Oct 042020

Lets look at a selection of tweets from Deanna Lorraine (Many since deleted). We are providing these tweets as a public service to anyone needing opposition research on this disaster. Also, you can catch her on Alex Jones from time to time. I am sure that is entertaining.

That is a fun one that will go in any sort of ad. It is easy to understand too.

Ah yes, the world famous Michael Obama tweet.

Here is another one tailor-made for the DCCC.

I take note that Deanna did not respond to Soledad. Soledad is a wacked out leftist – but when you throw out an open-ended challenge you had best follow your shot. Not Deanna. (Note that mayor of Louisville was indeed a democrat something Deanna could have pointed out if she was not trying to be cute.)

Then of course there is this:

Send her yo’ monay.

At least she is not Joe Collins who is openly trashing Trump while raising over $2Million for his CA43 Campaign that is going nowhere.

It is a close race between Deanna and Joe Collins for Grifter of the Year.

Mar 092020

I saw a blurb in the Hill (biased as they are) about another GOP candidate in a hopeless Congressional District CA-34 espousing conspiracy theories. While the Hill never reports on the vile disgusting things fringe dems have to say – we got this:

Doesn’t @BillGates finance research at the Wuhan lab where the Corona virus was being created?” Wright tweeted, earning hundreds of retweets and likes. “Isn’t @georgesoros a good friend of Gates? Isn’t it always when @HillaryClinton tweets that fire and brimstone hits us? Check Gates Foundation and Clinton Foundation for stock sells.”

The day before, responding to a tweet espousing a largely debunked theory on the origins of the virus from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Wright tweeted, “The Corona virus is a man made virus created in a Wuhan laboratory. Ask @BillGates who financed it.”

Let this be a lesson to GOP Groups everywhere. Vet all candidates, ESPECIALLY those in marginal or safe D districts. They seem to be magnets for grifter candidates.

This gets me to Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine. Deanna has now slid to 1.8% of the vote in CA-12. She is in danger of dropping to 5th place. Omar Navarro as we reported has just overtaken the equally as crazy Joe Collins in CA-43 by 17 votes for second place. Omar could end up in the runoff while in jail.

Joe Collins (IMO) and his consultant should be prosecuted for fraud. Unfortunately, what they did while unethical is legal.

As written by former SOS Nominee Mark Meuser:

Sad, sad, sad.

In Congressional District 43, there were three candidates in the race, Maxine Waters, Omar Navarro, and Joe Collins. Based upon the election results right now, it appears that Maxine Waters will be running against Omar Navarro. The media is reporting that Omar Navarro is in prison so that means, the Republicans in the 43rd Congressional District were so uneducated about the race that they voted for someone in prison.

There was another Republican in the race, Joe Collins. I decided to look at Collins campaign reports to see what happened. Joe Collins raised over a million dollars. Yes, you read that right, Joe Collins raised over a million dollars to run against Maxine Waters but was unable to beat a Republican who was in prison to make it into California’s top two.

I had to figure out, what did Joe Collins spend a million dollars on that they could not make it into the top two against a candidate who is in prison.

It appears about $625,000 went to the fundraiser to raise the million and another $215,000 went to the campaign consultants. Over $141,000 went to food and travel (I guess Joe Collins loved staying at the Ritz.)

The total spent on online advertising – $389.01.
The total spent on printing – $1,021.91
The total spent for a web site – $219.

That is it: $1,629.92 out of a million dollars was spent on voter outreach. The rest of the one million plus dollars was spent on consultants, fancy hotels, and nice restaurants.

No slate mailers purchased. Nothing. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the consultants other than the lawyers who filed the campaign finance reports did to earn their $200,000+ consultant fee.

It is sad that the Republican voters in CD 43 voted for a Republican who was in prison.

It is sad that a Republican candidate raised a million dollars but did not spend any of the money getting his message out.

It is sad that Republican contributors were duped by some fancy fundraising campaign to give their money to a candidate who was not even serious about campaigning.

Then the insanity that was Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine comes in to sharper focus. Please note that my experiences with Jason Aula suggest he is as nuts as Omar has proven to be.

Deanna is running around protesting her “innocence” to anyone that will listen. I guess she figures since she spoke at a few Churches that somehow absolves her of the consequences of her behavior.

Let CA-12 (Deanna Lorraine), CA-34 Joanne Wright, CA-43 Joe Collins and Omar Navarro be a lesson to EVERYONE… vet your candidates. Do not endorse for the sake of endorsing.

