Dec 172020

It was all about being a jerk. That is my summary. The Lincoln Project, formed 100% by allies of the current leadership of the California Republican Party proved beyond anything President Trump did that being a jerk is not a winner at the ballot box. In their psychotic rage against President Trump, they attempted to unseat 7 Republican Senators. Their efforts failed miserably. Priorities USA took the Lincoln Project apart piece by piece detailing the total failure of their mission.

Watching election night and realizing that President Trump’s campaign had miscalculated on a number of fronts brought me all the way back to 2015 when I was looking at working for Jeb Bush. Bush imploded because he tried to play Trump’s game. I ended up working for Dr. Ben Carson, the nicest guy in the race. When working for Carson, I could see all the people whose anger President Trump played to. I called them the “rage-based-coalition”. It was not until Dr. Carson lost, that I endorsed the President and came on board.

I am a long time GOP activist. I adhere to the axiom, fight the primary and unify in the general. I learned that those I learned it from were all the establishment squishes that usually won the primaries because they almost always had all the money with which to campaign. A whole bunch of these people went insane over the victory of President Trump in the primary. Their relevance was damaged forever. This is one thing I will always be grateful to President Trump for. His ego and presence was so gigantic that a generation of power brokers got broken. Yet despite these people not following their own axiom of support your nominees, I did.

I have no regrets for defending and towing the line for President Trump, his policies were awesome yet his personality was a constant issue.

I also take major issue with so-called Republicans that resisted the president and people that campaigned for Joe Biden while holding leadership positions within the GOP. At times of my choosing, I am going to light them up on this blog and this includes the never-trumper “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP.

President Trump also broke the national media – even as they are congratulating themselves for their part in defeating him. Trump’s own mouth and ego did far more to his re-election than their biased or flat out false reporting did. I’ve seen internal polls about the cover-up of the hunter biden stuff, there was no discernable impact. People in America know the media is biased, they did not care, they were tired of the drama. The media’s ability to impact elections has been forever decimated.

I watched President Trump make a deep, emotional connection with a group of voters that the GOP has been able to reach but for fleeting moments in history. I often wondered if it was narcissistic leadership as I would question weather the President had true empathy. The President also exhibited other classic narcissist tedencies, he is alleged to have cheated on his wives, he would incite chaos during periods of relative calm, he would pick fights with and engage with all kinds of people he should have ignored and he’d famously overhaul people leaving his administration.

Then, at the same time, he delivered a plethora of conservative policies we wished Bush and Reagan would have done. Narcissists deliver out of their own personal pride because they have to look good – you can’t honestly look at everything President Trump did and fit it in to that paradigm. (But that wall was indeed about Trump)

Then you have the anti-narcissist things, No new wars? Millions of new Republican registrations, recruiting and endorsing candidates for lower office (some of whom returned the help by betraying him), a series of policies that pulled people off of Welfare, record employment numbers, small business explosions, crime reductions, pardons, criminal justice reform are some that come to mind. A Narcissist would start wars. A Narcissist would only do things that had a direct benefit to himself.

However, the New York Asshole routine ran its’ course with many people. The election was not a repudiation of President Trump’s policies, it was a repudiation of the asshole himself. Only the nearly psychotic Lincoln Project people got lower than the president on the asshole scale on the R side. You had Antifa and BLM on the left to carry that mantle.

I heard it many times from people in various parts of the country – I like what he is doing, but I don’t like him. Just like in my insurance business, people buy insurance from people they like. An asshole with the perfect insurance policy will starve. Why would an election be different? Still others admitted they knew the media was lying but saw it is a commensurate response to trump’s behavior.

I have taken a lot of time to review the election fraud allegations. I believe some of them are true. However, this national review piece about a rejected lawsuit in Wisconsin sums up a lot of the failed legal wrangling. My hope is that the election aftermath forces election security reform in many swing states. I think Wisconsin and Georgia could have been impacted by election fraud, but the margins elsewhere were too large. Yes, Michigan and Pennsylvania violated their own election laws and I am sure they will be forced by lawsuits to clean up their act. A potential benefit of this election is to elevate the scrutiny of election fraud.

However, President Trump is not handling himself well in the aftermath of the election – taking me right back to why it was so hard to warm up to him. The same people that repulsed me in 2015 are back out in force screaming “We Wuz Robbed”. Did any of those people walk precincts or make phone calls? Nope. They were driving around with Trump flags on their cars. That is the easy feel good stuff – like posting on facebook. The democrats know this dynamic and count on it to beat us at the ballot box.

