Jun 282017

Officially, yesterday – former State Assemblymember Connie Conway announced that she is running for Board of Equalization. We are thrilled. We believe that Connie Conway represents the best way for the North State to continue to have representation again.

It had appeared that the feckless Ted Gaines was going to have a free ride. Now he does not.

Connie Conway is well-connected and enters the race with a money advantage right out of the gate.

Ted Gaines had been positioning a run as follows:

  1. his disgraced former Chief of Staff, Steve Davey, who was fired by the Senate Rules Committee for multiple verified claims of sexual harrassment was recently seen at the CAGOP convention actively involved in the “leadership drills”. This is a clear nexus to try to lock down the handful of remaining institutional donors to donate and possibly run IE’s for Gaines.
  2. Gaines popped out of his spider hole, attending the CRA convention at the behest of his employee Bill Cardoza and BOE Employee, the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson
  3. Gaines was buying slate mail cards last year while still on the ballot for State Senate! (Shows how much he cares about SD01)

Unlike Gaines, Connie Conway has never moved to facilitate runs for office.

Unlike Gaines, Conway is popular within GOP volunteer circles.

Unlike Gaines, Conway maintains a lot of positive relationships with insiders.

Despite my past criticisms of her, I’ve been told by several that she was an effective legislator. She accomplished more than both Gaines put together by a factor of 100.

Should Conway win, this will decimate the Gaines plan to continue to infest office well in to the 2020’s. The plan is for Beth Gaines to run for State Senate D1 should Ted Gaines win his BOE race. This family dynasty stuff needs to end.

In Conway, we will be able to get an effective legislator without a personal agenda of furtherance of a family dynasty. This is what the North State deserves.

We look forward to educating the North State about Connie Conway going forward.

P.S. The California Impact Republicans have not endorsed in BOE D1 at this time. I will be advocating on behalf of Mrs. Conway – but as of right now, the comments and accounts of this blog do not represent the opinion or endorsement of CIR.

Lost Assembly Seat #4: AD-36

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Dec 022012

Well, well, well. Democrat Provisional Ballot Drills work again – 136 vote margin of victory for Steve Fox over Ron Smith.

AD-36 was supposed to be another Republican seat in the Assembly.

Once again, Connie Conway’s obsession with R vs R Races and leadership votes cost the GOP.

Please also note that three other Assembly races were decided by 4,000 votes or less – that close to a loss of 7 seats.

Meantime, Charles Munger and Republican leadership went on a rampage hunting conservatives in Rep vs Rep races.

Congratulations to the Republican Leadership, and Congratulations to the Democrat Party for recognizing the opportunity.

Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert Article linked here.

The Finale of the Wasted Republican Money Series: Beth Gaines AD-06.

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Nov 302012

Andy Pugno had to be stopped at all costs. How dare anyone take on an incumbent. If an incumbent was beaten by a challenger, that would set a precedent. The problem is that we now live in a Prop 14 world, this “top-two” system invites challenges to incumbents.

So, the story of what happened in the primary is that Connie Conway made a deal with the Devil, Charles Munger. Munger wanted to put a conservative head on a stick. Connie Conway wanted to protect her leadership vote – Beth Gaines, since Alan Mansoor was deemed to be a jerk, he was served up to Prince Charles as the main course. (This claims in this paragraph are sourced by several political insiders)

Munger came after Mansoor with $700K, and Charles Munger showed up in time to rescue Beth Gaines from a well-funded challenger that was getting traction, Andy Pugno. The added bonus? Charles Munger got revenge on his detractors in Placer County and got to light up the author of prop 8 – a measure that Charles Munger vicerally opposes. It is unclear if Munger was directed to attack the Placer GOP Central Committee by Republican Leadership or just Dave Gilliard – but mounting evidence shows either or both to be the case.

While the Republicans lost three seats in the Assembly and narrowly held two others that should have not been close – Connie Conway get her wish. The most incompetent Assemblymember in California was re-elected. Even the Sacramento Bee referenced that Beth Gaines is unable to answer questions with staff present and that the district deserved better.

Now, California gets to enjoy one-party rule, but Munger got his man, he was able to keep the author of prop 8 out of the assembly.

Here is the tale of the tape for how Beth Gaines was kept in office:

California Association of Realtors: $35,906.41

Golden State Leadership Fund $25,693.51 – this is the PAC funded by PG&E/Dentists/San Manuel Indians

California Senior Advocates league $37,578.86

Howard Ahmundson $60,412.14

California Optometric Association $4,500

Charles Munger $316,297.74

California Tribal Business Alliance $50,000

The Total = $530,388.66 in independent expenditures IN THE MOST REPUBLICAN ASSEMBLY DISTRICT IN CALIFORNIA!

The sad commentary on this race is that Placer County’s Republican Central Committee was ground zero. What has happened in Placer County is a microcausm of what is wrong with the state GOP.

However, Beth Gaines is the poster child for what is wrong with those in leadership of the GOP. Beth is incompetent, unqualified and those of us that dared to stand up have been attacked for it and likely in the twisted thinking of Charles Munger and Republican leadership – those of us that supported Beth Gaines’ opponents are the problem and they were justified to call in $530,388.66 in support for Beth Gaines while leaving other candidates to the wolves.

Update on the Wasted Money in R vs R Races: AD41 / AD66 / AD61 / AD67 / AD65

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Nov 262012

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Of these Four – Only AD67 was an R vs R race. However, these districts illustrate the further consequences of Connie Conway’s deal with Charles Munger and the self-focus of the GOP leadership.