Mar 062020

How many times have we, the delegates of the CAGOP wanted to oppose Prop 14 only to have people like the above run proxy drills to defend it?

Joe Collins raised $700,000 and his campaign is completely broke.


  • The California GOP endorsed former Green Party presidential candidate Joe Collins in his bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.
  • Collins claimed his bodily fluids were worth $15 million in a lawsuit he filed against San Diego in 2017.
  • Collins has switched political parties four times since entering the arena in late 2016, Federal Election Commission records show.
  • Collins had $22 in his checking account in April 2018, court documents show. Now he’s running a congressional campaign that has raised $761,000.

Well – Omar Navarro who now has a 21 Vote Lead to make the runoff is in Jail. He is awaiting trial on at least 5 Felony Counts for Stalking CA-12 Disaster Deanna Lorraine (who got 2.1% of the vote in CA-12)

Congressional Candidate Omar Navarro Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

Then he made bail and was arrested again and has been sitting in Jail Ever Since.

BECAUSE OF PROP 14, THE GOP CAN NOT REPLACE OMAR NAVARRO ON THE FALL BALLOT. Thanks Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle, Luis Buhler and the rest of the “leadership” that brought us prop 14 and continue to stymie efforts to oppose it. You own this.

Feb 142020

Joe Collins in Maxine Watters’ district CA-43 is in a class by himself, he has become the new Omar Navarro. Navarro is facing 5 Felonies related to stalking CA-12 Candidate Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero who appears to have still been texting him after the restraining order was issued.  Joe Collins has raised $400K and had $3k in the bank as of the last filing.

Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero is a different story. Your intrepid blogger believes that we have had a severe impact on her plans to cash in on anti-pelosi sentiments.

Meaningful. No Hookups

Meaningful. No Hookups. (As seen August 2019 higher than a U2 in Florida) Deanna is the woman in the photo without the rose

Despite her claims that she is close to $100K raised, Deanna reported around 72K raised. She spent $61K of it and had $10K left as of the most recent report.

She paid $1300 in rent, unethical but legal. She actually lives in Southern California, hundreds of miles away from CA-12.

Other fun stuff:

$1770.93 to Uber with a list of some 30+ entries
$29,580 for Consultants and Staff (HALF OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$14,805 in Fundraising and Bank Fees. (A QUARTER OF THE MONEY SPENT)
$4,359.25 in Airfaire – such as the trip to Florida depicted in the above shot?

This, ladies and gentlemen is the anatomy of a grifter. (Not to mention the dichotomy between her history and who she says she is today)

My personal favorite was the episode about Japanese Rope Bondage. (I still don’t know what that is)

Then we have the curious case of Sean Feucht who seems to be back east more than he is in Redding (Shasta County, some 120 miles fro the population center of CA-03). IT appears that Sean Feucht was parachuted in to CA-03 by Bethel Church, it is the only logical explanation.

Feucht’s money is coming from out of state and from some very expensive paid fundraising.

Feucht reported $99,000 Spent as of 12-31-2019.

$32,000 worth of Staff
$5,000 on a website!?
$45,000 in consultants (some may be fundraising costs too)
$20,000 in clearly discernible fundraising costs.
A whole bunch of trips back east for photo opportunities

Perhaps this is why some of his remaining money was spent on a couple pieces of low budget mail:

Imagine being a 55+ GOP Voter and seeing this in your mailbox. Note the Virginia Address too

Both are using religious manipulation. Deanna appears to be outright lying in her campaign.

Sean Feucht’s videos with his wife remind me of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker – this is probably why I have not awarded the grifter of the year award to Deanna outright.

The most disturbing thing about Sean’s campaign is the seeming fanaticism of the handful of diehard supporters he does have, this suggests that my instincts about Mr. Feucht and the religious manipulation may well have basis in fact. People that have been affected by a cult get really fanatical, really quick. A hallmark of religious manipulation (which is a form of a scam) is playing to people’s egos cloaked in Jesus Speak. I am seeing signs of that.

It appears both Feucht and Ms. Make Love Great again have financed travel and personal expenses with their campaigns as well. This is yet another key element in the qualifications for grifter status.

Like it or not – the “Outsider” in the White House has given legitimacy to the fringes who feel empowered to run for office. This is not dissimilar to the Tea Party of 2010 /2012 that kept fielding and supporting idiots who cost us several winnable senate seats keeping Harry Reid in power until 2014. A more recent example is Roy Moore in Alabama where Doug Jones was able to rip off a US Senate Seat for a few years.

