Nov 242023

So, Bill Brough got fined $100,000, not $90,000, by the California Fair Political Practices Commission for violating campaign finance laws.

The tape of the meeting is here. It starts at 12:24 appx. The comments about Brough’s behavior are staggering.

The comments included, “Most Egregious Conduct, Abuses of Public Trust I have ever seen”, and others along the line of it looks like he defaulted because we (the FPPC) have had a terrible record of collecting debts. “Intentional Obstruction”, “Falsifying Records” are other terms you hear used…

At about the 21 Minute Mark, the chairman of the commission talks about how Bill Brough defaulted on the repayment plan. He then talks about Brough hearing about the FPPC collecting less than 3% of items that go in to collections. The chair continues that he thinks Brough decided to stop making his monthly installments. At the 23 Minute mark, the chairman lowers the boom on Bill Brough.

These items are significant for the LA Times article that follows:

Please respect the LA Times Paywall and access the article here.

In the case of the FPPC’s campaign finance investigation, Brough initially agreed to a payment plan for a $47,000 penalty. But after making a payment of $7,500 in April, according to the filing, he stopped making payments. Brough said he stopped making payments in order to enter into a settlement with the FPPC and make the investigation stop.

“It went on and on for four years,” he said. “I just wanted to go on with my life.”

The commission responded by more than doubling the penalty amount, levying the maximum fine for the charges. In a public meeting last week recommending Brough’s fine, FPPC Chairman Richard Miadich increased the fine from a recommended $90,000 to $100,000 and made the unusual motion to direct staff “to make this a priority matter for collections purposes and to pursue any and all means at your disposal to ensure we recover the full measure of this default.”

Note Bill Brough’s dishonesty in his comments to the LA Times. If you watch the comments of the chairman of the FPPC, they believed as did the investigators that Brough stopped making payments because he thought he’d evade collections. Brough has learned nothing from his fall, and apparently he has enablers that got him a job as a lobbyist/consultant in Orange County as well.

…The FPPC, which oversees candidates and campaign finances, found multiple discrepancies in the reports from Brough’s 2018 and 2020 campaign committees.

Brough used a total of $17,303 in campaign funds for personal expenses and failed multiple record-keeping requirements, even as his campaign treasurer warned him about violations, according to the FPPC’s report.

“I need all of your receipts ASAP — you’ve gone mad with the [credit] card use and I have one silly receipt for every ten expenses,” treasurer JenEve Slater wrote to Brough in 2018, the FPPC investigation found.

The unusually large FPPC fine is the latest allegation of misconduct against Brough, who was accused of sexual harassment by four women in 2019, prompting Orange County Republicans to call for him to not run for reelection. Brough said in a phone interview with The Times on Tuesday that he is no longer in electoral politics, though he works as a political consultant and lobbyist.

When I spoke to the reporter at the LA Times, I was explicit that I felt this was only partial justice because I believe that Bill Brough raped at least one woman, beyond the sexual harassment mentioned in the article. Given that the victim is still awaiting justice and the case shows open/suspended at the County of Sac there is no way to FOIA the records around it.

Back to the LA Times:

Another international trip brought Brough to the Netherlands for an Internet Marketing Assn. conference. After attending a two-hour conference, which ended with tastings at a local bar, Brough spent several days touring the area, according to the documents.

“Investigation revealed that Brough was visiting the region with his wife, for her birthday — and he asked the IMA if he could stop by … while he was in the area,” the FPPC document said.

In another instance, the FPPC reported that Brough used campaign funds to purchase a $1,300 custom cigar humidor, a custom bourbon barrel bar cabinet, a portable ice maker and a compact refrigerator, which he listed as office expenses but then took home when he left the Assembly.

The FPPC investigation began in 2019, after conservative political consultant Aaron Park filed a complaint, alleging that the politician had used campaign funds to pay for a trip to Boston with his family to attend a Red Sox game, as well as other extravagant spending.

He’s a victim of a witch hunt, I tell you. Cha-Ching another $5K fine.

Park told The Times on Tuesday that he had helped Brough get elected but soon changed his mind about the assemblyman once he heard allegations about campaign finance impropriety as well as sexual assaults.

Yep – there’s that $5000-fine-inducing Bourbon Barrell. (Photo was taken at Brough’s forced-retirement party at his capitol office)

Brough was stripped of his committee assignments in the Legislature in 2020, after a state investigation found that he had made unwanted advances on several women, including an Orange County supervisor.