The democrats were out harvesting ballots. I also hope the election aftermath causes accountability in the post office, I’ve long believed that mail ballot elections give the postal service too much power.

Let me give some examples that have caused me to believe that President Trump really did lose:

Nevada: the amount of fraud reported is not enough to cover the deficit. They say about 4k dead people and 4k non citizens voted along with about 4k out of state voters. Find them. Find where the ballots went and prosecute the perpetrators. We know that Californians were registering in other states to vote – it should not be hard to nail them. Trump lost Nevada by 34,000 in 2020 vs 24,000 in 2016. I know firsthand that in Washoe County, people were fixated on the New York Asshole and it had nothing to do with anything else. Trump did not play well in the west. I spoke to insiders in Nevada that told me Trump was going to lose Nevada about 2 weeks out. At the same time – the GOP picked up 4 seats in the Nevada legislature…

Arizona: President Trump’s war with John McCain in addition to being a New York Asshole. John McCain is an icon out there, and President Trump never shored up his support with Mormons who are 9% of the electorate in both Arizona and Nevada. Trump barely lost Arizona, and his campaign was asleep – they should have known the President was in trouble in AZ and transferred assets there. Trump could not leave McCain alone.

Minnesota – Trump lost by 1.4% in 2016 but got hammered in 2020 by 7.5%

Colorado – Trump lost by 4.8% in 2016 but got slaughtered by 14% in 2020.

Virginia – Trump lost by 4.8% in 2016 but got decimated by 10% in 2020. The GOP gained seats in the VA legislature at the same time.

New Hampshire: Trump lost by 3,000 votes in 2016 but got obliterated by 59,000 in 2020. Yet – the GOP wiped out the dems at the state level. It was not an issue with Republicans, it was an issue with Trump.

Maine: Susan Collins won by 9 and Trump lost by 9 – an incredible spread of 18 points. Typically, the Top of the Ticket and the Senator are within 3 points of each other.

Wisconsin. 20K win turns in to a 20K loss. Ouch.

How do you lose Georgia while winning North Carolina and Florida? You Take Georgia for granted, not allocate enough resources or have some sort of issue with the voters. Trump did all three. I looked at GA-06 where the infamous (T)Ossoff vs Handel race ocurred. Handel got hammered by 10 points in 2020. This means that Trump had some major issue with suburban voters in Georgia. Trump lost Georgia by 13000 votes after winning by nearly 5 points in 2016. Yes, there are major issues with elections in Georgia but Trump should have never cut GA that close for the fraud to be a determining factor.

Yet – while the Trump campaign let Georgia go right out from under them, President Trump won North Carolina with a much smaller margin than in 2016. Where was the fraud in North Carolina?

Michigan and Pennsylvania are both complete disasters. Those two states are going to require in-depth analysis to determine what happened for sure. The margins there were larger than other areas.

Trump’s campaign was not the only campaign that miscalculated. Kevin McCarthy wrote off NV-03 yet the candidate only lost by 2.98%. CA-45 and CA-49 were also written off, yet those candidates finished within 7% despite having no money at all. With Congress at a thin margin, how big would it have been to have those three seats!

Fraud? If there was enough to matter, we certainly would have gone backwards elsewhere.

The Republicans were supposed to lose 5 seats in the Senate. It looks like one of the two in Georgia will win the runoff. If we split the Georgia senate – it will be a loss of just 2.

The Republicans were supposed to lose 10-15 seats in Congress. While the democrats are trying to steal NY-22 and IA-02 (I doubt they succeed) by appealing to congress to usurp the voters in those districts, the gain is at least 10. probably 12. This is an incredible 20-22 seat swing from predictions.

Republicans control re-districting in most of the country and gained seats in legislatures everywhere.

An honest analysis will show that millions of ballots had votes for Biden with Republicans down the rest of the ticket, or no vote for President and Republicans down the ticket. People had literally been worn out by the sideshow.

The moral of this story, if you want to be a successful politician, don’t be a jerk.

Feb 222020

So here’s the score. I have to limit what I post on this blog because of groups like ANTIFA and the Sierra Club that try to disrupt these events.

Bottom Line – 3/2/2020 a Dinner in Sacramento.

