May 202023

Please note that your intrepid blogger is helping Megan Dahle in SD-01. Dahle has drawn an opponent who has lost several races for office in the past.

In addition, Heather Hadwick is running in AD-01. She currently has the endorsement on Brian Dahle and will certainly gain several more as the campaign rolls out.

Heather was raised in the small town of Dorris in Siskiyou County where she met her high school sweetheart Bryon. They were married in 2003 and now have two boys, Sam and Zack. Together they run their family farm in Modoc County growing hay, vegetables, pumpkins, raising highland cattle, and have the County’s only Pumpkin Patch each fall.

​Born in Siskiyou and lives in Modoc. I can’t think of something more North State than that.

As a small business owner of her family farm and having previously owned a small local newspaper, Heather understands the constant obstacles of operating her own business. She knows the state needs to make it easier to open and run a small business, and to hire more people at good paying jobs.

For the last almost 5 years, Heather served Modoc County as the Deputy OES (Office of Emergency Services) Director at the Sheriff’s Office. Heather served as the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff’s Office, organized evacuations due to wildfire and flooding, coordinated support, managed recovery, and assisted on neighboring wildfires such as the Bootleg, Dixie, McKinney, and many more.

​The AD-01 Race appears to have 7 customers at this time. Hadwick’s resume is going to be hard to match by any of her opponents (especially those from the more urban Shasta County).

Mar 032020

I have multiple confirmations that this guy’s signs were next to Doug LaMalfa’s signs. The Redding SOJ people also supported Dhanuka. (At least some of them) Despite being given additional information, I am still of the opinion that a couple congressional staffers once associated with the Tea Party in Shasta County (that became the SOJ movement) were giving Dhanuka assistance. They were doing this despite the best efforts of senior staff to maintain comity amongst Republicans in the North State.

File this in the list of quixotic rampages.

Let this be an object lesson of what happens when you mess with Megan. She is tough as nails.

BTW – an Orange County Based Consultant ran his campaign.

Feb 172020

So this NPP guy that Brenda Haynes and Erin Ryan got accused of supporting? Yup, he looks like a complete fraud. Note – he dropped stuff off at Shasta GOP HQ and they discarded it but not before being seen with it. Haynes and Ryan also told him he was not welcome at the local GOP dinner.

You can read the court documents here: PK 1 PK 2 PK 3

The court documents indicate the PK Dhanuka has some questionable business practices. The name of the business is Redding Endoscopy Center.

The allegations in the lawsuit are as follows:

Dhanuka was slipshod and did not spend enough time with patients. The implication was that they were running a surgery mill in order to generate bills for services to Medicare.

The document details multiple instances of improperly documented healthcare procedures. This is a huge no-no, this would be like me writing insurance and having no application or inspection information in my files.

In addition, they claimed repeatedly that their healthcare was fully compliant. It apparently was not.

The business’ own internal documents shows that one of their growth strategies was to “Perform more procedures”. The suggestion here is that they were cutting corners in order to do more surgeries.

It appears that their practice was billing the government over $3 Million a year and the lawsuit goes on to straight out allege fraud. This means that the whistleblower claimed knowledge that PK Dhanuka was billing the government for services never rendered.

The employees that blew the whistle on the slipshod business practices that may well have been fraudulent were terminated and then sued in federal court.

This is not a good scene for the good doctor at all.

This does however inform us all of the deceptive nature of his campaign as deception appears to be a familiar concept in his life.

Dhanuka also has worse problems than the Right on Daily Blog. He is getting lit up for this and other issues to the tune of $135,000. people all over Northern California are hearing radio and TV advertisements about Dhanuka’s maladies.

Given that Dhanuka came out of the gate attacking Megan Dahle, it appears he has reaped a whirlwind. I guess he should have stuck to endoscopy, because now he is getting political proctology.

Jul 102019

It was with some mixed emotions that I attended my first Placer GOP meeting in six years tonight. I am now Senator Brian Dahle’s representative to the Placer GOP. I last served on the Placer GOP in 2012 when Luis Buhler and David Reade directed $100,000 in to the Placer GOP race targeting myself and 3 others.

In the ensuing six years, torrents of political water have raged down the political river under the proverbial bridge. The most noteworthy is striking up a friendship with former Placer GOP Chair Dennis Revell who was the beneficiary of Reade / Buhler’s efforts in 2012. Revell is no longer on the Placer GOP, but is a good man that I consider a friend.

Bill Halldin was at the meeting talking about local issues, but he, too is no longer a member of the committee. In fact, I recognized few people at the meeting.

The meeting lasted over 2 hours, similar to how I remember them years ago. The difference was the absolute lack of bickering and open warfare that I saw for the ten years I was previously a member. To be honest, the meeting resembled a CRA meeting rather than a party meeting.

Mark Wright, the current chairman is a good man and a friend. It is interesting as years in politics have allowed me to have friends on all sides of issues. I sat next to Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff Mark Spannagel at the meeting.

Mark to his credit appears to be attempting to fund-raise and try to organize a voter registration effort. It remains to be seen how many members of the committee pitch in to help him. They indicated they are attempting to assemble their first Lincoln-Reagan dinner in six years and are attempting to put an event together at Top Golf.