Park, a political watchdog, began digging into Brough’s financial history and, after 20 hours of research, filed a complaint with the FPPC.

“I’m seeing stuff on his social media like the Red Sox game that he went to, and it corresponds to campaign expenditures and stuff like that out of his controlled accounts,” Park said. “I’m going, there’s no way in hell that’s a campaign expense.”

Park said he has filed many complaints to the FPPC over the years, but this “by far was the largest penalty I’ve ever seen.”

Someday, Trish we will get you justice. For now, we have to be thankful that some justice has finally been served.

I would be remiss if I did not finish this blog by saying Thank You to the LA Times for this article and to the reporter for her professionalism and legitimately good thoughtful questions. I have attacked the LA Times on this blog many times, but they deserve credit when they get one right. This is one of those times.

Nov 062023

Dear Orange County GOP – when your intrepid blogger files an FPPC Complaint, it gets results. Several OCGOP members at the time had been falsely claiming the complaint I filed against Bill Brough was a political attack and a campaign stunt. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an apology.

While the OCGOP did do the unthinkable and abandon Brough playing a major role in him losing his primary to Laurie Davies, your intrepid blogger received reports for the ensuing four years about Brough protesting his innocence. Said reports included several within the OCGOP sphere enabling him and amplifying his attacks on the voracity of your intrepid blogger.

Please note that every complaint I filed in 2018-2020 got results. Travis Allen got fined, now Brough, and some local loser candidate in Roseville, Rene Aguilera got a warning letter. All three lost their respective races. (Take notes Janet Nguyen)

Please see the Official Notice I got from the FPPC: (FYI – the FPPC, Fair Political Practices Commission, is the California Campaign Finance Watchdog agency)

On April 27, 2023, the above-named respondents entered into a payment plan and mainline settlement agreement with the Enforcement Division for seven counts involving personal use/appropriation of campaign funds/assets, plus three recordkeeping counts. For these 10 counts, the agreed-upon penalty was to be $47,000.1

The payment plan called for an initial down payment in the amount of $7,500—with the remainder to be paid over seven monthly installments. Upon full payment, the proposed mainline settlement was to be presented to the Commission for its consideration in December 2023 (or as soon thereafter as the matter could be agendized).2

Bill Brough appears to have continued his pattern of financial malfeasance. The FPPC gave him a chance to pay a $47,000 fine if he made agreed upon installments, but Brough failed to make them:

The payment plan included a waiver of rights in case respondents failed to make their required installment payments by the monthly deadlines specified in the agreement. This included a waiver of respondents’ rights to a probable cause conference and administrative hearing—for the purpose of allowing the Commission to enter a default decision and order against the respondents.3


Under the payment plan, respondents made their initial down payment in the amount of $7,500— but respondents have failed to make all of their required installment payments, to date. These were required to be made at the rate of $5,000 per month, beginning in May 2023. This matter now comes before the Commission as a default proceeding.

The part I snipped out described how if Brough failed to make his payments, the FPPC could pile on additional charges and jack the fines up to $5,000 per offense. Brough also waived all his rights and then he still welched on the deal!

Respondents Bill Brough, Bill Brough State Assembly 2018 (I.D. No. 1392528), and Bill Brough State Assembly 2020 (I.D. No. 1415006) violated the Political Reform Act as described in Exhibit 1, which is incorporated by reference as though fully set forth herein. Exhibit 1 is a true and accurate summary of the law and evidence in this matter—and is supported by various affidavits and records, which have been marked and submitted as Exhibits A, A-1 through A-26, and B through D. This Default  Decision and Order is submitted to the Commission for final disposition of this matter.

So guess what? Your intrepid blogger filed against every committee Brough had and it appears all the complaints were validated. But wait, there’s more:

The Commission issues this Default Decision and Order, imposing an administrative penalty in the total amount of $90,000 against respondents Bill Brough, Bill Brough State Assembly 2018 (I.D. No. 1392528), and Bill Brough State Assembly 2020 (I.D. No. 1415006). Of this amount, respondents Bill Brough and his 2018 committee are jointly and severally liable for $42,000 (Counts 8-9 and 11-18); respondents Bill Brough and his 2020 committee are jointly and severally liable for $13,000 (Counts 10 and 19-20); and respondent Bill Brough is individually liable for the remainder, totaling $35,000 (Counts 1-7).

