Doug LaMalfa for Congress? Are you kidding me???

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Feb 012012

3/5/2012 Update: This is all I have to say about the CD-01 Race on this blog. I am supporting Colonel Pete Stiglich for Congress… that is all I have to the rest I have to say. Someone else can whale on Doug LaMalfa…

Doug LaMalfa.

The man that went on a rampage after drubbing Rick Keene in the 2010 primary. I wrote mean things about him and made his mother cry. I later apologized… and then was made to feel like an idiot for apologizing.

On July 7th, 2011 – Doug LaMalfa attacked the Placer GOP on the front page – above the fold – in the Sacramento Bee. This forever solidified Doug LaMalfa’s place in the annals of idiots in Northern California politics. You don’t attack Republican volunteers – no matter how angry you are with them. This came a few months after I posted that public apology to Mr. LaMalfa for shredding him in the 2010 Primary.

No apologies will be forthcoming from this blogger again – and this is 100% on LaMalfa’s shoulders, amazing.

“I know many people on that committee who are good servants to the cause, but there are some there that are not really playing above board,” said Republican Sen. Doug LaMalfa of Richvale. “A lot of funny stuff (is) going on with where the money’s going or how many hands it’s going through before a check actually gets cut.”

The man who would be congressman accused Republican volunteers of felony embezzlement, money laundering and fraud. Brilliant.

It gets better – read the story and you’ll realize that he recruited Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines to participate in his mini-jihad. Ah hah, is it clear yet? The Gaines’ needed to cut a deal because of the new districts that were drawn. This is how it works in the world of the Gaines – when there is a perceived gain to be made, under the bus people go. (More on all of that, soon)

Note – 15 months have gone by and the FBI still has not visited anyone. The FPPC investigation is now 18 months old – the complaint that was referenced in the article… and no contact from anyone in several months.

LaMalfa (and family)? $4,500,000 in farm subsidies – making them one of Northern California’s Largest Welfare recipients. He wants us to believe he is a conservative

LaMalfa? used his office to enrich himself

LaMalfa? no stranger to projecting influence

LaMalfa? angry over attacks against him in 2010 – but no stranger to sleaze himself

LaMalfa? claims to be conservative but endorses liberals and moderates

LaMalfa?  claims to be conservative but up to his neck in the attempt to gut the California Republican Party Platform

Oh, and there are those votes for state budgets, too.

I need to get this graphic updated – but I think it says it all. Anyone kind enough to have photoshop can pull the image down and make it say Congress and return it to me anytime soon… it would be appreciated.

I’ve had it with self-serving hypocrites that want to infest office.

You have a choice – anyone but LaMalfa, anyone not named Gaines.

To be continued…



Jan 102012

Here is the text of an Email from Dan Logue:

Chico – North State Assemblyman Dan Logue today announced that he would be seeking reelection to the newly drawn Third Assembly District seat.  Logue was originally elected to the Third Assembly District in 2008 and has represented the district for the past four years.

“Redistricting has caused many changes in the North State, but It has been my privilege to represent the residents of Third Assembly District for these past four years and I look forward to continuing to do so,” stated Logue.  “I have had to examine where my strengths are and where I can be most effective for the North State by continuing to serve in the Third Assembly District seat.”

The Third Assembly District is comprised of all of Yuba, Sutter, Tehama, Glenn and portions of Butte and Colusa Counties.

Here’s what this means – the current AD01 Race is now tossed in to a tizzy. Brian Dahle from Lassen, Ted Owens from Nevada, and at least one more person from Shasta County are rumored to be jumping in to the fray against already declared liberal Republican Rick Bossetti.

AD01 – Siskiyou, Shasta, Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Nevada 1/2 of Butte and 1/3 of Placer. Dan Logue was to have moved to Lake Wildwood in Nevada County to run.

Regarding Jim Nielsen – sources have told this blogger that Gentlemen Jim is not running for his third term against Dan Logue – rather (in the opinion of this blog)  Gentleman Jim is going to conserve his resources to run for State Senate against Dan Logue after Doug LaMalfa wins election to Congress.

There are two opponents to Doug LaMalfa – my friend Colonel Pete Stiglich and another guy from Shasta County that wants to split the vote with Stiglich to enable the third candidate to win. (Gotta love Republicans and their firm grasp on strategy)

Les Baugh is still running against Ted Gaines for SD-01.

Oct 232011

CA-02 (Herger) – Herger has three primary opponents. Herger will be entering his 30th year in Congress next year and does not appear to be in serious jeopardy yet. He will be forced to actually do some campaigning and spend some money, however.

Expect Herger to retire after this term to hand the seat off to Doug LaMalfa in 2014.

