Oct 052010

(Why did the Reverend Karen England choose George Runner over Alan Nakanishi and Barbara Alby for Board of Equalization?)

OK. So Karen England hates Barbara Alby, everyone knows that the Reverend Karen England has a long list of political skeletons. But, no one knows Alan Nakanishi (except for those ANNOYING Robo-Calls)…

When called on the carpet for a blatant lie, Karen England claimed her attack against the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines was to help Barbara Alby and not Roger Niello. But, she admitted to my source that she called Tea Party members with false information, nevertheless.

Are you confused? Does she or doesn’t she support Barbara Alby for anything?

Let me make it clear – Karen got bought by George Runner. Runner didn’t do anything wrong by giving the CRI money – Karen did something wrong by going all-out for George Runner and not telling anyone about the financial interest.

As an aside, when the CRA endorsed George Runner, The Reverend Karen England had nothing to say about the propriety of the CRA endorsement of Runner.

A check of the Runner for Senate 2008 committee shows a check for $5,000 to the Capitol Resource Institute for the SB777 referendum.

Like the current “campaign” for Lt. Governor, the SB777 referendum was nothing more than a fundraising ploy for the CRI.

But – this revelation from the Runner campaign account explains why Karen England would support someone from Los Angeles County to represent Northern California on the Board of Equalization.

P.S. Exodus 23:8: Take no bribes, for a bribe makes you ignore something that you clearly see. A bribe makes even a righteous person twist the truth

The Most Important Question of the SD-01 Race and Why it Dooms Niello

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Oct 012010

This is really simple. Roger Niello said it himself in the Roseville Press-Tribune:  “That’s the one issue they have on me — raising taxes. There isn’t anything else.”

Yes – raising taxes, that’s enough to decimate even the best candidate. Roger Niello is a “Nice Guy”, engaging, gutsy and wrong.

At a debate at Granite Bay Country Club (whose owners ironicly are supporting Niello) when asked “What’s important to the district?”… with Niello up first, he said the following:

What I find when I drive around the district is that people don’t really care about taxes“, and then what I believe will be the quote of the campaign, “If you don’t have a job, then taxes don’t matter...”

Do I get to skip out on my VLF if I don’t have a job? (car tax)
Do I get to take the old Dependent Tax Credit if I don’t have a job?
Do I get to pay 7.25% sales tax instead of 8.25% sales tax if I don’t have a job?

Of course not – which is why David Wolf of the Howard Jarvis taxpayers association called the Feb 2009 budget one of the most regressive tax increases ever. (translation – it screws the lower-income folks hard)

The next set of questions are:

How many businesses left California after that budget took effect?
How many businesses cut employees, cut hours, froze pay-raises or have decided not to hire because of that budget?

These are extremely difficult questions I believe Mr. Niello has no good answer for.

Roger Niello does, however have a good answer for the $7800 check he got from the SEIU, that is until Mr. Niello fumbled a question about what he’d do with the Hatch Act. (The Hatch act basically made public employee unions all-powerful in California)

“If you don’t have a job, then taxes don’t matter…” – that’s a game-changer… this is Roger Niello’s way of saying raising taxes was the right thing to do.

Now the voters get to decide if that philosophy merits a seat in the State Senate.

Sep 272010

I had originally reported that Roger Niello was the source. That was incorrect – what Roger did was make a mention of a situation in passing to Barbara Alby when Alby complained to him that I had locked down a CRA endorsement for Ted Gaines. – This was straight from Niello himself.

When I was acosted by an angry Tea Party member after the meeting – Barbara unwittingly confirmed the lie posted below by mentioning her conversation with Roger Niello.

No matter that LaVeta Stelzmiller from ElDorado, Greg Marks from Nevada and Carl Brickey from Consumes were responsible for picking their club’s delegates…

Roger Niello has about as much chance of getting a CRA Endorsement as the San Francisco 49ers have of winning the Super Bowl. Niello did not attend – he did not receive a single vote.

As posted by Roger Niello Supporter and close Karen England Ally and Confidant (and former Tea Party Patriot) James Moore on his facebook page (which was forwarded to me by a friend):


Mr. Moore needs to check a map – the Zip Code is 95661 and there is a suite number of 170.

In addition Sacramento RA delegate and Barbara Alby supporter James Ricketts tried to make an issue of this until Ted Gaines told the entire assembly no one there (other than his campaign manager David Creager) was on his payroll. I have been able to deduce that Ricketts was called by Karen England.

Unbeknowgst to Karen – I knew that the Neillo team told her about an employment arrangement that was discussed but never consumated. In a fit of anger a Niello staffer called her after I went over to the Gaines camp. (I know who the staffer is and when they said it – it is not necessary to inflame the sitaution by naming them)

Karen England Lied. James Moore Lied. They took the information given to them and twisted it around in an attempt to scorn the CRA and Ted Gaines. This has been Karen’s pattern for years when she does not get what she wants from the CRA – despite being a current sitting state officer.

To recap the “corruption”: for $4K – I got 7 people to drive an hour from Placerville and 4 people to drive 1.5 Hours from Grass Valley and 7 people to drive 45 minutes from Elk Grove (while one of those 7 supported Barbara) in order to participate in a rigged convention for Gaines!

Ted Gaines got all that for $4k! What a fiscal Conservative Ted Gaines is! (He got it all for free – because GASP! the members of those CRA units actually support Ted Gaines, the horror!)

Now that I am done with this – I will don my cape and find other ways to engage in fiscally conservative extortion!

(I did such a great job rigging the process that one member from my own club (the corrupt Placer CRA) voted for Barbara Alby…)

As far as England’s stake in the SD-01 Race? She hates Ted Gaines’ Cheif of Staff and Hates Barbara Alby – so she is supporting Roger Niello. She’ll never admit it, but insiders know it.

Ted Gaines Endorsed by the CRA by a 3-1 Margin

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Sep 272010

This was a convention that featured 5 CRA units whose status as Real units with real people is not in doubt.

Nevada RA 4-0

El Dorado RA 7-0

Placer CRA 6-1

Sacramento RA 1-6

Consumes RA 6-1

Even better – the campaigns were given a list of the delegates with most of their contact info beforehand.

It was reported to this blogger that Roger Niello did in fact call several delegates before the convention.

And handful of local Tea Party activists were also in attendance.

SD-01 Update: Tonight in ElDorado County, Barbara Alby Announces that she has filed

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Sep 182010

Well, here you go.

What I have known for seven weeks is real.

So the questions are:

1. Will she raise enough money to compete?

2. If not, who loses more votes to her, Niello or Gaines?

3. Will the CRA endorse Barbara Alby?