Nov 062023

Dear Orange County GOP – when your intrepid blogger files an FPPC Complaint, it gets results. Several OCGOP members at the time had been falsely claiming the complaint I filed against Bill Brough was a political attack and a campaign stunt. I won’t hold my breath waiting for an apology.

While the OCGOP did do the unthinkable and abandon Brough playing a major role in him losing his primary to Laurie Davies, your intrepid blogger received reports for the ensuing four years about Brough protesting his innocence. Said reports included several within the OCGOP sphere enabling him and amplifying his attacks on the voracity of your intrepid blogger.

Please note that every complaint I filed in 2018-2020 got results. Travis Allen got fined, now Brough, and some local loser candidate in Roseville, Rene Aguilera got a warning letter. All three lost their respective races. (Take notes Janet Nguyen)

Please see the Official Notice I got from the FPPC: (FYI – the FPPC, Fair Political Practices Commission, is the California Campaign Finance Watchdog agency)

On April 27, 2023, the above-named respondents entered into a payment plan and mainline settlement agreement with the Enforcement Division for seven counts involving personal use/appropriation of campaign funds/assets, plus three recordkeeping counts. For these 10 counts, the agreed-upon penalty was to be $47,000.1

The payment plan called for an initial down payment in the amount of $7,500—with the remainder to be paid over seven monthly installments. Upon full payment, the proposed mainline settlement was to be presented to the Commission for its consideration in December 2023 (or as soon thereafter as the matter could be agendized).2

Bill Brough appears to have continued his pattern of financial malfeasance. The FPPC gave him a chance to pay a $47,000 fine if he made agreed upon installments, but Brough failed to make them:

The payment plan included a waiver of rights in case respondents failed to make their required installment payments by the monthly deadlines specified in the agreement. This included a waiver of respondents’ rights to a probable cause conference and administrative hearing—for the purpose of allowing the Commission to enter a default decision and order against the respondents.3


Under the payment plan, respondents made their initial down payment in the amount of $7,500— but respondents have failed to make all of their required installment payments, to date. These were required to be made at the rate of $5,000 per month, beginning in May 2023. This matter now comes before the Commission as a default proceeding.

The part I snipped out described how if Brough failed to make his payments, the FPPC could pile on additional charges and jack the fines up to $5,000 per offense. Brough also waived all his rights and then he still welched on the deal!

Respondents Bill Brough, Bill Brough State Assembly 2018 (I.D. No. 1392528), and Bill Brough State Assembly 2020 (I.D. No. 1415006) violated the Political Reform Act as described in Exhibit 1, which is incorporated by reference as though fully set forth herein. Exhibit 1 is a true and accurate summary of the law and evidence in this matter—and is supported by various affidavits and records, which have been marked and submitted as Exhibits A, A-1 through A-26, and B through D. This Default  Decision and Order is submitted to the Commission for final disposition of this matter.

So guess what? Your intrepid blogger filed against every committee Brough had and it appears all the complaints were validated. But wait, there’s more:

The Commission issues this Default Decision and Order, imposing an administrative penalty in the total amount of $90,000 against respondents Bill Brough, Bill Brough State Assembly 2018 (I.D. No. 1392528), and Bill Brough State Assembly 2020 (I.D. No. 1415006). Of this amount, respondents Bill Brough and his 2018 committee are jointly and severally liable for $42,000 (Counts 8-9 and 11-18); respondents Bill Brough and his 2020 committee are jointly and severally liable for $13,000 (Counts 10 and 19-20); and respondent Bill Brough is individually liable for the remainder, totaling $35,000 (Counts 1-7).

In partial satisfaction of the foregoing default penalty, respondents are to receive a credit in the amount of $7,500 for the initial down payment that respondents made under the payment plan/waiver agreement.

Pursuant to Government Code section 89513, subdivisions (c)(1)(B)(i) and (ii), campaign funds may not be used to pay the penalty imposed for Counts 1 through 6 (totaling $30,000) because each of those counts involves personal use of campaign funds that resulted in substantial personal benefits to Brough, and the expenditures were not reasonably—nor directly related to any political, legislative, or governmental purposes.

