May 102017

One of the alleged reasons to expel George and I from CRA was a post on this blog that had redacted checks from fake CRA units. (Remember, Santa Clarita RA went from 16 delegates in 2015 convention to 0 in 2017, Ventura RA is gone, N SF RA is gone and Pasadena is on life support)

Carl Brickey and William Tolson – two of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys spent countless hours rallying people in a vainglorious crusade over the release of “PII” as if this veteran of 20 years in Insurance knew nothing about HIPAA laws or what  “PII” is.

Well, your intrepid blogger has a copy of an un-redacted check from the CRA. You too can click the hyperlink and then search the archives of this blog to see what redacted checks look like.

It appears that the CRA is going to have to notify its vendors and members that their information is exposed.

Secondly, you can also see the $54k the CRA has in its bank account. $38k of it I raised. Even at only 600 members, the CRA will take in $9000 a year in dues. This also means that the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister can not raise money. Anyone that served with him in Placer would have been able to tell you that 20 years ago.

I will not hold my breath waiting for the day when the CRA officers tell the truth about why they expelled George and I. It is however clear to sane, healthy people why the CRA expelled us. The raised relief is when you see the collapse of all the units that were being maintained on paper, people being exposed for doing the same things as other expelled former members were doing, the stagnation of the group, the failure to raise money, get candidates elected, infighting continuing, and of course now their own extra special data breach.

Apr 242017

There is a new Riverside CRA Unit to replace the old CRA unit that died an insane asylum death. I know Riverside is not Orange County, but you Southerners all look the same to us rednecks up here in the north.

Apparently, inviting so-called conservatives with felony arrests to speak for endorsements is a time-honored CRA tradition. (see also Tim Donnelly)

I got a list of the board members of the new Riverside RA and some familiar names were on it, including a man who rides the bus to the library to check his email as he does not own a car or a computer.

The Riverside RA is actually hosting a meeting tomorrow (which in today’s CRA is optional) featuring a Moreno Valley City Council Candidate named Hector Diaz.

A check of Voter Records shows a 43 year old Hector Diaz Nava registered in Moreno Valley. There is a second Hector Diaz that is 52. A look at the photo of the man is clear he is not in his 50’s. As it is common for Latinos to have two last names (Mom and Dad) I went a little further than usual to verify that the Hector Diaz of 2014 AD61 #EPICFAILURE and the current contestant for a special election in Moreno Valley are one and the same.

They are. This leads us to today’s CRA #EPICFAIL. (Pictured, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson)

Hector Diaz Nava was arrested on a nice felony. It looks like he beat someone up and got popped for it.

On 02/06/2016 – Diaz pled two felonies down to one Misdemeanor. He pled out to Disturbing the Peace, Instead of getting a felony for inflicting great bodily harm and assault with a deadly weapon.

Mr. Diaz received 60 days in the can, but was given 3 years of probation in lieu of incarceration.

Diaz also had to pay the victim of his rage restitution.

It is really not hard to find stuff out about people. It is called vetting, it is something the RightonDaily Blog recommends all groups do. The CRA, given their proclivity to be pious, self righteous and arrogant about their own perfection probably need to spend some of the $51k in their treasury and hire a pet monkey to do basic records checks on candidates before they get further embarrassment.

Hector Diaz (Nava) probably should not be running for Moreno Valley City Council. He holds himself out as a reputable businessman, I will grant that he is probably passionate about his business. He should probably take a break from beating people up and focus his passions on his business.

Perhaps, the Riverside RA could have their board member take the bus to the library and spend some of his ample free time using public records from Riverside County like your intrepid blogger?

P.S. for you skeptics (look at what happens when you google Diaz) – this is our guy, smack in the middle of Moreno Valley District 4. This is the only Hector Diaz anything in Moreno Valley Council District 4.

If the CRA does the usual and ignores the unsolicited advice from this blogger, its’ expected. But since I know they read this blog, I’d like to suggest at the very least they check his ankle for a bracelet.

Apr 132017

The CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister rallied the Bathroom Boys and others on the CRA’s Board to reject the surrender of the Sutter Yuba RA Charter.

Their main reason was the existence of 4 fabled people that wanted to keep the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly together to lead a resurgence of the CRA in that area. (I guess to a 15 member shell like the Placer RA or Sac RA?)

4 people? I have an idea of who two may be and they are not CRA members, at least not anytime in the last 5 years once the 2011 CRA Convention fiasco abated.

According to a letter sent to the CIR Board By Larry Virga the former president of the former Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly, they called everyone on their roster and no one wanted to stay in CRA. Having recently been at a meeting of the newly formed Sutter-Yuba Constitutional Republicans, I can tell you that there are a ton of brand new members in to the new organization. This is a good thing as the taint of the CRA does not need to be spread in to other Republican Groups.

Of further note – Larry noted that he is still listed as a CRA Board Member, and that the CRA’s website lists Larry as the SYRA President. In fact, as of the publication of this blog, there are non California Residents and collapsed CRA Units still listed on the website. #EPICFAIL

P.S. Look at the email that is page 2 of the attached document. The CRA never cashed the SYRA’s renewal dues check in 2016.

By the CRA’s own by-laws, that unit does not exist now as it has no paid members. The Thomas N Hudson Era in CRA, with optional By-Laws supplanted by hair-splitting legal nuance is the order of the day.

Since the CRA has a permanent charter from the CAGOP, there is no accountability for fraud in the organization nor its’ repeated violation of its’ own By-Laws.

The CRA’s current leadership told everyone that the CRA would be better run without the Park Brothers Around. I suppose waiting 10 months to cash a check is one such improvement. Perhaps optional California residency is another.

Strange things happen when face-saving becomes the order of the day.

