Jan 302016

The event people have waited for, for years has finally happened. Team Gaines attempted to make it happen quietly, but your intrepid blogger has excellent sources.

Someday, I do hope to tell the back story of how it happened as Steve Davey’s out of control life pattern appears to have been central in his ouster.

No – Ted Gaines did not fire Steve Davey. This is as far as I can comment.

Years ago, most people that Ted Gaines spoke with told him not to hire Steve Davey. It appears that since then, Davey through Ted has sought revenge on all of them. The list of local electeds that Ted Gaines has abused is legion.

Ted Gaines appears to have been well suited and quite a match with Mr. Davey as the pattern of political paranoia and betrayal has been consistent and few have not been affected by it.

Beth Gaines’ Chief of Staff Dave Titus now works for Ted Gaines. Similar to Beth Gaines discarding her constituents in favor of her next campaign, the morally and ethically challenged Dave Titus had to find a new gig. Steve Davey’s ouster made that easy.

Ssssteve Davey and Dave Titus met while working for Rico Oller. In 2004, when Rico Oller ran unsuccessfully for Congress, I saw firsthand Dave Titus have an affair with a 20 something staffer who is now his current wife. Titus discarded his then wife of 20+ years in favor of this much younger woman and reputedly he has cheated on her as much as he did on his first wife – while Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines do nothing.

Ssssteve Davey learned well. Too well. According to several ex-staffers of Ted and Beth Gaines, Steve Davey is a monster who is reputed to have been subjected to multiple claims of harassment. I have first hand knowledge that Davey used to make crass sexual comments about local elected women. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey sexually harassed female staff. This is a fact repeated to me several times by former staff. Ted Gaines did nothing.

Steve Davey directed a former staffer to move his ball at a golf tournament in order to steal a putter for the best ball tournament. Steve Davey is in the process of getting a divorce and while I have no direct proof – I am sure Mr. Davey copied his mentor’s pattern of infidelity and again former Gaines staff told me she had left him at least twice before.

I have seen Steve Davey take off his wedding ring at CRP conventions for years in order to aid his efforts for horizontal refreshment at said conventions. Ted Gaines had to know about all of this and he did nothing.

Ted Gaines has demonstrated that he lacks the judgement to be in office as he has tolerated and even encouraged Steve Davey’s behavior for years.

Now – Ted Gaines has endorsed Cristi Nelson for Assembly. Nelson has no connection to the district and neither does Ted or he’d have fired Steve Davey years ago.

If you have any question about Ted Gaines’ encouragement and approval of Steve Davey’s rampage – When Senator Dave Cox was dying, Ted Gaines and Steve Davey used to laugh about it in their office jokingly keeping track on a calendar and taking bets with one another on when that day would be.

Yes – I have spoken to many former members of Team Gaines staff. My contempt for the Gaines has been earned, this is not simply a matter of sour grapes over past elections. Soon, the people of SD01 will get a chance to judge Ted Gaines again. My fear is that his well-meaning opponent will not have the resources to get his own message out.

Soon, the voters of El Dorado County will have a chance to reject Beth Gaines. It is more likely in that tilt that another candidate can gain traction and beat the coronation that Beth Gaines expects to have happen… more on that soon…