The entire penalty is payable to the “General Fund of the State of California.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it was a good thing Bill Brough got run out of office. I am personally offended that the Sacramento County DA did not prosecute Mr. Brough for what I believed to be credible allegations of rape against him, but this complete demolition of him by the FPPC is a consolation prize.

Click this link to see the entire document from the FPPC related to Bill Brough.

Linked here is a summary blog your intrepid blogger wrote after our total demolition of Bill Brough in 2018. 40 Posts in all!

More specifically, blogs and stories about the FPPC Complaints below:

The first blog about the FPPC picking up the complaint and formally notifying me of the investigation is here.

I amended the complaint to add even more to it after OC Register Coverage, and highlighted several stories quoting your intrepid blogger.

Park said he believes he helped Brough get elected to a first term in the 73rd Assembly District after he publicized information about one of Brough’s opponents. Now, as claims mount about Brough’s campaign finances and allegations that he’s made unwanted sexual advances against several women, Park said he feels a “sense of duty” to help get him out of office.

“He turned out to not be who he said he was,” Park said. “He needs to go now.”

I will close with these words from 2018:

Bill Brough is in serious trouble. There is a full blown state level investigation in to his sexual misconduct. The FPPC has nearly 250 pages of documentation from your intrepid blogger that they are combing through as the web of Bill Brough’s personal life and abuse of campaign funds is becoming clear.

$90,000 in fines.

Oct 052022

For a while, your intrepid blogger has been taking shots at Laurie Davies every time we write something about Kate Sanchez, at least most times. Laurie Davies is in a brutal re-election campaign, and the Democrats are spending gobs of money against her. Hold this thought.

Many weeks ago, Kate Sanchez sent out a lie-infested letter attempting to answer for the well-researched Immigration Fraud that Kate Sanchez participated in. She straight out admitted it in court filings.

It’s called vetting. People should learn what it is and then practice it.

Kate Sanchez Divorce Filing

Your intrepid blogger has linked Sanchez’ Divorce filing for a significant reason, the things she described in her response to the allegations about Immigration Fraud, etc. run contrary to the court filings.

In her response, she repeats the lies and exaggerations about her background. (Namely, forgetting to use the term interim executive director or the short timeframe of her jobs)

In her response, Kate Sanchez does not mention the legal argument she used to get the marriage annulled. (Being of unsound mind) Ask yourself why that part of the truth was omitted?

In addition, in her response, Kate attempted to change the narrative from the unambiguous language in the divorce filings, as seen above. Obfuscation is also lying.

In her response, she states, “I met a man – we were married – and I now have a wonderful nine-year-old son whom I adore.” I am thrilled Kate has a child that is the light of her life but based on information we know from this blog, Kate was divorced a second time and has proven to be financially unstable. This sentence attempts to spin the second divorce, and she demonstrated a pattern of erratic employment and dependence on others to pay her bills.

While I salute Kate for standing up and telling her story about the darkest period in her life, she did not tell the truth, and it was painfully easy to undo her letter using public records.

Before I drive to the punchline, I gained victory over my addiction to alcohol (Kate, you are not the only one that has had dark periods in your life) only by being brutally honest with myself. I was 31 when I got sober, and Kate is not much older now. Even if she had told the truth about her circumstances, she is still too close to them to be taken seriously as a candidate. However, compounding life struggles by lying about them is lethal in many ways beyond the auspices of a campaign.

Another thing I had to do to get sober was to break away from enablers and stand on my own two feet. Kate has not done that in her own life.

The letter Kate Sanchez sent in August is linked here.


Kate Sanchez’ document was written on the computer of Tony Beall.

What your intrepid blogger learned from gleaning information off of the letter is that it was edited multiple times and was released the day after the final edits were completed. (8-7-2022)

Not only did Tony Beall and likely Jennifer Beall his wife write the letter but they took time to make multiple edits to it. This is significant, Jennifer Beall is Laurie Davies Chief of Staff. Tony Beall is a Rancho Santa Margarita Councilmember. Both are on the Orange County GOP. Both have publicly endorsed Kate Sanchez for Assembly.