Craig Huey in AD66 got left to the wolves. He lost by about 9 percentage points and could have won easily.

A PAC calling itself Californians for Fiscal Accountability spent $508,271.95 attacking Craig Huey. A look at their donors reveals a list of suspects that should surprise no one:

California Association of Realtors, California Dental Association, the SEIU, AFSCME and the Educational Employees Union!

What was spent on Craig Huey’s Behalf? Zero. Nada. Zilch. But – Huey did indeed have a RINO challenger in the Primary to bleed money off of him.

Once again, Craig Huey is a Conservative Christian and, therefore was likely never given serious consideration for support by GOP leadership.

AD41: Donna Lowe also lost by less than 10. This district was identified as a “target district” yet Lowe did not receive a dime in independent support from anywhere.

AD61: This is a district that got attention by Charles Munger. Batey got a little bit of money from Howard Ahmundson in the Primary in support and got $65,447.26 from Charles Munger via the Spirit of Democracy. However, William Batey was a train-wreck and lost by 21 points. Again – the one race that money was spent on ended up being a complete disaster.

AD67: This race pitted a Dave Gilliard Client, Phil Paule against Melissa Melendez (endorsed by CRA) in the runoff. Phil Paule was the establishment choice.

True to form – Howard Ahmundson rode in on behalf of a Gilliard Client – in this case with $34,000 attacking Melendez and $16,500 on behalf of Phil Paule. Again, this was a waste of resources in an R vs R race.

This race featured the usual Dave Gilliard dirty tricks – a racist mailer against Melissa Melendez and an organization pulled their endorsement of Melissa Melendez late in the campaign. I believe that this was at the behest of Dave Gilliard as I have seen this pattern repeat itself several times, especially when Gilliard’s client is losing.

Melendez ended up winning by a fairly comfortable, yet close margin.

AD65 – this is a seat that the dems snaked by about 5,000 votes. This was the Chris Norby seat. It is the opinion of this blogger that the Republican leadership was still angry at Chris Norby for beating their heir-apparent in 2010 and left him to swing. Also, Norby is very conservative so the chance of Munger helping him was nil.

The Orange County Police Officer’s Union came after Norby (to settle a score dating back to when he was supervisor?) with $123,098.36.

JobsPAC and Howard Ahmundson came in way late with a combined $35k on Norby’s behalf – way too little, too late. I’ll bet Conway wishes some of the millions spent in R vs R races found its’ way to AD65? What about the $65k wasted on Batey?

AD41 – Lowe down by 9.5

AD66 – Huey down by 9.5

AD61 – Batey down by 22 with support

AD67 – money wasted on an R vs R race

AD65 – Republican Seat Lost because of too little, too late support.

But, they stopped Rico Oller, Andy Pugno, Sherry Hodges, Gregg Imus (all of whom are Conservatives and leaders)!?

To be continued…


Nov 252012

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Remember the PAC that Charles Munger used to buy slates in the Placer GOP Cent Com race? Despite the denials by local tea parties – they are being used by the left of the GOP and Charles Munger like so many others. When Munger was calling the slate mail vendors to get slate cards in the Placer GOP Cent Com race, I was tipped off by a slate vendor.

This is when I discovered the California Senior Advocates League PAC.

The California Senior Advocates League has a bunch of quotes from Liberal Democrats and a list of issues that suggest that they are a left-leaning organization.

I took a detailed look at their donors on the California Secretary of State’s Website:

They took over a Million Dollars from Reform California Now IE Committee (aka CA Now IE Committee) – more on that Committee in a bit.

Jobs PAC (The California Chamber of Commerce)

Personal Insurance Federation (This is the group whose lobbyist is purported to have threatened people in Placer County over the challenges to Beth Gaines)

Charles Munger – $500,000, including a $400,000 check that was not reported until November 8th, the day after the election was over.

Quality Health Care for Californians PAC – a left-leaning PAC (with Union Donors, etc)

Alliance for California’s Tomorrow PAC (funded by the Realtors Assn / Dentists Assn / CA Apartment Assn and others)

Direct Money from the California Dental Association

Are you getting the idea yet? The Realtor’s Association, Dentists Association and Charles Munger were all central to this electoral disaster.

The California Senior Advocates League PAC has several targets in R vs R Races – beyond supporting the attempt to remove the conservatives from the Placer GOP Central Committee using a coalition of Tea Party recruits by Jim Nielsen / Doug LaMalfa and Liberal Republicans.

1. Rico Oller AD05 running against Frank Bigelow. Bigelow certainly led with his left in the fall runoff and he did not sign the no new taxes pledge. The PAC spent $368,222.40 attacking Rico Oller. It also spent $75,160.76 supporting Frank Bigelow. It remains to be seen if Bigelow votes to raise taxes or if it even matters now.

2. Rocky Chavez AD76 – running against Conservative Christian Sherry Hodges. Hodges was  designated for destruction by Charles Munger (more on that later) and the PAC chipped in 31,885.32 on Chavez behalf and $29,483.79 attacking Sherry Hodges.

3. Beth Gaines AD-06. Yes, you guessed it. While other marginal districts were being left to the wolves, the CA Senior Advocates league dropped $37,578.86 in to two pieces of mail.

This PAC was also used to fund operations in several Dem districts in the primary. It should be noted that almost all the dem candidates they supported in the primary lost.

To be continued…