Oct 312010

Nice huh? Most in the Tea Party are not insane or so consumed with rage they can’t see straight.

The three brain surgeons that decided to windshield cars in the Bayside Parking Lot were the exception. Out of the Ken Campbell school of spreading God’s love the older woman with long grey hair cussed out the CFO of Bayside in the parking lot when asked to leave.

That same woman was on the corner of Sierra College and Douglas waiving a Barbara Alby for Senate sign earlier.

I would assume that Barbara Alby would not approve of such behavior – just like she would not approve of Lt Gov “Candidate” Karen England spreading a lie regarding the CRA endorsement of Ted Gaines.

The subplots are as follows: These Tea Party members only cared about the Per-Diem and claimed that Gaines got it tax-free. They did not seen to care about Roger Niello raising taxes 12.6 Billion.

This further suggests collusion between Alby and Niello. And those Tea Party members were also lying as Gaines indeed paid taxes on that money.

Again – how does $94K compare to $12.6 Billion?

Subtext number 2: Ted Gaines was a founding member of Bayside Church 15 years ago. This is why it is equally absurd when I see blog comments and facebook posts about what a scumbag Ted Gaines is. But, Rick Keene, who helped found a church in Chico was subjected to the same treatment.

It seems that elements of the Tea Party in in this area of California is way different than in other states.

The following is the text of an email sent to Alby’s Campaign by a friend who first-hand witnessed what happened:

Ms. Alby, you may want to reign in some of your more vocal campaign hacks this weekend.  The ones putting your campaign fliers on private church property, especially the older lady with long gray hair and loud foul mouth, didn’t make you look very good tonight.  It’s kind of ironic to have someone passing out materials with Bible versus on them while also dropping 4 letter words on senior church staff and hail false accusations. This is not how Ronald Reagan would want good Christian Conservative leaders to behave, or Jesus Christ for that matter.


Roger Niello’s Pattern of Raising Our Taxes is not New

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Oct 262010

This is from Barbara Alby’s State Senate campaign website.

I take due note that Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello has attacked Ted Gaines for supporting AB1422 – like he did… Niello owns AB1383 all by himself.

While you can defend AB1422 – as it replaced a 5.5% fee with a 2.35% tax that the Feds are paying – AB1383 was a tax on hospitals.

Niello also owns the Feb 2009 state budget. While Niello tries in vain to justify voting for the largest tax increase in State history – the summary says it all. That budget fixed nothing (evidenced by the still $20billion dollar state deficit)

Niello voted for AB1879 – which allows the State Government to regulate Clorox, literally.

Niello voted to extend the LA County special Sales tax increase from 6 years to 30 years. Nice, huh? And the voters in LA County will not be able to repeal the tax (even though the roads they thought they were buying have not been completed or started in some cases)

Niello voted for the 2007 budget – which did not raise taxes, but did increase spending by $10 Billion.

In 2006 – He voted for an SEIU contract that gave out bonus checks to all state workers and a 3.5% pay raise + a guaranteed raise in 2007. Roger Niello did this despite massive state deficits and an economy that at the time was starting to skid.

He later received a $7800 Check from the SEIU for his State Senate Campaign.

SB1266 – the largest Bond in any State’s history. (Fitting, isn’t it?)

AB140 – the flood bond that was a fraud grab bag for special interests.

… and Roger Niello mocks the “No New Taxes Pledge”. Nice, huh?

Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello Desperation Update: Envokes Barbara Alby in his Mail?

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Oct 242010

Ladies and gentlemen – Roger Niello is losing. Barbara Alby is taking votes away from him.

This is why Alby’s crew are broadsiding Ted Gaines and why Alby is only attacking Ted Gaines in public.

And Now for Roger Niello’s Mail Peices.

The first one is the usual Roger Niello is the honest Tax-Raiser, Ted Gaines is a Fraud Peice – with a twist… Barbara Alby is a part of it.

Here’s the front – it features labor union endorsements and moderate Republican group endorsements. (He left off Kevin Johnson, Jimmy Yee and Don Notoli though – maybe those will be on a mailer to Democrats)

Here’s the Back – Note that while Niello goes to his mainstay attacks against Ted Gaines, he brings Barbara Alby in saying she is as good as he is on the issues he’s citing but calling her a “Former Assemblywoman”. I think Niello knows Barbara Alby is killing him in Sacramento County.

It’s too late, that train has left the station.

Here’s where the deception comes in – Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello cites some A ratings from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association and re-cites the fraudulent California Republican Taxpayer’s Association.

And here is Niello Mailer number two.

The hyperbolic claim about Gaines opening the door to $41Billion more in taxes is made but not backed up by the Moderates in the CRTA.

The closer is Bruce Kranz – the former supervisor from Placer County.

Kranz accuses Ted Gaines of blind ambition as if he is doing something wrong by running for State Senate. And – he brings Barbara Alby in to the equation suggesting that if you can’t vote for Roger Niello to vote for Barbara Alby to save the whopping sum of a Million Dollars.

Kranz voted for fee increases as a Placer County Supervisor far larger than $1million.

I find it curious that someone who raised our taxes by $12 Billion all the sudden cares about a special election costing $1million? And the messenger is someone who raised taxes at the county level himself.

