Sep 272020

Despite losing with only 1.2% of the vote in March. Deanna Lorraine still has internet trolls pushing her stuff out on facebook and she is still attempting to raise campaign money.

What has she been doing?

The first two sets of photos look 100% legitimate.

I can certainly understand why Tom Del Bacardi was interested in Deanna. I would love to see the reactions of the church leaders that had her speak to their congregations if they had done their research and seen these photos. These aren’t like 30 year old photos of your intrepid blogger doing a keg stand or smoking a joint. The above photo is recent. The next set may be a few years old.

I had people allege to me that Deanna likes to snort coke a lot. I can’t prove that, but it is not hard to find photos of her wasted or looking like a trollup.

Deanna is in the back of this photo with her hair flattened as it appears to be nearing the end of another wild evening of partying.

This was shot during her run for congress when she took a break to go back to Florida and get wasted. My guess is that the campaign financed this, but it is difficult to prove given the limited information on campaign reports. About a week later she was at a forum talking about God, Family and Values. That was rich.

The last new photo I can not vouch for. It is made to appear as if she appeared in Playboy. The source is linked here. I scribbled out some nudity. The only photo that appears to be 100% legit sans confirmation is the portion on the left. If anyone has further proof Email please email and you can remain anonymous.

Apr 172020

Every woman has a few places on her body—often her stomach or her thighs—she feels self-conscious about having touched. And consistently trying to bring that sensitive spot into sex play won’t ease her discomfort.

“If you’re trying to put your hands on this body part, even if you say you’re admiring it, it’s a quick way to shut us down,” says DeAnna Lorraine, a dating and relationships coach in Los Angeles.

I’d imagine Deanna’s Book would have to be in the Pornography Section. The Men’s Health Magazine Article is linked here. Deanna Lorraine (Tesoriero) ladies and gentlemen, your source for graphic sex talk about how to Hook Up! But, ignore all that because she ran against Nancy Pelosi…

When she was not giving graphic interviews in Men’s Health Magazine – she was running a podcast called “Hook Up With Deanna Lorraine”

“It’s better to have a specific pet name for a girl, like Dimples or Sugar Pants—something that’s just between the two of you, instead of ‘baby’ or ‘babe,’” says Lorraine.

Got that, call Deanna Dimples and/or sugar pants. I am sure this will be in her upcoming book. Note, Deanna is 35 and has never been married.

“A little bit of looking and admiring is fine,” says Lorraine. “But don’t fully focus on it.”

You will have the read the article for context as it is too graphic even for Right on Daily. I could have only imagined what Nancy Pelosi would have done to Ms. Lorraine had she actually been a viable candidate. As it was, Lorraine got 1.8% of the vote despite raising $195K from unsuspecting donors.

“Men think ‘clitoris, clitoris, clitoris’—they think it’s all about the clitoris, so they focus on it,” Lorraine says. “But they don’t realize it’s incredibly sensitive. It doesn’t need to be jackhammered or be the sole focus.”

Instead of going straight to high-speed stimulation, start by very slowly stroking her clitoris—and let her body tell you when it’s time to try a new move.

“Sometimes women will shift their partner’s fingers aside or shift a little bit because it’s getting too sensitive,” says Lorraine.

Yes sir, Deanna in her own words circa 2016. Now this is the stuff that will make people take her seriously as a Family Values conservative. Remember, she is the victim, she will tell you that again and again. I am sure her new book will too.

Proof a fool and their money are soon parted.

Maybe those pastors ought to look at this too. This was on her website as of 1-2020. Power crystals and a how to guide on playing with body parts.

She is not an average relationship coach, that is for sure.

Mar 092020

I saw a blurb in the Hill (biased as they are) about another GOP candidate in a hopeless Congressional District CA-34 espousing conspiracy theories. While the Hill never reports on the vile disgusting things fringe dems have to say – we got this:

Doesn’t @BillGates finance research at the Wuhan lab where the Corona virus was being created?” Wright tweeted, earning hundreds of retweets and likes. “Isn’t @georgesoros a good friend of Gates? Isn’t it always when @HillaryClinton tweets that fire and brimstone hits us? Check Gates Foundation and Clinton Foundation for stock sells.”

The day before, responding to a tweet espousing a largely debunked theory on the origins of the virus from Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), Wright tweeted, “The Corona virus is a man made virus created in a Wuhan laboratory. Ask @BillGates who financed it.”

Let this be a lesson to GOP Groups everywhere. Vet all candidates, ESPECIALLY those in marginal or safe D districts. They seem to be magnets for grifter candidates.

This gets me to Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine. Deanna has now slid to 1.8% of the vote in CA-12. She is in danger of dropping to 5th place. Omar Navarro as we reported has just overtaken the equally as crazy Joe Collins in CA-43 by 17 votes for second place. Omar could end up in the runoff while in jail.

Joe Collins (IMO) and his consultant should be prosecuted for fraud. Unfortunately, what they did while unethical is legal.