In partial satisfaction of the foregoing default penalty, respondents are to receive a credit in the amount of $7,500 for the initial down payment that respondents made under the payment plan/waiver agreement.

Pursuant to Government Code section 89513, subdivisions (c)(1)(B)(i) and (ii), campaign funds may not be used to pay the penalty imposed for Counts 1 through 6 (totaling $30,000) because each of those counts involves personal use of campaign funds that resulted in substantial personal benefits to Brough, and the expenditures were not reasonably—nor directly related to any political, legislative, or governmental purposes.

The entire penalty is payable to the “General Fund of the State of California.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it was a good thing Bill Brough got run out of office. I am personally offended that the Sacramento County DA did not prosecute Mr. Brough for what I believed to be credible allegations of rape against him, but this complete demolition of him by the FPPC is a consolation prize.

Click this link to see the entire document from the FPPC related to Bill Brough.

Linked here is a summary blog your intrepid blogger wrote after our total demolition of Bill Brough in 2018. 40 Posts in all!

More specifically, blogs and stories about the FPPC Complaints below:

The first blog about the FPPC picking up the complaint and formally notifying me of the investigation is here.

I amended the complaint to add even more to it after OC Register Coverage, and highlighted several stories quoting your intrepid blogger.

Park said he believes he helped Brough get elected to a first term in the 73rd Assembly District after he publicized information about one of Brough’s opponents. Now, as claims mount about Brough’s campaign finances and allegations that he’s made unwanted sexual advances against several women, Park said he feels a “sense of duty” to help get him out of office.

“He turned out to not be who he said he was,” Park said. “He needs to go now.”

I will close with these words from 2018:

Bill Brough is in serious trouble. There is a full blown state level investigation in to his sexual misconduct. The FPPC has nearly 250 pages of documentation from your intrepid blogger that they are combing through as the web of Bill Brough’s personal life and abuse of campaign funds is becoming clear.

$90,000 in fines.

May 112021

Did you see Steve Frank’s Blog Today?

Explosive to say the least. It looks like Trish Todd is being denied justice by the politically ambitious DA of Sacramento County and AG Candidate Ann-Marie Schubert.

Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert has announced her run for California Attorney General.  She had been a Republican, left the Party and denounced the Party and President Trump.  Now she may be in hot water with feminist groups—especially those in Sacramento in the community and in the Capitol itself.

Several months ago a charge of rape was made against then Assemblyman Bill Brough—he got thrown out in the primary.  In the several months [since] the DA’s office has been investigating, yet no report has been filed—though it might be held up on the desk of DA.  Schubert is not giving an indication as to when, or if, she will release the investigative report and if appropriate bring charges against Brough.  The longer Schubert delays the release of the report, the more feminists will believe she is not willing to take on cases of sexual misconduct when it involved legislators or legislative staff.

I had been told by political insiders that Schubert was slow-rolling the investigation and some even asserted that she was trying to cut deals for herself with political leaders. I can’t prove any of that – however something is seriously wrong in her office.

No wonder why so many rape victims are afraid to speak up! They get smeared and thrown under the bus by political agendas. No wonder why those in elected office feel empowered to do what they do as well!!!

On the subject of fallout from the Trish Todd rape saga – there is this:

STRONG rumor in Orange County that after many years as Chair, Fred Whitaker is considering resigning and getting back to his law practice and family full time.  There is, I am told, at least one very strong candidate to replace Fred.  He has recently come under a lot of heat for his promotion, very early of a OC GOP endorsement of Sen. John Moorlach for Supervisor—without speaking to the other GOP Supervisors first.  They all endorsed Kevin Muldoon, against Whitakers choice.

I have been clear about my feelings for Fred Whitaker. But, I will also be clear about this – for as much as I disdain him politically, I would gain a lot of respect for him if he did indeed step down peacefully. Mr. Whitaker got too close to and too emotionally involved in helping his long time friend John Moorlach and that sort of friendship clouds one’s judgement, including his attacking Mrs. Todd in communications with OCGOP members. My guess is time away will be beneficial to him on several levels.

If you don’t read Steve Frank’s Heard on the Tom-Tom’s column, you need to.

