May 142020

Did you know that the CAGOP’s Staff have almost completely turned over? Just Yesterday Cynthia B resigned. It is alleged that Jessica and others were making her life hell as she was about the last person standing from the previous administrations.

We’ve already made it clear that Jeff Randle, the man behind the curtain has a long established pattern of command and control. If you are not on the “Good” list you are shunned. I am proudly on the “Blacklist” that people deny the existence of that everyone knows exists.

We detailed how the CAGOP ignored the will of the local party in AD72 keeping an endorsement of the corrupt, flawed Tyler Diep in force despite the OCGOP which represents 100% of the population of AD72 withdrawing the endorsement of Diep and asking the OCGOP to do so as well. Diep lost the primary and will be out of office in December, but he served his purpose by betraying his political father Travis Allen on behalf of Jessica Patterson.

IN #CA25 – the local parties endorsed Mike Garcia. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you realize that Garcia HAMMERED Christy Smith by at least 10% (he leads by 12% right now before Dean Logan and crew “count” the outstanding ballots). DID YOU KNOW THAT THE CAGOP also ignored the will of the local parties and ignored endorsing in #CA25?

Insiders have been clear with me that Kevin McCarthy put his finger on the scale because of his inexplicable recruiting and supporting of the feckless retread Steve Knight in the primary. It is well-known that Jeff Randle and Jessica Patterson are products of the Bill Thomas/Pete Wilson now Kevin McCarthy machine. So, the rest of the party be dammed.

In mid-late March with no fanfare the CAGOP finally acceded to the will of the local parties and endorsed Mike Garcia only after he was the last Rep standing. Note: I supported and was paid a few dollars by one of Garcia’s primary opponents, but the point about Jessica Patterson et. al. ignoring the will of the local GOP in violation of state By-Laws stands.

In that same meeting they also finally endorsed PRESIDENT Trump as well. Remember the LA Times interview with Jessica Patterson where she was explicit about how part of the strategy for the GOP was to attempt to ignore the “T” word?

Interspersed in all of this is the sudden replacement of Cynthia B. with an acolyte of the Mitt Romney / Meg Whitman team for Executive Director of the CAGOP. That’s correct, the new ED of the CAGOP is one of Randle’s crew. She also worked for Marco Rubio in 2016 as did most all of them. Weather or not she is a Never-Trumper is debatable, but you can rest assured that she will do what she is told by the rest of the team that are remiss to mention the “T” word.

The “T-Word” was front and center in the #CA25 Race.

Now Jessica Patterson is on national TV taking credit for Mike Garcia’s win. This is disingenuous at best. She did Kevin McCarthy’s bidding – showing the local GOP the back of her hand and then after the Special Primary made some token efforts but delivered next to nothing in the way of material support for Mr. Garcia.

If you are a CAGOP delegate – you can count on Jessica taking credit for Garcia’s win in her attempt to get re-elected. All of you who have been shut out of anything CAGOP by team Jessica should also be prepared for her to take credit for your actions on PRESIDENT Trump’s behalf as well.

Don’t worry though, your intrepid blogger is watching – including reporting on the completion of the purge of CAGOP staff and the tightening of the grip by the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

May 082020

Update on the Ted Howze hit piece – it turns out that some of the Twitter accounts Politico Hack Reporter Ally Mutnick referenced are fake. It gives color to her deliberate attempt to help the sagging Josh Harder in CA10 by reporting on “suddenly” discovered tweets that she admitted were provided to her by a paid democrat operative.

There is no doubt at all that Politico is an arm of the democrat party. Recently Politico botched a story claiming Donald Trump owes China Money. It was a lie and as of the writing of this blog they have had to edit the story twice despite face saving attempts to avoid admitting what they did. Recently, Politico also posted inaccurate information about Project Veritas.

The reporter from Politico is Ally Mutnick – quick research indicates that she came to Politico from NPR and she promotes environmental causes on her personal social media. In addition, she has written several stories overstating the democrat party’s strength in the 2020 Congressional Election Cycle.

Why then would she write an article sounding the alarm in #CA25? Two reasons – one is to help the democrats spin the loss if it happens and two a lame attempt to look objective. When you read the article she wrote, it is grotesquely biased similar to her hatchet job against Ted Howze in #CA10.

The title of the article does grab your attention: Democrats are on verge of the unthinkable: Losing a swing district in California

You only need to get in to the first paragraph for the first cheap shot from the 20-something Social Justice Warrior reporter:

Armed with a highly touted recruit and an older, less diverse electorate than in general elections, Republicans feel they are on the verge of an upset.

Yawn – the racist, ageist attack of the extreme left again. Those old white guys…

Then the young, inexperienced mouthpiece for the democrats starts casting pearls:

Private polls show the race in the state’s 25th District is within just a few points, and Democrats are already downplaying expectations for their nominee, state Assemblywoman Christy Smith, citing depressed turnout in the midst of a pandemic and the negative impact of the scandal surrounding Hill, who resigned amid allegations that she had inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers.

