Mar 182020

Take a look at Tyler Diep how is now about 1,000 votes down. We wrote about him on Monday 3-16-2020. If I am DieDre Nguyen, I am not looking forward to what is in store for me. Janet Nguyen is one of the few Politicians that I respect for their willingness to kick some tail. (This is an EXCEEDINGLY RARE commodity on the R side of the aisle)

William Bill Brough is burnt toast. Let’s soon see that report on him from the assembly working committee about his maladies with women, Ok? Now that there is no political advantage to be gained for Anthony Rendon sitting on it, it is time for the Report which we know was finished in early February to come out.

IN AD74 – I proudly helped Diane Dixon, but the incumbent is sitting on 52% of the vote. Cottie Petrie-Norris-Norris is going to be a tough target.

Earlier, We detailed how William “Bill” Brough’s TOP 2 supporters – the crazed on-again and off-again Republican Art Sanchez and Sex Robot Shawn got less than 3% of the vote in their efforts for OCGOP Central Committee in AD73… we have NEW and exciting news to report:

DUI Debbie wrapped herself around a political telephone pole. She is down 199 votes with next to no ballots left in Orange County to tally. Remember, because of the dispersion of votes in a vote for 6 race, 199 Votes may as well be 1,000.

The OCGOP dodged a major bullet and barring some idiot elected appointing her as an alternate, SHE GONE. The members of the OCGOP will get some peace from her six-page emails and unhinged rants.

Mar 162020

Current CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson was paid $12K a month by California Trailblazers up until her election as CAGOP Chairman. #TRAILFAILURES as I called it. During its’ existence, the CAGOP went backwards 13 legislative seats. I see at least 4 more being added to the total this fall (more on that soon).

I had pointed out the relationship between Tyler Diep and Jessica Patterson as a potential reason why the CAGOP IGNORED the OCGOP and left the disturbed and corrupt Tyler Diep CAGOP endorsed. Tyler had a slew of terrible votes (and campaign coffers stuffed with union money) to go along with.

Duane Dichara (aka Axiom) was Tyler Diep’s consultant. Mr. Dichara is also someone being paid by the legislative caucus for “strategy”. (This is in addition to the $25,000 a month David Carney) Could this relationship also have contributed to the CAGOP’s refusal to honor the action of the OCGOP? Bryan Watkins, who is also on the CAGOP payroll had a pre-existing relationship with Tyler Diep as previously noted.

You will see what I believe was part of Tyler Diep’s Payoff to stab Travis Allen in the chest

Tyler Diep was set up to run for AD72 due in no small part to the goodwill of Travis Allen, the former AD72 member. Also note that the California Trailfailures was quietly closed down in December of 2019.

Sometimes in politics – Justice is served. Tyler Diep is gone. Bill Brough is gone. California Trailblazers is gone. Both incumbents losing are due to grassroots and local political leaders – and have NOTHING to do with Statewide leaders who defended the status quo. The good news is that there is now a crack in the psychotic grasp of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that can not be sealed back up.


Feb 202020

One of the old adages amongst the 1990’s era-consultants in crisis management was to dig in and feed critics static to outlast them. Fortunately, your intrepid blogger has really good hands and the ability to type fast. The CAGOP Leadership have been rightly getting criticized for doubling-down on failure, like the Corrupt Tyler Diep in AD72.

It looks like they have another dumpster fire in CA-43. Joe Collins:

The California GOP Endorsed a Man who said his bodily fluids were worth $15 Million. Maybe the “Leadership” will finally meet and undo a couple of endorsements.

Now – in defense of the CAGOP leadership, the other candidate Omar Navarro is equally as insane.

Omar has been in jail in San Francisco County since December. It takes a lot of skill to be incarcerated in San Francisco that long as they love letting scum out of jail quickly. The Omar Navarro, Deanna Lorraine story is one for the ages. (refer to all of my posts about Deanna in CA-12 for an expose’ on what a disaster she is)

Joe Collins was the other guy in CA-43. Apparently, he knew just enough of the right BS to say to the LAGOP that was looking for anyone with a pulse to take on Omar.

In AD-72 Diep was the default because he is the incumbent. They did not do their homework to understand Tyler has major issues beyond his support of some horrific legislation. Instead, they have ignored the boots on the ground. And, now their indifference to doing research has manifest itself once again in CA-43.

It is likely that Omar will still beat Joe Collins in the CA-43 Primary while sitting in a jail cell.

  • The California GOP endorsed former Green Party presidential candidate Joe Collins in his bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.
  • Collins claimed his bodily fluids were worth $15 million in a lawsuit he filed against San Diego in 2017.
  • Collins has switched political parties four times since entering the arena in late 2016, Federal Election Commission records show.
  • Collins had $22 in his checking account in April 2018, court documents show. Now he’s running a congressional campaign that has raised $761,000.

Steve Frank and your intrepid blogger tried to warn you and now the Daily Caller has gotten ahold of this guy.

The California Republican Party endorsed a former Green Party presidential candidate who once claimed that his bodily fluids were worth $15 million in a lawsuit that, according to a lawyer, appears to have evoked the fringe legal theories of the sovereign citizen movement.

Navy veteran Joe Collins has also raised nearly $761,000 for his longshot bid to unseat 15-term Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters, campaign records show. He first entered the political arena as an anti-Trump presidential candidate in November 2016 and has since switched political parties four times, most recently to a pro-Trump Republican.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have seen Joe Collins leapfrog Sean Feucht and Deanna Lorraine for Grifter of the Year.

Collins told the DCNF that his extensive campaign-funded travel is justified because the district he’s seeking to represent “doesn’t have the funds to donate to take on the most hated and corrupt female politician in the country. Therefore, I need to get financial support all over the country.”

