Apr 102012

Here’s the score. Rumors that Dan Logue was colluding with Doug LaMalfa are 100% false – Logue is hiding out trying to make sure he doesn’t get a stray bomb or two in his living room…

… David Stafford Reade outsmarted himself. He recruited a County Supervisor to run against Dan Logue – he tried to stop the CRP from endorsing Logue. (Like they would go against an incumbent?)

David Stafford Reade thought Doug LaMalfa had the Congressional Race Locked up! Whoops.

Now Reade has the Republican Caucus mad at him for recruiting a candidate to bleed money off of Dan Logue AND the very real possibility that Doug LaMalfa is going to lose.

If David Stafford Reade thinks Gentlemen Jim Nielsen can beat Logue – he needs to be reminded that Pot is not legal in California.

If David Stafford Reade thinks there will be anything left of Doug LaMalfa after this Congressional campaign – he needs a padded cell with fingerpaints.

Why? David Stafford Reade / Dave Gilliard have made the political error of the Century… they tried to take over the entire north state, then along came some Conservatives.

Sam Aanestad is not Rick Keene. Keene refused to engage Doug LaMalfa until it was too late – Sam Aanestad is not messing around.

San Aanestad decided to take on Doug LaMalfa broadside and ask a very straightforward question – why are you talking about deficits and government spending when you’ve taken $4.7 million tax dollars in Farm Welfare?

Listen Here.

Reade and Gilliard have a problem. They’ve infuriated a ton of people – attacked Republican volunteers, tried to strong-arm candidates, floated crap to the local media – etc. etc. etc… the usual ethically challenged crap Consultants usually do. When you scorch the earth – it comes with consequences… in my case, LaMalfa tried to get even by using his psychotic supporters. I’m still here and they are scattered in pieces all over the political landscape.

It looks like LaMalfa is next.

The farm welfare issue is Doug LaMalfa’s Achilles heel. Make bank on it. Doug LaMalfa even advocated against state budget cuts to keep the farm welfare coming! Doug LaMalfa even helped found a Federal Organization that hired a lobbyist to prevent the Farm Welfare Reform Bill in 2007! Then the LaMalfa family split their “ranch” six ways to get around the welfare reform limits…

Dan Logue is the luckiest politician alive. If LaMalfa wins the run for Congress, he still destroys Jim Nielsen.

If Doug LaMalfa loses – he will be beat to a pulp with the world knowing he is a fraud and having to deal with a Pissed off Dan Logue and a pissed off Republican Caucus – because Logue’s money could have been donated to other Republicans running for Assembly… but, David Stafford Reade and Dave Gilliard in their brilliance had to cross that invisible line. Logue vs LaMalfa for State Senate in 2014? Oh, Please, Oh, Please…

Big Winner: Sam Aanestad
Big Winner: Dan Logue
Big Winner: Taxpayers
Big Loser: Fake Conservatives
Big Loser: Farm Welfare

Mar 072012

We’ve detailed how LaMalfa has taken $4.7 Million in Subsidies.

How the heck did his family get around the $180,000 a year limit imposed by Welfare Reform? Split the ranch!

By dividing the family farm subsidy into 6 pieces, the LaMalfas used a loophole to increase the amount of tax dollars they could take.  The limits on subsidy payments is $180,000 per individual per year. By having subsidies go to six different “farmers,” each member of the family is well below the limit.

Have a look at all the years of Team LaMalfa Rice Welfare here!

To recap:

1. Took $4.7 Million in Farm Welfare
2. Helped found an organization devoted to protecting farm welfare
3. Publicly Advocated for Farm Welfare many times
4. Authored Legislation to turn useless Rice Straw in to a $400,000 a year windfall
5. Split the Family Farm to Circumvent the $180,000 per year limit.

This is not the profile of a Conservative.

The correct question is to ask why LaMalfa has done little or nothing to change the system that forces farmers to need subsidies to survive. The next question is to ask what Doug LaMalfa really wants to go to congress for – it sure looks like it is to protect the Farm Welfare, what other conclusion could one draw?



Doug LaMalfa Used his Leadership Post to Benefit Himself!?

 CA-01 Race, Doug LaMalfa  Comments Off on Doug LaMalfa Used his Leadership Post to Benefit Himself!?
Mar 022012

LaMalfa likes oversight of natural resources post
by:Tim Hearden Record Searchlight
Published: January 3, 2003

Freshman Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa said his appointments to four committees will give him the opportunity to fight for the north state’s interests. LaMalfa, R-Richvale, has been named vice chair of the Natural Resources Committee, and he’ll also sit on panels that deal with arts and entertainment, utilities and commerce, and legislative audits.

The natural resources post will give LaMalfa a perch from which to try to make good on his campaign promise to give agriculture a voice in the Legislature.

I’m really fortunate to be on that committee and to be vice chair of it because that’s where my passions lie, LaMalfa said

LaMalfa said he plans to push for more water storage and power plants and apply better scientific review of decisions that affect land use, timber, agriculture and development.

Aka: keeping farm welfare out of the menu of legislative cuts.

But – there is more, Doug LaMalfa authored legislation to turn Rice Straw in to a cash crop.

Rice Straw!? Basically a useless commodity became a cash crop after a bill authored by LaMalfa:

The rice straw tax credit bill increased the cumulative amount of this credit, for all taxpayers, to $400,000 in each calendar year. Doug LaMalfa’s bill eliminated the existing limit on the cumulative amount of this credit.