Jan 252021

The rape of Trish Todd, frankly the entire William “Bill” Brough saga and all of its’ tenticles are a great case study for why the OCGOP is now in second place in Orange County. It is intellectually lazy to blame slippage from 66% of the vote in 2004 for HW Bush to 45% for Trump in 2020 on Demographics only. It is also easy and intellectually lazy to look at regaining a couple seats in congress (while the people in charge let Bryan Maryott, Greg Raths and Diane Dixon swing) as anything other than an aberration. The deterioration of the OCGOP has been consistent. Congressman Tom Campbell lit up the entire narrative being pushed by the feckless GOP establishment.

The first photo is Brough with his portable bar and Whitaker is in the second photo, memed forever.

I was first immersed in the protect all incumbents regardless of merit culture of the OCGOP in 2016. I was and have been aghast at the fealty towards incumbents that is the order of the day. John Moorlach had defeated Don Wagner for State Senate. Wagner had near unanimous support for his run in 2015 and the very same people the following year all lined up behind Moorlach because he was the incumbent – while making the same complaints about Moorlach being arrogant, acerbic, useless to the party and the like. In fact, Wagner had enough money to primary challenge Moorlach. I learned a couple of years later from a former employee of Don Wagner that a couple stakeholders literally threatened to spend millions destroying him personally and politically – all for John Moorlach not because they liked Moorlach, but how dare Wagner challenge the status quo.

Don Wagner for his part is now an Orange County Supervisor. I wonder if the same people that supported Wagner for Senate in 2015, threatened to wreck him in 2016 went off and supported him in 2020? These same luminaries are lining up the deck chairs to coronate Diane Harkey supervisor in 2022 despite Harkey having a lexis nexis report in excess of 300 pages. (speaking of documentation)

That culture is the backdrop for why it took me hundreds of hours of research and blogging relentlessly to crack the nearly psychotic grip of fealty to incumbents in Orange County.

None of them seem to give a rip about the victims at all. But at least the recent media scrutiny has forced a lot of these arrogant fools back in to their spider holes as they would all rather die than accept the humiliation of admitting a mistake. Mistakes that may elect the crazed Katrina Foley supervisor.

In April of 2019, I was called by someone that was inside the closed session of the Orange County Republican Party when now supervisor Lisa Bartlett finally came public with her 2011 story of abuse at the hands of Bill Brough. Fred Whitaker tried to cover it up, asking everyone there to “Keep it in the family”.

Along came Right on Daily.

After Bill Brough outed two of the victims, they asked to meet with Fred Whitaker in an attempt to explain their side of the story – while Whitaker was trying to hide and while the feckless Assembly GOP Minority Leader Marie Waldron was trying to protect Bill Brough. (so much for women in leadership)

It took three months and when Whitaker finally met with them, he understood finally these women were for real. So is Lisa Bartlett, Maria Elena Banks and an anonymous capitol staffer who spoke to the LA Times.

Then along came Trish Todd who told me her story long before John Moorlach lost his seat in the State Senate. (A seat that Don Wagner would have held easily)

Well guess what happened? The OCGOP closed ranks around one of their good ole’ boys once again. This time, they went a step further pre-emptively smearing Trish Todd who came forward with actionable and verifable evidence she was raped by Bill Brough. In one of the amazing things that happens in the small world of politics, their multi-million dollar hero from the 1990’s happened to be her employer when she was raped and his then Cheif of Staff is still his campaign manager. Whoops.

Now protecting incumbents and members of the club has crossed from cowardly threats behind closed doors to wreck Don Wagner, to interfering with efforts to hold Bill Brough accountable, to straight out smearing a rape victim to cover up the moral failure of John Moorlach. The lynchpin of this is Tim Clark, who worked for Bill Brough in 2014, Covered up the Rape in 2015 and is now still close to Moorlach’s current campaign (reputedly he is running it despite being a “volunteer”). Clark is alleged to be the source of the smears against Trish Todd and Moorlach’s behavior as more facts have been known illustrate that he was a terrible employer and even today his double speak on the issue itself indicates he does not care.

Great pick OCGOP.

I have Trish Todd’s entire personnel file. I can draw the conclusion that the Orange County Register did not follow up on their story about the smears because the Personnel file shows that John Moorlach lied to the Orange County Register. They would be forced to admit they made a mistake by endorsing Moorlach. Editorial Boards are no different than stakeholders in that regard.

