May 202023

Please note that your intrepid blogger is helping Megan Dahle in SD-01. Dahle has drawn an opponent who has lost several races for office in the past.

In addition, Heather Hadwick is running in AD-01. She currently has the endorsement on Brian Dahle and will certainly gain several more as the campaign rolls out.

Heather was raised in the small town of Dorris in Siskiyou County where she met her high school sweetheart Bryon. They were married in 2003 and now have two boys, Sam and Zack. Together they run their family farm in Modoc County growing hay, vegetables, pumpkins, raising highland cattle, and have the County’s only Pumpkin Patch each fall.

​Born in Siskiyou and lives in Modoc. I can’t think of something more North State than that.

As a small business owner of her family farm and having previously owned a small local newspaper, Heather understands the constant obstacles of operating her own business. She knows the state needs to make it easier to open and run a small business, and to hire more people at good paying jobs.

For the last almost 5 years, Heather served Modoc County as the Deputy OES (Office of Emergency Services) Director at the Sheriff’s Office. Heather served as the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, organized evacuations due to wildfire and flooding, coordinated support, managed recovery, and assisted on neighboring wildfires such as the Bootleg, Dixie, McKinney, and many more.

​The AD-01 Race appears to have 7 customers at this time. Hadwick’s resume is going to be hard to match by any of her opponents (especially those from the more urban Shasta County).

Sep 092022

… and I am not even talking about the devastating pattern of legal issues in Kate Sanchez life…

Tim Thomas is some sort of major pastor in the Inland Empire. He loves him some Brian Dolly. (and Kate too…) Tim is the bald dude on the left, Senator Brian Dahle is on the right.

2 Timothy 2:15: Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I’d like to direct Pastor Tim Thomas to Brian Dahle’s website: – there you can learn all kinds of neat things about Senator Brian Dahle. Study to show yourself approved…


Yet another contrast to Kate Sanchez… Brian Dahle is a legislator qualified to serve in the legislature. For those of you in So-Cal, this photo was taken at Dahle’s ranch near the town of Adin near the Lasssen/Modoc County border.

When we discuss 2nd Timothy, it is a charge to believers (as in followers of Christ) everywhere to do their due diligence. Some of that due diligence follows:

Kate Sanchez admits to Marriage FraudThen she admitted she was of unsound mind to get the marriage annulled.

Kate Sanchez gets beat down by CA SOS for fraudulent ballot title.

Kate Sanchez Divorced Husband Two, Fired the First Attorney, Bounced a Check to the Second, Got Sued, Lost and Stuck Mom With The Bill!

Kate Sanchez lost a lawsuit and caused her father to get bank levied and mother to get wages garnished!

Court filings reveal that Kate Sanchez was living off of her second husband’s family.

A review of voter registration records reveals that Kate Sanchez has no income and no home.

A Review of financial disclosures confirms Kate Sanchez has no income and no home.

Kate Sanchez got sued for bailing on her Bank of America Credit Card.

Lastly, I’d suggest that the pastor do some due diligence on Kate Sanchez’ website and compare this recent photo to what is seen on the site:

I even used a photo from Mr. Thomas’ PAC social media account. Kate is in the green.

There is a difference in the photos as well.

With regard to Tim Thomas’ ministry, glad he fulfilled his calling. I am not glad that he is muddying the waters of a lifetime of service to the Lord with a demonstrated pattern of political incompetence. This will mitigate a lot of the good he can do as a pastor leading a congregation.

Kate Sanchez is not worth compromising a ministry over. It is time for Thomas and his Church to take a good hard look at what they have attached their reputation to. It is also time for these people to slow down and do their homework, right down to spelling the nominee of the GOP for Governor’s name right…

UPDATE: Was contacted by someone that knows Tim Thomas and that church. They indicated that Thomas is not supporting Kate (even though his public actions suggest otherwise) but a loud small group within the church do. My retort is why is their social media full of Kate? And where is the balance for Kate’s opponent?

Jun 082022

The HORRORS of a Brian Dahle candidacy!

Aaron –

Last night we learned Gavin Newsom’s general election opponent:

Republican Brian Dahle.

Here are the facts on Brian:

He refuses to say Trump lost and called California “Trump Country.”

He gets an A rating from the NRA, is against an assault weapons ban and red flag laws.

He is “100% pro-life” with no exceptions for rape or incest, even.

And you can believe he stood side-by-side with anti-vaxxers and anti-science elements of the far right during the pandemic.

Here is the truth: we MUST take this election seriously. The last thing we can afford is to get caught sleeping during a difficult year for Democrats. So please — help Gavin start the general election strong:

Can you PLEASE use this link to make a $3 contribution to Governor Newsom’s re-election campaign? Become a day one donor and let’s keep California blue in 2022.


