Jun 062016

From the website of Govern for California Action Committee is this Gem:

Upon closer inspection, Californians would learn that the missing ingredient is courage. In the case of Democrats, courage means the willingness to buck narrow special interests seeking ever-greater shares of government spending at the expense of programs, taxpayers and private-sector job growth. In the case of Republicans, courage means the willingness to buck no-tax groups who, even when presented with all the reforms they seek, refuse to acknowledge that sometimes more revenue for the government can produce better outcomes. And in the case of all legislators, courage means an unshakeable dedication to honest budgets, truthful accounting, open government and governing for the people rather than for personal gain or narrow interests. 

Now, it becomes clear why a 31 year old who has been unemployed for over a year – using a ballot title he may have dubious claim to is getting spent on so lavishly. Kiley was remiss to sign the no new taxes pledge. Did he really mean it when he signed it? Should we save copies of his campaign flyers to remind him of it when he votes to raise our taxes as an assembly-member?

Govern for California went on a late spending rampage with $203,000 in support of Kevin Kiley after young Mr. Kiley started getting nailed for taking over $200k from them as an intermediary. Kiley has little, if any real support in the district and it is safe to say that he has had 2/3 of his support raised (or spent) for him by this committee.

David Crane the principal of Govern California – who appears to be on an ego-fueled rampage driving the late, furious Independent Expenditure is a democrat who worked in the Arnold administration. Like many wealthy people, he appears to have very thin skin and appears to have determined that it is time to teach us little people a lesson for merely pointing out accurate facts about him and his other donors.

If you think I am off base – then ask why Crane featured himself in one of the mail pieces he sent on Kevin Kiley’s behalf. This is a clear indicator of his ego being bruised as a result of the scrutiny. How could you not conclude that this group of bay area liberals are attempting to install a marionette in one of the most conservative assembly districts in California?

The antipathy for strategy and the hubris that has driven at least 5 of the candidates on the #AD06 Ballot who have no path to victory to file in this tilt has created the perfect storm to enable such a group to try to flex their muscles and defraud the Conservative AD06 out of representation once again. Kevin Kiley has been caught multiple times saying different things to different groups of people, how will we ever know what he believes?

Another likely outcome is that this late flurry of spending will halt the momentum of Bill Halldin or Andy Pugno to finish in the top two, thus setting up a dem vs dem runoff this fall in the 47% Republican District. Since Crane is a democrat, I am not sure he’d be sad if his money helped create that situation.

David Crane is profiled on Wikipedia. You will notice that Mr. Crane was on the California High Speed Rail Advisory Board – you’d sure think this is a reason why young Mr. Kiley attempted to split the baby on the High Speed Rail issue. His main benefactor is completely sold out to High Speed Rail. Kiley says in the on line version of the Bee’s Candidate Page that HSR is “Very Unimportant” to him, while claiming to oppose it!

I have no clue what the outcome of the AD06 election will be – but I do know this, should Kevin Kiley make it over Andy or Bill, he has a lot of explaining to do beyond telling people what they want to hear.

Jun 032016


I mean this was EPIC. Joe Justin’s Mail for Bill Halldin has been outstanding all across the board. But in this case, the Andy Pugno / Jeff Evans combination fired on all cylinders.

I focus on points 4 and 5: Kiley claims to be a “Deputy Attorney General”, but he’s never prosecuted a single crime. (#EPICBURN)

Kiley is long-term unemployed. (which is also true as he has been unemployed for over a year)

Pugno, who has been getting blasted with at least 6 mailers himself just unloaded on Kevin Kiley – just as Kiley was getting a bailout from his Bay-Area Liberal Handlers.

This race is going to be a complete train-wreck until election day.

Bonus – Pugno has been hammering Kiley over his opposition to Prop 8 as well – rightly pointing out that Kiley is remiss to take a stand on transgender bathrooms. Given that most people are worried about their safety and future – IMO the fact that Pugno unloaded on him for being an unemployed prosecutor with no criminal justice experience is more devastating than the social issues attack is.