So, the Christy Smith for Congress campaign sent her (ahem some anonymous source) leaked the internal polling data to ask for help spinning Tuesday’s impending results. The young, inexperienced mouthpiece dutifully started laying the groundwork for some face-saving recriminations for Christy Smith. COVID! SCANDAL! It’s not her fault.

Then the inevitable Trump bashing:

The close race is remarkable, in part, because voters in the district, which spans the northern Los Angeles suburbs, backed Hillary Clinton by 7 points two years prior. And President Donald Trump is still highly unpopular there; one Democratic survey found his favorability ratings underwater by double digits. Those same conditions could be present in several key seats that Republicans hope to flip back.

“It is not a unique district. It is similar to many of the districts that we won in the fall,” said one Democratic consultant who works on House races. “This was an anti-Trump response district, and if we’re ebbing in those districts we need to find out why. We can’t just brush it off.

Two Trump bashes in less than 100 words of drivel. Not bad. Wait – did that democrat consultant just say “Anti-Trump sentiment” is Ebbing? Hmmm….

The electorate so far is older, less diverse and more likely to favor the GOP. Of more than 118,000 returned ballots counted as of Friday, 44 percent are from registered Republicans, and just 36 percent are from Democrats, according to Paul Mitchell, the vice president of Political Data Inc., a bipartisan company that analyzes voter data.

Omitted from the Politico article is that Paul Mitchell’s wife is a high-ranking executive with Planned Infanticide Parenthood who makes a ton of money off the industrialized abortion mill industry. No surprise that the allegedly non-partisan Paul Mitchell would take the same cheap shot as the young, inexperienced mouthpiece did.

Privately, Democrats are pessimistic about their odds. The DCCC has spent over $1 million on TV ads boosting Smith after the March 3 primary, but the cavalry of outside groups that typically drop millions in special elections has largely sat out the race.

Spin part 3, all those dark money / big money groups the democrats attack publicly but privately coordinate with are not spending money in #CA25? No Bloomberg? No Steyer? The horror of not having billionaires rage-spending millions of dollars? Did the young, inexperienced mouthpiece just publish an admission by democrat operatives and consultants that they can’t win elections without the “Citizens United” money that they publicly rail against?

The following is the entirety of the leftist hack reporter’s comments (aka the young, inexperienced mouthpiece) about Mike Garcia:

Garcia is running heavily on his bio as a former Naval aviator who returned to the district to work for Raytheon, a defense contractor.

He landed a Twitter endorsement from Trump but is also hoping to pickup independents turned off by the president. He has avoided many recent requests for media interviews, including for this story. And Democrats complain that has allowed him to avoid taking positions on key issues, including the administration’s Covid-19 response.

Bash Trump. Attack Garcia for not talking to her so she could butcher his comments like she did those of Ted Howze and of course vent her frustration because Garcia has been disciplined and not stuck his foot in his mouth like her hero Christy Smith. Someday, the young, inexperienced mouthpiece will realize that Dem leadership only want brainless idiots they can control for recruits.

But Christy Smith apologized that is supposed to make it all okay. Like Katie Hill and Joe Biden, right?

Democratic strategists believe the fall election will be more of a referendum on the president, and that the shadow of Hill’s resignation will have subsided. Private Democratic polling from December found Hill’s unfavorable rating exceeded her favorable rating by double digits, according to a source familiar with the survey.

Hill waded into the race in April with her new PAC, cutting a direct-to-camera TV ad aimed at juicing Democratic turnout. Her $200,000 expenditure caught the DCCC by surprise, according to a source familiar with spending in the race.

In an interview late last month, Hill said she believed she was still popular with Democrats in the district and hoped her familiar face would boost turnout among her party’s low-propensity voters.

“I was hoping that the race would be much easier to win, right?” she said. “And we want to be smart about how we spend the money. Do you spend it now, or do you spend it in November?”

It looks like Katie Hill is a legend in her own mind that may well be delusional. I sincerely hope she continues to actively participate in #CA25. She is on the minds of people, just ask her. Note that the young, inexperienced mouthpiece waited until the end of the story to give Katie Hill more words than Mike Garcia.

I also hope that the democrats continue with their psychotic rampage against President Trump. It is likely going to get several people in government prosecuted over their role in the Russia Did It Lie, so why not hope that the rage continues the self-destructive pattern?

The young, inexperienced mouthpiece also highlighted how the democrats in their psychotic rage are going to politicize COVID-19 even more than they already have. Somehow, they are going to make the case that it is all Trump’s fault while democrat governors, judges and mayors are arresting people.