Tony Beall is also an attorney, so he HAD to know what was in the filings. If he did not, that is a serious gaffe for an attorney of his experience level.

Jennifer Beall has been swinging the sword for Kate Sanchez while her boss Laurie Davies is in one hell of a re-election fight. Why? Laurie could lose her seat and Jennifer is spending time on this?

I have known both Bealls for years and have always believed them to be honest people, that has been shaken badly by the content of this letter that was written on Tony’s computer. I am baffled as to why they would both stake their reputation on Kate Sanchez. Further, why would Jennifer Beall imperil Laurie Davies who has to have gotten far more grief for her decision to endorse Kate Sanchez than anything from Right on Daily.

There is no way anyone could conclude anything else from learning about the origin of this letter than Jennifer Beall is Kate Sanchez de-facto campaign consultant/manager. It also explains Laurie Davies’ behavior as well. What we have is enabling bad behavior with more bad behavior…

To Be Continued.

Jul 062020

AD73 Assemblyman William “Bill” Brough – a man I believe is a a pig, an alcoholic, a rapist and a serial abuser of women has consistently blamed the Orange County Toll Road Authority (OCTCA) for his downfall. While Brough may never admit his alcoholism or sexual misconduct – the OCTCA has been on defense for the last 5 years ( long before the truth about Brough’s double life was known) and certainly did not have the where-with-all to do a thing to anyone in any office. Meantime, the San Clemente City Government may well have just exposed themselves to civil liability and criminal prosecution regarding their role in trying to thwart the OCTCA from accomplishing their mission.

CA-49 Candidate Bryan Maryott and former Senate Permanent Minority Leader Pat Bates were also in on the cabal against extending the Toll Road in South Orange County.

The two women that came forward to tell me their stories of being raped by Bill Brough certainly were not connected to me by the OCTCA. None of the info I disseminated about William “Bill” Brough was from the OCTCA – people were all too willing to talk to me about Brough.

The OCTCA has been under assault from the Sun-Tzu quoting Harvey Englander since 10-2015.

In past blogs – you’ve read our expose about Harvey Englander and his antics. Let me summarize them:

Part One of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander. He loses the TCA Contract then goes to San Clemente to get hired to oppose the TCA’s planned Toll Road Expansion.

In Part Two of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander we detailed how Englander was abusing Public Records Requests (over 100 of them), triggering audits of the consultant that beat his firm for the contract, organizing intimidation of local electeds and organizing the talking points of local opponents and supportive local electeds and the like. It was nothing short of running a protection racket.

In Part Three of Our Expose on San Clemente and Harvey Englander – we detailed the only publicly known payment to Englander ($97,000) and local elected Kathy Ward publicly attacking the OCTCA that she was a member of. The expose’ also included a link to a poll mistakenly published by Englander and a fake facebook page Englander and crew were running.

I have known Jeff Corless for years. I watched him get smeared by Harvey Englander on behalf of the City of San Clemente. I also watched in horror as good people like Don Wagner vented their frustration with Jeff by accusing him of felonies from the daius of their local government chambers. While I was prone to doubt his integrity due to the effectiveness of the smears, Venture Strategic has passed 4 audits. Rumors of a Grand Jury investigation have never been corroborated.

Unlike the others that have attacked Mr. Corless, I apologized to him man-to-man for doubting and starting to believe the smears.

Read the article detailing the vindication of Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic here.

Jeff Corless and Venture Strategic were targeted by Harvey Englander. I am convinced of it. EKA is the entity mentioned in public records that was paid by San Clemente and it is Harvey’s Consulting Firm.

I am not going to hold my breath waiting for Don Wagner and others to apologize to Jeff Corless for accusing him of felonies or participating in efforts to destroy his business – this sort of unethical behavior is commonplace in politics. Corless worked for a political opponent to Don Wagner, that alone is grounds for felony imprisonment apparently.

