Feb 152021

Please note that Jessica Patterson has touted the endorsement and support of David Valadao. It certainly suggests why they are stifiling the release of the below censure resolution against David Valadao. Similar to how Patterson ignored the Bill Brough situation, Mike Madrid and so many others – she and her crew are trying to make this go away without any consideration.

See the PDF of the censure resolution here.

Dear CA GOP Delegate:

My name is Erik Elness.  I’m a CA GOP Delegate in the S.F. Bay Area and active on the executive board with my local Republican Central Committee.

I have a simple question for you:  Do you believe it was wrong for President Trump to be impeached in the House of Representatives?

On January 6th, Pres. Trump gave a passionate speech encouraging thousands of law-abiding Americans to exercise their 1st Amendment rights and ‘peacefully and patriotically’ let their voices be heard.  Around the time of that speech, we saw a group of law breakers assault the U.S. Capitol building and we all observed the ‘aftermath’, as Leftists in the main-stream media and Leftist political circles all tried to blame President Trump for the despicable acts of a few criminals.

Democrats in Congress launched an impeachment effort and regrettably, they were joined by a handful of supposed ‘Republicans’, including Freshman Congressman David Valadao from California, who voted to impeach the President on January 13th.

When I learned a California Republican Rep. in Congress voted to impeach the President, I was disgusted.  I spoke with several CA GOP delegate friends and I authored a Censure Resolution to hold David Valadao and his fellow CA Democrat Reps in Congress accountable for their absurd votes to impeach Donald J. Trump.

I submitted the resolution to the CA GOP Resolution Committee timely, before the 1/20/2021 ‘proposed resolution deadline’.  Staff verified it was received.  I followed up on 1/20/21, 1/25/21, 2/6/21, and 2/12/21 to see if it would be presented to our convention general assembly this upcoming weekend, for a vote by all delegates on 2/21/21.

I have received no response from the CA GOP to date.  The resolution has not been uploaded to the convention website.

I’m asking for your help.  Whether you support President Trump or not….Whether you support David Valadao’s impeachment vote (which I consider a betrayal) or not…. Shouldn’t our CA GOP delegates have the opportunity to have their voices heard, to have a vote on the censure resolution that I’ve attached to this email?

If you agree that our delegates should have a ‘say’ on this resolution, please forward this email to the following email addresses:  membership@cagop.org and convention@cagop.org.  In your message, please say, ‘I am a CA GOP Delegate and I want my voice heard, to be able to vote at convention (2/21/21) on the Resolution Censuring CA Reps who voted to impeach President Trump’.

Together, we can make our voices heard.   It’s time we as delegates, stood up to take a stand for what’s right.

Thanks for your help on this important issue.

Best Regards,

Erik M. Elness

CA GOP Delegate

Jul 082017

Search David Hadley for Governor.

If you were not paying attention, you’d see David Hadley for Assembly in the google list.

Was his “run” for Governor that well thought out?

I’ve been told that a firm called “Axiom” is running Mr. Hadley’s campaign. Axiom is run by Jeff Roe. It appears that the connection was made by Ron Nehring to Mr. Hadley via the connection to the Ted Cruz for President Campaign. Roe went on to have a role in the #NEVERTRUMP movement, both directly and indirectly.

I had personal experience with Jeff Roe when I worked for Dr. Ben Carson in Nevada. I was on the ground when Ted Cruz ran a robocall, social media and email campaign claiming Dr. Carson was suspending his campaign in order to deceive Iowa Caucus goers in to Caucusing for Ted Cruz. It was national news and the bad will from that was likely a major factor that halted Ted Cruz’ ability to gain any further ground on our President due to the stench of poor ethics left on Ted Cruz as a result.

The home of #NEVERTRUMP is now running David Hadley’s campaign, yet another sign that this is the “establishment” flexing their muscles against the choice of the little people, Businessman John Cox.

Why would David Hadley hire someone who is a sworn enemy of Donald Trump Supporters? I asked Mr. Nehring straight out on multiple occasions if he was voting for Donald Trump, He never answered the question. Is this the team David Hadley is assembling?

Jeff Roe reportedly ripped off Kelli Ward, the suicide bomber candidate against John McCain in the 2016 US Senate Primary for a $20k+ a month retainer (I will check the FEC reports soon). It makes me wonder how much Hadley has been charged for Mr. Roe’s services. Kelli Ward got humiliated by the 80+ year old RINO in the Primary.

When Mr. Roe’s latest client announced his run for governor a one-page website was released bereft of content.

The website was not mobile optimized. #EPICFAIL

What exactly are David Hadley and Jeff Roe doing? Over half of people exclusively get their information from the internet!

You’d think that an extremely expensive political consultant with a reputation for scorched earth and questionable ethics would have at least covered the digital bases.

You’d also wonder why someone who has run the campaigns of hard-right candidates is now running someone out there in McCain land ideologically? Is this a serious campaign, or is this a suicide mission to ensure John Chiang or Antonio Suave make it in to the runoff with Gun Grabbin Gavin?

I had yet another screenshot sent to me from Facebook – it presents David Hadley as the Republican Reformer. I wonder where that came from? The “Reform” event being held at the Brooks Firestone ranch?

I have drawn the conclusion that David Hadley’s campaign for governor is a foil. There is no way someone wanting to be taken seriously in the most populous state in the USA could be making these mistakes. It is pretty hard to reform anything when the very voters whose support you need can’t search your website on their Phone or Ipad.

It is also quite fair to suggest that Jeff Roe is ripping off David Hadley, no political consultant worth their sale would allow these sorts of mistakes right out of the box.

Oh, and Hadley’s announcement was a footnote in most newscasts.

P.S. John Cox is going to be releasing his fundraising numbers shortly, that should be interesting.