Alyson Huber: Amateur Night after being drawn out of a district

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Aug 052011

Alyson Huber is a liar. Her Assembly website says she understands the needs of working families. This is quite a statement from a Trial Lawyer who voted for the largest tax increase in State History and whose CRA scorecard is typically less than 10%.

So the woman who understands the needs of working families has voted to screw over school districts, voted for increased regulations, voted to ban common household items and voted to spend money on welfare while raiding local government and funds for infrastructure projects. Heck, she’s even voted to change the definition of what a family is!

Now she’s out of an Assembly district. Alyson Huber apparently does not want to explain her abuse of working families to the voters of AD-06, nor does she have the courage to face off against Beth Gaines.

So, she’s running for Congress – in the 3rd Congressional District. You know, John Garamendhi’s district – over in Solano and Yolo County.

One problem – the trial lawyer Huber lives in El Dorado Hills.


I got the below in my email alerts the other day:

CA-03/CA-07: It’s not quite clear what Dem Assemblywoman Alyson Huber is up to. She previously said she was looking at a run against GOP Rep. Dan Lungren, but she just filed for CA-03, which now would seem to be Dem John Garamendi’s district. Lungren got shuffled over to the 7th, but it may just be that Huber needs to update her FEC paperwork, which she filed the same day the new maps were released (and hence may not have known the new numbers at that time).

Ani Bera and Alyson Huber vs Dan Lungren.

BTW – Ani Bera was making the Kool-Aid Cocktail party rounds in DC recently. Apparently, he thinks his insane left-wing politics will appeal to the voters of CA-07?

That being said, it does not look like Ani Bera has much to fear from Alyson Huber whose understanding of working families seems to not include geography.