But Harvey Englander appears to have been getting $32,500 a month to file lawsuits, public records requests, oragnize opposition, run facebook pages and other sundry smear campaigns. Don’t take my word for it – the City of San Clemente just admitted as such in their reports. We have only been able to confirm $97,000 to EKA up to this point, now the City of San Clemente in City Meeting Minutes states that EKA was being paid $32,500 a month.

Please also note that a confidential informant with direct knowledge who was also involved with Gene James’ City Council Effort indicated to me that “Englander got paid a lot of money, somewhere around $2 Million”. The conversation I had with the informant was verbal and the informant requested confidentiality at the time, thus I refrained from writing about it in any detail beyond that quote.

So let your intrepid blogger ask some questions:

Did EKA get paid $32,500 a month since 10-2015 when they were officially “hired” by the City of San Clemente? Was it some shorter period? If so when?  From 10-2015 this almost exactly adds up to the $2 Million one of my informants told me Englander got paid as of late last year when I was told as such.

Why have public records requests not been able to uncover the payments? Where they hidden in contracts with other city contractors? If so, through whom?

It has been alleged without proof that EKA’s payments were being hidden through one of the City’s Contract Attorney’s – likely one of the firms filing lawsuits (I think were frivolous by the way) against the OCTCA. That theory is as plausible as any.

It is time for OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer to take a break from retaliating against political opponents to climb up every orifice of the City of San Clemente. That City is a total mess. Frankly, Spitzer should look in to the criminal allegations against William “Bill” Brough as well, now that we know at least two of the female victims had their claims validated by the Working Committee in the State Legislature.

BONUS: Harvey Englander’s Nephew has been indicted for corruption related to selling influence on the LA City Council. Mitchell Englander is pleading guilty to felonies related to taking bribes, gifts and the like from people with business before the city. I guess it runs in the family. If OC DA Todd Spitzer was willing to do his job, perhaps Uncle Harvey could be a cellmate for his Nephew? (If that form of money laundering between San Clemente and Englander (that is what it looks like to me) is not a felony, I will gladly correct this blog)

Lastly, William “Bill” Brough and Senator Pat Bates have both attempted to run legislation to kill the Toll Road expansion in Southern Orange County based largely off of the smears of EKA paid for by the City of San Clemente. Brough, because he saw a chance to get more campaign cash to feed his lifestyle and Bates because she has gone nearly insane with rage over the demolition of her protege Bill Brough. She has repeatedly defended William “Bill” Brough because it appears the 80 year old Bates has determined that admitting a mistake is worse than the annihilation of her own credibility.

BONUS 2: Meantime Well-Known Republican Operative Sam Oh is trying to wreck CA45 Nominee Greg Raths despite the National Importance of that race. Orange County is a mess.

The OCGOP has a lot of issues as the democrats have overtaken them in registration – look no further than the behavior of San Clemente, Bill Brough, Bryan Maryott, Pat Bates, Don Wagner and others with regard to the OCTCA as a part of the long list of poor decisions that have contributed to the dispersion of Republican dominance in Orange County.

OCDA Todd Spitzer. Time to do your job. Find the money. $390,000 a year is damn hard to hide.

May 272020

Good Riddance William “Bill” Brough.

So to the naysayers stating that the Right on Daily Expose’ on William “Bill” Brough was a political hit job, guess what? The Working Committee came out with their report finally and it indicates that the sexual harassment complaint was substantiated, 100% True and verified by other witnesses.



Your intrepid blogger knows and talked to the more than one victim. I knew what I was talking about then and still know now.

Remember, we broke the sssssteve Davey Story two years before it became public and we were after Bill Brough for 8 months before the voters had to do what Marie Waldron and others had to be dragged kicking and screaming to do. (Hold this pig accountable)

Little did I know that I’d be helping people victimized by Brough 30+ years ago get closure

Looks like Bill Brough is toast. No offense to toast. Now the world truly knows what I have known since I was XX years old (51 next month). He’s a scuzzbucket. Wonder what he will do now with his filthy self. I do feel sorry for his kids. He seemingly never gave them a thought as he boozed it up and tried to screw everything with a pulse. He did it to himself and got away with monstrous behavior for decades. Victimizing women,  and getting off on it. No longer. The predator has been exposed. 

