Oct 182022

That 5-Alarm piece of garbage Rene Aggielairuh has popped out of the political sewer to run for School Board AGAIN. The unfortunate fact is that the opposition appears to be on a suicide mission.

Jonathan Zachreson does not have professional help for his School Board Campaign.

Had I been advising him, I’d have pointed out that he accused the Republican Majority board of corruption – all of whom have endorsed him!

Worse, Zach’s attack is mostly false. Here’s why (Note the documentation and proof that is a hallmark of Right on Daily):

Here is a link to a School Board Association post about the 2022-2023 Newsolini Budget.

Final Budget: Provides the statutory cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) of 6.56% and an additional 6.28% to district LCFF, totaling $9 billion increase to school district and charter school LCFF funding, including a 13% base to the formula.

The Newsolini Budget gave districts a nearly 13% raise. The Union Worker’s salaries were basically flat during COVID. And Note, the Republican School Board (that came in to office in 2020 despite unanimous opposition from local democrats) broke with the Mask / Vaccine Mandate / Hybrid Reopening Garbage favored by the dem establishment and the unions. This further undermines the union-sell-out attack of Zachreson.

Out of that 13% raise, the district only passed on 8.7% / 8% of it to the Unionized district employees. My guess is the Union was likely pissed off, rather than happy and all warm and fuzzy about funding the Republicans they endorsed.

Allow your intrepid blogger to give young Mr. Zach some advice – go to Costco, get an industrial size bag of Athletic Socks and use them every time the young man feels like taking to social media with some sort of policy statements. The more socks Zach eats, the better off he will be.

The amazing thing is that Aggielairuh and his vax/mask loving crew are so bad that even with this gaffe Zach is still a better choice for the board than any of them.

Mar 042022

Nice Hat.

With the El Dorado County Republican Party meeting specifically to render an endorsement in AD05, you’d think that Jason Paletta, hat and all, would have been there? Nope.

Your intrepid blogger received several calls that Paletta was at a local School Board Meeting. I get that Paletta is trying to lay claim to the groups allegedly backing Jonathan Zachreson (who has endorsed Joe Patterson for AD05, thank you for doing that, Jonathan).

Paletta was bloviating at a local school board meeting instead of attempting to make his case to the El Dorado County Republican Party. The lapse in judgment is #EPICFAIL worthy. Perhaps Paletta did not understand the stakes? Once again, allow your intrepid blogger to school yet another unprepared marginal candidate:

Now that the El Dorado GOP has endorsed Joe Patterson, the path is now clear for the CAGOP Board to endorse Joe Patterson.

What does this mean? Patterson will be on the ballot pamphlet as the endorsed GOP Candidate. Patterson will get “member communication” mail for pennies on the dollar, and Patterson will get access to all of the information the CAGOP has. While the CAGOP does not have much to offer in direct support – the bulk mail permit and the ballot pamphlet are worth tens of thousands of dollars in equivalent impact. (This is why David Stafford Reade is pulling out all the stops to try and screw the grassroots and Kevin Kiley as well)

By making a felony stupid decision to skip the El Dorado GOP meeting, Paletta just handed the above to Joe Patterson on a silver platter. Perhaps he should shred his candidate paperwork instead.

Feb 232022

The El Dorado West Republican Women had a candidate forum for #AD05 that Paletta was a confirmed speaker for. Paletta did not show.

Perhaps this is why:

It looks like Jason Paletta is attempting to walk into the base of support Jonathan Zachreson has/had. While I lampooned Zach because I knew he did not have critical mass, one thing he did have was a couple of education-focused groups on his side.

All this move shows me about Mr. Paletta is that he does not know the lay of the land politically in #AD05 and is untested and undisciplined as a candidate.

But maybe a better explanation for Paletta’s failure to appear to the Eldorado West RWF group is more straightforward… in a recent podcast, he dropped a couple of whoppers.

At 20:20 of the podcast linked, Paletta says, “I am only a Republican because I have to be.”

