What does the Placer GOP BBQ and the CRA Debate tell us about the candidates? Part 4 – Carrying On the Legacy of Dave Cox

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Sep 132010

Roger Niello made comments – in fact forceful comments that “I am not done” and “I have so much more to do”. He did so when explaining why he is running for State Senate.

Normally, people would hear such comments and assign the words huburis or assume that the person saying those comments feels a sense of entitlement to the office they are seeking.

(When you couple this with his dogged belittling of the No New Taxes Pledge and the “restrictions” such a pledge places on your ability to govern – you take pause.)

Roger Niello is a really nice guy… everyone likes Roger Niello – but please consider the following:

I spoke with Roger Niello several weeks ago – about a week after Senator Dave Cox passed away. I could hear in Roger Niello’s voice that he was still shaken by Cox’ passing.

As Roger explained, Dave Cox and Roger Niello were like brothers. They and Doug Ose went back years… they were all there for each other.

It has been like a political dynasty – local government to supervisor. First Cox, then Roger Niello… then to Assembly, first Cox then Roger Niello.

Now the progressions’ next step is for Roger Niello to follow Dave Cox.

Is Roger Niello acting like he has an entitlement to the State Senate seat vacated by the passing of Dave Cox? I can’t speculate on that – I am not Roger Niello and I don’t know his thoughts… however, it is a fair assessment to take note of the fact that at the debate, Roger Niello envoked the name of Dave Cox and the legacy of Dave Cox multiple times.

In this election cycle of the angry voter – incumbents are an endangered species and it seems that Roger Niello is making himself look like an incumbent and a political insider by envoking the Dave Cox legacy – even more so with the frequency he does it with.

So the question is – will the Dave Cox legacy and Roger Niello’s use of it hurt or help?

Jul 152010

God Bless Dave Cox. A good man and someone who let it fly on the floor of the legislature with some of the most memorable quotes ever.

With his passing – there has been a flurry of rumors as to who is going to run to replace him.

1. Roger Niello – the choice of the deceased Senator. Cox wrote Niello a $7800 check literally the day he died. Niello followed Cox up the ladder from Supervisor to Assembly and you’d assume that Cox had the 1st Senate district drawn for himself and also for his protege’ Niello. Rumor also has it that Doug Ose – who goes back 20+ years with Roger Niello is going to throw his considerable weight behind Niello.

Niello’s Achilles heel? He voted for the Feb 2009 budget with the largest tax increase in state history.

2. Ted Gaines – like Niello had a State Senate Campaign account open, with $500K in it already. Gaines is a Conservative who made the right endorsements from a Conservative perspective.

Gaines’ Achilles heel? There is a perception in insider circles that Gaines is distant and controlled by his staff. This perception started when Gaines made an abortive run for Congress in late 2007 after only having been in the Assembly for about 6-8 months.

Ted Gaines has also never run a competitive race. However, Doug LaMalfa had never run a competitive race and he smoked Rick Keene who outspent him… Gaines has the same political consultant that LaMalfa does.

3. Dan Logue – the proponent of Prop 23 whose Assembly District overlaps the 1st Senate district to the north of Ted Gaines Assembly District.

Dan Logue is the absolute WildCard. The notariety that he is getting and will be getting from going head-on against Arnold and the global warming cult should boost him substantially.

Dan Logue carries none of the baggage that either Ted Gaines or Roger Niello bring to the table. Dan Logue can also raise money – but can he raise enough to compete with the Niello establishment and the $500K head start of Ted Gaines?

Other names are being rumored – only because this is a special election with a different dynamic.

Right now – if I were Ted Gaines and Roger Niello, I would be on the phone trying to convince Dan Logue not to run.

As for this blogger – the headache of the 2010 cycle continues.

Blogger’s Note – Dave Cox was a statesman and a great man. He condolences to his family and staff in this difficult time –

please do not construe this blog post as anything other than an analysis of the political intrigue and a recitation of several insider conversations that Senator Cox’ untimely passing has brought on.