All the best to you,  Mr. Park. Take care.
I edited the age at time of incidents out in order to protect the anonymity of the woman that emailed me. She was a teenager when victimized by Mr. Brough. While this is disturbing, I am really not surprised by this at all. Best wishes to the Woman who emailed me, I hope she gets some closure.
I want to dedicate the AD73 Victory to her, Heather B., Lisa B., Jennifer A, the Realtor from South OC and the at least 6 other victims whose identity I know nothing about.
It appears that the Working Committee is still investigating some of the retaliation charges as those could result in a criminal sanction. But, at least one of the victims had her retaliation charges against Brough substantiated as well – they found that Bill Brough retaliated against her because she complained about his abhorrent conduct.
I have been told that Anthony Rendon is completely stripping Bill Brough of any responsibility and committees between now and when he is out of office. (This should have been done months ago but I was told Marie Waldron did not want to ask Rendon to do it – she must have been too busy advocating for allowing sex offenders and other felons to get out of prison or signing on to letters demanding a federal bailout of California’s ghastly finances)
My guess is that the FPPC issues will be resolved in another 12-18 months as they seem to be running 2-3 years behind.
When I nuke someone on this blog – I do so believing what I write is true and endeavor to present evidence substantiating as such. Bill Brough needed to be run out of office and perhaps prosecuted for the things he has done. If Pat Bates was not termed out, I’d be advocating for her ouster as she stubbornly defied everyone and attempted to help him stay in office. She should be ashamed of herself.
Note that Bill Brough and others called the women names, liars and attempted to bully people that wanted Brough held accountable. (These include the crazed Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Sean) Today is vindication for them as well. The OCGOP despite Brough’s antics and theatrics did indeed rally around another candidate – thus giving Brough the boot pre primary.
Perhaps Ed Sachs (left) and Frank Ury (Right) need to apologize to the women they marginalized as well.
If you’ve missed many of my posts on Bill Brough – I have pasted a very long summary I did of my research and expose on this monster:

As a public service to anyone looking for material to launch hit pieces against Bill Brough, the following is the comprehensive list of everything about Brough that will give you a window into the out of control alcoholic and “pig” that currently infests AD-73. Your intrepid blogger is here to help, I don’t care who gets the credit as long as the information gets out.

Update as of 2-6-2020

Please check out our post here detailing the swamp dwellers that continued to support William “Bill” Brough despite the mounting evidence against him. Part One naming specific donors was posted 12-30-2019. It also included the major Donor Group, New Majority formally endorsing Laurie Davies against him. Part two specifically named the OC Building Industry Association and the OC Realtors for Enabling Bill Brough.

On 1-23-2020 we tore in to Bill Brough’s 1-1-2020 thru 1-18-2020 mid term campaign report. It revealed that Brough was continuing to abuse his campaign funds in defiance of the public scrutiny. It also revealed that Brough had only raised $125 since 1-1-2020 despite the swamp still donating in December of 2019

Examples of abuse included: 3 Trips to Target. 8 Notations to Lyft 7 Notations to Chevron 3 Notations to Elite Black Car – totaling over $600.  Also noted was a batch of “strategy meetings / campaign meetings”: Dana Kai Sushi x1, Frank Fats x1, Good Choice Sushi x2, Shady Lady Saloon x2, Sol Agave x1, Simon’s Cafe x2, Tony’s Deli x3, Turk’s Dana Warf x2.

While claiming the the Toll Road people were responsible for every bad thing that has even happened to him, a check of Bill Brough’s Campaign finances revealed 66(!) notations of payments to the toll road’s FASTTRAK system.


Bill Brough Shows Everyone Who’s Boss. Too bad for him the California Republican Party endorsed Laurie Davies and not him.

Your Intrepid Blogger has been confounded by the weakness shown by Fred Whitaker and Marie Waldron (the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader) in the face of the blatant scandal. It is my belief that Bill Brough filed for re-election due in no small part to their weakness and refusal to lead. It was only in the days since Thanksgiving that Marie Waldron stopped defending her leadership vote and started relenting towards the onslaught. Whitaker had come around maybe a couple months prior when he had a chance to interview a couple of Brough’s victims himself, it was knowing that Whitaker had drawn the right conclusion that cause me to let off of him even as I continued to be frustrated by his lack of assertiveness.