The highlighted speaker of the meeting was Brad Dacus from the Pacific Justice Institute who spoke for a total of 30 minutes. I learned that the School District I live in – Dry Creek Elementary is going even further than the Rocklin USD did with the sex indoctrination agenda – according to the concerned parents in attendance. I will talk to people in the district to get their take and follow up on this.

The main purpose of the meeting was to render an endorsement in Assembly District One.

The leading candidate is Megan Dahle. She has a resume of her own and is a capable candidate who is dealing with the aftermath and the skepticism created by Beth Gaines incompetence permanently marring a generation of Republican activists against Spouses running for election. I have interacted with Megan Dahle, and while I worked for Brian Dahle, I am not yet part of the campaign as anything other than a volunteer.

Please do not underestimate Megan Dahle, she is tough as nails and is quite intelligent. She’d be a formidable candidate even without a husband in the State Senate.

Patrick Henry Jones is a former Redding Council-member. He showed up and talked almost exclusively about his working for a Gun Store. It is unclear to me if he will have the resources to walk and chew gum at the same time. However, he can speak well. He also left the meeting right after speaking and walked right by myself and Josh Cook without saying a word.

The other two candidates are Joseph Turner, the former Lassen GOP Chair and Lane Rikard, a trust fund baby who used to work with former Senator Ted Gaines (who has endorsed Megan Dahle). Turner and Rikard presented themselves poorly.

The vote went down 19-6-1-1. Patrick Jones was endorsed as the Placer GOP is an ideologically based committee that did not evaluate viability – just bona-fides. This also comports with what I remember of that group.

All four candidates are prototypical Republicans.

I also took note of one member who showed up with a folder full of the mailers from the previous State Senate Campaign. It always happens that some people complain about negative campaigns, which always happen and have for years. I’ve said all I need to say about Kevin Kiley.

I will refrain from further comment as I am just getting re-acquainted with the committee and hope they are successful in their efforts to register voters and unseat some democrats. Filing opens on November 12th and Closes on December 6th for candidates in the 3/3/2020 Primary.

So let’s make some endorsements and recommendations.

CA-01: I am endorsing Doug LaMalfa. My wife likes him and thinks he’s awesome. That’s good enough for me to set aside whatever and say Go Doug. And Audrey Denney? Just hope you don’t end up on right on daily

CA-04: recommend Tom McClintock. I have several issues with him. There will be no viable republican against him and I will never vote to screw President Trump by letting personal issues get in the way of #MAGA.

SD-01: endorse Brian Dahle will be up for re-election immediately

AD-01: endorse Megan Dahle. See above for disclosure about my relationship with her campaign.

SUP D4: endorse Kirk Uhler. He is the most conservative supervisor we have in Placer County. He has stopped several fee increases and has helped pay down long term debt and get contracts under control. Placer is one of the most fiscally healthy counties in the state.

SUP D5: recommend Cindy Gustafson . she is a conservative and is a marked improvement over the extreme left wing democrat activist that got appointed to some six figure job by Newsom. I believe that Cindy fits that district and I wish she was a registered Rep which is why I can’t endorse her.

Please note that none of my endorsements imply that Brian or Megan Dahle have chosen to endorse the above. (but they should)

Jun 122019

I met lobbyists. I met PAC Donors. I met members of the legislature. I also got to see a part of the capitol building.

I met Rex Hime in person and his son, also named Rex Hime. Hime is 71 not 58. I still think he looks 58. He and I have the same taste in business casual attire too.

This is photographic evidence I was in the Capitol Building. I did take a shower when I got home.

Present was Jan Arbuckle from the Grass Valley City Council, she was attempting to send a message to the people in the room that she is going to challenge Megan Dahle.

Megan Dahle is 43 and is smart as a whip. Having run the family business for several years while Brian has been in Sacramento has added some experience there. When I spoke to Megan briefly I got clued in that she is not like Beth Gaines at all.

The field for the AD01 special election psychosis looks to be Jan Arbuckle, Megan Dahle, Joseph Turner and at least one other.

People I had never met shook my hand as if they knew me. Others thanked me for rendering vital therapy to Mr Kiley and the like.

Your intrepid blogger also got to see the CAGOP Headquarters which is paid for in full and thinly staffed at this point.

I had a chance meeting with Senator Scott Wilk that wanted me to make sure my readers understand that he is fundraising, walking precincts and making phone calls even now. He indicated that he was born and raised in Lancaster and has an excellent connection with his district. Hopefully, it translates in to a held Senate Seat.

I had legislative staffers tell me they liked the Iraqi information minister memes the best. The folks that were there that were over the age of 30 preferred the brokeback mountain meme. What was cool, is that they all read right on daily… regularly. It is appreciated.

If anyone has a tip or stuff they don’t feel they can push out to the media – contact your intrepid blogger, you can remain anonymous.

In other news – we’ve been alerted to a coup on the Butte GOP Cent Com and some pretty out in the open fighting. More to come soon.

UPDATE: a key point I forgot in the original write up was the near universal disdain for the Ose-Kiley Cattle Company. I even had one lobbyist tell me their organization endorsed Dahle based solely over their irritation with that lie. I found this rather interesting.