Jan 062010

Recently CD11 Candidate Brad Goehring got caught (gasp) paying a blogger who went off on three of the contestants in the CD11 Primary. (but at least that paid blogger was a US citizen vs Goehring’s winery employees)

For example, the Flashreport, is full of Consultants with various financial interests. No big deal – how about a level standard? For example Duane Dichara was blogging about Meg Whitman on the Flashreport without disclosing his financial relationship to that campaign. Maybe I missed something because the Flashreport does indeed ban anon bloggers and commenters!

Red County? full of anonymous bloggers / commenters, many of whom were told to this blogger to be consultants and capitol staff… Red County also moderates comments, frequently deleting them as I have been emailed several that were not displayed.

Nuts – if I was part of the club, I guess I’d still be writing on Red County…

Hysterical is the following comment by Red County Editor Matthew Cunningham (himself a professional political consultant, (I am an Insurance Broker)) to a disgruntled commenter: (link to post and comments here)

…because although you experimented with blogging before either Jon or I entered the medium… You’d love to make a living or earn an income at blogging, but you can’t, so you attack those who can.

So Cunningham admits he’s a paid blogger – good to know finally. Meg Whitman has a lot of money, so I am sure the checks will clear.

It is more absurd when you read Cunningham’s comment on an OC Liberal Blog:  “Thank you for posting – our only concern was that he didn’t disclose his arrangements”. Funny, I never got the chance.

There were many parts not told about my ouster from Red County – quoting the Contra Costa Times article linked above about Brad Goehring:

Red County.com owner Chip Hanlon fired Aaron Park, who posted as “Sgt. York,” for failing to disclose the renumerative impetus behind his Poizner e-gushes.

I submit that if it was simply about ethics – then why can I still find some of my posts still on Red County? If it was simply about ethics – then why did Hanlon go off on me several times about “my guy” not buying an advertisement on Red County? If it was simply about ethics – then why did Hanlon go on a neurotic rampage about suing me for lost ad revenue?

Meantime the Big Fat banner from Queen Margaret sits on Red County – worth a reputed $2-$3K a month.

So while the Contra Costa Times decided to pile on and state that Hanlon did the right thing – typical of the media, they did not follow up.

Here’s the point – there is no clear or consistent ethical standard. Maybe what we are doing here at www.rightondaily.com will be ground-breaking. If you advertise here – it means an endorsement.

Campaign season is afoot – Fasten your seat belts.