Thank you,

Team Newsom

OMG!!! The Horror. (Maybe for the establishment who are waking up to having to support a real conservative for office)

Jun 092019

I walked my first precinct in 1998. I registered Republican in late 1997. I met Josh Cook, Brian Dahle’s Chief of Staff in 2002 when the Late Sam Aanestad defeated Dick Dickerson for State Senate. Josh Cook was his on the ground campaign manager. Doug LaMalfa’s current Chief of Staff, Mark Spannagel was a young kid staffer for Dick Dickerson.

In many regards the 2019 SD01 Special Election completed the loop on a lot of things. In between 2002 and 2019, I’ve seen enough to write a book about. I wish I could say most of it was good, I can’t. 75% of it (or more) is in between infuriating and disappointing.

Kevin Kiley’s 2019 SD01 failure is a microcosm of what not to do as a candidate and of the problems that plague the California Republican Party / Legislative Caucuses.

I’ve written about Ted Gaines and Tom McClintock many times and the crap they have pulled over the years. I helped get both of them elected – mostly as a volunteer. I helped a candidate against then Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa in a State Senate race, LaMalfa hammered him and election night was the last time I ever talked to him. 8 years after our role in electing him to the State Senate, the Late Sam Aanestad attempted to repay mine and my brother’s loyalty to him by trying to walk out of two months of George’s pay as a staffer that traveled statewide with Aanestad for his LG race in 2010. George had to sue him (and George won). Before he died, Aanestad attempted to interfere with our attempts to establish the Impact Republicans.

Almost everyone with a heritage in politics can tell you a story about getting stiffed on invoices for services, being taken advantage of as a volunteer, being lied to, double-dealt on, completely forgotten by the candidate/elected, betrayed, turned on, discarded for a better offer and the like. Things like Tom McClintock promptly discarding the then Placer CRA leadership, the 2010 SD04 Race, the 2010 LG Race and other similar incidents are why I do paid politics and rarely volunteer anymore.

This memory bank of experience is why I am disappointed but absolutely not surprised in the slightest by the foibles of Kevin Kiley. Kiley was too smart for anyone else out there and played everything way too close to the chest so people never knew his intentions. I’ve seen all these screw ups before. Let me give you a top ten list of screw ups as a tutorial for you in case you run for office.

#10 Be careful which endorsements you tout. Attached here is a mailer featuring Vern Pierson. Pierson was nearly defeated by a candidate that had no organized campaign in 2016. Vern Pierson is the DA in El Dorado County. He has twice run for State Senate and is alleged to be lining up for a run to succeed Frank Bigelow in AD05. Pierson has a few problems in his own county to address before running for anything else. It is the opinion of this blogger that Kiley’s disappointing finish in El Dorado County was in part secured by featuring Pierson in his campaign mail.

#9 Don’t fake the funk. If you are an Ivy League Educated Attorney – admit it. If you ran for Assembly as a Deputy District Attorney, don’t be surprised when your opponent points out you were a deputy for Kamala Harris’ AG Department. (The only reason the local media jumped on this is because they love Kamala Harris, otherwise they could care less) A cornerstone of Kiley’s campaign was to avoid his real background.

#8 Don’t lie about your background. If you tell people you prosecuted criminals, prove it. (It is easy to do) If you really are a Cattle Rancher, a piece of paper filed with the Secretary of State’s office is not proof, but some photos and receipts of business activity would prove it. Kiley got hammered on both issues, and successfully so as the local media did not have a Kamala Harris to protect.

#7 Be true to yourself. Two of the biggest rumors your intrepid blogger heard about Kevin Kiley is about his residence and his orientation. Kiley has to know everyone in the building is talking about both issues – why not settle them? I am more concerned about the lack of honesty than I am about which team he plays for. The issue of residence is a problem for legality sake, it is rumored Kiley lives in a Condo in Sacramento as opposed to a rented house in Rocklin. Kiley can end speculation on both issues by straight up answering them. Kiley does not owe your intrepid blogger an explanation, rather he should explain it to those asking in and around the building.

Part of the reason the brokeback mountain meme resonated with so many people is that Kiley made a fake cattle company and won’t give straight answers to most questions (including about where he lives and his orientation). Were Kevin on record, the meme loses most of its’ humorous punch.

#6 Leveraging Debt. This is one of the most classic tricks in the book. Donors resent it, but it is done frequently. Incumbent members run for another office and spend themselves in to huge debt (Kiley has 128K he admitted to as of 5/20/2019) and then leverage their incumbency to pay it off. This practice usually has a career limiting effect as the donors will contribute to an incumbent but will never help said incumbent again. There are some rare exceptions such as when an incumbent member tells people well in advance about a chosen candidate running to succeed them, and a deal is made, etc. Kiley was too smart for anyone else out there and played everything way too close to the chest so people never knew his intentions.