IMG_3926Not to be outdone – the Bill Halldin Campaign did their own excavation of the Kiley Potemkin Village Campaign:

Kiley has taken 200k+ in liberal bay area donor money – including Obama bundlers!

It highlights how Kiley moved to Rocklin in 2015 and rented an apartment, then immediately started running for office.

And of course – it points out that Kevin Kiley is a deputy of Extreme Left-Wing Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Young Mr. Kiley has been hit 6 times. (Not counting the beating being administered on social media) No wonder why the Bay Area Liberals had to attempt a last minute bailout. Liberals love bailouts.

May 182016

Ladies and Gentlemen – on my way home from a Bill Halldin Fundraiser tonight, I got a call from a polling firm using a Sacramento Number.

When I re-registered to vote in Roseville, I deliberately put my cell phone on the form.

After being asked for my age and what I thought of Obama, Clinton and Trump as a test…

I was asked about the 9 candidates running for #AD06. There are actually 11, the poll omitted Bo and Caples (who ironically is endorsed by the dem party).

After I told them I support Bill Halldin – they went in to a series of questions about which candidate will…

Question 2 was the clincher: Which Candidate will repeal the transgender bathroom bill.

If it was not obvious who commissioned the poll… then question 3…

“Which candidate will do the right thing even if it means telling party leaders no?”

Hmmm… now whose campaign platform has been that?

Ok, if you are still not convinced this was a Pugno poll to test the effectiveness of his messaging…

… consider that the pollster could not pronounce Ron Mikaluco’s name, called Suzanne Jones “Suzy Jones”, could not pronounce Hanley’s last name… but Andy Pugno. She nailed that from jump street.

It is pronounced pewn-yo, not pug-know. If someone who butchered Suzanne Jones knew how to pronounce Pugno, you know damn well who the client was.

Will be interested to see what, if any changes we see in Mr. Pugno’s ads and/or mail we see coming up.

May 132016

20160513_150557Something I have not seen in a long time – a three way “Gang Bang” piece. This comes courtesy of Andrew P Pugno.

Halldin gets swatted, Cristi Beckstead Nelson gets Punched and Young Mr. Kiley gets Piledriven.

Did you know that Kiley was one of Liberal Democrat Attorney General Kamala Harris staff stooges? It is even complete with a picture of that hideous beast (Harris) along with a little donkey. I note that Kiley is made to look 18 years old.

The triple meaning of Cristi Beckstead-Nelson taking a ton of labor union endorsements and promising them “Good Representation” in the legislature was special. I was laughing out loud. I don’t think Ms. Beckstead-Nelson was planning on getting slapped in this campaign. I still have not figured out how Ms. B-N got so many endorsements with taking any checks from them! (as she claimed at the GOP debate – what’s a little lie between friends)

I am, however not sure which misdeed Pugs was referring to regarding Mr. Halldin – but I am sure he has more fun in the offing for all three of his leading opponents.

It appears that Mr. Pugno was having a Mik and a Smile while watching the tropical depression miss landfall, while making this piece.

BTW – of the four, only Halldin is free of the chains of law school.

20160513_151816That said, Pugno just got JACKED UP. I mean he got NUKED.

I will get a better copy of this later – but it quotes Howard Jarvis and the NFIB – both Conservative organizations calling Pugno a liar.

It also calls him out for claiming to be an outsider yet taking a ton of campaign cash from insiders.

Finally, it talks about all the lawsuits Mr. Pugno has filed to make money. Perhaps Mr. Pugno’s lawsuits assisted Mr. Pugno in borrowing $17K from Family and parting with $208k of his own money to finance his current run for office? Just sayin…

This attack on Pugno was much better than the first one.

20160513_150516Allow me as a post-script to add this image of the front side of Pugno’s hit piece on his opponents.

I like Pugno. I worked for him in 2012. Now I am helping Bill Halldin in 2016 (who Pugno is attacking). This Picture of Andy Pugno makes me think he took a shower and shoved a dress shirt on after digging a trench under the Gasden Flag in his backyard. Pugs might want to try a different picture… for a mailer to anyone other than freedom fighters. Just sayin…

May 092016

20160507_165031Andy Pugno is an untrustworthy Republican. Whoops. Did the people that sent this forget that this is the Donald Trump election and many in the GOP Establishment are setting up a group called Republicans for Hillary because their candidates lost?