Because of these obstacles, your intrepid blogger was forced to keep a fever pitch in the bombardment of Brough. We turned over every stone to make sure he was completely overhauled. The sad fact of the matter is that Brough will be completely destroyed and it will take years for him to restore his reputation IF he quits drinking and demonstrates a capacity to be honest.

Too many people, including Brough got fixated on your intrepid blogger because it is easier to blame a straw man than acknowledge the brutal reality.

The female victims of Bill Brough have been re-injured so many times by people making political calculations to defend Brough, and others’ weakness that I have lost count. I hope they are able to get closure and recovery.

Don’t worry dear readers – I am going to stay put as long as it takes to clean up the mess I helped create when Brough was originally elected.

Before the Primary The best the OCGOP could muster was a weak, watered down resolution calling on Bill Brough to retire. The day after filing closed, the OCGOP set fire to Bill Brough, choosing Laurie Davies 37-6. Not a single vote was cast to endorse Bill Brough, Six months after your intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough.

Your Intrepid blogger started in on Bill Brough 6 months ago. On Monday 6-17-2019, Lisa Bartlett, a Supervisor told her spellbinding story to an audience that sat in stunned silence about Bill Brough’s Harassment and unwanted advances toward her.

This story was broken on the Right on Daily Blog 40 hours later despite attempts by the OCGOP Leadership to “Keep it in the Family”. Then the cascade began.

Two More Victims Come Out Against Assemblymember Bill Broughto your intrepid blogger within just a few days. Ultimately, Bill Brough would “out” two of the victims in what I believe to be one of his many drunken rages. I wrote about a press conference headlined by the Crime Victims of Orange County with Patricia Wenskunas blasting Bill Brough along with three of his victims on public record against him.

In May of 2018, Bill Brough lied to my face, denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint when I asked him about itHe also appears to have lied to several other political leaders in the area in denying the existence of an Assembly Rules Committee Complaint. We now know there are at least four with insider political leaders indicating the real number could be two to three times that.

On 6-21-2019 The Orange County Register weighed in, quoting Right on Daily as a source. They also got bill Brough to confirm the existence of at least one complaint to the Assembly Rules Committee by a female victim, this is how we confirm that  a year before he lied to staff about its’ existence. Brough knew all along.

6-24-2019: The Sacramento Bee and the Voice of OC joined the chorus.

As of the writing of this summary – the California Legislative Working Committee on Sexual Harassment has interviewed at least a dozen people I am aware of. I can confirm 4 victims, and I have been told there may be well over 10 in total. The Statewide Media has confirmed the existence of said investigations.

In addition, I pieced together a timeline based on some opposition research I did against Bill Brough:

In 2011, Brough had a business fail – and the whole time he was on City Council appears to have never had regular employment.

In 2011, Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed/battered now Supervisor Lisa Bartlett.

In 2013, Brough went in to default on his home mortgage. (selling the residence in 2014)

In 2014, Brough is alleged to have laundered campaign money in to or out of a PAC that never existed.

In 2014, Bill Brough was his own treasurer and the financial issues are alleged to have started then. These include paying his entire family cell phone bill out of his campaign. We’ve now detailed almost $20,000 in payments to Verizon Wireless from Brough’s Campaign account.

In 2014, after selling his house to avoid the trustee sale, Brough is alleged to have begun renting an expensive Beach House in Dana Point.

In Feb 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually battered / harassed a woman who is employed as a political staffer. (I have copies of records and text messages related to this)

In March of 2015, Bill Brough is alleged to have sexually harassed / propositioned yet another political staffer. (I spoke to this victim)

Bill Brough’s 2017-2018 Campaign Finance Records are replete with personal expenses being paid out of his campaign accountA second post is linked here. These include a portable bar and a cigar humidor listed as “Office Expenses”.

Bill Brough turns 50, no problem having a big fat party! – $7613 worth of donor money paid for it all!