Buried 75% of the way down in the story is this:

“Christy Smith is a horribly flawed candidate who spit in the face of Mike Garcia’s military service and the public school teachers she voted to fire,” NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) said in a statement. “These issues are going to sink her campaign next Tuesday, and they will keep her sunk in November.”

This was added in to the article only after the young, inexperienced mouthpiece had completed the mission her democrat handlers had dispatched her to do. That was to completely spin the results coming on Tuesday 5-12-2020. Politico is a joke, but despite the horrific bias of this reporter there are nuggets to be gleaned.

The bottom line – is Christy Smith and #CA25 a “Canary in the Coal mine” for the Democrat Party’s House Majority? You can make bank that this partisan leftist reporter will celebrate the great referendum against Trump (note the media never calls him President Trump – a psychological trick to de-legitimize him) should Smith Win. If she loses, you now know the talking points.

Apr 272020

Hat tip to the Washington Examiner for covering this story. As of the typing of this blog, they are the only outlet to do so.

California Assemblywoman Christy Smith, a Democratic candidate for the state’s 25th Congressional District special election, mocked the military background of her Republican opponent, Mike Garcia.

In a video that surfaced from an online Indivisible Day of Action last Saturday, Smith spoke candidly with supporters about her thoughts related to Garcia’s time as a Navy fighter.

“Did you guys know he was a pilot? … That escaped me,” Smith said.

“Really? I read about it on his campaign website,” an unidentified supporter of Smith’s replied as giggles could be heard in the background.

“A pilot?” A female supporter asked, as more laughter is heard and Smith began to smirk and laugh as well.

Note that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson completely avoided lighting Christy Smith up for her callous comments. The consultants advising her are mostly moderates that view conservative as a bigger problem than democrats. This sort of thought process manifests itself at the moment of truth – instead of slamming the DCCC sock puppet Christy Smith, Madam Chairman tries to get clever.

Smith began to describe Garcia, saying: “I texted my team, and I’m like, ‘OK, he’s got pictures of planes behind him. I’ve got constitutional law books — the irony.”

The male supporter responded, “I love the fact that being a pilot gives him experience and knowledge in international affairs.”

Smith paused for a moment, and another male supporter interjected, saying, “But Amy McGrath is a former fighter pilot,” the man said, referring to the likely Democratic opponent this fall against Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

“But she’s not qualified,” Smith said.

It appears that Christy Smith also slammed fellow Democrat Leadership sock puppet Amy McGrath. (I guess there is no honor amongst empty shirt democrat sock-puppet recruits)

The refusal of the Consultants within the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure to show leadership in this situation should get everyone’s attention that cares about the CAGOP.

We were supposed to celebrate a Millenial Latina “Chairwoman” of the CAGOP (BTW – get Robert’s Rules updated, they still use Madam Chairman which is the term your intrepid blogger uses), and instead of taking on Christy Smith she puts out the oft-used Republican “Thank You For Your Service” lead in on social media. The Oligarchy f Controlled Failure was also silent about the arrogant, condescending editorial in the Los Angeles Times as well:

The Los Angeles Times editorial board recently endorsed Smith’s campaign, claiming Garcia “is simply not a good fit for Congress at any moment.” The board went on to say, “We can see why Republicans might be attracted to Mike Garcia.”

“The former Navy pilot and Raytheon executive has an unusual resume and a nice backstory as the son of a Mexican immigrant. But having a good origin story doesn’t translate into legislative competence,” the editorial board added.

Ninety-six military veterans currently serve in Congress, including Republican Reps. Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Brian Mast of Florida, who blasted the editorial on Twitter.

In addition to his military and business background, Garcia also has a master’s degree from Georgetown University in national security studies.

If the “Chairwoman” of the California Republican Party can not stand up and call out a democrat regarding their contempt for Military Veterans everywhere – then who will? Simply thanking Mike Garcia for his service is not enough. Sitting silent while the LA Times trivializes Mr. Garcia is tacit approval of this slime. We deserve better as a Major Political Party.

Perhaps the OCGOP should take over the CAGOP? – at least they showed public moral clarity with regard to taking out two of the biggest losers within the CAGOP structure. (Bill Brough and Tyler Diep)

There’s more coming, as we’re going to be talking about some of the “Volunteer Training”, between that trainwreck and the lack of public leadership you almost wonder if the coming destruction of what’s left of the CAGOP is deliberate.

Apr 232020

Blogger’s Note: This is not a paid advertisement. This is done of my own accord.

This is really simple. CA-25 is the Katie Hill seat. Hill was forced to resign due to her out of control lifestyle. Hill, typical of the breed of politician that has infested the body politic these days is running around like she is the victim. The democrats are enraged by the resignation of one of their “Millenial Rising Stars”. They want blood.