While Todd has been friends with my wife (again the super tiny world of politics) since 2013, I did not know that she had such a long career in the Sacramento Capitol – THAT SHE LOST AFTER  GETTING RAPED. Her experience included Senator Abel Maldonado who promoted her, the late Dave Cox, and several years working for the Caucus itself. I’ve spoken to people I know that are still there in Sacramento and they all have nothing but positive things to say. Todd’s personnel file was putting me to sleep it was so boring. This is hardly the stuff of a disgruntled employee. She worked in the capitol from 2003 to 2016.

Trish also sent me this email she sent the Orange County Register as a follow up to the first story about the “disgruntled employee smear”:

I gave John Moorlach every opportunity to correct the smears and lies he told about a rape victim that worked loyally and hard for him. I also had hoped he would reach out and offer some sympathy and help now that he knows what happened to me while I worked for him. But, sadly nothing. In my letter, I told John Moorlach he had until last Thursday to tell the world the supposed negative things he claimed he and his staff had put in my personnel file. He told the Orange County Register Editorial Board he was not supportive of hiring me and he had to deal with poor performance by me and these were documented in my personnel file.“

“He knew what I knew. That was a complete lie. He also could not do anything to correct the record because despite my giving him a complete release to disclose my personnel file, there was not anything in there he claimed was in there. So, I am now releasing it to the public.”

“So, what is in the file? For openers there is a letter signed by John Moorlach when I was hired, praising me lavishly for my advanced skills and stating I was going to be his “defacto Deputy Chief of Staff” and urging the Senate to give me a higher salary than I was otherwise entitled to receive.  John Moorlach’s handwritten notes on my resume are attached. Yet he told the Orange County Register Editorial Board that he opposed my hiring? Really?”

“He also lied to the Editorial Board and claimed there were adverse performance reviews from him or Tim Clark. Again, a complete lie. There is not a single negative performance review of any kind in my file.”

“Finally, John Moorlach, as is the case with many career politicians, uses tax payer money for ridiculous boondoggles. In this case, the Outdoor Sporting Caucus, now just a name on the senate website, of which John Moorlach was then a member, had me arrange a skeet shooting event for Senate and Assembly Members and their staff. It was a ticketed event due to the limited number of shooting bays. Tim Clark, who was no longer on John Moorlach’s staff, and other staff who did not have reservations to the event were still disgruntled they could not attend. However, on the day of the event no elected Assembly Members or Senators were turned away from this event.”

“I eventually learned the hard way that John Moorlach will not promote or give raises to female staff nor will he protect them when they are in harm’s way.”

Please note – I have a copy of the resume’ with Moorlach’s handwriting on it. See it below. Please also note there is not one negative review of her ANYWHERE in the 13 year long file. Not. One. Tim Clark Lied, John Moorlach Lied. Perhaps this is why Moorlach was counseled to shut up.
I checked the transparent California website. It appears that John Moorlach had few female employees and based on what I saw none of them had anything other than a cost-of-living pay adjustment while working for him. (Not to mention a boss that covered up sexual assaults, but I digress)
I read a two-page document related to the skeet shooting event referenced above. It is very typical of what the Senate Rules Committee used to do Pre Me-Too with any sort of complaints by staff (or against staff). It was clear that someone (identified by Trish as Tim Clark) attempted to smear her. Not coincidentally, Trish separated from service shortly after that event. Did I metntion that Tim Clark is a morally corrupt man? She got raped, it was covered up and the last thing in her file was an attempt to smear her by Tim Clark. Just wow. Did I mention that Clark is still affiliated with John Moorlach’s current campaign and helped him lose his State Senate race?
Tim Clark lied to the Orange County Republican Party – alternating between calling Trish a liar and telling others that she was not credible. Other communication I have received indicated that my 11-21-2020 blog detailing the rape with more specific information than the 6-1-2020 post was a “Smear” and a “Political Attack”. Anyone that attacked the victim is going to get their ass kicked by the Right On Daily Blog, resign now or it is coming. Trish got raped. Heather Baez was sexually Battered, Lisa Bartlett has nightmares, Jennifer Alizeri was harassed, an unnamed Dem Staffer was cornered, a realtor from South OC was propositioned and touched – AND MANY OCGOP LEADERS IGNORED SOME OR ALL OF THE ISSUES! How many more women did Bill Brough abuse because these people did nothing?
I’m reaching out to you to ask a personal favor, because we are at a critical point.  The absolutely false accusation against Sen. Moorlach is threatening the ability of the party to unite behind one candidate for this special election,…
I personally, think the blog was sent out just to sow disarray in the party by those that want to see us divided, since they know we can’t unite behind one of the others.  I know you know how it feels to be wrongly accused and have libel sent out against you.   Please help John fight this. Would you please “reply” that we can count your email as support for Sen Moorlach’s endorsement?   I appreciate the consideration.
Fred Whitaker, resign now. If Katrina Foley gets elected supervisor, you own it.
Good Bye John Moorlach. Your political career is over. You can’t win.
Tim Clark, I am younger than you and I am patient. Wherever you pop up in politics, I will be there.
About that resume’: (Note Moorlach’s notes on the resume’) – I redacted her phone and email off of the document.
Jan 122021

