Republican Party Platform.

Charles Munger – $175k in to a Doug LaMalfa-backed effort to try and stop Brian Dahle in AD01. Other interests poured in $225k for a total of $400k spent in another R vs R race. Dahle won anyway.

AD-05: $600K+ spent by groups trying to stop Rico Oller in, you guessed it, another R vs R race.

Got all that – $2Million Plus spent in safe R districts in just the north state trying to elect moderates more to the liking of Charles Munger, Connie Conway and those that crave control.

Paul Cook in CD-08 running against minuteman founder Gregg Imus drew $750K of Charles Munger’s money – an R vs R race while Bono-Mack and Brian Bilbray lost to Democrats. Both of them are regarded as moderates (aka people Munger should have supported) and both got only token amounts for the CAGOP establishment.

Dan Lungren got some help – but none from the CAGOP establishment, he lost.

Tony Strickland got nothing. He lost.

Abel Maldonado, the most Liberal Republican California has to offer, was obviously to Charles Munger’s liking as he got $1.2 million in IE’s but still lost.

Pedro Rios (another seat in the assembly we needed to hold) got about $200k in assorted IE’s but was swamped by the Dems. Charles Munger was nowhere to be found.

A terrible candidate named William Batey in AD-61 benefited from about $300k of Munger’s money after Munger helped muscle out the conservatives in the primary. Batey lost.

Munger did spend big bucks in the AD-76 Primary attacking Conservative Sherry Hodges in favor of RINO Rocky Chavez another R vs R race that drew roughly $400k.

The Target State Senate Races? Lost 3 of 4. The only one that was won was Bill Berryhill who managed to get about $750k spent on his behalf. Where was Munger?

Todd Zink lost. Jeff Miller lost. George Plescia Lost.

Republican Central Committee Races? They drew a combined $200k of Munger’s Money – it was necessary to reward lemmings and punish anyone with independent thought…

… and the money poured in to R vs R runoffs. Congratulations Charles Munger and Republican Leadership you earned irrelevance.

Hey, but Beth Gaines voted for Connie Conway to remain Assembly Permanent Minority Leader! (And Dave Gilliard got to keep a paycheck)

P.S. Not mentioned – the $35 million Munger wasted on Prop 32.

Nov 012012

(This was originally posted Aug 8, 2012 and has been moved for relevance)

I have been an officer in the California Republican Assembly for 10 years. I am forbidden from endorsing a Non-Republican for Partisan Office. In the 15 years I have been a Registered Voter and Political Activist, I have only voted for one Democrat – Gina Garbolino, the former Mayor of Roseville. I have never voted for anyone in a 3rd party or a DTS candidate, ever.

Doug LaMalfa is the Republican “Nominee” in the 1st Congressional District, and I am embarrassed for the Republican Party.

Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff is getting sued for libel, his consultant had his office raided in the Bill Postmus corruption scandal and was routinely lambasted in the local media for bald-faced lying in mailers. Doug LaMalfa’s former campaign manager, David Stafford Reade has been the subject of legend in the North State and was most recently up to his neck in trying to decimate the California Republican Party Platform. Doug LaMalfa’s staff and delegates were recruited in to that effort.

With the above – you could say that LaMalfa is surrounded by corruption at best and at worst, Mr. LaMalfa is complicit in it.

Got doubts? It appears that Doug LaMalfa paid his chief of staff to violate federal election law – putting up an anonymous attack website and making it look like another candidate did it. Look at the payment to his chief of staff for “media related services” the day the attack website went live. Doug LaMalfa was lambasted all over north state media for this. He couldn’t even keep his story straight.

Doug LaMalfa claims to be “One of Us”. I don’t resent his wealth one bit – until you mix in the $5million in federal farm subsidies he has taken from us. Then I look at the stuff he and his family have – including a monster home in the Lake Almanor area reputed to be worth $4million. Then, I got angry – I get angrier when I look at his record of writing bills in the legislature to benefit himself and splitting the family farm six ways to circumvent the $180,000 a year per person farm welfare limit.