Jan 232017

Will Thomas N Hudson roll for another Term as CRA President or not?

This is the question swirling around the CRA political toilet bowl. Or, will Tim Thiesen smoke him?

Your intrepid blogger has received information that Mr. Hudson has spoken to several people looking for a delegate appointment to the CA GOP. He has told people that his Term as the CRA’s Pol Pot Bellied Information Minister is coming to a late-term abortion in March. This means his automatic appointment to the CA GOP would self-immolate similar to a suicide bomber.

Why would Tom Hudson be rolling to the ends of the earth for a delegate appointment? Is he tired of being king of a leper colony? Does he know he is going to lose re-election? Or, is it something more complicated and related to his current deteriorating life circumstances?

It gets worse, the Chief Bathroom Boy of the CRA, Mark Gardner whose chicken s–t complaint over an email led to our ouster from the CRA has seen his third wife leave him, divorce him and now he is talking openly that he is not long for Fresno. Hopefully, Gardner finds his way to a nerd colony where he can live out his golden years with people as socially retarded as he is.

As written previously on this Blog, Carl Brickey, another long-time CRA officer has become a pariah in political circles as a result of consistently poor performance working on campaigns and his inability to play well with others.

CRA Executive Vice President Craig Alexander, another self-righteous warrior against his own cause, resigned from the CRA’s Board of Directors after losing a pissing match – and still has not been replaced. Is this because Thomas N Hudson knows that he lacks the board votes to install his own person, or has the brain drain from the CRA finally been so severe that the zoo is empty?

Another of the leaders of the effort to oust George and I from the CRA, Wendy Albright, fresh off of a $10,000 fine from the FPPC for being a screw up… is now a resident of Arizona.

Lastly, fresh, juicy information that your intrepid blogger has confirmed from inside sources indicates that the CRA’s Black Widow, Alice Khosravy (who was behind splitting the leadership of the CRA up and playing them off against each other), is moving out of California as well! I am sure the Republican activists of Santa Clarita will be celebrating.

Pictured here is a copy of a mailer for the City Council Campaign of Bob Kellar and Cameron Smythe for Santa Clarita City Council. Previously we in Placer had helped the CRA unit in Santa Clarita (which was later exposed as a colossal fraud) run mail against these guys. The council-member that the CRA had helped elect 8 years ago was unseated by Mr. Smythe. You will see that the CIR endorsement is featured prominently.

So – the two coup leaders from Santa Clarita who led the effort to oust George and I from the CRA to cover up their fraud are both out of California (or soon to be out of California). And, worse, their council candidate Tim BenBoydston was unseated.

I have written sparingly about the CRA as these things usually take care of themselves. The other leader of the Coup, Tim Thiesen is in Fresno, where ironically the CRA Convention is being held. Will the CRA Convention turn a profit? Or will the CRA lose its’ tail?

The CRA lists 51 units on its’ website. I know firsthand that 18 of them are defunct and at least that many more do not meet and may have less than 10 members each. In my estimation, the entire state organization has about 900-1000 members. (85 of whom are on their board of directors)

It is no secret that Mark Gardner (who is still in the Fresno area for the moment) and Tim Thiesen do not like Thomas N Hudson. Is one of them running against him or have they found a sock puppet? With the Black Widow leaving the state, how much faster will the CRA Implode?

How do people in the CA GOP at large see the CRA? Is the CRA still relevant? Should I even bother writing blogs about the CRA anymore?

These are questions your intrepid blogger will find answers to at the political buffet line of disaster.

Nov 302016

brickey photoHow do you spell a grassroots disaster? B… R… I… C… K… E… Y…

In the Elk Grove Unified School District Area 7, Carmine Forcina who was an Incumbent squared off against recent Sacramento State graduate Nikita Kostyuk. After a long campaign, Forcina kept his seat due in no small part to the utter disaster of a campaign run by Carl Brickey.

Carmine beat Nikita by 37 points while Carmine only out raised his opponent by $10k. When you compare this to to Area 6 between Nancy Chaires Espinoza who won by 29% but out raised her opponent Marlon Hill by 11 to 1, it begins to look like a disaster.  By the raw dollars: Carmine raised $30,600 and Kostyuk raised $20,300, but Espinoza raised $67,400 while Hill raised $6,000. OUCH

Worse – in Elk Grove everyone votes on ALL School Board races… These are not different districts or voters, these are the same people voting in each race! What was the difference between the two? Was it Nikita the Impaler or Carl Brickley?

How can someone raise $14,000 more on their campaign and then underperform by nearly 1,000 votes? Did the voters not get reached? Did they not like the message? Or was it the CRA doing what they do best? (losing)

So what happened?

In 2014, Brickey played a major part in the Doug Ose congressional loss. Brickey basically got paid for his service of doing nothing… sitting idly by in 2014 while his volunteers carried the entire load. It looks like the feckless Brickley did the same in 2016, except on a smaller scale. Brickey who continues to get people to finance his pattern of miserable failure just helped decimate another good candidate.

Brickey was also part of the Donald Trump 4 Million Vote and counting shellacking in California with fellow do-nothing Tim Clark.

Reports I have received indicate that Mr. Brickey would send volunteers to walk during the week when people are out at work, which is a complete waste of campaign activity.

In addition, on one extra special weekend he sent volunteers to active neighborhoods meaning people were out and about instead of being home… and similar to 2014 when he couldn’t be bothered to knock on doors or make phone calls, Carl continued to deride his volunteers from a position of pseudo intellectual superiority. (His #1 qualification for CRA leadership)

It is just one blogger talking, but the blame for this 2016 School Board #EPICFAIL campaign lays 100 percent with the CRA’s Carl Brickey. Maybe the dems should put him on retainer as he is as good for their cause as Nancy Pelosi is for that of the GOP!