#5 Take real stands on issues. When asked about the Abortion Issue, Brian Dahle would say, “I am Pro-Life”. Kiley would filibuster for 5 minutes. I’ve written ad-naseum about this in various and sundry blogs about Kiley. Waffling is fatal in a campaign. Kiley’s failures allowed Dahle to dig in to his constituencies in Placer County even though it appears Dahle and crew spent little or no money in Placer County. Think of how much larger Kiley’s margin would have been in Placer had he just been willing to take stands on issues. Kiley’s coalitions nearly collapsed in El Dorado County as he went from hammering Dahle in March to just a 13% win in June.

#4. Don’t get caught trying to have it both ways. Kiley launched a bomb against Dahle to democrat households attacking President Trump. Problem, Republicans heard about it too. Kiley also attacked Dahle over the immigration issue while having considerable weakness in that area as well. Kiley endorsed John Kasich and has been circumspect about support for President Trump, and his mailer attacking the President actually undermined his position with that regard.

#3 Do not complain about your opponent doing things you are doing. Kiley took money from PG&E and sent a misleading attack regarding PG&E funding Brian Dahle’s campaign. Kiley complained about left-wing unions funding independent efforts to boost Brian Dahle’s campaign after benefiting $300K from David Crane’s (a frequent Donor to democrats) rampage in 2016. While lambasting Unions and other institutional donors, Kiley was desperately soliciting leftist bay area (and out of state) donors in the last month before his defeat.

#2 Do not threaten people. This is one of the most common blunders. I’ve never seen or heard of Brian Dahle doing it himself. I’ve been told by dozens of people that Kiley is vindictive and has a temper. Apparently, he called several people and let them know just what he thought of them and what he was going to do to them after they endorsed Brian Dahle. He also did the same thing in person to others, some of whom called me directly to tell their story. Mr. Kiley is about to learn that people never forget stuff. People I set fire to back in 2002 are still walking around with burn scars 17 years later. When you do this as a candidate, it has a tendency to shorten your political career or limit you to being a back bencher congressman sitting in a safe seat. Ted Gaines had to live the last 10 years of his political life threatening people just to end up in the dead end Bd of Eq. The last thing you want as an officeholder is to be known for holding grudges and being vindictive. Because it feels good at first, then you are dependent upon it to live in office and then it kills off your political career.

I went from extreme disdain for Jim Nielsen to voting to re-elect him in 2018. Holding grudges is simply not worth it. Making a list of people to get even with is just not worth it. For as much as I dislike McClintock over his actions in office, I voted to re-elect him in 2018 as well because he is a vote for Trump 99% of the time.

#1 Don’t solicit advice and then ignore it. Almost as frequently as your intrepid blogger was queried about Kevin Kiley’s personal life, people would volunteer details of their conversations with Mr. Kiley. A common theme was Kiley asking questions and soliciting opinions that were almost immediately discarded. This is a terrible way to govern and live. Nothing tells someone how low you regard them than casting an aura of superiority, by discarding their opinions as useless -a pattern made even worse by Kevin’s youth and lack of life experience outside of law school. It was also clear that Kevin Kiley was sending out campaign emails and press releases without the consent of Dave Gilliard his consultant. The message was reactionary, defensive and inconsistent, as was Kiley’s campaign.

Kiley’s campaign exposed a fatal flaw in the California Republican Legislative Caucus. Kevin Kiley was basically rewarded for sitting on $450K in his Assembly Account and not sharing it with his colleagues. When I checked Brian Dahle’s website, I noticed that only a fraction of people that he helped financially as leader endorsed him. I also noticed that a fraction of sitting legislators endorsed him. It is a sad commentary as Dahle raised over $1MM to help his caucus. He also emptied his own Campaign Account, knowing Kiley was hoarding his money.

This sends three messages. #1 it is useless to help other Republican Members as they won’t reciprocate. #2 You can be selfish and get away with it. #3 There is no cohesion or unity in the shrinking California Republican Legislative Caucuses.

Your intrepid blogger is of the opinion that Kiley ran for State Senate to better position a run against Tom McClintock post 2022 redistricting. That plan did not work out too well. To fund a future run, Kevin Kiley will be almost 100% dependent upon the Bay Area liberals from the Charter School Movement – whose influence was shattered in 2018 as they lost some marquee races. ($15 MM on Antonio for one)

Kevin Kiley also has an additional problem, no one really knows who he is or where his values truly are.