The last time I heard whining about the cost of a special election in these parts was from Gray Davis.

CA SD-01 Update: Barbara Alby Has Issues: Her Supporters are making Scorched Earth

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Oct 232010

Ever since Barbara Alby got in to the CA SD-01 race, it seems Alby has been on a single-minded public rampage against Ted Gaines.

There have been some scant attacks on Niello – but his $10Billion Spending Increase vote, votes to give away the store to the public employee unions and his vote for the largest tax increase in state history have gotten little or no attention from Alby. (Alby’s site has some – but Alby rarely addresses Niello in public)

And I thought Barbara Alby was the “True Conservative in the CA SD-01 Race.

Truth is – I supported her for board of equalization when a lot of her current supporters were supporting George Runner.

Alby supporters are attacking the CRA, an orginization she’d been active in years ago but has been seen in sparingly in the last 10 years. Why – the CRA was going to endorse Ted Gaines and Karen England was spreading a malicious rumor that endorsement was bought.

Psychotic Alby supporter Ken Campbell perpretrated that rumor about the CRA emdorsement again.

No one is entitled to a CRA endorsement. Ted Gaines earned it with his 90+% CRA Scorecard –

Barbara Alby has very little money and has spent her time attacking Ted Gaines only – another of her supporters, supporting her only because those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee are supporting Ted Gaines wrote this:

Fellow Patriots, while the NorCal Tea Party Patriots leadership and other Northern California Tea Party “Patriots” group leaders (emphasis on Tea Party “Patriot” groups, other Tea Party groups are still out here uncorrupted and want to expose the truth on ALL sides of the isle) choose to go along with this corruption and not inform their groups of the “real Ted Gaines” due to political favors that were given to them for their 9-12 Event, the rest of us within the Tea Party Movement are still fighting the fight uncorrupted.

Scorched earth – Barbara Alby style. Everyone who supports your opponent is corrupt and only you are the true Conservative.

Of course while you turn a blind eye to the man who voted in the largest tax increase in California History. (At least her “tea party” supporter is equal opportunity as evidenced below – gotta love it)

Some people take this stuff so personally. Attribution for the above cartoon goes to Karen England ally and former Nor Cal Tea Party activist Jim Moore.

Alby could learn something from this guy – he attacked Keene and Niello for supporting the 2007 budget (which raised spending $10 billion but did not raise taxes)… but Alby has yet to do so.

Makes you wonder Barbara Alby is trying to accomplish by running, really.

And, speaking of Karen England – she’s supporting Roger Niello. This is certainly a bizarre election.

Ken Campbell’s Rampage Continues – Trying to “Support” Barbara Alby?

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Oct 152010

Note: Ken Campbell has not walked a precinct, made a phone call or attended a Placer GOP event in about two years. Yet, he is always available when the local media needs comments critical of the local GOP leadership.

Those of you that read the “Flashreport” may have seen this gem from Ken Campbell on a related post to the SD01 Race.

I would not put too much faith in that CRA mail piece and the Ted Gaines endorsement. Roger Niello tells the story that Aaron Park repeated called his office and offered to block that CRA endorsement for $4,000 per month until the election. Aaron Park claimed the Park brothers would be able to do that for the $. Niello said, “NO”.

Evidently Aaron Park then went to Ted Gaines. Steve Davies personally told me they would not pay the Park brothers for an endorsement. I failed to ask Steve if money was funneled to the Parks in any round about manner. Believe me, $ went somewhere. The bottom line is, we all know how things work in this county, and that is why we throw away any recommendations from our local CRA.

Remember there is always Barbara Alby

Steve Davey’s Response: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee know Ken Campbell is psychotic and basically could be the subject of a sophisticated psychological manual.

He and his fellow deranged operator – Karen England run a formerly legit organization the, CRI. Karen recently got hammered on this blog for telling an un-Christian Lie and apparently she shared her kool-aid (um Coors) with Mr. Campbell.

Ken talks about his faith in the community and it gets him votes for Central Committee – But Ken’s faith stops at trying to get revenge on anyone and everyone that he “thinks” has wronged him.

Bruce Kranz, Rocky Rockholm, Ted Gaines, John Doolittle, Robert Weygandt, Susan Rohan, Kathy Lund, John Allard, Kirk Uhler (those are the few that come to mind) – Ken hates them all.

But, in person, he’s a coward. Give him a computer and a couple beers and he gains 150lbs.

It has been Ken Campbell’s passion to drive a wedge between the CRA – the most Conservative Group in the Republican Party and the Tea Party. For the last year, Ken Campbell has propegated lies along with the Reverend Karen England (including her “race” for Lt. Governor).

So the man who is on the national board of directors of the Tea Party is still an obsessed coward – So much so that he prostitutes his faith telling a ton of colossal lies in his comment on the flashreport.

Karen England already admitted she lied about the whole deal.

Now Ken ups the ante by saying that Steve Davey confirmed a conversation he says I had with him and also drags Roger Niello in to the fray.

In an Email, Steve Davey wrote: “I don’t know what Ken is talking about. This is nonsense. End of story”

Ken Campbell is a liar and is an embarrassment to the Republican Party and I am sure Barbara Alby would disavow this behavior.