The California Rice Commission (which LaMalfa helped found) wrote:

“Ideally, instead of being unwanted and difficult to dispose of, rice straw would become a valuable commodity to be harvested for profit.”

Got that – folks. Useless crap that gets burned got turned in to a cash crop at our expense.

This is a $400,000 refundable tax credit, meaning if you owe $300k in taxes, you get a $100,000 refund. We call this corporate welfare.

Doug LaMalfa – Publicly Advocating for Farm Welfare

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Feb 282012

Doug LaMalfa has taken $4.7 Million in Farm Subsidies – he helped found an organization that hired a Washington D.C. Lobbying firm to thwart Farm Welfare reform in 2007. Now, Doug LaMalfa is being quoted publicly advocating for Farm Welfare.

This debate is not about the merits of the Williamson Act – rather, it is about LaMalfa, an alleged budget-cutter and fiscal conservative arguing against modifying the Williamson Act in the proposed 2003 budget. The following was printed in the Redding Record-Searchlight:

Our legislators must do more for farmersBy:Doug LaMalfaPublished: June 7, 2003
In your recent editorial you encouraged farmers organizations and other interest groups to bring pressure to bear upon theLegislature in order to protect the critical Williamson Act. I happen to be a farmer and one of the legislators who opposed  Gov. Gray Davis’ ill-advised attempt to eliminate the act. The Williamson Act is vital to the future of farming in California and farmers can be assured that many legislators share this position.In early February, I along with 29 fellow legislators wrote a letter to Davis urging him to abandon his plan to eliminate the Williamson Act, which was contained in his January budget proposal. The letter, signed by both Republicans and Democrats alike, highlighted many of the concerns you raised in your editorial. But another point on the issue must beraised.The California farmer faces some of the highest taxes, pays the highest workers’ compensation rates and is subject to the nation’s most onerous environmental regulations. Preserving the Williamson Act is essential for the future of farming in this state and I’m confident that the Assembly will demonstrate its support.What I’m not so confident about is how genuine the Legislature and Davis really are when it comes to promoting and supporting California agriculture….

Rather than fight to deal with environmental laws, he fought to keep the subsidies when the state at the time when the State was $35 Billion in the hole.

Farmers’ tax breaks in dangerCounties oppose Davis’ plan to cut Williamson Act
By:Tim Hearden Record SearchlightPublished: March 22, 2003
Rural counties are mobilizing to protect a 38-year-old program that provides tax breaks for farmers who keep their land in agriculture.The Legislature is expected to soon begin debating Gov. Gray Davis’ proposal to stop reimbursing counties for its contractswith landowners under the 1965 Williamson Act.
The cuts would cost counties about $40 million annually. Shasta County would lose about $250,000 a year, while TehamaCounty would lose as much as $1 million a year, local officials said.Farming advocates fear the cuts could discourage counties from participating in the Williamson Act program and leave farmland vulnerable to urban development…..A budget subcommittee could send the matter to the Assembly floor for debate this week or next week, said David Reade,chief of staff for Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale.Davis proposed the cuts as part of a plan to balance a state deficit estimated at as much as $34 billion. LaMalfa, a ricefarmer, adamantly op-poses taking money out of the Williamson Act, Reade said….

Why should farmers get treated any differently than any other people when it comes to budget cuts? How does LaMalfa justify this? Where was/is the leadership in fighting the regulations that have emperiled the family farmer?

What’s worse is the dependence on Farm Welfare and the complicity in perpetuating it.

Feb 222012

It looks like Doug LaMalfa is in trouble.

The Redding Record-Searchlight is the largest paper in the CD01 district and they LIT Doug LaMalfa on Fire over the Rice Welfare issue.

$300k last year alone! $300K!!!

I am sitting here finishing my dinner – L&L Hawiian BBQ which consists of Chicken, Polynesian BBQ Sauce and, you guessed it, taxpayer subsidized rice!

$4.7Million? Really? And all LaMalfa had to say for himself was – “You shouldn’t talk about a farmer with your mouth full…”

Doug LaMalfa – you shouldn’t talk about Welfare Reform or fiscal conservatism with your pockets full! (OF OUR MONEY!)

Quoting today’s Op-Ed:

But we will say this about LaMalfa. He’s one of those conservatives whose rhetoric has hit an increasingly bitter anti-government note of late. He recently touted his congressional candidacy on the Republican website FlashReport in part by saying, “I see it as my job to stand between the bureaucrat thugs and the people.” Are those the same “thugs” who send his family business six-figure subsidies each year?

Now, that will leave a mark.

But – it gets better, Doug LaMalfa has invested considerable time in supporting his Farm Welfare. He helped found an organization that is all about Farm Welfare:

LaMalfa served as a founding member of the California Rice Commission (Butte County). As a founding member, he helped start an organization that lobbies for rice subsidies, more friendly trucking regulation and cheaper power for rice growers.

The California Rice Commission had retained a Washington lobbying firm, Lesher and Russell, to make its case against such reductions for the 2007 federal farm bill that included rice subsidies.


Doug LaMalfa has some explaining to do. Big Time… but wait, there’s more… much more.

For example – the California Rice Commission applauded liberal Democrat Doris Matsui for protecting their welfare payments in the 2007 Farm bill.


We are now swimming in it. Quoting the Record-Searchlight again:

But a combination of pandering to the base about small government while paying the farm’s bills thanks to FDR’s legacy? Yeah, some folks might think that smells like fertilizer.

Oooooh. LaMalfa is a fraud.