CA-04 (McClintock) – The RINO challenge has not materialized with the Consultants coalescing behind Liberal Republican supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann in the CA-03 race. Vann uses the same consultant as McClintock’s rumored opponent – who decided to stay in his own, new district.

CA SD01 (No One) – Ted Gaines has not moved yet. He will. He will also be left to deal with Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh. Baugh announced last weekend.

CA SD04 – (LaMalfa) gets a free ride and does not have to run for re-election until 2014 (see the note above). He can spend the next 2+ years continuing his jihad against Rick Keene supporters, or doing something useful for the citizens of California… his choice.

CA AD-01 (No One) – Dan Logue Moved to Lake Wildwood. He is the prohibitive favorite. For some strange reason, Redding City Councilmember Rick Bosetti decided to enter the race. Dumb. (Even worse when you consider that Logue only has 2 years left before Prop 34 ends his tenure)

CA AD-05 (No One) – Rico Oller is running for his last term. Kevin Hanley and Ray Nutting endorsed Rico Oller. Country-Club Liberal Republican Frank Bigelow apparently missed the memo and is continuing to run (while talking about open borders and tax increases to pay for high speed rail).

CA AD-06 (Beth Gaines) – As of now, it is Beth Gaines only. No known opponents. This district is very compact and relatively easy to cover. It includes, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Granite Bay, Loomis, Fair Oaks, Orangevale, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park. That’s it.

We will have plenty to do next year in Placer.

Oct 172011

I love Republicans, they charge the windmills and don’t care about strategy… there are 2 more that joined the race after Colonel Pete Stiglich, this will likely assure Wally Herger of finishing in 2nd place (behind the one Democrat that is sure to file) and getting in to the runoff.

Anyway – Pete Stiglich was the first to file and the first to announce and the most noteworthy candidate (not named Herger). I have mentioned before that Stiglich is now the President of the Shasta RA as well.

Click here to read the Anderson Newspaper’s Coverage of  Pete Stiglich’s announcement.

Pasted Below is Colonel Pete’s First Press Release:

Friends of Colonel Pete Stiglich is pleased to announce the candidacy of Colonel Pete Stiglich (Colonel Pete) for California’s 1st Congressional District.

Colonel Pete explains his reason for entering the 2012 congressional, saying,

Frankly, I’m fed up.  Fed up with democrats who want the federal government to intrude into every facet of our lives and republicans who go 50/50 on deals that are 100% wrong.  And, hard working, patriotic Americans feel much the same way.  It’s long past time we returned to our constitutional principles, a balanced federal budget, and a limited government.  And, the only way we’re going to do this is to replace career politicians like Wally Herger.

Colonel Pete, a native of California, retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2006 after 26 years of honorable service to his country.  Upon returning to his ranch in Cottonwood, he dedicated himself as an advocate for both veteran and community affairs.  He also wrote a popular conservative column for the Red Bluff Daily News entitled “Dare I Say”.

“Like never before, we need an emboldened Republican Party willing to lay out a clear conservative agenda and the leadership to stand up and fight for it,” says Colonel Pete. “And I’m just the guy to do it.”

Wally Herger has been in office 29+ years and has made some horrific endorsements as of late – preferring Liberal / RINO Republicans to more Conservative counterparts in several recent races. My research also shows that Herger has gotten soft on the Abortion issue as he has voted for some spending bills that included continued funding to pay for welfare abortions, etc.

And, I didn’t even mention his affiliates in Northern California by name – it’s not necessary, you know who they are.

(In addition, I saw some of Herger’s CRP appointments on the list of proxies given to Bay Area Liberals that attempted to gut the Republican Party Platform…)

Congressional Race Updates: CA-02 Stiglich to Take on Herger Again? CA-03 Draws Another Customer

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Sep 142011

CA-03: I am still waiting to see the entire field. Rick Tubbs is going to run for Congress again – after taking aim at George Miller in the district he used to be in, Tubbs, from Solano County is going after Garamendhi. I don’t know much about Tubbs at all.

Tubbs will join Conservative Retired Marine Colonel Charlie Schaupp and Liberal Republican Supervisor Kimm Dabrow-Vann in the race against John Garamendhi for CA-03.

CA-02: I detected a recent blog post from Shasta County super-activist Cherrill Clifford about Colonel Pete Stiglich. Stiglich is a long-time antagonist of Wally Herger’s and ran against Herger in the Primary of 2010. This becomes interesting as Placer County is now in CA-02.

Check out the Shasta Conservative Blog here for more on the Stiglich redux.

BTW – Stiglich is the President of the Shasta County Republican Assembly – the CRA endorsement in CA-02 will be an interesting sidebar to this tilt.