I write this as someone who fully supports the President and is to the right of most Tea Partiers, but this is the reality and why I have to spend time torching so-called conservative charlatan candidates…

To be continued.

One of my personal favorite memes.

Jan 022020

Did you know that CA-28 Grifter Jennifer Barbosa “Worked” for CA-43 Grifter Omar Navarro? It us alleged that they were also dating at some point as well. No one has directly challenged this assertion.(CA-28 is Schiff and CA-43 is Mad Max) It looks like some of the $1,000,000 plus that Navarro raised was invested in CA-28 disaster candidate Jennifer Barbosa.

That’s a lot of money through 5-2019 paid by Omar to Jennifer Barbosa. (She is running against Eric Early for Congress in CA-28). Eric Early deserves better than having a late-filing freakshow candidate running against him as he seeks to unseat Adam Schiff.

Jennifer’s “Publicist” who contacted your intrepid blogger has his own issues:

If this is Barbosa’s “Publicist” she has hired a nimrod.

Click here to see the email thread between your intrepid blogger and Ajay Bruno. I had asserted that Barbosa and Omar had a relationship – the above is proof, now Mr. Bruno can get back to his regularly scheduled trainwreck.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve relapsed when I deal with these people. It is the only way I can feel the brain damage necessary to understand the breed of grifter infecting the body politic in 2020.

Speaking of which, this gets me back to the man and woman of the hour. Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero and Omar Navarro. Deanna is running for CA-12 against Nancy Pelosi and it is my opinion that she is a complete fraud and is running to pay off debts as it appears she has had no source of income in the last several years.

Your intrepid blogger is in possession of evidence (think Phone records) indicating that Deanna Lorraine has called Omar Navarro multiple times since the restraining order was issued. If true, and I believe it is true – Ms. Lorraine may well have shredded her own restraining order or at the very least given Navarro cause for a solid legal defense against the misdemeanors and felonies he is charged with.

Perhaps the stuff I have is the basis of Omar’s claims that Deanna “set him up”. Sorry Omar, you’ve been stalking Deanna for a while… but the wrinkle is that it sure looks like Deanna is far from innocent and may well have been contributing to Omar’s psychosis.

Why call someone who has been stalking you repeatedly? This is what it appears Deanna has done based on the stuff I have in my possession. If true, then my supposition is that Deanna is calling Omar and triggering him.

Given that Deanna has been using Omar’s incidents and behavior to smear her primary opponent John Dennis, there is a clear nexus. She has also attacked your intrepid blogger blaming me for Omar’s actions. I hope to God this sort of projection, deflection and triangulation is not part of her relationship advice services or the men she works with will be suicidal.

My personality profile of Deanna is as negative as anyone I have ever profiled in politics. In my opinion she is in the Rodney Stanhope / Tim Donnelly realm. Worse, she is somewhat attractive and is smarter than either of those two meaning she can maintain the lie much more effectively and for a longer period of time. Only the two men’s absolute lack of shame makes up for their lack of intelligence compared to Deanna.

Only in the mind of a very sick person do you take the actions of a madman (Omar) and then use them to smear a political opponent (John Dennis). Worse, if my theory about her using her training in relationships and men in general in order to trigger Omar is true – then it suggests we are dealing with a different sort of craziness.

We have a woman campaigning on God by day, partying by night. She talks abstinence yet is out past 2AM with different men according to photos I have posted and firsthand accounts of her sitting in the lap of more than one man. She presents herself as a relationship expert and appears to be plying her trade in a manipulative and sinister manner in order to invoke political sympathy.

Good Lord.

P.S. In a facebook thread, Deanna made it clear that she thinks because I am a sober alcoholic that it makes it ok for her to campaign on God by day and party at night. If life worked that way, I’d be dead in the hypocrisy as I’d have never seen a good reason to quit drinking.

Dealing with people like Deanna makes me wonder if perhaps I have relapsed after 6,200+ days sober. Then I see my stuffed animals in my office and realize that they are the only thing sane in my office… (It sure isn’t anything I see in my computer) Between Deanna Lorraine and Sean Feucht (CA-03 Televangelist wannabe) I am really getting sick of seeing God used as an empty prop in people’s campaigns. (Oh and Tim Donnelly is invoking God, too…)

To be continued…

Literally 2AM in Florida just a day after a “God and Family” Campaign event