3/3/2020 – a Lunch in Danville

3/3/2020 – an evening reception in San Francisco

If you are able and willing to donate at least $500 to re-elect President Trump, and want to see Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle in California – please contact me at or reach out to me on Facebook. If you know California’s RNC National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon – contact her directly through email, Facebook Messenger or Twitter direct message to make arrangements to attend, as I am working with her.

If you are interested supporting at a higher level, First Lady Melania Trump is the guest for a Trump Victory dinner in Beverly Hills March 18. Please contact Harmeet for details for this event which is $2800 and up.

Oct 052017

Remember when President Trump said the NFL Owners are afraid of their players? Remember when the media said that comment was a racist dog whistle?


Looks like the NFLPA Union Chief is Saying the same thing.

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, told ESPN last week that “for the first time, the owners are afraid of the players,” echoing comments made last week by President Donald Trump that were criticized by the league office.

“For the first time, the owners are afraid of the players,” Smith told ESPN’s Outside the Lines during a Friday interview. “The owners are used to being in control—and they aren’t on this. They know it. They hate it.”

This is why making a knee-jerk reaction to PRESIDENT Trump’s comments makes someone look foolish.

Remember Charlottesville? President Trump was savaged as a racist, commentators were on TV crying and the like. The President compared the KKK to Antifa, saying there are good people on both sides. That was enough to cause a meltdown.

It caused people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to tweet about ANTIFA being different than the KKK and that ANTIFA were just protesters… or something of the like.

Then there were ANTIFA-Feuled Riots in Boston

Then the truth came out about how Virginia democrat officials enabled ANTIFA to crash the white supremacist march.

Then the government issued warnings about more ANTIFA attacks coming in future months.

Then ANTIFA attempted to take credit in part for the mass shooting in Las Vegas – see the embedded image.

When you have a knee-jerk reaction, typically that knee comes up and hits you in your own chin.

Smart people understand that the racism attack is a tool of the left to attempt to control political debate. It has been so overused that it is losing its meaning or effectiveness.

Sep 132017

So far, the Trump administration has repealed regulations at the rate of 16-1 (versus new ones introduced).

The Supreme Court is hearing the Travel Ban case, and the dirty little secret that the leftist media is concealing is the lower court decisions are all based on President Trump’s campaign rhetoric and the Judge’s opinion of it. In the meantime, the flow of “refugees” in to the US has abated mightily. Under the obama administration the refugees were overwhelmingly Muslim, suggesting a deliberate effort of Obama to introduce Islam in to America. The demographics of the countries of origin never supported the extremely unbalanced number of Muslims being forced in to the US.

This article was welcome news about how few Refugees are coming in to the US.

Nine hundred and thirteen refugees were admitted to the United States during August, the first time the monthly intake has dropped below one thousand in 15 years, and the smallest number of monthly admissions since October 2002.

August’s arrivals followed a pattern evident since the start of the Trump administration – a declining proportion of Muslims in comparison to Christians and adherents of other faiths.

Of the 913 refugees admitted during the month, 551 (60.3 percent) were Christians, with the biggest groups including 185 Pentecostalists from Ukraine and 53 Baptists, also from Ukraine.

A significantly smaller group, 220 (24.1 percent) were Muslims, including 48 Sunnis from Iraq and 47 from Syria.

The remaining 142 (15.5 percent) were unaffiliated or from other religions, and included 43 Buddhists and 36 Hindus, mostly from Bhutan.

When you have homeless veterans, there should be no illegal immigration or refugees. We need to feed and employ our own people before bringing in more welfare recipients from other countries. Legal immigration based on real metrics (job, etc), fine.

The Consumer Federal Protection Bureau just got slammed for going rogue by the Trump Administration. Under Obama, they were enabled to process student loan complaints, mostly related to private universities and avoid congressional oversight.

The Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos also dealt with another grotesque overreach by the obama admin. The abuse of Title IX which put a male accused of Rape in a vice-grip without due process was gutted as well.

The “Dear Colleague” letter substantially lowered the burden of proof required for college administrators to determine whether an alleged rapist or sexual assaulter committed a heinous act. The preponderance of evidence is the standard of proof required for civil offenses to show that evidence is at least 50% more likely to have shown responsibility for an act.

One of the most fundamental aspects of criminal law is that prosecutors need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that an alleged criminal both acted in an immoral manner and possessed the requisite mental intent to commit the crime. Both sexual assault and rape are considered serious criminal offenses and the criminal justice system requires that such a burden of proof is reached before determining whether he or she gets convicted of the crime. The “Dear Colleague” letter deliberately defies that fundamental requirement in the case of alleged sexual assault or rape.