For reasons I am still unsure of Former Congressman Steve Knight decided to jump in the race and forced Garcia to have to spend a ton of money despite the lead he had of endorsements and fundraising. Now Congressman Kevin McCarthy who was responsible for Knight’s entry in to the Congressional Race is supporting Garcia.

This is the bottom line for your intrepid blogger – Christy Smith is a marionette of Democrat Leadership. She is not independent and is 100% dependent on the democrat machine. Mike Garcia has a record of his own and life accomplishments with which to make a case on merits independent of political machines for why he is qualified.

If you care about the recovery from COVID-19, dealing with China and the national media – Mike Garcia is your man. Christy Smith will do whatever Nancy Pelosi tells her to do. It is also obvious that the democrats have lost their swagger now that they can’t harvest ballots with COVID-19 ruling the day.

Read more about Mike Garcia Here. He is ex-military flying jets and currently works for Raytheon a gigantic defense contractor. He also dabbles in real estate on the side buying, fixing and selling houses.

In order to vote for Mike Garcia – please see the below information from his website:

Voter Registration

Check your voter registration HERE.

  • All voters will be receiving vote-by-mail ballots, so make sure your mailing address is correct on your registration

Not registered?

Deadline to register for May 12 Special Election online or by mail is April 27

Register to vote HERE.

Receiving Your Ballot

With COVID Stay-at-Home order in place, all registered CA-25 voters will receive a ballot by mail

  • Ballots began shipping April 13

Ballot Tracking

To track your ballot, use the links below:

Ventura County 

Los Angeles County

Marking Your Ballot

  • Make sure to use only blue or black ink
  • Fill the oval matching your vote choice
  • U.S. Representative for the 25th Congressional District is the only race on the ballot

Returning Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot:

By Mail:

  1. Remove ballot stub from Official Ballot Card. (This is your receipt).
  2. Place Official Ballot Card in the Ballot Secrecy Sleeve.
  3. You can return your ballot by mail, there is no postage necessary.
  4. Sign the back of the Ballot Return Envelope.
    – If you don’t sign it, it doesn’t count.
    – Signature must match voter registration record.

Mail delivery may be delayed. Be sure to mail your ballot early.

  • Ballots must be postmarked on or before May 12th

By Dropbox:

  • All ballots must be returned by 8pm on Election Day (May 12th)

Ventura County (Simi Valley)

Ballots dropped off in person must be received no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Voted ballots may be dropped off at a 24/7, outside, secured drop box at the following locations:

  • Simi Valley City Clerk, 2929 Tapo Canyon Rd, Simi Valley
  • Ventura County Government Center, 800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura 
    • Ballot Drop Boxes available in front of the Hall of Administration and Hall of Justice buildings

Los Angeles County

Beginning April 13, any voter may drop off their completed ballot at any of the drop-off locations throughout Congressional District 25.

For dropbox locations, click HERE.

In-Person Voting:

Ventura County


Los Angeles County

Beginning May 2, any voter may visit any Vote Center throughout Congressional District 25 and cast their ballot.

L.A. County is encouraging voters to stay at home and vote. Although, in this election we will offer in-person voting in a limited capacity and will strictly follow the public health and safety guidelines to ensure we provide a safe voting environment.

COVID-19 Information for Voting In-Person:

  1. Social distancing will be enforced at the check-in and voting process
  2. The Ballot Marking Devices will be sanitized after every voter
  3. Gloves will be provided to voters upon request
  4. Election Workers will be wearing glove

For a list of Vote Centers, click HERE.

Vote Centers Open:

May 2 – May 11: 8 AM – 5 PM

Election Day, May 12: 7 AM – 8 PM


Jan 212020

Mike Garcia has a few problems. He has no name ID. He also has a T-Word Problem. I’ve looked at his social media and about a dozen campaign emails, not a single mention of President Trump by name. He is a Republican Refusenik.

Perhaps his consultants were taking cues from the Trump-Hating Steve Knight whose idiotic strategy in 2018 helped increase his margin of defeat. (ahem, even leftist polls show 95% GOP support of the President)

Allow your intrepid blogger to provide some unsoliticted advice.

Trying to look like a democrat when you are a Republican is idiotic. Democrats know who the real thing is (even if the democrat is a brainless marionette of leadership)

I am not so sure if in today’s world this is a wise move to advertise in one’s campaign. Perhaps Buck McKeon (Garcia’s top booster) has a Mitt Romney Complex?

John McCain has been outed as the conduit who sent the infamous dossier to the media once the corrupt FBI decided even they could not use it against PRESIDENT Trump. (say it Mike, I know you can do it)

Now – allow your intrepid blogger to give you two real world examples of Republican Leaders who understand the significance of 95% approval within the GOP.

If you look at Congressman LaMalfa’s social media, it has a lot of mentions of PRESIDENT TRUMP by name. (CA-01)

And here is Congressman McClintock (CA-04) with PRESIDENT TRUMP.