Trish Todd is the likeness in this meme

Blogger’s Note: I have been clear from the outset that beyond political connections, I have a personal relationship with Trish Todd, the rape victim of Bill Brough. As such, She forwarded me a copy of a letter she sent to Senator John Moorlach for whom she worked when she was raped and the subesquent cover up. This letter has not been edited and is reposted in its’ entirety. Trish Todd deserves justice, not being smeared out of political convenience.

Dear Senator Moorlach,

I proudly worked for you as a member of your small team in your capitol office from 2015 – 2016.  I was honored that you called me your “de facto Chief of Staff.” I respected you, worked hard, and was loyal.

As you have also heard reported, I was the victim of a brutal sexual assault by Assemblymember Bill Brough, while on your staff. Both you and Tim Clark, your Chief of Staff, admit I told Tim about the rape shortly thereafter.  Instead of reporting it, Tim Clark covered it up.

You told the press that you did not know about the rape or the coverup until November 3, 2020 (conveniently Election Day). You wrote profusely and claimed that you cared passionately about sexual assault and would fight against it in any way you could.

When Senator Ackerman stepped forward and said he had discussed it with you months earlier, you were forced to admit after referring to your “notes” what you had said was untrue and instead said you “forgot” a State Senator had told you I had been raped by another legislator.

Really? You forgot that someone of Senator Ackerman’s stature had told you a member of your team had been raped by Bill Brough? When you first heard about this, why didn’t you help or protect me? If you cared so much, why in the months since didn’t you ever even pick up the phone and ask me what happened?

Upon my departure you never said goodbye or called to ask why I was leaving.  A little compassion and humanity from the person I respected would have helped in my long recovery journey.

What did you do? Instead of helping or reaching out to me, you claimed that you blindly believed Tim Clark, despite his being at the time not just your Chief of Staff, but also on Bill Brough’s campaign payroll.

Far more deplorably, you did what many politicians do when a cover up of a sexual assault is exposed; you began to smear me behind the scenes.

During a December 2020 interview with the Orange County Register Editorial Board, who wanted to re-interview you about their endorsement when this matter came to light, you spoke to them on the record and with their reporters present.

Rather than focusing on what happened and what you could do now to bring the perpetrators to justice, you tried to victim shame me.  For example:

  • You told them that you had not been supportive of hiring me
  • You stated I was a disgruntled former employee that wanted to be your Chief of Staff
  • You claimed there were problems with my performance when I worked for you

Finally, you falsely told the Editorial Board and reporter proof of all this was in my confidential state senate personnel file.

We both know none of what you said was true. You did not fear contradiction because you knew the Orange County Register could not get a copy of my personnel file under state law and you also knew it was illegal for you to even tell the Orange County Register what was in it without my permission. A line you crossed because you did not think you would get caught.

In order to clear up any legal or ethical restraints you may claim about finally telling the truth, I hereby release you from all privacy protections I have regarding my personnel file.

I am happy to sign anything reasonable confirming you are so released.  Of course, I expect you to now tell the world by Thursday, January 14, 2021 the truth about what you claim is in my file. We both know every single thing in my file from you is complimentary and positive. There is nothing there from you or anyone in your office that is negative in any way. In fact, there are also the numerous thank you letters and cards from constituents.

This is the least you can do for one of your team members who served you loyally and was so let down by you and your office.

Sincerely yours,

Trish Todd

(formerly Lenkiewicz)