AD-05 Update: Andy Pugno picks up Senator Dave Cox/Craig DeLuz gives Pugno his Establishment Mastercard

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Mar 032010

Dan Logue and Ted Gaines from the North State have already endorsed… and now the Endorsements from Inside the district are starting to fall.

Senator Dave Cox is regarded as a godfather in the Sacramento County Republican Party – I would have to assume that other major Sacramento County Endorsements are going to follow this:

Senator Dave Cox Endorses Andy Pugno for Assembly

Mar 3, 2010

Folsom – The Andy Pugno for Assembly campaign has announced the endorsement of Sacramento area icon State Senator Dave Cox.

“Andy is the best choice for us to elect to the Assembly. He will fight against tax increases, reduce regulation on businesses, and serve the people of our community,” said Cox. “I will be working to make sure he gets elected in November and then working with him next year to represent our area.”

Senator Cox has served the people of the Sacramento area for more than two decades. After a successful career in the private sector Cox was elected to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Board of Directors, and then on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. He served six years in the State Assembly, and is in the middle of his second term in the State Senate.

“Senator Cox is a true leader in this region. He represents the best combination of business experience, conservative values, and fiscal discipline,” said Pugno. “I am honored to have his support and look forward to working with him to serve the people of Sacramento and Placer Counties.

Pugno is an honors graduate of UC Davis and McGeorge School of Law. He lives in Folsom with his wife Colleen and their three children. He is active at St. Mel’s Catholic Church in Fair Oaks.

This is huge, folks – with 4 other candidates that we know of filing in the Republican primary in AD05… the Dave Cox endorsement will lead to other endorsements and even more money.

That is substantial – as Pugno is expected to face off against a very wealthy and very liberal opponent in the fall.

Craig DeLuz – who I endorsed last year fired a pre-emptive shot this morning:

Republican Establishment supports AD 5 Newcomer While Conservative grassroots support Craig DeLuz

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick, Sen. Dave Cox and Assemblyman Roger Niello all signed on to endorse their candidate, one of the Fifth Assembly District’s newest residents, Andy Pugno.

It came as no surprise to the DeLuz Campaign however, “To some, the amount of money a candidate has raised is the only factor they use in determining their quality as a candidate.” Pointed out DeLuz Campaign spokesman, Scott Raab, “They ignore the fact that every grass roots GOP group that has endorsed in this race, has endorsed one candidate. There is only one candidate who has lived and worked in the community for over 15 years as a grassroots activist, public school teacher and elected school board member; and there is only one candidate that can claim the support of Republicans and Democrats throughout the district. That one candidate is Craig DeLuz.”

But being an underdog is nothing new for Craig, whose record demonstrates he is not afraid to challenge the status quo. “I’ve fought the Democratic establishment as well as the Republicans when I felt they were wrong.” Stated DeLuz, who believes that is why he has been successful in getting elected to school board in one of AD 5’s most Democratic Areas. “Voters want a leader who isn’t afraid to stand and work alongside them on the issues that impact our community. That is exactly what I have done over the last 15 years.”

Craig’s record as a grassroots activist is well established. California Tea Party Leader, Mark Meckler shared that Craig “…was one of the few who came out and was willing to stand with us when nobody else was. That’s the kind of leadership we need in this state.” And Lew Uhler, President of the National Tax Limitation Committee said, “Craig DeLuz is an outspoken friend for the taxpayer and possesses the ability to communicate our conservative principles with uncommon power and clarity.”

Craig DeLuz currently serves as a member of the Robla School Board of Trustees; one of Sacramento’s highest performing school districts. He has worked to advance Republican values as Chairman of the California Black Republican Council and Chairman of the Sacramento Republican Assembly. Craig is a widely recognized voice for conservative values and has appeared as a public speaker, radio talk show personality and frequent guest of political and community television shows.

Throughout his 15 years of service as a conservative community leader, Craig has fought against wasteful spending, bigger government and higher taxes.  If you would like to learn more about Craig or get involved in the campaign, please contact Scott Raab at 916-468-0594 or visit our website at http://craigforassembly.com/

Welcome to the Establishment – Andrew P. Pugno, General Counsel for Prop 8?