Nov 122016

Breaking News:

Self-proclaimed Sacramento PR guru and former supposed architect of the Reagan Presidency, Doug Elmets, will be rewarded for his great job as head of Republicans for Clinton with a diplomatic post as Consul General to Mosul, Iraq. Reportedly, Hillary Clinton will be responsible for providing him air support.

If only…

Usually people with outsized egos are overcompensating. Meet Doug Elmets.

Apparently, my previous posts hammering this complete fraud have been read an appreciated by several REAL Reagan Alum.

Many within the Reagan circle resent Mr. Elmets and the living he has made dining off of a very brief and low level affiliation with the Ronald Reagan operation.

You see, I worked on a special project for Congressman Joe Heck who ran unsuccessfully for US Senate in Nevada in the election just concluded. Had he won, the best I honestly could have told people is that I did a special project for Mr. Heck. I never met the Congressman.

Doug Elmets real Reagan Story is not much more than my Joe Heck story.

Doug Elmets was an 18-year-old low level volunteer who as a result of his father’s connections got a job a “staff assistant” (translated, “glorified intern”) in the Reagan White House. He was never stationed in the West Wing, but had cubicle in the EOB smaller than a secretary/admin’s desk. So, it is fair to say that Elmets was a janitor in the Reagan operation who had a desk in the broom closet.

Doug Elmets did support work and NEVER WAS A PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHWRITER as both he stated in the Washington Times ( ) and on MSNBC ( ) and the DNC and Clinton Campaign claimed during his speech ( ). Imagine that, Clinton lied as did Doug Elmets.

In Doug Elmets’ own job history listing for his service in the Reagan Administration in the July 1993 Edition of the Directory for the Reagan Alumni Association, there is no mention of his “working in the Reagan White House” or being a “speechwriter” for President Reagan, both positions he now claims but knows would be refuted by knowledgeable Reagan Alumni members.

It seems that Doug Elmets has been telling a fish story that has gotten out of control. I wonder if he has tripled down on that lie with his current clients.

As it was told to me, in 1988 if Ronald Reagan had crossed paths with the then 18 year old Elmets, he’d have not known him at all.

Like many in the cesspool of lobbyists and politics, Elmets was able to parlay some low-level jobs and a press secretary job for a cabinet member in to long term employment in the system.

I am not surprised at all to find out that Elmets was nothing more than an errand boy / janitor in the Reagan admin that Ronald Reagan did not know. Maybe people reading this post can help inform the world of what a fraud Mr. Elmets is before he uses Reagan’s name to hurt more people.

Nov 102016

elemtsI have been a long-time critic of Doug Elmets. Like most aging men who are trying to hang on to relevance, ego takes over and the flame-out begins.

Doug Elmets will tell you ad-naseum, he is a Republican and that he worked for Ronald Reagan. Reagan is rolling in his grave at what Elmets has become.

Those of us that knew him well, knew that a National explosion of his ghastly Ego was coming.

Some of the indicators that Elmets was a loser were there. Once Elmets sold out for his thirty pieces of Clinton Foundation Silver, GOP.COM quickly popped this “Republican” as a whore democrat donor.

Doug Elmets has a reputation of being a shameless self-promoter, and like many of the Conservatives I hammer for egomenical narcissism, this alleged “Moderate Republican” was pushing his past affiliation with Ronald Reagan for a political paycheck. Pictured is his post of his press-pass at the democrat national convention. Linked here is the fruits of him whoring himself for press attention from the Sacramento Bee.

There is a problem for Doug Elmets. He screwed over Roseville First 2016 as they sent one tiny piece of mail in support of Richard Roccucci, that was it. Roccucci lost badly as Elmets was spending time with his fellow democrats at the NY Times doing interviews repeating the same lies and attacks against Donald Trump. Roccucci get left in the lerch as Elmets had bigger fish to fry.

306-232There is a second problem for Doug Elmets. He appeared in attack ads done by Hillary Clinton against President-Elect Donald Trump.

Included here for your reference is a picture of the electoral map. Despite the best efforts of Mr. Elmets,  Hillary Clinton got hammered in the electoral college.

Doug Elmets is a paid consultant for the Auburn Rancheria, making an alleged $15,000 a month. He is on the A-List of a bunch of people that have to call him to deal with the Auburn Rancheria. It must suck to be Doug Elmets now, as he has to deal with a bunch of people that think he is a fool.

I am sure Roseville First 2016 is going to dump Doug Elmets as fast as Hillary Clinton got dumped by America.

P.S. Linked here is a story I wrote about Elmets selling Roseville First 2016 down the river.

Jul 282016

ElemtsI have to guess that Doug Elmets at 58 years of age is suffering a late mid-life crisis. Sometimes, you see aging men do really bizarre things when they feel like they are losing relevance.

Doug Elmets has always been a go-to person for the local leftist media to get negative comments about Republicans from. For strange reasons, many in the local political establishment think he is relevant only making his ego get even worse than it was when I met him 10 years ago.

Elmets, (who worked for Ronald Reagan, he’ll tell you unsolicited, btw) must have thought he had the horsepower to make himself in to someone really important by betraying dozens of friends and associates within the GOP. If you listened to the fawning coverage from 1530 KFBK and other leftist local media outlets, you could see the short-term gain for Elmets (for himself) by what he did.

Now that Elmets has actually gone to the DNC and endorsed Hillary Clinton, I just want to say that Richard Rocucci and Tracy Mendonsa just got screwed. They are now tied to a union-backed movement (which is a problem itself, but not so much as people love Cops and Firefighters), that is led by a self-serving Republican of Convenience Doug Elmets.