DeVos’ decision to end the ability for college administrators to use preponderance of the evidence demonstrates a return to the evidentiary proof necessary in the real world to convict someone of sexual assault or rape.

Universities and Colleges will no longer be able to set up Kangaroo courts controlled by activists. Naturally the left went insane over this. I will not re-post some of the vile attacks against DeVos.

Finally, President Trump just restored another law that Obama gutted with executive edict. The requirement to work while on welfare has been restored.

The Obama administration effectively gutted the law’s requirements in July 2012 when it released a policy directive through the Department of Health and Human Services that allowed states to waive the TANF program’s work requirements.

To do this, the Obama administration claimed waiver authority that was illegal and antithetical to the purpose. President Barack Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services produced no historical evidence that Congress intended to grant waiver authority for the TANF work requirements.

Even if it had tried to do so, it would have come up empty.

The summary of the welfare reform law prepared by Congress shortly after its enactment was clear: “Waivers granted after the date of enactment may not override provisions of the TANF law that concern mandatory work requirements.”

The nonpartisan Congressional Research Service was even more clear in 2001 when it stated that “there are no TANF waivers” for work requirements.

This will also have the effect of reducing the welfare rolls significantly.

As President Ronald Reagan eloquently put it:

Welfare needs a purpose: to provide for the needy, of course, but more than that, to salvage these, our fellow citizens, to make them self-sustaining and, as quickly as possible, independent of welfare.

We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.

Sep 132017

President Trump had been on a roadshow to promote tax reform, including visiting the home states of vulnerable democrat senators. The democrats predictably tried to close ranks.

Consistent with his immigration policies, his tax policies are also polling well:

Seventy-two percent of voters say the tax code is archaic and another 71 percent say they want lower taxes for middle-class American families, according to a survey from America First Policies.

These individuals said they thought the tax code should be streamlined to make navigating taxes easier to understand. Voters who said they wanted lower taxes believe the middle class can get ahead more when they can save for things they need like clothing, medicine, and school supplies instead of paying more to the federal government.

Sixty-one percent of voters are dissatisfied with the current system and 68 percent of voters said they wished the tax code were simplified so much that they could file on a single piece of paper.

This leads us to the Trump tweets embedded in both of these posts. He has been lighting up the US Senate leadership as nearly 300 bills are stalled and stagnated in the Senate awaiting consideration.

Then President Trump did the unthinkable. He cut a deal with the democrats on the budget debt limit.

Then former Speaker Newt Gingrich weighed in on the deal that President Trump cut:

Sure. I think you set up two good questions. Would I feel a bit irritated if I was Speaker Ryan? Yes. Would I cut the deal if I were President Trump? Yes. Both are true.

I think Trump saw a situation with everything he just saw in Houston, now looking at what’s coming in Florida, and I think his feeling was, we’ve gotta get some movement in Washington. “We spent eight months and we didn’t get big things done. I’m gonna cut a deal with somebody, I’m gonna get something done this week. I’m gonna get the money to Houston, and to do that I’ve got to get the debt ceiling taken care of,” and he cut a 90-day deal. … I don’t think this is some gigantic earthquake. …

So what should we look forward to on legislation? Since Republican Leaders can not deliver the votes to pass bills, there is this:

President Trump’s breathtaking deal struck with Democratic leaders to fund the government through early December, increase government borrowing and speed relief money to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma has upended the narrative in Washington.

His own party was left reeling, while Democrats face a new world where they have been enticed to work with the man they spent the past eight months vowing to resist, labeled a racist and introduced articles of impeachment against.

The White House says it expects more such deals going forward, including a possible agreement on immigration. Mr. Trump said he is eager to legalize Dreamers and is working with “Chuck and Nancy” — Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat.

“This is where the Trump presidency begins,” said Michael McKenna, a Republican Party strategist. “We’re going to see this again on health care, on tax reform, on infrastructure, on anything you want to name. Trump is now going to go to Schumer.”

I do also take note that two of the biggest losers in Congress (on the R side) Charlie Dent and Dave Reichert, both of whom opposed the Obamacare repeal, and de-funding planned parenthood, are retiring rather than face re-election and the wrath of the Trump movement. It is clear that the President is having to deal with both political parties in order to advance his agenda.