And Collins reported to the FEC in a July 2019 campaign filing that the consulting firm, Pure Strategy Solutions, shared the same address as his campaign. In subsequent filings, the consulting firm was listed as having an address in Beverly Hills, and starting in October campaign filings show the firm having an address in Delaware.

There are no records in California’s business registry of Pure Strategy Solutions, and the firm’s apparent website merely says “coming soon” and offers no information about what they do.

Collins told the DCNF that it was “definitely an error” that he listed Pure Strategy Solutions as having the same address of his campaign in his July 2019 filing. But Collins did not address any follow-up questions about his relationship to the firm.

Instead, he sent the DCNF a cease and desist notice he authored with no apparent legal representation, saying the DNCF does not “have the right nor my permission to question me.”

Collins wrote in the notice that the DCNF’s questions involving his “closed Presidential Campaign, court proceedings and questions regarding the personal finances and dealings of Joe Collins’s private life” were “defamatory.”

Attempts to reach Pure Strategy Solutions were unsuccessful.

Good Lord. Dear CAGOP Leadership – pull your heads out, get on the phone and pull the endorsements of Tyler Diep and Joe Collins.

Feb 192020

I am not sure why the Leadership in the CAGOP care so much about trying to save this guy. This has to be another one of those “We can’t let “Them” take out one of our members things.

I got something emailed to me after I started blasting Tyler Diep. I knew Diep was a disaster, but have a look at this:


AB 277 McCarty

Early felony release from parole

AYE    Assm Public Safety             3/12/2019


AB 964 Medina

Mandates in-person visitation rights for county inmates, without regard to facility design, space, staff, or cost to construct.

AYE    Assm Public Safety             4/2/2019


AB 1215 Ting

Ban on facial recognition used with body camera recordings

AYE    Assm Public Safety             4/23/2019

AYE    Assm Floor                            5/9/2019

AYE    Assm Concurrence              9/12/2019


SB 136 Wiener

Eliminates one-year sentence enhancement for repeat, violent felons.  This will now apply to about 10,000 habitual, violent inmates. Another early release bill.

AYE    Assm Approps                      8/302019

AYE    Assm Floor                            9/12/2019


SB 42 Skinner

Requires the sheriff to allow the person to stay in jail or offer a safe place to stay if the inmate declines release during evening and early morning hours.  Such a mandate creates space and cost challenges that would likely need to avoid keeping this population away from persons not free to leave. SB 42 requires the sheriff to provide free transportation to a location of the person’s choosing within the county or within a 100-mile radius, whichever is further.  For geographically large counties, small or rural counties with staffing limitations, and counties that release a significant number of inmates on a daily basis, this unfunded mandate will cripple the provision of other services and turn peace officers and sheriffs’ staff into drivers who will spend their days traversing the county at the whim of recently released inmates. This bill was so onerous that even Gov. Newsom found it objectionable and he vetoed the bill.

AYE    Assm Approps                      8/30/2019

AYE    Assm Floor                            9/12/2019


There is a reason why I believe that Tyler Diep bolts the GOP – he is rightly being held accountable for these and other horrendous decisions. His campaign account is full of extreme left wing donations and the Nurses Union (as far left as the SEIU) are pouring money in an attempt to save him.

Anyone that cares about public safety and the ability of cops to do their job should reject Tyler Diep post-haste.

Feb 142020

AD-72: Very simple metric. Tyler Diep was set up to run for AD-72 by former Assemblyman Travis Allen. Diep promptly repaid Travis Allen by taking $3800 from California Trailblazers and endorsing the now former executive director of California Trailblazers over Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair in 2019. In addition, Tyler has as liberal of a voting record as several democrats – including voting Yes on the disaster known as AB5 which has wrecked the careers of tens of thousands. Diep has gotten his 30 pieces of silver as his campaign account is flush with Labor Union money and PAC donations.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Diep will bolt the GOP as soon as it suits him as Diep seems to have a life pattern of using and discarding relationships.

Janet Nguyen is meaner than a junkyard dog and this is precisely what the GOP needs as people like Diep, Chad Mayes and their friends in the swamp are hunting Republicans in to extinction.

Frank Ury has been seen in public several times with Ed Sachs. Has Ury been coordinating his attacks on Laurie Davies with Sachs?

One of the most consistent complaints, beyond Ed Sachs filing and diluting the Republican vote in AD-73 has been Sachs consistent focus on attacking Laurie Davies and not William “Bill” Brough.

I’ve been deliberately staying out of picking a candidate against William “Bill” Brough because my focus has been on eliminating that monster from the political gene pool. The issue is that monsters are usually enabled both willingly and actively by codependent enablers.

In the case of Frank Ury and Ed Sachs, I think there is a healthy level of “Campaign Envy” and a healthy level of them wondering how Laurie Davies got out of her kitchen to run for office. Sachs and crew derisively refer to Mr. and Mrs. Davies’ occupations – yet say nothing about William “Bill” Brough’s phantom and failed businesses.

Sachs should be talking about the female victims of Bill Brough and Brough’s fiscal malfeasance, I’ve yet to get a report back from anyone that he has.

It is because of Ed Sachs’ behavior and Frank Ury’s stunt that I have decided to plant my flag and endorse Laurie Davies for AD-73. I have lost any confidence that Ed Sachs will do the right thing as he appears to be overcome with jealousy and is literally assisting Bill Brough to the expense of us all.

I also have information that I am attempting to verify that one other prominent local elected in non partisan office may well be on a similar angry ego trip. Once I have been able to verify with evidence I will be writing about that character as well.

The GOP deserves better than ego-fueled rampages. With our numbers shrinking, we need leadership now more than ever and it seems that the exact opposite is happening.

These are Frank Ury’s known donors.