Politico also says that Doug Elmets will rip the RNC platform, too. This is confirmation that Doug Elmets is also a fraud. Elmets is one of those Republicans that would rather see democrats elected than accept things like the sanctity of life, gun rights or anything resembling legal immigration policy – choosing instead to go for the easy attention grabbing.

I have always believed Elmets to be a democrat and now that his disdain for Conservative Republicans has gone national, what does that mean in Roseville?

Elmets is the Campaign Manager / Consultant for Roseville First 2016, a public-employee union backed effort to influence Roseville City Council elections. Because of his selfish, self-serving move to bring attention to himself, he has now smeared Roseville First 2016 with all of his anti-conservative vitreol because he personally was made to feel irrelevant when the little people of the GOP rose up and nominated Donald Trump.

Do not minimize Elmets attack of the RNC Platform – as created by those same little people that nominated Donald Trump – Elmets has always had a visceral disdain for Conservatives.

Now Richard Rocucci who re-registered Republican in order to try to hide how liberal he is, has been outed by Doug Elmets.

Conservative Republican Tracy Mendonsa may well have been tossed under a Roseville Ladder Truck as people will think he is a Clinton Supporting, Conservative-Hating liberal like Elmets.

It is the natural response to such a public action. I can guarantee you that Elmets did not think about the Police, Firefighters, Rocucci or Mendonsa before he did this.

Mancini and Peppin deserved better than this. Their Unions just got marginalized by a man they have overpaid to advise them. I have spoken to both Mancini and Peppin at Tracy Mendonsa’s campaign kickoff, they are both good dudes who appear to be pretty well adjusted. There is no way they had any input in Doug Elmets’ decision.

I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that Mr. Elmets pulled this stunt because at Age 58, he still feels that he needs more money and may well believe that he has not gotten as famous as his ego tells him he should be. It would not surprise me that if America decides to commit suicide and elects Hillary Clinton that Mr. Elmets is front in line for a cushy 500k a year job helping cover up Hillary Clinton’s corruption. (that is a basic requirement to work in the Clinton camp)

Ask yourself if it is that far fetched? Doug Elmets like a few others I have met from the GOP political establishment hates conservatives. He hates grassroots, I’ve seen it firsthand. So why not make a final play for the job in the system you’ve always wanted? Elmets will be 66 in 8 years, probably too old for another shot at that, so it makes sense to me.

In the meantime? RosevilleFirst? You guys just got screwed, Doug Elmets style – ego first, clients last.

Jul 252016

ElemtsRonald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

I am not sure what Mr. Elmets is trying to accomplish by doing this. The Sacramento Bee uses Elmets as a go to “Republican” when they need a soundbyte trashing a conservative, but this is next level.

For those of you not familiar with Elmets – let me give you a quick summary:

He worked for Ronald Reagan. This is a huge part of his identity and he makes sure everyone knows he worked for Reagan.

(Legendary Tax Fighter Lew Uhler (Kirk’s Father) also worked for Ronald Reagan – this proves that Reagan had quite a diverse staff as Uhler and Elmets are polar political opposites.)

Elmets worked for / was a consultant for Congressman Doug Ose. Ose was a Trump delegate and early Trump supporter. Doug Ose has been a loyal (moderate) Republican donor and booster for years. I have never known Ose to support a democrat for a major office – and believe me, I have been a critic of Ose.

Elmets works for (is a consultant for) the Auburn Rancheria – his alleged salary is $15k a month. The Auburn Rancheria is one of the most liberal tribes in California. (most are GOP-leaning, the Auburn Tribe – Thunder Valley – is not) Could this move have something to do with his work for the tribe?

Elmets is also the prime mover behind Roseville First 2016. This is the group of Unions that endorsed Richard Rocucci and Tracy Mendonsa for Roseville City Council. This group is seeking to wield influence in the Roseville City Council as they believe they were wronged in previous contract negotiations.

Roseville is a Republican City. Placer is a Republican County. I am not sure how Elmets speaking at the DNC convention will help him further his attempts to influence local elections. I am sure it will make the tribe he works for happy and it will also give him attention – however, this will permanently tar him as a democrat. You can claim Reagan all you want, but people are judged by their actions.

I am not sure that this helps Roseville First. I think if anything, it will solidify the perception amongst many that they are a bunch of democrats seeking to bust the city’s budget the same way state workers have at the state level. The people I met after Tracy was endorsed by them are anything but democrats – they are quite a mix. However, their spokesperson and lead consultant has hitched himself to Hillary Clinton. This is not fair to their group or to their overall goals.

I have always believed Elmets was a democrat registered in the wrong political party based on his pattern, he has certainly removed any doubt in many people’s minds with his decision to go to the DNC convention to draw attention to himself.

I won’t be watching the DNC convention. The DNC convention is going to be a disaster as Bernie Sanders was booed by his own supporters for selling out to Clinton. Nancy Pelosi was booed. People are protesting in the streets. Hillary Clinton has been laid wide open by Wikileaks as the beneficiary of widespread News Media Collusion and corruption within the DNC ranks to help rig the nomination for her. The Chair of the DNC was thrown under the bus and then hired by Ms. Clinton (ostensibly as a reward for her service).

It makes the dead ambassador and the multiple felonies that the FBI said she committed seem like a faded memory. It makes the deal cut between Bill Clinton and the US Attorney General to stifle the prosecution seem minor.

Why then did Doug Elmets decide to attach himself to all of this? It matters, folks. It matters a lot.