Bill Brough’s Irish Caucus Slush Fund was highlighted here.

Then the OC TAX group gave him the 2019 Radish award for being a pork barrel spender.

Bill Brough even made the OC Weekly Scariest People List, checking in at #8.

The effort against Bill Brough marked a personal first. Usually, your intrepid blogger gets cited by media outlets without attribution. This time, because I took the lead on filing two massive detailed and documented campaign finance complaints, several media outlets cited as a primary source.

The first blog about the FPPC picking up the complaint and formally notifying me of the investigation is here.

I amended the complaint to add even more to it after OC Register Coverage, and highlighted several stories quoting your intrepid blogger.

Park said he believes he helped Brough get elected to a first term in the 73rd Assembly District after he publicized information about one of Brough’s opponents. Now, as claims mount about Brough’s campaign finances and allegations that he’s made unwanted sexual advances against several women, Park said he feels a “sense of duty” to help get him out of office.

“He turned out to not be who he said he was,” Park said. “He needs to go now.”

A major Donor Group in Orange County – the Lincoln Club issued a Press Release Withdrawing their endorsement. It has been made clear that most, if not all in the OC New Majority have as well even though it is not public. Later, the Lincoln Club unanimously endorsed Laurie Davies for Assembly to replace Bill Brough.

Bill Brough is in serious trouble. There is a full blown state level investigation in to his sexual misconduct. The FPPC has nearly 250 pages of documentation from your intrepid blogger that they are combing through as the web of Bill Brough’s personal life and abuse of campaign funds is becoming clear.

Bill Brough has lost the OC GOP, the OC Lincoln Club, the OC New Majority and the OC Crime Victims have called on him to resign. Dozens of local electeds have endorsed other candidates for AD-73. Diane Harkey, Mimi Walters and other female leaders have publicly opposed Bill Brough.

But true to the form that has led his life to a disheveled mess – Bill Brough is right and everyone else is wrong, just ask him. Perhaps his last three remaining supporters Sex Robot Sean, the Crazed Art Sanchez and Senator Pat Bates can help lead him back to the promised land of free booze and donor-funded junkets once more.

I leave you with the words of the aforementioned Art Sanchez from 2014:

… and a candidate who proclaims he is a successful businessman, when in fact he is a lobbyist who had his personal residence go into default to the tune of around $16K. Sounds pretty successful. This candidate is not even endorsed by the elected official who he served as chief of staff for. This candidate just recently formed a consulting company in Feb. 2014, I believe, so he could actually state that he is a businessman. It appears his wife is the real breadwinner. This candidate’s biggest achievement is he voted against a ban on plastic bags. Wow.

No kidding. Tick Tock Bill Brough, tick tock…

Mar 182020

Take a look at Tyler Diep how is now about 1,000 votes down. We wrote about him on Monday 3-16-2020. If I am DieDre Nguyen, I am not looking forward to what is in store for me. Janet Nguyen is one of the few Politicians that I respect for their willingness to kick some tail. (This is an EXCEEDINGLY RARE commodity on the R side of the aisle)

William Bill Brough is burnt toast. Let’s soon see that report on him from the assembly working committee about his maladies with women, Ok? Now that there is no political advantage to be gained for Anthony Rendon sitting on it, it is time for the Report which we know was finished in early February to come out.

IN AD74 – I proudly helped Diane Dixon, but the incumbent is sitting on 52% of the vote. Cottie Petrie-Norris-Norris is going to be a tough target.

Earlier, We detailed how William “Bill” Brough’s TOP 2 supporters – the crazed on-again and off-again Republican Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Shawn got less than 3% of the vote in their efforts for OCGOP Central Committee in AD73… we have NEW and exciting news to report:

DUI Debbie wrapped herself around a political telephone pole. She is down 199 votes with next to no ballots left in Orange County to tally. Remember, because of the dispersion of votes in a vote for 6 race, 199 Votes may as well be 1,000.

The OCGOP dodged a major bullet and barring some idiot elected appointing her as an alternate, SHE GONE. The members of the OCGOP will get some peace from her six-page emails and unhinged rants.