If Kiley draws a credible opponent for Assembly in 2020, it could be an interesting situation, but the system is rigged against such an occurrence even after what Kiley did. This is yet another reality that rewards bad behavior by incumbents.

The bottom line, Kevin Kiley is in it for himself. What a waste of promise and talent.

Jun 072019

Your Intrepid Blogger was contacted by an anonymous source that directed me to an article about the 2017 LA Unified School District Election. In that election the Charter School Advocates spent $9 Million on two candidates to get a 4-3 Pro-Charter majority on the LAUSD. Similar to extreme left-winger Rick Miller on the Rocklin School Board, the two CCSA Endorsed candidates in the LAUSD are also supporters of the Homosexual indoctrination agenda that Miller and Maben pushed on to the Rocklin USD.

Remember, the CCSA basically has discontinued supporting Republicans, taking their votes for granted and have instead started plowing millions in to democrats – like Antonio Villariagosa.

Several people who spoke to The Times said the letter arrived just hours before polls opened in Tuesday’s citywide election in Los Angeles, and included each recipient’s voting history in the last three elections, along with names and addresses of neighbors and acquaintances and whether or not they’d voted. An updated chart would be mailed out after Tuesday’s election, the letter warned, and “other people you know will all know who voted and who did not vote.”

Several of Kevin Kiley’s major donors, Bill Bloomfield, Arthur Rock, Reed Hastings, etc. Poured millions in to Antonio, this LAUSD Election and other democrats in the last 3 years. They also have donated a ton of money to Kevin Kiley. David Crane – who did not donate in 2019 to Kiley, but whose name is all over the reports of other Charter School candidates, ran an ego-fueled rampage featuring himself in mailers on behalf of Kevin Kiley in 2016 when Bill Halldin and Andy Pugno made a campaign issue out of the Bay Area liberals funding Kiley’s campaign. Crane spent over $300K on Kiley.

Some, not all of the Charter School liberals donated to Kevin Kiley in 2019. Kiley got huge money from them in 2016, almost $300K in direct contributions before Crane’s late in the election rampage. So, here’s your potential connection to the 2019 vote shaming mailer that the Secretary of State’s office claims to be investigating.

the mailer referenced by Fox 40 (see here), the local ABCBS affiliate (see here) and the NBCBS affiliate (see here) have featured people in Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills and Rocklin (all are in AD06, Kiley’s district). As of the writing of this blog, not one person from OUTSIDE the AD-06 portion of Senate District one has received the mailer.

As of the writing of this blog – vote turnout in Assembly District 6 is trailing every other part of the district as a percentage. This means then that this mailer was designed to push Republicans to the polls in Assembly District 6 where Kiley has a decided advantage.

Read the post here. The AD06 (kiley’s district) portion did indeed trail AD01. Sacramento County was a large reason why. It is the 4th largest part of the population in the district, but was nearly out-voted by 5th place Nevada County. El Dorado County was not kind to Kiley either, after whalloping Dahle in the Primary in El Dorado, Kiley “only” won El Dorado by 12% in the June Runoff. Kiley’s campaign had to know this sort of disappointing result was coming.

Look at the construction of the LAUSD letter and compare it to the letter sent to SD01. They are the same.

See the notice number at the top?

Notice the same style of logo?

Note the use of the terms Voter Project?

Note the similar threats in each letter? They threaten to tell your friends and neighbors if you did not vote, and that they will be sending out a follow up after the election is over. Quoting News 10:

On the letter’s envelope is an address: P.O. Box 980932, West Sacramento, CA, 95798. Where a stamp normally goes is a printed box that says, “presorted standard U.S. postage PAID Sacramento, CA PERMIT NO. 1935.”

If you want an entertaining read, look at this ballotopedia story about Nick Melvoin, one of the candidates the Charter School people bankrolled. There are several links in the article, it is fascinating.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Dave Gilliard and/or Kevin Kiley had some sort of advance knowledge of this thing, even if Gilliard was not responsible for it. I wrote an expose’ of some of the dirty tricks I’ve seen him pull off over the years and I put nothing past the man. The Kiley campaign was way to quick and scripted in their response. Kevin Kiley also did not attack the mailer as a violation of the law, because he knew it was to benefit himself. Any honest candidate would have immediately disavowed the mailer.

Kiley was missing most of the Assembly floor sessions recently because he was out campaigning. When this mailer hit, that was no exception. Brian Dahle on the other hand was on the floor of the legislature doing his job when his phone starting exploding with media calls.

Again, there were too many coincidences and circumstantial evidence to simply dismiss this mailer as a misguided independent effort.

Stay Tuned, I will be doing an SD-01 special election wrap-up that you won’t want to miss.