I saw this and I wondered if this “attack” was actually intended to help Andy Pugno. I worked for Pugno when he took on the unpopular Beth Gaines in 2012. Beth Gaines did not poll well in Placer County then and still does not now. This is likely why she had to move to El Dorado Hills to run for Supervisor up there instead of trying to take out Kirk Uhler. It is what it is – blasting Andy Pugno for being mean to Beth Gaines may cause Placer residents to nominate him for sainthood.

20160507_165019I looked at the campaign finance reports and I saw money spent on a poll. I’d kill for a copy of the poll. I am sure they asked more questions than what is in this mailer.

The piece even quotes the disaster of an assembly permanent minority leader who sacrificed five GOP seats in 2012, diverting $1.5 million to save Beth Gaines from Mr. Pugno. (while the GOP lost 5 legislative seats in that election)

Then there is the lying lawyer routine, yeah, that might work. Kinda worn out, though.

A lot of people are broke and fearful right now, maybe a little class envy over the rich lawyer pulling $205K and counting out of his own pocket to buy the assembly seat would be one of the hits I’d use. Of course with dollar bills in the background for full effect.

I am not sure if Howard Jarvis polls anymore – if it still does, then quoting them assailing Pugno might be effective. Otherwise, they are a part of the feckless GOP Establishment, that voters set fire to in 42 other states.

Beth Gaines’ campaign consultant Dave Gilliard was rightly trashed in the media for outright lying about Pugno several times in 2012 – but one of the one valid attacks Mr. Gilliard made was pointing out that Pugno has made tens of thousands of dollars off of suing people. (the #1 reason why Lawyer/Attorney are terrible occupations in a GOP primary) Pugno is well-off, that is for sure. He has parted with $205k for this run thus far. He also borrowed another $17k from family.

The Richard Pan campaign annihilated Pugno for his off the chart right stance on abortion. Pugno opposes abortion in all cases. If I was bombing Pugno, I’d use a picture of Todd Akin to compare Pugno’s abortion stance. I personally would not be able to do that as I am very much Pro-Life myself – I’d prefer a sexual assault victim to have the baby and give it a chance to live, but I personally can’t go so far as to say no abortion in that circumstance. If we stopped the other 96% of abortions, that would be a huge victory for life (but I digress)…

Pugno is no more Conservative than Bill Halldin when you look at the total package. Both are way more conservative than Kevin Kiley and Cristi Beckstead Neslon – who were also tested in the poll that was run by this group (if it is the same poll I was told about a month ago by several people).

Mr. Kiley has attacked Pugno for writing Prop 8 and Beckstead-Nelson is pro-choice and has not signed the taxpayer protection pledge like Pugno and Halldin have. I suppose the attack about Pugno breaking his previous pledge in 2012 might be a suggestion that he will break the taxpayer protection pledge? I am just not sure that attacking a conservative for attacking another conservative in a campaign will work. Lying? maybe.

Quoting a failed GOP Chairman who ran the CRP in to debt $2 million, who also used the CAGOP as a dating service in a character attack against Pugno is as bad quoting the disastrous former minority leader. It makes people think this is revenge and sour grapes over Pugno challenging the status quo in 2012. Perhaps I am too much of an insider to realize that most don’t know and/or don’t care that the two GOP officials quoted are failures.

I just don’t think you should quote California’s equivalent of Reince Prebius and John Boehner in anything for any reason. When this electorate sees anyone with a Republican title, there are a certain measure of them that see “RINO and Beaner” in everything. I know, I was on the ground in Nevada in Feb for the Caucuses, it was surreal.

Perhaps I still feel some loyalty to Pugno as I worked for him in 2012. I just know what I have seen on the ground and if these hit pieces continue the way they are – Pugno will make the runoff.

I know Andy Pugno well. He will have no problem responding to this attack, I pretty much know how he will respond to this and other attacks. I am sure there are more coming, I wonder what they will look like.