As written by former SOS Nominee Mark Meuser:

Sad, sad, sad.

In Congressional District 43, there were three candidates in the race, Maxine Waters, Omar Navarro, and Joe Collins. Based upon the election results right now, it appears that Maxine Waters will be running against Omar Navarro. The media is reporting that Omar Navarro is in prison so that means, the Republicans in the 43rd Congressional District were so uneducated about the race that they voted for someone in prison.

There was another Republican in the race, Joe Collins. I decided to look at Collins campaign reports to see what happened. Joe Collins raised over a million dollars. Yes, you read that right, Joe Collins raised over a million dollars to run against Maxine Waters but was unable to beat a Republican who was in prison to make it into California’s top two.

I had to figure out, what did Joe Collins spend a million dollars on that they could not make it into the top two against a candidate who is in prison.

It appears about $625,000 went to the fundraiser to raise the million and another $215,000 went to the campaign consultants. Over $141,000 went to food and travel (I guess Joe Collins loved staying at the Ritz.)

The total spent on online advertising – $389.01.
The total spent on printing – $1,021.91
The total spent for a web site – $219.

That is it: $1,629.92 out of a million dollars was spent on voter outreach. The rest of the one million plus dollars was spent on consultants, fancy hotels, and nice restaurants.

No slate mailers purchased. Nothing. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the consultants other than the lawyers who filed the campaign finance reports did to earn their $200,000+ consultant fee.

It is sad that the Republican voters in CD 43 voted for a Republican who was in prison.

It is sad that a Republican candidate raised a million dollars but did not spend any of the money getting his message out.

It is sad that Republican contributors were duped by some fancy fundraising campaign to give their money to a candidate who was not even serious about campaigning.

Then the insanity that was Omar Navarro and Deanna Lorraine comes in to sharper focus. Please note that my experiences with Jason Aula suggest he is as nuts as Omar has proven to be.

Deanna is running around protesting her “innocence” to anyone that will listen. I guess she figures since she spoke at a few Churches that somehow absolves her of the consequences of her behavior.

Let CA-12 (Deanna Lorraine), CA-34 Joanne Wright, CA-43 Joe Collins and Omar Navarro be a lesson to EVERYONE… vet your candidates. Do not endorse for the sake of endorsing.

Mar 062020

From a confidential informant:

UPDATE: “We’d like to get you to be a talk show host on air. We want to hire you. It will cause a media frenzy.  I’m courting you to be a talk show host.”

“Deanna was on the Alex Jones show for an hour. Alex said he has billions of listeners and would help her run for office again”

Next up, Alex and Deanna get engaged. Don’t laugh, the fact that this is the first thought I had when I got the above email is a clear indicator of the trainwreck. Given that people like Tim Donnelly and Carl DeMaio get slaughtered repeatedly at the ballot box, have zero shame and keep running for office again and again should inform everyone about the archtype of fringe candidates. DeMaio and Donnelly prove it is a psychosis, not an ideological issue as they are on opposite ends of the GOP.

In this video, she literally calls herself a “Master Man Decoder”.

It was rather disturbing, but not at all surprising to see her speaking at churches after attempting to re-brand herself for purposes of her campaign. People are called sheep in the Bible for a reason. They make mistakes all the time and get played all the time by con artists.

She’s a victim don’t you know

I hate to disappoint Ms. Deanna – but I have no Italian in me. I am German. However, seeing her playing the victim and claiming class is a hallmark of a candidate in denial and victim-hood. These sorts of candidates usually return to campaigns repeatedly as they are incapable of grasping why they lost.

Mar 042020

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday Morning. I sit here blurry-eyed and exhilarated.

#1 Grifter of the Year Nominee Sean Feucht #CA03 got hammered: Tamika Hamilton won convincingly.

Sean Feucht’s campaign was marked by a lot of bizarre occurrences and several anecdotal stories of his behavior. Fortunately, the superior candidate won in a rout.

#2 #CA12: Grifter of the Year Nominee Deanna Lorraine was humiliated, garnering only 2.1% of the vote in the final election night canvass.

I guess not even San Francisco was not ready for this freakshow.

#3 Drama-Riddled Liberal RINO Carl DeMaio (who is set to bolt the GOP over his loss) got hammered by Darrell Issa in #CA50

#4 Supervisor Bob Elliott got thrashed and the no-name grifter that moved from #CA09 to #CA10 to run got 3% of the vote. The SJGOP has egg on its’ face as both Marla Livengood (CA10) and Jesus Andrade (SD05) got blown out last night. The party bosses in San Joaquin County jammed down endorsements for both of them. NOTE: winning GOP candidate Ted Howze is a paid advertiser on Right on Daily.


So um, Bob – time to use that truck of yours to pick up your own signs. Marla Livengood has now run and gotten shellacked twice. She can go away now.

#CA08 – Grifter of the Decade Tim Donnelly is in a solid third place and has finally been stopped at the ballot box.

Don’t worry folks, Tim Donnelly has no shame and he will be back for more.