At 20:40, Paletta says, “Don’t push me as a Republican.” (He says this despite shopping for two congressional districts before settling on #AD05)

This is not exactly someone that cares to interact with his own base. My guess is the El Dorado GOP, who are meeting 2-28-2022 to endorse AD05, will reward Jason appropriately.

Feb 172022

The old Jesse Unruh Rule: You will never talk a man out of running for office or getting married. To tell you that this sort of occurrence is exceptionally rare is an understatement.



Feb 142022

When I saw Zachreson at the Placer GOP, I was taken aback by how the man lies without emotion. I had previously called Zachreson a stalking horse. I think the Pied Piper is more appropriate.

Paletta and Zachreson trashed the Placer GOP and Lied About a Unity Pledge on stage at the meeting. 

Both of these guys claimed they would support the nominee of the GOP (aka Patterson) after the primary when asked by the body. Based on what I heard them saying after Joe Patterson won 33-2, I’d say they both lied. Paletta and Zachreson did not realize I was standing in the lobby writing notes as they were outside the door of the Acton Academy accusing the Placer GOP of rigging their endorsement process and openly postulating that Joe Patterson paid them off. That’s right guys, the dude in the Blue Tommy Bahama shirt was none other than your intrepid blogger.

Both of these guys demonstrated poor situational awareness and a complete lack of their surroundings. You’d think they would have taken care to be out of earshot of anyone let alone your intrepid blogger.

As a side note, seeing Paletta in his cowboy hat and getup was as believable as me wearing 49ers gear.

Paletta’s questionnaire featured several one-word answers. 

I could have gone to the Sacramento Zoo and hired an exhibit to do a better job than Paletta did on his survey.

Paletta totaled less than 100 words worth of answers to his entire questionnaire. The key answer on his questionnaire is “If you do not advance in the primary, will you support whichever Republican that does?” — DEPENDS.

Depends on what, Jason? Go away, now.

Zachreson lied several times in his candidate questionnaire and doubled down on the garbage in person at the Placer GOP Meeting.

Your intrepid blogger made sure to end up with a copy of the questionnaire after a member of the committee tipped me off that the thing was a load.

Jonathan Zachreson is determined to press home the colossal lie that he helped elect candidates to School Boards. All Zachreson did was start a group and get himself on TV to promote himself. I have had feedback relayed to me from several school board members who never interacted with him at the street level or campaign level when many of the people Zachreson trashed after the Placer GOP meeting were spending hours trying to turn over their local board.

In fact, I was told that I showed up more than Zachreson did to help. (Note: I live 110 miles from Rocklin, 115 from Roseville, and 125 from Lincoln)

No other assembly candidate has been more determined and involved at preserving parental rights and fighting for family choice than I have“. Get help now Jonathan, this is a hyperbolic lie the likes of which are found chronicled in the pages of psychological manuals.

The truest statement in his questionnaire was as follows: “I have taken zero dollars from special interests and plan to continue to lead a citizen backed campaign” [while playing my flute] Even when he told the truth he lied. Allow your intrepid blogger to translate, “No one except the people I have duped with my self-aggrandizing efforts will support me. I can’t raise money to save my life”.

Typical of a con artist, he dropped Kevin Kiley’s name in his comments and attempted to hijack a part of Kiley’s nascent governor campaign in the questionnaire as well. Do note, that Zachreson was in the lobby attempting against all hope to get Kiley to endorse him. Based on the fact that Mr. Kiley was stiff as a board whilst talking to the Pied Piper, it appears that the flute’s seductive melody was lost on Mr. Kiley. Maybe I should not have mentioned this as Zachreson left to his devices would surely push Kiley to join his colleagues in endorsing Patterson.

How stupid does Zachreson think we are?

When asked about voting for Gavin Newsom, Zachreson said he didn’t support Newsom, but just voted for him. That would be like me drinking a beer and still claiming to be sober. Perhaps I should pack a big fat bowl of weed and claim to not inhale too?