In similar fashion to his refusal to accept responsibility for the website, the attempts to destroy the GOP platform and the string of hypocricy – LaMalfa vigorously defends the Farm Welfare payments it appears he and his family are dependent on.

Even now, the “Republican” Congress is running a bill to make it more difficult for people like me to track Farm Welfare Payments. Doug LaMalfa’s primary backers support this effort.

It gets worse. LaMalfa claims to be a conservative – yet he and his team have been hell-bent to meet out revenge on anyone not 100% loyal. Since most of LaMalfa’s loyal supporters are liberals and moderates – this means that LaMalfa has been on a jihad against Conservatives in the North State. Doug LaMalfa prefers to endorse liberal Republicans over more conservative counterparts.

It just makes sense that team LaMalfa would try to destroy the Republican Party Platform.

I voted for Doug LaMalfa after he beat Rick Keene in the 2010 Primary for State Senate. I also attempted to make amends – despite the fact that LaMalfa and crew had engaged in what was then an 18 month campaign of slander with Local Tea Parties.

Not long after posting an apology on this blog to Mr. LaMalfa – he was quoted on the front page of the Sacramento Bee (in a media drill apparently run by his consultant Dave Gilliard) accusing my brother of committing felonies. Of course, his liberal allies on the local Central Committee jumped on this.

Doug LaMalfa by his actions and choices has forfeited the right to any Republican support.

When truly judged by his actions Doug LaMalfa represents the type of Republican that cost the GOP the House and the Senate in 2006.

No ethical or moral Republican voter should ever seriously consider voting for Doug LaMalfa under any circumstances. That is why this Conservative Republican Leader is advising any Republican voter in the 1st Congressional District to withhold their vote from Doug LaMalfa.

Happy FBI Day! The 2-Year Anniversary is Today!

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Oct 272012

Today is the second anniversary of “FBI DAY”. This is the day in Placer County Republican History when Karen Stafford England (no relation to David Stafford Reade) alleged that the FBI visited her home to talk about, of all things, the finances of the Placer GOP.

This was parlayed in to a front-page attack in the Sacramento Bee quoting Doug LaMalfa accusing George Park and Tom Hudson of felonies.

Also note that someone (who I believe is a member of the Cent Com) filed a simultaneous FPPC complaint against the Placer GOP Cent Com.

On the two year anniversary of FBI day – take note of the following:

1. Several members of the Lincoln Tea Party were recruited to run for Placer GOP Cent Com by an insane operator in Sac County who still believes there is something to the charges.

2. Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines – who were all involved in the media drill have not apologized nor attempted to make amends for their role in the front-page article in the Sacramento Bee on 7-11-2011. It is the opinion of this blogger that they think the Placer GOP did the wrong thing by not endorsing them in 2012!

(please note that the Sacramento Bee pulled the article down – but they forgot to pull it down from the Modesto Bee. More on that later)

3. The above three are expected to align themselves with Pro-Choice, No on Prop-8 Liberal Republicans who have used the vacuous attacks in an attempt to gain control of the Central Committee at its’ January organizational meeting. Please note that all three claim to be pro-life and pro-prop-8.

4. The primary accuser, Karen Stafford England (no relation to David Stafford Reade) has disappeared from the local political scene after getting hammered repeatedly for starting World War III in Placer County – even though we are still dealing with the after effects.

5. Liberal Billionaire Charles Munger funded $45k worth of advertisements in addition to $11k from the liberal Republican group, Republican Congress of Placer County in an attempt to help the effort of the above three with their efforts.

Mike Holmes, Cheryl Bly-Chester and Dianne Foster have all been reported to this blogger to have repeatedly in public accused the Placer GOP of corruption based largely on the Bee article, the anonymous FPPC Complaint and the accusation of an FBI investigation. Some of my reports are eyewitness.

All three are regarded as Liberal Republicans.

Please note that Karen England is now officially being labeled as a liar. Two years have passed and the FBI has not called anyone nor shown up at anyone’s door. But, it still didn’t stop a State Senator, the Mayor of Auburn and a few other disgruntled liberals from repeating said lie to any group that will listen.

Maybe they will all put a sock in it by the third anniversary? I am not holding my breath.