The King Kong Lie

During the November 2020 elections, I worked to get Republicans elected on school boards, including RCSD, RJUHSD, and RUSD. (Roseville City, Roseville High, Rocklin Unified) At RCSD, I was especially proud to be a part of the effort to unseat a long-time incumbent by 1000 votes.

I want to be crystal clear as to why I am going to plow Zachreson. This lie made this a lot more personal than I really wanted the AD05 race to be. Let’s give this lying con artist a history lesson. Most of the current members of the Placer GOP were not there when this timeline started, but ask Tom Hudson, Ken Campbell, Mark Wright, Dave Patterson, and the other long-term members and they will confirm this. (They are called corroborating witnesses, something Zachreson does not have)

In 2012, when I was President of the Placer CRA, I worked with a current member of the Placer GOP (who is also an officeholder) in an attempt to unseat Camille Maben from the Rocklin USD. Oftentimes, I was almost acting by myself against some of these people. Later, as President of the Placer CIR with the Placer CIR PAC, we did the following:

Please see this mailer I was responsible for in 2016.

You see Zachreson – you were a democrat (NPP, whatever) voting for democrats while I was trying to deal with the mask nazis before they even knew they were mask nazis. In addition, a former member of the Rocklin USD filed an FPPC complaint against me over this mailer.

Please note that former Supervisor Kirk Uhler raised the bulk of the money for the projects I executed in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020.

In November of 2020, Zachreson was still not a Republican and no one I knew had heard of him. Joe Patterson? He paid for and designed mail to help elect the Rocklin USD members currently there. Your intrepid blogger worked the races FREE OF CHARGE – even though I am mostly a paid political consultant. Where was Zachreson? In front of the cameras so much, he could not even bother registering Republican until after the 2020 election.

The most offensive part of his statement is taking credit for unseating Gary Miller. Again, your intrepid blogger had tried to take Miller out twice before 2020. Similar to taking out Maben – when I had a healthy functional PLACER COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY to work with, we got the job done. 

Before 2020, your intrepid blogger had succeeded in leading the ouster of Rene Aguilera (while he screamed racism) and David Larson (who cut and ran from Placer County) from local office. It is not an exaggeration to say that Kirk Uhler and I accomplished this almost alone. Years before, we overthrew a dem majority on the Sierra College Board (ask Scott Leslie, he will tell you about the 2002 election) and helped accomplish the same on the Placer County Office of Education.

What is different is that I do not intend to run for office now or in the future and I do this work both for pay and for the cause of the Republican Party. There is no amount of money that could properly compensate me for the personal cost of the political work I have done.

When you compare the resume of Joe Patterson’s service to the GOP versus these other two – the other two should drop their campaigns and volunteer to serve on committees within the Placer GOP they were trashing on Wednesday night. Maybe after 10 years of actually doing something they would be credible.

Back to Gary Miller – Mr. Zachreson, have a look at this campaign piece from Gary Miller and note the very CLEAR reference to your intrepid blogger:

It appears that Gary Miller knew who was responsible for unseating him and it is not Jonathan Zachreson. To Mr. Zachreson, while you were mugging for the camera and living life voting for democrats, your intrepid blogger was unseating these people one by one from offices all over California. So was Joe Patterson.

What Jonathan Zachreson has done is the political equivalent of stolen valor. He has attempted to steal it from the Placer GOP (who did the heavy lifting in 2020), your intrepid blogger, Kirk Uhler (who raised a lot of the money I spent on these efforts), Joe Patterson, and a host of others.

Your intrepid blogger has the fog of war upon him. Jonathan Zachreson has the fog of bulls–t all over him.

Ask yourself why Paletta and Zachreson are running? Is it to help the GOP or is it all about themselves? Given their behavior (including trashing the Placer GOP and its’ members) there is no reasonable way you could conclude anything other than it is all about themselves.

To be continued.